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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it's apple versus the fbi. the tech giant refusing to hack a terrorist iphone. daily flights to cuba could be coming to the bay area. why u. s. travelers could save big on the ticket. i'm jennifer lee and >> i'm keith cate and a store lots of people are talking about. apple refusing to help the fbi break into a cell phone that belonged to a san bernardino terrorist. apple says would make everybody's cell phone less secure. tim cook released in a strongly worded reply colin the government overreach. josh benson towards us live in the new center to explain why the case is so important. you see both sides so it's a difficult one to figure out.>>
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and ask you to hack into what you probably could but you would need a smart computer and 5 1/2 years to do so. that's according to apple. apple says the government is asking them to build something that doesn't exist and would be extremely dangerous for all iphone users. a federal judge world apple must provide reasonable technical assistance to authorities to access the data on the terrorists iphone's. >> that 18 minutes is critical. >> the 18 minutes are critical the fbi hopes the fold holds the answer. james comey told the senate heading into the iphone is key. >> we still have one of those killers phones we have not been able to open and it's been over two months now. >> overnight appleton cook released a statement saying in part we were shocked and outraged by the deadly act of terrorism and we have no sympathy for terrorist. he states apple is cooperating with the fbi on the case but will fight the order saying now the u. s. government is asking for something we simply do not have an consider too dangerous
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they asked us to build a backdoor to the iphone. he likens it to a master key and the government suggests they would only use it once and one phone but fears it's not true. he's an adamant opponent opening phones to the government fearing it would make us vulnerable particularly if the backdoor solution fell into the wrong hands. so now we wait and cook has publicly posted the defense and the judge expects unofficial and so in a few days but ultimately it may be the courts that decide how it plays out. >> some wonder why the fbi can't hack into the phone. i've been listening and reading about it and it's more complicated than it appears. data is encrypted so you randomly try to guess my code it makes you wait longer and longer if you screw it up before trying again. many times the phone erases all the data and that's why the your help.
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their business.>> it's such a hot button topic and we want to know what you think about it. should apple be forced to create technology that will infiltrate iphone and are you concerned about the government having the technology? you can join the conversation on the wfla facebook page. 911 service pack on an pinellas county. a software glitch knockabout system earlier today and not the first time it's gone on the fritz. peter bernard joins us in largo. scary to think you can't just pick up the phone and dialed 911 and count and everything working properly. >> reporter: in this case it actually did. 911 dispatch to fire stations like this are pulled off without a hitch. a team of people scramble to st. petersburg to answer emergency calls. in a room on the fourth floor of the st. petersburg police department seven county 911 dispatchers joined city employees to answer emergency calls. the center normally handles
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county system down it was expected to soar to 2500 calls. the problem at the main public safety building being blamed on the server hot fix like a software upgrade for your cell phone. >> it's technology, it's equipment, it's computers and as anyone knows working with their home computer, the laptop, or iphone that technology happens and you have issues with it. >> reporter: the system has gone down before. fire, lightning, and technical issues put it out of commission in 2014 but this time freeman insists emergency calls were answered fast. >> when we were out to the st. petersburg police department it hits the st. petersburg police department as fast as it hits us.>> reporter: the police have an agreement with the county to back up the 911 system and it can go the other way of saint pete runs into a problem. one thing that helped during today's outage was call volume is low. how seamless is a? >> pretty seamless.
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the county to route the call so they would come directly to us but once they did that and they come directly to our system than they are dispatch like they would normally. >> reporter: pennell is 911 supervisors are confident no calls were dropped during the switch over to the police department. and we just got a tally how many calls and it comes to 684 calls. the county maintains 2 servers and what happened today one of the servers went down and that was the problem. they sent those calls to st. petersburg. >> how do they initially figure out something was wrong, peter? >> reporter: what happened was employees were not able to log on to the system and they perform test calls to 911 and
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that was the tip up something was wrong. >> peter bernard live in pinellas county. a loaded gun in a citrus county elementary school today. a period found a pistol while dropping a child off at rock crusher elementary school. the staff thought it was a bb gun but a custodian tried to unload the animal into the ground and it fired a shot. no one hurt and they believe someone could have dropped the gun by accident.>> it appears it was an accidental incident where somebody may have dropped out of their purse or pocket. it doesn't appear that was something intentionally placed there. >> police running the serial number and looking for fingerprints to determine who the gun belongs to. the florida winners of the historic jackpot claim the reward today. florida's $528 million powerball winners have come forward. meet david kaltschmindd and maureen smith of melbourne beach. he's an electrical engineer and she's a homemaker and they are taking the money in a lump sum payment of $327 million.
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haven't figured out the division yet. >> we're not going to go party. >> we will still live the same lives basically. my talks about to fall apart but i do need a new vehicle. >> he's going to retire and that's what he really wants to do. >> the other two winning tickets were sold in tennessee and california. nikki haley endorses marco rubio days ahead of the south carolina republican primary. right now will be in third place behind donald trump and senator ted cruz who was in second place. republican voters go to the polls saturday. that's when the nevada democratic caucus happens and cnn polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a dead heat in nevada. president obama won't attend the funeral of antonin scalia. the white house announces he will pay his respects friday when scalia's body lies in repose at the supreme court.
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attend saturday's funeral. pope francis appears to be annoyed when overly eager people nearly pull him over a barrier. you see the pope shaking hands with the crowd in mexico and loses his balance, tubers someone in the crowd, and the pope tells a person pulling and him not to be selfish. now to 8 on your side's exclusive coverage from cuba. after the signing of a new travel agreement u. s. airline companies have 15 days to apply for daily routes from all over the u. s. to cuba. jeff patterson is the only big area reporter covering from havana and he explains what the change means for the average traveler.>> reporter: this is old havana and certainly one of the most popular places for tourists to come. there are shops to buy trinkets
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i was here a year ago and i can tell you it wasn't this crowded. it's becoming easier for americans to travel here and now that the u. s. secretary of transportation signed an agreement that allows commercial daily flights for the first time in 50 years it will become cheaper for americans to come here.>>, certainly. when you have competition there will be a price drop. the only people flying now are all charters and those charters will probably stay in existence in the short term because they are the ones who know how to negotiate the businesses in cuba. >> they said they can fly from other markets in the united states. where might that be? >> they will concentrate on miami and tampa. some of the los angeles and new york, houston, those places will have flights. >> reporter: in addition to the extra people i'm seeing in havana another change and noticing from last year's the streets that are torn up. they are putting in water lines
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as many buildings are crumbling. many people see that as opportunity if the embargo was lifted. in havana cuba jeff patterson news channel 8. >> news channel 8 is the only television station bringing your reports from cuba this week so tune in tomorrow for more. still to come sneaky pete swaps and relax with a fake. video only seen her at all pulled swindled by a craigslist deal gone wrong. bright sunshine today lifting temperatures into the low 70s. a gorgeous day and second for pushing through the area. lesser chance of fog and weekend forecast coming up. police had little help catching a crook and all caught on surveillance video. a good samaritan took matters into his own hands.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) swaps a rolex with a fake. ne al pla keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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of all-pro hoping you might recognize the man who swindled him out of a rolex watch. candace mccowan joining us live in hillsborough county with the story. how many times have we warned about craigslist deals?>> reporter: clearly not enough. good evening and you know law enforcement going through places like this like there departments and you can come here and take care of your craigslist business. the man i talked to today didn't know about the safe locations and it cost him. what was your first indication something was wrong? >> i got home and decided to take the watch out of the box and put it in my safe and that made a noise. the bracelet rattled. >> reporter: it was a battle
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when handling his $6900 rolex >> i look at the serial number and noticed it was incorrect. >> reporter: it took two hours before job realized he was scammed. he was hoping to sell the rolex so we put up a craigslist ad and days later he told this man to come by his golf club repair shop. >> i sold him a couple watches and never had an issue. i walked outside to show his girlfriend never thinking anything of a. >> reporter: the man came back in and decided not to buy the watch. once joe realized his real watch was gone he looked at the video. >> he already reached in his pocket. >> reporter: it shows that crook reaching in his pocket exchanging the watch before he walked out the door. he was hoping someone recognizes the thief in the video but already knows the likelihood of seeing his rolex again -- >> chances are not very good. >> reporter: when it comes to craigslist joe has had enough .>> the thought that keeps running through my mind is if i caught him doing that and it escalated what would have
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was the arms?>> reporter: he could have lost more and joe tells me that crook was convinced he gave him and his girlfriend $6000 to hold while we took the watch outside to show his girlfriend. he was pretty convinced the guys was legitimate until he heard the rattle. >> a good scam going but as you pointed out it didn't have to happen this way. there are places you can go now. >> reporter: this is one of those places in many local sheriffs departments have these locations. if they don't go to the parking lot. it will likely determine the thief. >> good reminding a good warning. live in hillsborough county. now to a preview and 8 on your side investigation were working for at 11:00. if you've been to the doctor in the last six weeks it's a chance
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records. they are protected by federal law so how did you get them? >> they are protected by hippo laws and i have a few of several documents forwarded to me like this. they are authorization for a gentleman's prozac prescription and x-ray results on this woman's shoulder and mammogram results in which a mass was detected. these and more showed up on this woman's fax machine. a printing error put her phone number and a doctors prescription pad instead of the correct fax number. so for six going on seven weeks the fax machine has been going wild printing out confidential patient information day and night. she has contacted the doctors offices but it has continued so she contacted 8 on your side about the flagrant violation of hipaa law. it's highly confidential personal information. if you have been to the doctor's
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weeks, some of these may be yours. >> i barely know what to say here. not only do i not want my medical records out there for someone else to get that we're talking about names and potentially other information and it's an identity theft issue as well. >> the largest source of identity theft in the country is preached healthcare records. it's a big deal. >> and six or seven weeks later it still going on. >> it has continued into this week and it's a serious breach and violates federal law. tonight at 11:00 we will reveal which clinics are involved. >> tune in tonight at 11:00 for the full results of the facts love investigation. we started out with thought this morning but the weekend forecast will end up very nice. 75 degrees and cool morning warming quickly.
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gasparilla distance classic, sunday 76 degrees partly cloudy skies and weather conditions present. 64 degrees current temperature with northwest wind at 17 miles per hour. secondary front past the area chased away moisture that helped fog to develop in some areas this morning that was quite the jerk 73 degrees freedom plaza and north wind 8 miles per hour with 35% humidity. a day forecast as temperatures continued to stay close to seasonal averages and a little bit above this line and a nice range are we expected to be. another round of rain tuesday, wednesday, and drop-off in temperatures as a cold front pushes for the region. evening looks good and mostly clear skies. fantastic evening and seasonal weather to expect this time of year. if you bring a jacket it's a good idea this evening. temperatures up the -- upper 50s and dropping their 49 which is close to or slightly below
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point 46 degrees. a nice temperature and dew point relation. 77 brandon. 66 seminole. 66 brooksville. sebring 65 crystal river 73. dew points are lower also and that's the comfort of the air and the change comes with the second front that swept through the area. high pressure continues to dominate the weather picture with more of a northeasterly flow. the flow around the high brings a northeasterly wind and high clouds further down to the south. we saw quite a few of those and low clouds this morning associated with low-level moisture and fog but eventually the sun took over and stayed in control and will continue the next several days. we see on the rpm forecast computer will model this evening. nice evening to enjoy the sunset. sunny skies tomorrow morning and a bit breezy to start the day with more of a northeasterly wind. mild temperatures in low 70s and sunny again if you can
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temperatures and sky conditions. riding morning typical february temperatures, light jacket weather and stronger easterly wind may move a few clouds across the state but closer to the east coast. as we get into the weekend looking good as high pressure settles off to the east saturday and sunday. more southeasterly flow and mild conditions with highs in the mid-70s. 49 degrees palm harbor. 44 interests. 47 winterhaven. close for tonight and highs the next few days look pretty good. 72, 74, 75 degrees and mostly sunny skies and partly cloudy conditions. rain chances come back tuesday and wednesday. still working out the exact timing but that's our thinking at the moment looking at tuesday into wednesday time frame. eight days out a bit of a curling taking place. cool air back but that's a good- looking forecast.
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ups planning to expand passport services in all stores across the country. rain now -- they announced last year they would allow customers to schedule appointments for passport photos. nearly 50,000,000 american passports expire over the next three years. shakeup in america's favorite national retailers. department stores like dillards and jcpenney no longer in the top five.
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is number one, marshall's is number 2 and h&m is a newcomer and ranks number three. rounding out the top five are cold and macy's. hershey's has a new kiss for easter they are about to roll out carrot cake flavored kisses sold exclusively at walmart. a 9 ounce bag of the white chocolate orange colored candies cost a little over $3. they will taste like carrot cake apparently. i would try it. >> i will eat one after another. a look at what's coming up at 5:30. he looked legitimate at a doctor's office but police say this florida teen is no md. how detectives busted him. and the church catches fire in polk county and how parishioners move forward after
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right now one news channel 8 at 5:30. a gun found at an elementary school and then it goes off. tonight questions about who brought this gun to the school and why. i'm josh benson. >> i'm jennifer leigh and thanks for joining us. just minutes ago citrus county deputies told us with a gun at the school belongs to. we go live from rock crusher elementary in citrus county and parents have been waiting all day for this information. >> reporter: that's what parents have been telling us. after school authorities were able to go through surveillance


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