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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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. it is 5:00 a.m.. while you were sleeping a deadly shoot out at a tampa liquor store. the search is on for one of two would be robbers. they robth cut rate liquor store. the gunman exchanged shots. one of the robbers was shot and killed but the other got away. the store clerk was not hurt. in our other top stories, we checked and so far no new leads in a st. pete hotel shooting that put two teens in the hospital. it happened in a room at the
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police believe a fight broke out when uninvited guests showed up to a birthday party. someone started shooting. 19-year-old octavius brown and 17-year-old crawford were hit. republican donald trump and hillary clinton are cementing their status as frontrunners. trump claimed victory in south carolina republican primary. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. it is going to be another nice day here in the bay area. let's check in with leigh spann for the details. >> kind of spring like. what happens in the spring is we see extra humidity and storm systems coming through. at this point we're keeping an eye on one that is well back in texas and it will take its time affecting us. today, winds from the southeast ahead of the system will allow us to be a little bit warmer when we walk out the door now than what we saw yesterday. in folk county.
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a little milder than what we expect. 51 in brooksville. sarasota in at 56 and we'll hit 77 in the afternoon. that is obviously above the average of 73 and we warm tonight with a low of 63. with weather and traffic on the 8's at 5:08, i take you hour by hour through today and then tell you when we expect the rain chances. leslee is here to let you know what to expect on the roads. >> it is a good drive. it is a nice one. we had big problems near that clear. i-4, look at this, folks, through ybor city. 301 at 275. just five minutes. it is a good drive coming away from the sun coast parkway. just 10 minutes on your drive time. a little bit of overnight construction. it is in the distance there off to the right with the flashing lights. this is southbound 275 around 22nd avenue south. this is before you get to the sky way bridge. we have a little bit of activity there off to the right. you can see everybody is getting by just fine on the left and no delays. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle.
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breaking news right now, a wrong way driver caught in tampa this is video from the at the 54th street exit ramp. a driver was travelling the wrong way on the ramp and was about to merge in with traffic in the wrong direction on the interstate when police stopped the car. the driver was given a sobriety test but due to lack of evidence, the driver was released. with just a citation of travelling the wrong way. the southbound reins of i-75 in -- of i--- -- the south of i-75 are back open. a tanker truck crashed. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the tanker to crash. back to the breaking news. a man is dead after a robbery turned violent in tampa police tell us two would be robbers got into a shoot out with a store clerk while one of the criminal
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this all happened while you were sleeping at the cut rate liquor store on north 15th street and that where we fund news channel 8's ryan -- find news channel 8's ryan hughes. police are looking for the second would be robber. >> exactly. we don't have a description. this is the liquor store where the robbery happened. the robbers likely didn't expect what was coming on the other side. we have video of the scene to show you right now. once the robbers got inside, that is when the store clerk opened fire on both of them. they both opened fire back. one was struck as he ran from the store, the other one at this point is at large. was not hurt. now. this is a surveillance video on store. police will can looking at the surveillance video captured from the incident last night to determine if they can get the
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but the one robber who was shot actually ran out to the sidewalk where he was pronounced dead on scene. once we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. back to you now. >> that can be helpful. thanks. an uber driver accused of a killing spree in kalamazoo michigan is expected in court. . his name is jason dalton, this is the guy right here. he is facing murder charges. investigators claim his saturday night shooting spree went on for seven hours. he shot eight people at three different locations. six of those people died. investigators now are trying to figure out why he did this. dalton does not have a prior criminal record. the battle over your privacy versus your security takes a turn. now the fbi director is turning the tables on apple. >> he insists the company could easily help access one of the san bernardino terrorists phones without jeopardizing privacy for all apple customers.
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joins us now live with the morning alert. good morning! this time the fbi is trying to set the record straight. it is asking the public to weigh in. how so? >> gene, good morning, well, this is the note and in it, fifb director james -- fbi director james comey focuses on the victims of the terrorist attack. this is their way of swaying the public's opinion. comey writes maybe the phone holds the clue to finding more terrorists, maybe it doesn't. we can't look the survivors and ourselves in the eye in the mirror if we don't follow this lead. the fbi does not want to set a master key loose on the land as apple suggests. the issue is if the fbi guesses the pass code wrong too many times, the then the phone could wipe itself out. the fbi wants apple to keep that from happening, that way, the fbi could have unlimited guesses. apple has not responded to this
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insists simply creating technology to help the fbi in this matter would essentially make all our phones vulnerable. . comey makes the point that the case of national security versus privacy should not be decided by a for profit company. instead, he wants the american people to discuss what should be done. we're posting comey's letter in its entirety on the website, we want you to take a look and let us know whether you think apple should or should not help the fbi. you can weigh in on our wfla facebook page. gene? >> lots of people weighing in on this debate. thank you. follow our morning alerts on facebook and twitter. all you have to do is search eight alert. happening today, despite multiple efforts to stop it, bill cosby's wife is still set to give a deposition in connection with a defamation lawsuit against her husband. nbc news is reporting a federal judge rejected a last minute
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camille cosby is set to answer questions under oath at a springfield massachusetts hotel. that starts at 9:30 this morning. this is all linked to the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby which he denies. developing this morning, people in fiji are working to recover after a monster cyclone hit the island. look at devastation there. forecasters report fwrindz cyclone winston reached 177 miles an hour -- reports cyclone winston reaches 177 miles an hour. officials blame storm for at least 18 deaths. time is 5:08 on this monday morning and we're kicking off the work week with mild weather. >> it is quite nice. you walk outside this morning, you might think, okay, i need long sleeves. you won't need them for long. we'll be coming out of the 50s and into the 60s and 70s. here is each hour. 59 degrees at 8:00 a.m.. already, 66 at 10 and yes i do
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than what we saw yesterday but i'm keeping the rain chance less than 10%. 74 degrees at noon. 77 at 3:00 p.m. and even quite mild through the evening hours as well. this will be what i'm calling a split week. first half, very warm. second half, i would say actually on the cooler side for sure. we'll get a couple of showers tomorrow with the cold front bringing the stronger storms and cooler air on wednesday. so notice, 77 today. 77 on wednesday, down to 62 by friday. >> it is a pretty good drive out. there we have a wonderful drive across the bay area bridges. let's take a look at a little bit of overnight construction here, folks. heads up. this is southbound 275. you can see that the left lane or excuse me, the right lane, a little bit of overnight construction, activity out there, but you can still get behind this.
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overnight construction2 of the lanes taken away and the exit to university parkway completely blocked right here. this should be wrapped up by 6:00 a.m. and it is only affecting the southbound lanes. at this point, northbound is just fine. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene appeared gayle. >> thank you, leslee. it is a struggle many families face as their loved ones age. how to keep them out of a nursing home. >> it is tough to deal with. i'll show a new trend in the bay area that is keeping elderly loved ones engaged during the home. >> and gunfire at a restaurant what investigators believe started the violence. you're watching news channel 8
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. it is day three of searching for the gunman who shot up a hookah bar in hillsborough county. deputies are looking for a man who fired more than 10 shots at smoke and bowl restaurant and hookah bar. that is located on bearce avenue just west of bruce b downs boulevard. investigators believe it started
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50 people were at the bar at time of the shooting. 27-year-old manuel ortiz died. a south fladz community is struggling with the a -- a south florida community is struggling with the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. king carter was playing with friends when somebody started shooting. the family is pleading for witnesses to come forward. >> if you saw what happened, please say something. a 6-year-old, just think about your life at six. it could easily be your family next. >> and crimestoppers is offering a $25,000 reward hopes of finding the gunman who killed this little boy. a bradenton church is . you can see the base of the statue there. a member of the church estimates and $13,000. losing independence is one
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many of our loved ones don't want to go into a nursing home and who can blame them? i did some 8 on your side digging and found a new interpreted called aging in place -- new trend called aging in place. >> on any given day these ladies are playing a mean game of dominos. the sewing queens are busy making pillow case s. i wasn't expecting to see this much action. you stay busy. >> this is what we want to do. we live for the sewing queens. we get out there and do what we got to do. >> this is pace sun coast. it is a lot like a daycare for the senior loved ones sometimes called aging in place. i found care like this one is a new trend spreading nationwide. right now there is no other place like it in tampa bay that allows seniors that need care to still live at home. >> it really has helped my mother in her dementia situation
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sit at home and stare at the tv anything. >> from a day filled with activities to healthcare including a clinic with nurses and doctors on staff, pace is all encompassing it is covered by medicare and medicaid but most importantly, pace keeps our family members happy. >> isolation is one of the highest risks for health problems. isolation and loneliness for our seniors. >> you can pay for pace out of pocket if you're not eligible for medicaid and medicare. you don't have to fork over co-pays for medications or doctor visits once you're part of the program and that ends up saving people a lot of money in the long run. >> what a social life. >> dominos, sewing, good time and they go home at the end of the day. >> exactly. >> great. six more k-9 officers in pasco county are wearing
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this is really sweet. it is all thanks to an 8-year-old girl. sophia set-up a lemonade stand and raised thousands of dollars for the k-9 vests. they're saying thank you for her hard work and generosity. >> it is awesome that we're reaching out to the community and she is willing at that age to set aside her time to raise funds for our dogs like this. >> sophia had to squeeze a lot of lemons, the special gear, each k-9 kevlar vest costs $1,000. that is a lot of lemonade to make and sell. this next story is just incredibly tragic, common poisoning kills a family of six in michigan. relatives found the couple and their four children inside the fenton township home. the children range in age from 2 to 11 years old. they believe a running generator caused the toxic .
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purple in the name of peace. that is what one public relations experts in polk county is doing for her birth daechlt marissa green is pushing the movement after mean spirited conversations about race and politics. they will use #polkgoespurple. this is severe weather awareness week in manatee county. tomorrow. this is part of a statewide campaign to bring attention to florida weather related issues. they'll focus on lightning and marine hazards and rip currents and tornados which just recently we saw here in our area. >> this is actually severe weather awareness week for the entire state of florida because this is, when we normally, el
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the severe weather season but we've seen it this year. not expecting any today. mild, 59 degrees at:00 this morning. it warm a -- at 8:00 this morning. it warms up quickly. 77 at 3:00 p.m.. that is warmer than average. a bit more humidity out there which will lead to a few more clouds. stepping out the door now to grab the paper or walk the dog. 51 in brooksville or 56 in sarasota. here is the long range forecast. you see this area of high pressure that is keeping us dry but around it you get clockwise wind. we'll be a little warmer in the upper 70s and that extra humidity. we may see a couple of showers develop tomorrow, a 30% chance as one cold front stays to the north. that will not happen with this second cold front that will cross the gulf of mexico april arrive here with strong storms on wednesday afternoon and much, much cooler as we get to the end of the week. how about traffic on the 8's? >> we're moving right along out there. we have a good drive right now.
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part part of the interstate is concerned. you can get by it, folks. this is leaving bradenton. right at university parkway. the university parkway exit is blocked southbound and a couple of lanes are taken away. you can get by on the main portion there. you can take fruitville to university in the area. southbound affected. not northbound. great drive. lakeland looks good between each entrance. from i-4 all the way in to ybor city. it looks very good. here is a live look at overnight construction. southbound, 275 at 22nd avenue south. it looks like everything is in the right lane or the right shoulder. traffic is getting by. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. >> thanks so much. netflix wants to help us choose what to watch. >> ahead, how on the line streaming service is revamping the recommendations system. >> and to spend or not to spend? the way experts are trying to convince you not to splurge with
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>> don't forget to connect with me on social media. find me on facebook, wfla gene ramirez. on twitter, wfla gene. i posted a terrible story out of the panhandle. a 16-year-old being charged now with the murder of his 10-year-old sister.
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. it is 5:23. tax season is here.
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refund in one place. >> they recommend paying off high interest debt like credit cards or putting money into an emergency fund so potential for debt is reduced. financial advisor chris hobart says thinking in the long-term now could save you later. >> either making sure your 401(k) or ira is maxed out but more importantly, starting a roth ira. >> he recommends adjusting your withholdings so you won't be giving the government an interest free loan and as a reminder, the day to submit your tax return is moved back four days. the deadline is now april 18th. this is pretty neat. i've noticed it when i've been browsing my options on netflix. netflix now has a new way of recommending movies and shows to the subscribers. it is based on global viewing habits. before it was just based on your country so if you were in the u.s. you would only see what is trending i guess you can say in
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but now for example, if you watch an american comedy. netflix will recommend the same type of comedy but from different countries. it gives subscribers a wider range of similar content. it is neat. you can see how people in different countries, how the humor is over there. we just don't get it. >> british humor. >> it is dry and distinct. >> and from our floor director, house of cards is coming back in a couple of weeks. >> i can't wait for that one. >> weather and traffic on the 8's is just three minutes away. >> and going to the doctor or undergoing surgery is enough to stress you out. ahead, the simple things that you can do to help relax. >> and our continuing breaking news coverage this morning of the deadly shooting at a tampa liquor store. what investigators believe happened that claim the life of one would be robber. it is 5:25.
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. here at 5:28. when you send the kids off to the bus stop, no jackets needed. a little cool at 59. a nice, warm, 77 and partly cloudy when they come home. >> overnight construction here. tying up lanes southbound around university. keep that in mind but i have good news for you downtown tampa!
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. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today on this monday. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. in our top stories this morning, a violent weekend in the bay area. two people are dead and five injured in three separate shootings. the first one, a deadly shooting at smoke and bowl restaurant and hookah bar in hillsborough county. one person died. three others were hurt two passengers were shot during a hotel party in st. petersburg sunday and breaking this morning, one person is dead


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