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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  February 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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bars tonight. allison huffman is accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver yesterday morning on the howard franklin bridge. candace mccowan was in court as huffman appeared before a judge. >> reporter: it's the kind of
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your core and for zariis, her brother rogelio perez-borroto was hit and killed. he saw two people in need and stopped to help. that is when 37-year-old allison huffman drove into the emergency lane and kit and hilled him. huffman appeared before a judge tuesday. she admitted she knew she was in a collision and was scared so she didn't stop. now rogelio perez-borroto's family is trying to raise money for his funeral and wife and four-year-old daughter. in tampa, candace mccowan, newschannel8. a south tampa woman watched a trio of burglars walking through her home on her phone. it happened just before noon yesterday. a notification alerted her to check the cameras her husband installed just a month ago. look at this. she could see three guys in her living room.
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built in alarm which scared the crooks away. tampa police have one man in custody. if you recognize the others you should call the police. well, a pinellas fraud artist pleaded guilty today. he could be in jail the rest of his life. >> reporter: after years of investment scams, shameless lies. >> he fabricated phony wireless transfers and took money. >> reporter: robert fletcher is finally telling the truth. >> you believe it is in your best interest? >> yes, sir, it's the right thing for me to do. >> reporter: today, robert fletcher agreed to everything. rejected the offer of ten years in prison and threw himself at the mercy of the judge. >> you could be sentenced to as much as 126 years. you do understand that? >> yes, sir i do.
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fletcher's early targets and tipped us off to his shenanigans more than a year ago. she can't wait for his sentencing day. >> he need to be kept behind bars so he cannot do this to the public ever again. >> reporter: he could have taken a deal and spent ten years behind bars. instead, he is rolling the dice and may end up in prison for up to 126 years. in pinellas county, i'm mark douglas, newschannel8. the guy behind the wheel of a backhoe dug himself into a whole lot of trouble. he decided to go for a joyride across the seven mile bridge in the florida keys. he dumped rocks at one end of the bridge and kept driving tires. tonight. it took about 90 minutes to clean up the mess, inspect the damage, and reopen the bridge. flying to cuba is about to get a lot easier. today, the u.s. secretary of
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commercial flights to the island. jeff patterson is in cuba and he witnessed today's history making change. >> reporter: well here we are in the hotel nationale for a historic moment. the press from all over cuba and latin america are here today to witness the u.s. secretary of transportation signing an agreement that will allow u.s. commercial flights on a daily basis to fly in havana and all over cuba. it is the first time it has happened in decades and it will allow many more americans to travel here. it is really something that no one would have expected a couple of years ago. yet, here, it is happening today while we are right in the middle of it. what does this mean today? >> well, this is a very significant step forward. in the process, there have been many, many, many steps. but, this is very important because it is going to mean that americans can travel here
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without a lot of complication. so, i mean, you have seen what the streets look like in havana. it will be good for both countries. >> reporter: there is no turning back. she sees more agreements in the future. trade, travel, and business. in havana, jeff patterson, newschannel8. >> 8 on your side is the only television station brings reports from cuba on this trip. jeff patterson will continue to bring us stories from havana this week. sarasota county school officials are trying to come up with a bathroom policy for transgender students. the board met for the first time to discuss this controversial topic. john rogers shows us what they plan to do. >> reporter: right now, schools are encouraged to handle the case of transgender students and bathrooms on a case by case basis. they discussed a county wide
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they are hesitant to move tour ward just yet. >> it is scary for a lot of us. it is uncharted waters. >> reporter: the school board attorney say there are a couple of federal lawsuits on this subject waiting for rulings so the school board members are waiting to see how the districts handle the issue. >> we don't want to be the leader one way or the other on this. >> reporter: it is unclear at this time when a decision will be made. reporting in sarasota, john rogers, newschannel8. with spring training just around the corner, lakeland is making major renovations to keep the detroit tigers there for years to come. there will be new concessions stands and restrooms for fans and new locker rooms for the players. >> they are updating everything. the young kids coming like to have a party deck light to be out where the action is. and things, you know, so it is
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you know. once it gets done. >> the city, county, state, and tigers are all helping to pay for the $41 million project. check this out. sea world's new roller coaster, the mako is coming together. the park unveiled the coaster's lead car. it will reach speeds of 73 miles an hour on a mile long track. it is said to be inspired by the mako shark including the five gills and eye placement. the ride should open this summer. are you a roller coaster guy steve jerve? >> it is very thrilling to do it but it becomes rougher to take the gs as you get older. >> i wasn't going to say it so scientifically, but yeah, the older i get, the more i'm like i don't know about that. a little bit off. more off than i am normally. just to be clear. >> you are not old. >> you are just being nice. >> you are a lot of fun to work with.
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temperatures will be nice. low 60s . don't think about the rain. we had big storms move across the state. tornado touches in south florida. and there was a warning down around fort myers. for us, it was largely just strong winds and good downpours here and there. right now, temps are pleasant. a little cool. if you will be out this evening in the northern inland areas, 55 degrees crystal river. 58 brooksville. also keep in mind if you will be out tomorrow morning because of the cool temps and some remaining humidity. patchy fog to start the day. cold front well down to the south. and the little surge of slightly cooler drier air will slide our way. earlier on tomorrow. so, a very nice forecast. the rest of the week. you will want to stay tuned for this one including the weekend coming up. still ahead at 8:00 at 7:00. >> siesta key has been voted the best beach in florida and the united states.
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they are taking on the world. >> a condo scam that could cost you big bucks. what to look out for to make sure you are not the victim of the next ripoff. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8. the station that is always on
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>> it's already ranked as one of the best beaches in the u.s., but could siesta key actually be getting better? tonight, anthony allred shows us how a two-year $21 million project is making a difference. >> reporter: when i first heard about siesta key's new and improved renovations i was a little skeptical because how do you improve on perfection? to find out, i had to take the
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pardon our dust, closed for maintenance. those are a few signs telling you siesta key beach is under heavy construction. >> this beach is certainly a favorite when people come to sarasota county to visit. >> reporter: some of the key parking spaces. a quarter of a mile paveed walkway to the beach. and a brand new second floor sun deck restaurantover looking the gulf of mexico. >> i think it has made it a better beach. i think it makes it so that people can get a great view. have a respite from the sun if they want it. >> reporter: after taking the tour, i would have to say siesta key is the number one beach in the world. no need to call dr. beach for a second opinion. on siesta key, anthony allred, newschannel8. apple is working on a fix for the bug that breaks your phone when you try to go back in time. we'll have that story coming up. >> also ahead, a new tesla with a much smaller price tag.
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) when it comes to we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> the dow jones gained 222 points. the s&p up 30. have you ever been on an
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internet connection would go a little faster? american airlines agrees. there is a lawsuit against go go because of slow data speeds. american airlines has an offer from a competing service, but it is locked in its contract through 2018. go go says it has new technology that will perform much better but the roll-out will be slow. hopefully, you didn't fall for it. an online rumor claimed you could unlock retro features on your iphone if you rolled the date back to january 1, 1970. all it does is break your phone. apple is aware of the phone and it will send out an update to fix the glitch. in the meantime, if you have already done this, removeing the phone's battery can bring it back to life they say. but doing that damage the phone and void the warranty. so beware. who buys an iphone in january? a lot of people do.
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last month were even with december sales. it makes it the best january for iphone sales since the original one in 2008. they believe the strong sales numbers give apple stock the potential to double this year. it will be a few more days before we officially get a new look at the samsung smartphone. but a llama got a look. they let the llama unbox the phone and gave the animal some paint brushes to provide his interpretation of what he saw. obviously, it is really not that helpful. but we are probably going to see more teases like this one headed into the mobile world conference next week. wow. you might want to put this in your easter basket. hershey's is releasing a new flavor of kisses. get ready for carrot cake. with a core of white chocolate.
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be sold exclusively at wal-mart and an 11-ounce bag will cost 3.24. a new version of the tesla model s will be much cheaper but much smaller. tesla drivers parents can pick up a child sized tesla for $495. it is made by radio flyer. it can reach speeds of 6 miles an hour. you can order now and they will start shipping in may. it is happening at an alarming rate in clear water. scammers are creating fake ads touting gulf view condos at a ridiculously low price. vacationers send a deposit and never hear anything again. peter bernard shows you the red flags. >> reporter: it is a vacationer's dream. killer views of the gulf.
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bring up this ad. but check closely. this is from a listing in sale years ago. this is posted by a scammer. >> people have shown up twice at our door thinking they have rented the place and we told them unfortunately, they have been defrauded. >> they increase drastically during spring break. >> reporter: as spring break approaches they are seeing the condo scam grow. >> from january through june, i see anywhere from 15 to 30 cases a month of people sending their money to people that they met on craigslist. >> reporter: using a complicated means to hide from the cops, the scammers use dating websites to funnel cash to their overseas locations. a condo owner had to lay out the truth. >> he said i couldn't believe this house is for rent so cheap. it wasn't. >> reporter: now, he scans
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looking for his condo and posts a listing of his own as a warning. >> i figure that is the only way to really stop it is to stop the money flow. >> reporter: many places along the beach don't offer a weekly rate. your best bet is to check with local management. have a local realtor make some inquiries for you. a local realtor in the place you want to go. peter bernard, newschannel8. well, storms move through south florida this morning and they kicked up some strong wind. check out the surveillance video from a community in meramar. the storm brought down palm trees in the neighborhood there. several tornadoes reported to have touched down. ef1 strength according to the local national weather service there. we had a tornado watch in place last night. didn't see any tornadoes in the bay area. wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures beautiful. there is our average line.
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of very nice weather here. very close to above or normal, or above or below the normal level. you can see eight days, another round of cool day headed our way. mostly clear skies. further south, a few high clouds will stay with us and get a push through tomorrow. 56 degrees at 4:00 a.m. could be thick fog forming in some areas. temperatures rising up into the upper 60s , into the low 70s as you will see in the seven day forecast. 58 seminole. 59 clear water beach. 58 new port richey. still 70 out in sebring. lake placid is warm. these are the high clouds i was talking about. so, these are generally ice clouds, not a big deal. but they do get in the way of a perfectly clear sky. probably overnight, watch for the fog to form.
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amounts of low level moisture. got a secondary front pushing through the bay area in the afternoon. high pressure gives us a beautiful thursday on the cool side. clear skies, again, the cool start to the day. but very nice warm afternoon. 72 degrees. a lot of sunshine after the morning fog tomorrow. and then, 74 degrees for friday. 75 degrees for saturday and sunday with those high temperatures mid and upper 70s likely in some of the inland areas. it will be a bit more moisture in the atmosphere. really not noticeable on the near perfect days i think. rain chances creep back in tuesday, but beyond that, cooler temperatures. >> wait, did you see near perfect? >> well, you know, some people think 30 below is perfect. [ laughter ] >> i like what you are offering. >> you think it is perfect? >> yeah. i mean ... well played. >> see? >> we'll be right back. stay with us. >> that's what i was going for. >> i like it. >> plus, here is what you will see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> from winning big to losing it all. millions have been lost because of unclaimed lottery tickets. i'll show you what happens to all that money.
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>> a japanese couple has a member of the family who refuses to spread his wings and leave the nest. for some reason, yeah, it's a real bird. a wild sparrow flew into the couple's home and decided it was a great place to say so they named the bird p-chan. it is happy getting up close and personal with its new humans. it is now their routine to eat breakfast together, and hand feed the bird while they read the morning paper. why not? would you pay millions of dollars for a car you can't drive own the road? what if it belonged to bond? james bond?
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up for auction this week. steve jerve. it is not road certified but on a track, you can hit 190 miles an hour in it. they expect it to sell for about $2.1 million. just write a check steve. a great guy proved to his valentine their love is real and it tastes like chicken. specifically, chicken from chick-fil-a. tierra posted these pictures from the bouquet she received on the day made entirely of chick-fil-a nuggets and waffle fries. her boyfriend used 30 nuggets and two ordered of large fries and did a trial run just to make sure he could pull it off. in return, she gave him a bouquet of reese's peanut butter cups. it reminds me of the time i got my husband bacon of the month club for christmas. >> that was actually a very good gift. >> and i got to actually participate and consume the
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>> it celebrates your marriage. >> that was romantic wasn't it? i wish i had thought of the chicken bouquet. that would be more awesome. too much? >> yeah. [ laughter ] we are back at 11:00 if you can stand it. see you. taylor swift's new grammy grenade for kanye. did bieber's guitar botch adele's performance? sir paul mccartney turned away at an after party? >> our special coverage on -- >> the grammys with "extra." >> taylor takes aim at kanye. >> there are going to be people who will try to take credit for your accomplishments. >> swift backstage with beyonce and selena. >> oh, my god! >> a.j. and tracy with all the candid moments you didn't see. sophia's sexy warm-up in her dressing room. and new video seconds after her
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what she yelled to blake. then our grammy fashion breakdown. demi versus carrie in a diamond necklace blingoff. >> this was actually a present for valentine's day. >> mario and marco. >> only for "extra." >> only we're aboard rubio's campaign bus. what he really thinks about trump's tough talk and what he wants from -- >> mario lopez. >> hey! >> then luv guv eliot spitzer, here we go again. is the woman he's accusing of attacking a high-priced call girl? plus, two of the stars of american crime story are here with a sneak peek at tonight's tense episode. >> you are going home. >> now from the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, my day with senator marco rubio. would he ever consider the vice presidency?
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a movie about his life. also coming up, mario, new video of the kardashian sisters hitting the grammy after party. >> but before we get to the parties werk start y s parties, we start with the show nearly 24 million people watched, as lady gaga and kendrick lamar rocked downtown l.a. >> one giant celebrity feud. two huge hollywood surprises. >> sophia vergara! >> "extra's" got your ultimate grammy v.i.p. ticket, everything you didn't see. >> three, two -- >> backstage, the up all night parties. >> how you doing, common? >> every big performance and even bigger winners. >> thank you for this moment. >> starting with this moment. taylor swift firing back at kanye west in her album of the year acceptance speech. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to take credit for your accomplishments. >> the feud over the rapper taking credit for the pop star's
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