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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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vacation rentals and run away with your men. >> it is happening at an alarming rate. scammers are creating fake ads touting condos at a ridiculous low price. peter bernard joins us now with some of the red flags. >> good evening. the average rate for a condo or a hotel on the beach is about 300 a night. that is the average. it goes up from there.
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will see rates that are far lower than that. a check of craigslist might bring up this ad for this condo. but check closely. this is from a listing that was for sale years ago. and this ad using the photos but posted by a scammer. >> we tell them they have been defrauded. >> they increase drastically during spring break. >> reporter: as spring break approaches, clear water police are seeing the condo scam grow. >> from january through june. i see everywhere from 15 to 30 cases a month. people sending their money to people they met on craigslist. >> reporter: the scammerrers use dating sites to funnel money to their overseas location. a victim had to lay out the
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>> he said i couldn't believe this house was for rent for so cheap. it wasn't. >> reporter: now, he scans craigslist ads every other day looking for his condo and posted a listing of his own as a warning. >> that is the only way to really stop it is to stop the money flow. >> reporter: from the cops, this warning. >> if you see a condo, a 2,000 square foot condo overlooking the gulf for $100 a night, it's a scam. >> reporter: it's a scam all right. ripoff. weekly rentals. it is against the law. so your best bet is to find someone local who can check it out or call the management company and ask them what does it cost for a week down there? down. >> it is so hard when you are not a local and you don't know what the condos rent for and you see a deal that is just amazing, i can understand
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sounds like in a lot of these cases craigslist is the prime offender. is that right? >> reporter: it appear to be the prime offender. so use a known booking place. air bnb and some others out there. and avoid craigslist. >> peter bernard, thank you. an accused hit an run driver told troopers she knew she hit something, but she was too scared to stop. alison huffman had her first appearance in court today. she is locked up on a $750,000 bond accused of hitting an killing roger perez perado. the victim's family had an emotional message for huffman and we are working on that story for you at 6:00. severe weather. check out video of strong window and rains from broward county. you can see palm branches blowing.
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well. people across mississippi meantime were also rocked by tornadoes. storm chasers caught this footage of some storm clouds. students hid under a dress as a tornado roared overhead. no students were hurt in this case. as tornadoes battered the south, people up the east coast are dealing with rain, ice, and snow. snowplows took to the streets of rochester new york with a heavy snowstorm there. we have only four days left before the south carolina republican primary. senator marco rubio and jeb bush are jockeying for third. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are lobbying for black voters. hillary clinton way ahead of the polls there. the democratic primary is february 27.
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and other terror groups have some lawmakers worried about syrian refugees. there is a proposed bill that would block some people from coming to florida. matt galka tells us more. >> reporter: there was plenty of outcry in a bill in the florida house targeting syrian refugees. they all said the same thing. it is profiling. jacksonville republican lane gray sponsors it allowing the attorney general to block refugees from relocating in florida if they are from a country perceived as a threat. the attacks in san bernardino justify the proposal. >> god forbid if we have one of these happen in disney or universal studios. >> reporter: human rights advocates say if the bill ever becomes a law, it will only be a matter of time before it winds up in court. >> the bill attempt to confer formal authority on the
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members of the committee, that may not pass constitutional muster. >> reporter: the council of american islamic relations bashed the idea. >> it is absolute discrimination. it includes an amendment that exempts refugees from the western hemisphere. so, it is very clear what the intent of this bill is. >> reporter: but the bill cleared the second house committee 9/3 ray long party lines. >> the truth of the matter is there are people in the world that want to kill americans. >> reporter: the bill requires the florida department of law enforcement to screen refugees who come here from outside of the western hemisphere. opponents say fdle won't be able to do any better than the three-tier federal process they already go through. in tallahassee, matt galka, newschannel8. the investigation of the sinking of el faro continues in jacksonville. it sank on its way from
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during a hurricane. all 33 people on board were killed. investigators want to find out who is responsible for sailing into the hurricane. the death toll stands as 11:00 as a result of a air strike of a hospital supported by doctors without borders. the death toll is likely to ross. according to the observatory for human rights, russian war planes targeted it monday. russia denies the claim. time for a preview soft an 8 on your side story we are working on at 11:00. shannon behnken has more about it. this steals the joy out of homeowner ship. >> this couple have owned their home since 2013 and they just found out it is listed on the
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>> chris and rebecca craft. >> reporter: yes. baby caden. they are just so worried they are going to end up losing their house. they had no idea until they on the market. >> so they go online, see the house listed for sale. how did they find that out? what makes you go to zillow to see that? >> reporter: they had been getting strange things in the mail from people in real estate wanting to help them out of foreclosure, but they were never in foreclosure in the first place. they had a person in real estate take a look online and find this listing. there were strange things in the listing. there are a lot of lessons here. >> that is what you take away from it. tonight at 11:00.
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well, a man named rocky was homeless until a social media post changed his life. >> coming up next, meet the good samaritans who want to provide a roof for rookie. also ahead, a new air travel agreement with the u.s. and cuba. 8 on your side is the only station in havana for this historic moment. >> sunshine has returned. a stormy night across the sunshine state. not just in the bay area, but south florida as well. very nice weather planned here the rest of the week and a great weekend. your forecast is coming up next. >> for the first time, the sarasota county school board brought up the subject of transgender students and bathrooms. we will tell you what they had to say. >> we have have that and more
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>> now to 8 on your side's exclusive coverage from cuba. today the u.s. and cuba resumed an agreement to have commercial flights. jeff patterson is there. today's agreement allows 20 daily u.s. flights to havana. >> reporter: this is the hotel nationale in havana. one of the historic properties of cuba. it is fitting that here this historic agreement signed between the u.s. department of transportation that will allow u.s. commercial flights to operate daily in the u.s. for the first time in decades. >> the reestablishment of scheduled services demonstrates our continued commitment to strengthen ties between the people of the united states and
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>> reporter: this is just a step though. will there be further steps beyond this? >> absolutely. we are talking ferry service. we are talking making it so that anyone can travel here. so you don't have to travel on a specific flight. this is a process i don't think you will see turned back. it will just continue to open up. >> reporter: but there is a charm here in havana. many people want to see the changes. jeff patterson, newschannel8. and newschannel8 is the only television station brings you reports from cuba this week. stay tuned for jeff patterson's continuing coverage. now to some breaking news. president obama is speaking right now about the controversy surrounding his nominee to succeed supreme court justice antonin scalia. here is some of what he has had to say. >> the constitution is pretty
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when from is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states is to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nomination. either they disapprove of that nominee or the nominee is elevated to the supreme court. in the past this has not been viewed as a question. there is no unwritten law that says it can only be done on off years. that is not in the constitutional text. >> as you know, there is a fierce debate between the democrats and the republicans on whether president obama should nominate a successor. others say he should let the next president do that. nightly news will have more on
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open seat on the supreme court tonight. meantime, a homeless man is on the path to a better life thanks to a social media post that went viral. jamel lanee has the story from clearwater beach with a story with a fairy tale ending. >> reporter: it just melts my heart. turned this man's life around. from being homeless to having a job here at crabby's. and soon he will have a roof over his head thanks to social media. rocky bean's life has changed thanks to this guy. matthew hardoza. rocky is emotional reuniting with the man who helped him.
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matthew was at the pier fishing last thursday when he saw him sleeping on the ground. >> he felt so sorry for me. he gave me a hoody and took a picture and said he would give it to his wife. i had no idea he would put it on facebook. >> reporter: and facebook blew up with people from all over wanting to help. >> matt had asked him for a few simple items. a rolling suitcase. and a pair of pants and a shirt. and it just bloomed from there. >> reporter: diane created a go fund me page after seeing rocky's story. within hours, hundreds of dollars filled the account. by monday, there was enough money to temporarily put a roof over his head. managers at crabby's bar and grill saw the post and gave him a job. and the donations keep coming. a blessing for this man who has been homeless for almost three years. >> it is just overwhelming. i never thought this would ever happen to me.
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>> we are asking to see if anyone can help. it is really god's work. not mine. >> reporter: and, organizers tell me that they have raised enough money to keep rocky in a hotel for at least 16 days. he just picked up his keys a few hours ago. but, now, they are hopeing to raise enough funds to put him in a permanent home. keith? >> well, that is the good ending we teased there a little bit. jamel lanee, thank you. well, i just want to say kudos to the two of you for coming into work today. if you had been outside, you would know all of us showing up to work was something because the weather was like call in sick. play hooky. >> we were here at 4:00 in the morning watching the thunderstorms. there was a tornado watch last night. tornadoes to the south around the fort myers area. we had quite a stormy night that gave way to this beautiful day today. as we talked about, we have a
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62 degrees in plantation, crystal river. some high clouds too. and cooler temperatures. a little bit cooler. will work their way into a second front, very pleasant. to review some of our cameras here, you could see less than half an inch of rain. almost an inch up here in crystal river. other areas about a quarter inch. very high winds and downpours. the sky cast continues to call for temperatures to stay beautiful here. very nice in the afternoon. gorgeous weather overall. 67 degrees at 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m., 62 degrees. mostly clear skies throughout this period. upper 50s at 2:00 p.m. same at 3:00 p.m. with maybe a few clouds around, we are expecting a push of slightly cooler air. we will start out at 54 degrees but there is enough moisture we
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71 degrees current temperatures. mcdill, 65 seminole. overall, as jenn mentioned, just a beautiful day. cold fronts to the south. that is what brought in the violent weather. it is this area of high pressure taking over some of the high clouds moving their way behind the front. we expect the mostly clear conditions to persist. but as i mentioned because there is enough leftover moisture, that second little push of cooler drier air is not coming through here yet. so we are looking at a fairly decent amount of fog for the area for tomorrow. lower visibilities obviously. and then by noon, most of this kind of dissipating but a heads up if you will be out early tomorrow morning you could see some of that fog develop. here is some of the fog developed on the forecast. computer model.
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dies out and sort of pushes some slightly cooler air into the area. but generally should set up another nice day. high pressure to the north. and again, an easterly flow into the area on the cool side with the clear skies to start the day. slightly breezy, northeast winds. beautiful weather. so the next three days, rain chances are gone. replaced by beautiful weather conditions. 72 degrees for thursday. 74 degrees for friday. and mid and upper 70s by the weekend. we talked last week about this long range warming trend that would get us back well above normal. at least above normal a little bit. that is something that has come to pass saturday and sunday. rain chances return a little bit monday into tuesday. but there is a pretty nice forecast for you guys. the kind of weather we dream about. seen a lot of up and down. but that is right in the sweet spot. >> sure is. thank you steve. there is a glitch shutting down apple devices across america.
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drank almost half the wine in america last year. was it millennials, generation x or the baby boomers?
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>> now to an 8 on your side consumer alert. some apple fans have discovered going back to the 1970s can kill your iphone. turns out manually changing an ipod's date to may, 1970 as some online blogs suggested or earlier can prevent the device from turning on after a restart. an upcoming software update
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working. trader joe's says by 2025, they will only sell eggs from cage-free eggs. a number of major restaurant chains have recently announced they are moving to cage free eggs too. some new research out finds millennials drink more wine than any other generation. millennials drink 42% of all of the wine in the united states last year. that is more than 159 million cases of wine. when it comes to which generation drinks most often though? baby boomers. still number one. [ laughter ] followed by millennials and then the general x-ers. >> why is that? >> why? >> antioxidants. >> it really helps. [ laughter ] >> i guess so. okay. file this one under only in florida.
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stolen backhoe along a seven- mile bridge and it is all caught on camera. >> as spring training gets into full swing, we are looking at renovations in tiger town.
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>> good evening, i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. >> it is the end of the line on a con man. the cash flasher is no longer running away from responsibility. an open plea. that opens him up to a long- time behind bars. >> 8 on your side investigator mark douglas started exposing fletcher's dirty deeds what does this mean to his victims?


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