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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. good morning. thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. we begin with breaking news this monday morning. while you were sleeping, a deadly shoot out at a tampa liquor store. the search is on for one of two would be robbers. police explain two armed men went to rob the cat rate liquor store. at some -- cut rate liquor store. at some point, the gun men exchanged shots with the clerk from the store. one of robbers was shot and killed. the store clerk wasn't hurt. in our other top stories, we
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st. pete hotel shooting that put two teens in the hospital. this happened in a room at the holiday inn express on 54th avenue north. police believe a fight broke out when two uninvited guests showed up to the birthday party. someone started shooting. 18-year-old octavius brown and demetrius crawford were hit. donald trump and hillary clenton are cementing their spot as frontrunners. donald trump claimed victory in south carolina's republican primary. we'll have more on that that story on others in a bit. >> extra clouds across the southeast along with this storm system but it will take the storm system quite some time to make it here. i'll zoom in and show you, we have patchy clouds around. it is the southeast wind adding more humidity to the atmosphere.
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a little warmer in tampa at 59. you get into st. petersburg near the water it is warmer at 63. 55 right now in plant city. i do expect above average temperatures. i'm calling for 77. the average is 73, and even warmer tonight with a low of 63. in weather and traffic on the 8's at 6:08, i have an hour by hour look at today and then when things change, which comes up soon. let's check on the roadways, things will change quickly. >> they will change. we have a pretty good drive. 275, and we have more vehicles on the roadway but we're looking good as far as no congestion. let's move over now, 275 southbound at 22nd avenue south. all of that overnight construction has cleared from the roadway. check this out. no delays anymore. southbound i-75 approaching university because they have cleared the construction there in the manatee county area. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. >> thanks. now back to the breaking
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of the news cast, a man is dead after a robbery turned violent in tampa police tell us two would be robbers got into a shoot out with the store clerk. one of the criminals is dead. this happened while you were sleeping at the cut rate liquor store. that is where we find news channel 8's ryan hughes live this morning. police are searching for the second would be r. >> gene, good morning to you once again. the second robber at this point is still at large. police tell us they barged in through this door ar 10:45 last night. blocked. there are remnants of yellow crime scene tape that remain this morning. we have video of the active scene to show you right now. drawn. that is when the clerk -- barged in with guns drawn. fire. one was shot and killed. property. he died on the sidewalk in front of the convenience store.
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been caught at this point. police are hoping to release a description of him. they're hoping a surveillance system caught clear pictures of the second robber. we're asking if we can get a hold of those if we get a copy of them, we'll pass them along to you. gene, good news here, the store clerk here wasn't physically hurt. back to you. >> yeah, incredible. it was him against two and he got out unscathed ryan. thank you. it is 6:04. happening today, an uber driver accused of a killing spree in kalamazoo michigan is expected in court. he is accused of randomly shooting at people between giving uber rides. his name? jason dalton. he is facing murder charges. investigators claim his saturday night shooting spree went on for seven hours. he shot eight people at three different locations. six of those people died. investigators don't know why he did it. dalton didn't have a prior criminal record. despite multiple efforts to
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still set to give a deposition in connection with a defamation lawsuit against her husband. nbc news is reporting a federal judge rejected last minute filing sunday to stop the deposition. camille cosby is set to answer questions under oath at a springfield, massachusetts hotel. this starts at 9:30 this morning. it is all linked to the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby which he denies. fox sports reporter and tv personality erin andrews is headed to court today. the civil trial for her negligence trial against marriott hotel is set to begin. she is suing for $75 million. she claims the hotel chain was negligent for giving a peeping tom the rooms next to her. he secretly filmed her changing clothes. she is the daughter of steve andrews. battle over your privacy versus your security takes a turn. now, the fbi director is turning the tables on apple.
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this but the fbi director insists the company could easily access one of the san bernardino terrorist phones without jeopardizing privacy for all apple consumers. the news channel 8's lindsey mastis has been following this story. she joins us for the morning alert. the fbi is trying to set the record straight and it is asking the public to weigh in. how are they doing that? >> good morning. this is the note and in it, fbi director james comey focuses on the victims of the san bernardino terrorist attack. this letter was the fbi's way of swaying public opinion and it could put the pressure on apple to comply with that court order. in part of the statement, comey writes, maybe the phone holds the clue to finding more terrorists. maybe it dupz. but we can't look -- maybe it doesn't. but we can't look the survivors in the eye if we don't follow this lead.
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master key on the loose as apple suggests. if they guess the pass code toomz, it could wipe the phone out. they want to keep that from happening so they can have unlimited guesses. apple has not responded to this so far. in the past it insists creating technology to help the fbi in this matter would make all of our phones vulnerable. comey makes the point that a case of national security versus privacy should not be decided by a for profit company. instead, he wants the american people to discuss what should be done. we're posting the letter in its entirety on our website, we want you to take a look and let us know whether apple should or should not help the fbi. you can weigh in on our wfla facebook page. gene? >> it is a big debate we all have to weigh in and consider because so many of versus these devices follow the morning alerts following #8alert. developing this morning, people in fiji are working to
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hits the islands. these are aerial images the devastation. they report winds from cyclone winston reached 177 miles an hour. that makes it the strongest storm in the southern hemisphere since record keeping began. officials blame the storm for at least 18 deaths. the time right now is 6:08 on this monday morning and we're ushering in the work week with mild temperatures. >> not bad at august they're running above what we consider -- at all. they're running above what we consider average. let's start by looking at today. the hour by hour forecast we put together for you. upper 50s around 8:00 this morning. it may feel cool but it won't last long. look how quickly each hour we go up 4 to 5 degrees getting up to 74 at lunch time and 77 by 3:00 p.m.. we expect patchy cloud cover, yes, there will be sunshine but we expect more clouds than yesterday. 70 degrees at 7:00 p.m.. calling this a split week.
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spotty showers tomorrow, better rain chances wednesday as a cold front comes through. look at the cool down. 77 today, 78 tomorrow and 77 on wednesday, quickly getting down to 66 on tuesday and 66 on friday. let's check in with traffic on the 8's as more people hit the monday morning commute. >> we're seeing more vehicles on the road but we're flowing at pretty good speeds throughout which is good news. let's look at what is going on in downtown tampa i have good news to bring you. not only do we have no congestion that will slow you down but cash street two-way street in the heart of downtown tampa between franklin and ashley drive. you'll have the option of going east or westbound now on cach street. let's move over now. we have a great drive here on i-4. no delays in lakeland between each entrance to the polk parkway and it continues to be a good drive if you actually live in lakeland and work in downtown tampa. you won't see slow downs.
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here is 275 at fowler avenue. we have more vehicles on the road bit we're moving at good speeds. that is weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. it is your chance to win universal tickets. >> we're giving away a pair of tickets be the 8th caller. pick up the phone, dial right now. 1-855-4420-9352. -- 1-855-420-9352. please remember to dial one before 855. it it is a free call. good luck, if you don't win this time you'll get another chance in the next half hour. it is a struggle many age. nursing home. >> we'll show you a new trend in the bay area that is keeping elderly loved ones engaged while still living at home. >> gunfire at a restaurant and hookah bar in tam bhachlt
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you're watching news channel 8 -- in tampa. what investigators believe started the violence.
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. it is day three of searching for the gunman who shot up a hookah bar in hillsborough county. deputies are looking for a man who fired more than 10 shots at the smoke and bowl restaurant and hookah bar.
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through the weekend. that is located on bearce avenue just west of bruce b downs boulevard. investigators believe it started with an argument. about 50 people were at the bar at the time of the shooting. 27-year-old manuel ortiz died. three others were hurt. a south florida community is struggling with the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. king carter was playing outside his miami home with friends when someone started shooting. the little boy's family is pleading with witnesses to come forward. >> if you saw what happened, please say something. a 6-year-old, just think about your life at six. it could easily be your family next. >> crimestoppers is offering a $25,000 reward in hopes of finding the gunman who killed this little boy. this next story is incredibly tragic, carbon monoxide poisoning kills a family of six in michigan. relatives found the couple and
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fenton township home. the children ranged in age from 2 to 11 years old. investigators believe a running the family was using the generator after strong storms caused the power outage. be on the look out for the virgin mary. a bradenton church is missing a statue of the virgin mary. someone stole it from outside st. peter and paul a postles church. and $13,000. what you're looking at here is the base the statue was on top of. manatee county deputies are investigating this. losing independence is one aging. many of our loved ones just don't want to go into a nursing home and who can blame them? so i did 8 on your side digging and found a new trend called aging in place. >> on any given day you'll find
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mean game of dominos or see author drayton creating amazing art. the sewing queens are busy making ensembles and pillow cases. >> you stay busy. >> we try to stay busy. we live for the sewing queens. we just get out there and do what we got to do. >> this is pace sun coast, it is a lot like a daycare for our senior loved ones. sometimes called aging in place. i found care like this was a trend spreading nationwide. there is no other place like it in tampa bay that allows seniors that need care to still live at home. >> it really has helped my mother in her dementia situation because before she would just sit at home and stare at the tv like she had no interest in anything. >> from a day filled with activities to healthcare including a clinic with nurses and doctors on staff, pace is all encompassing it is covered by medicare and medicaid. but most importantly, pace keeps our family members happy.
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highest risks for health problems. iegs lags and lean lee -- isolation and loneliness for the seniors. >> you can pay for pace out of pocket if you're not eligible for medicaid and medicare. once you're part of pace you don't have to fork over co-pays for doctor visits and it ends up saving elderly folks a lot of money. >> can i make observations here? great. that is a good point about the lady with the dmen shachlt you're being more physically act consider -- dementia. you're being physically active but mentally active because it is challenging for them to think during dominos it could save a lot of money if you can keep elderly healthy and fulfill lives and not deteriorating, it takes the burden off taxpayers. >> and they go home with family.
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six more k-9 officers in pasco county are wearing bulletproof vest s. this is so sweet, this is thanks to this 8-year-old little girl. sophia cantino set-up a lemonade stand and raised money for k-9 kevlar vests. they're saying thank you for her hard work and generosity. >> i think it is awesome we're reaching out to the community and she is willing at that age to set aside her time to raise funds for her dogs. >> she had to squeeze a lot of lemons. those vests aren't cheap. each runs about $1,000. i don't know how much she sold each cup for but that is a lot of lemonade. >> we have to keep our k-9's safe. >> that is awe! >> what a great story. a lot of you are getting up and getting going on this monday morning. 59 degrees at 8:00 a.m..
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it is a fast warm up to 74 under partly cloudy skies for your lunch break. even a bit more humid through the afternoon. 77 degrees at 3:00 p.m. with extra clouds around. right now in plant city it is 55 degrees. tampa, you're 59. bradenton is 58. cooler in northern areas. 51 in brooksville. i checked in with the weather watcher betty in plant city and she says 54. let's go through the long range forecast. high pressure has been keeping us nice and sunny through the weekend but it will bring us a southerly wind. one storm system stays to the north torso we only add in a 30% chance of a few afternoon showers but watch what happens on wednesday. a stronger storm system will come through across the gulf of mexico, a line of storms late wednesday, then much cooler, we go from highs in the upper 70s today, tomorrow and wednesday. to highs only in the low 60s. leslee, how about traffic on the 8's?
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speeds but we have accidents that pop apd. keeping an eye on -- popping up. keeping an eye on this one. this is in lanes, seeing a slow down here southbound on bruce b i-75. the morning. there is a lot of construction in the area as well. george road. this is off to the side of the roadway. great drive on the courtney cam bale causeway. it will take you seven minutes to travel between tampa and clear water and on the howard frankland bridge, you're looking the water. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much. netflix wants to help us choose what to watch. >> this is pretty neat april head the way the online streaming service is changing up the recommendation system. >> another smart phone hits the market. what samsung's newest phone has to offer and the reason some critics are knocking it. it is 6:20. you're watching news channel 8
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. there is another option on the cell phone market this morning. >> samsung debuted the galaxy s seven. the new device isn't much different than the six but consumers can expect greater battery capacity and clearer photos with the 360 camera. >> i love this next story here. i've seen it work and it is pretty cool. recommending shows. habits. before it was based on the country you live in. american comedy. similar comedies popular in other countries which is neat because you can see the difference in humor and all that. right? it gives them a wider range of similar content. i love the british comedies. they're different from the american ones. >> and makes you wonder what do
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you have to read the subtitles sometimes because i don't understand of of the stuff they say gl you do on the -- say. >> you do on the spanish ones! >> undergoing surgery is enough to stress anyone out. a couple simple things to help you relax. >> the continuing coverage this morning of breaking news of a deadly shooting at a tampa liquor store. what investigators believe happened that claim the life of one would be robber. it is 6:25.
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. you have to look up. this is from frenchie's and clear water beach with the bright, full moon setting over the water. it is gorgeous. no jackets needed for the kids at the bus stop this morning. 77 feeling like spring this afternoon, leslee.
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we have a smile for the interstate. i-75 looks good. especially coming off of the sky way bridge through bradenton and into sarasota but we have a collision here, folks and this is southbound 301 at 51st and that is just north of state road 70. injuries involved and it is
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. 6:30 on this monday morning. good morning, welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. in our top stories this morning, a violent weekend in the bay area. two people are dead and five injured in three separate shootings. the first one, a deadly shooting at smoke and bowl restaurant and hookah bar in hillsborough county. one person died, three others were hurt. two teens were shot during a hotel party in st. petersburg on sunday and breaking this morning, one person is dead after a shooting at a tampa liquor store. >> this morning, the fbi is
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this is the latest move in a bad battle over your privacy versus security. the fbi director insists apple could help get access to a terrorist phone without jeopardizing privacy for all apple consumers. >> a photo finish. denny hamlin is waking up to what is the closest daytona 500 win in history. it is the first in 23 years for joe gibbs racing. the margin of victory 0.010 seconds. >> 6:31 on this morning. sure is mild out there. >> we're officially a half hour from sunrise. the moon is setting out of the
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-- french's camera so i'll show you the sunrising. this is due to a storm system out west but we have patchy areas of clouds and that will continue due to winds from the southeast adding a little bit more humidity from the atmosphere. it is not bad. 51 in tampa 5in bradenton. plant city. 55. zephyr hills, 50. i expect a warm day at 77. as i mentioned, more humid and the patchy clouds coming up at weather and traffic on the 8's at 6:38. i take you eight days into the future and there are big changes coming. but first let's look at what is going on the roads. >> it will be worse. right now it is starting to get busy. we're seeing more vehicles on the road. we have a crash here in manatee county north of state road 70 at 51st. i want you aware of that one. it is off to the shoulder so that is good news. southbound i-75, bruce b downs, fhp reporting a collision.
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there is no delays and that is what is important. coming up next, i'll talk about good news that starts today in downtown tampa if you commute there. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. >> a man is dead after a store robbery attempt in tampa turned violent. this happened at the cut rate liquor store on north 15th street. one of the criticisms is dead this morning. -- criminals is dead this morning. the search is on for the second would be robber. we've been following this story since shots rang out several hours ago. ryan hughes joins us live with the late ysz from the scene. ryan? >> good morning to you once again. a wild situation here last night. we're told by the tampa police department that the two robbers ran in through these two doors right there and they quickly retreated once that store clerk started to shoot at them. we have video to show you right now around 10:45 when the two robbers barged in with guns drawn.
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started to open fire at them. they took off but one was shot and killed. he only made it to the sidewalk before he collapsed and died according to police. the other got away. that has not been caught at this point. we're waiting for a sdrupgs from the tampa police department -- description from the tampa police department on who he might be. there are security cameras all over the store. you can see one on the right and one on the left. hopefully the police can get im yamgs from the system and pass them along to the public. in all of this, the store clerk was not hurt. he simply opened fire the minute he saw those two with guns. back t. >> hopefully it will help find this guy. in more breaking news, a wrong way driver caught in tampa. this is video from the scene earlier this morning at the 50th street exit ramp from i-4. the driver was travelling the wrong way on the ramp and was about to merge with traffic in
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interstate when police stopped the car, the driver was given a sobriety test but due to lack of evidence, the driver was released with just a citation for travelling the wrong way. developing this morning, the michigan man accused of killing six people in a random shooting spree is expected in court later this morning. investigators in kalamazoo believe jason dalton chose his victims at random and this morning, investigators are looking into claims that dalton, an uber driver, was actually picking up passengers during the shooting spree. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is following this story live from our tampa news center. the big question this morning is why. >>reporter: people who know james dalton seem surprised he is the accused shooter and investigators don't believe he knew any of the victims so they don't know why just yet, the very first victim is in serious condition this morning. she is a mother of three and her
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got shot. >> because those kids, it is my casings out here. her and her kids are very lucky. everyone was very lucky here, but at the other things, not. >> nearly four hours late yes a teen and his father were killed at a car dealership and 15 minutes after that, four cracker barrel. people are leaving flowers, initially a 14-year-old girl was thought to have been killed too but before her organs were to be donated, she squeezed her mother's hand. condition. the shooting spree took place over seven hours and some uber passengers are coming forward insisting they were of all of this. uber insists it reached out to police to help in the investigation and coming up on the today show, you'll hear from one of the uber passengers that shootings began. gayle?
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hear what his domestic was demeanor was like and what the witnesses possibly saw. thanks, lindsey. it is back to work for supreme court justices. the supreme court hears cases today for the first time since the death of associa antonin scalia. the court is split idealologily among the members. president obama does plan to nominate a replacement. it is 6:37. in your vote this morning, the race for the white house, the democrats are now shifting their attention to south carolina. >> yeah, fresh off a victory in the nevada caucuses, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders are now heavily campaigning in the palmetto state. new polls show senator sanders trailing the secretary of state. both will face-off during a democratic town hall meeting at university of south carolina in columbia later this week, the democratic primary there is on saturday. republican frontrunner
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high after winning in south carolina. it was his second primary win. night. trump's big win having a huge impact during the race for the white house. our former governor jeb bush is out of the race. his campaign after low poll numbers in south carolina came to an end. despite a second place finish in south carolina, senator marco rubio's campaign continues to gain momentum. our senator also has the support of donnie wahlberg. he joined senator rubio at a rally in las vegas on sunday. he told the crowd he never voted for a republican before but the senator changed his mind. >> interesting endorsement. now all i want is a wahlberger. >> go to orlando. they just opened one. the sun is coming up. it is gorgeous. it is mild. i'm calling for 59 degrees at 8:00 this morning. we don't stay in the 50s long.
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each hour going up four degrees getting to 71 at 11:00 a.m.. already mid-70's by your lunch break and 77 at 3:00 p.m.. technically i'm seeing the rain chance less than 10% but we could see a few extra clouds. up to 30% tuesday and 50% on wednesday as a strong storm system comes through. probably with lightning in it. this week is lightning -- excuse me, a severe weather awareness week. the focus is on lightning safety. being inside the house is the best place to be. even there, stay away from windows. a lot of people ask me about cars and cars offer some protection but obviously being in the house is even better and for all of you floridians in the pools, as soon as you hear thunder, even if you can't see lightning, head inside. it is mild in the upper 70s today and tomorrow through wednesday. look how the temperatures tumble
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we'll check in on traffic on the 8's. things will heat up soon. >> cars are tumbling up getting closer to each other. what we're seeing is a little bit of traffic starting to build here. bearce avenue to i-4. you have a 14-minute commute southbound on 275. bradenton 301. we have a collision here and it is off to the shoulder but i'm seeing delays. south 75 at bruce b downs. i don't see a crash. fhp telling me one but there are no delays. a little bit of congestion in the area memorial highway at george road. off to the shoulder. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. >> it is your chance to win universal studios tickets. >> we're giving away a pair. be the 8th caller. the number is right there on your screen. 1-855-420-9352. it is toll free. if you are the 8th caller, you win. >> here is the number once again. 1-855-420-9352. don't forget. you have to dial one before the 855.
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good luck, if you don't win this time, don't worry about it, you get another chance tomorrow morning. just the thought of going to the doctor can send your blood pressure sky rocketing. >> a prescription for taking the stress out of going to the doctor. it doesn't require any real medication. >> a woman pursuitly beaten by her room -- brutally beaten by her roommate. how she is improving this morning. you're watching news channel 8
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . the woman severely beaten by her roommate she found on craigslist is showing signs of improvement. danielle jones was beaten and nearly stabbed to death on valentine's day in miami. she is opening her eyes and blinking when her mom whispered to her. her roommate, 35-year-old byron mitchell lived with her openly for about a week before this attack.
6:45 am
a 16-year-old in the panhandle is facing a murder charge accused of killing his 10-year-old sister. police found isabellea's body in a field behind her home in town of fountain. investigators are expected to release more information on this case later today. in orange county. deputies sergeant marcy pierce is home from the hospital recovering after being hit by a car in orlando. when sergeant pierce confronted carlos ortiz, he accelerated toward her and sped away. she is wanted for attempted murder. two teens are recovering in the hospital after being shot during a birthday party in a hotel in st. petersburg. we checked this morning and so far, no new leads in the case. the shooting happened early sunday at the holiday inn express on 54th avenue north.
6:46 am
broke out after uninvited guests showed up to a party. that is when octavius brown and demetrius crawford were shot. both are expected to recover. deputys in pasco county need your help identifying this man. they believe he may be responsible for several car burglaries in the fox wood community over in trinity. so, again, take a close look. if you think you know who this guy; if you do, call the pasco county sheriff's office. new evidence, the hpv vaccine is reducing the number is reducing the number of young women infected with the virus. cases of hpv dropped more than 60% in teen girls since the vaccine was introduced. experts are encouraged by the results but are still concerned that fewer than half of of teenager girls get all three dose aeftz vaccine. this is neat. i -- doses of the vaccine. this is neat. i used this to calm me down a bit. it is a good excuse to crank up
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help you relax before surgery. it is a new study published in the journal of advanced nursing. blast the music before you go in under the knife. researchers found listening to music and viewing photographs lessened sergio call patient -- surgical patient anxiety. it could be used anywhere, even in patient waiting rooms. big accusations against amc theaters. the company is unfriendly to the blind customers. according to the lawsuit filed in san francisco, amc, quote, rarely provides appropriate functioning audio devices to blind customers, those listed in the lawsuit say that the devices are often unavailable, have a low battery or play the wrong audio descriptions. amc staff sometimes hands blind customers devices intended for
6:48 am
amc did not respond to an nbc request to comment. new this morning, hollywood grades. usa today surveyed 14 hollywood the 2016 releases. they looked at major acting roles and directors hired and the male to female ratio of major roles. these are the results here. sony pictures and the weinstein worst. mayor mount pictures got an f in diversity. this news comes a week ahead of the oscars, lots of people talking about issues with diversity with the award show there. it is getting a lot of attention. the 88th academy awards take place sunday night. chris rock will be hosting for the second time since 2005. many people asking chris rock to use his power to take a stand on this and maybe he will do that with humor, we'll see. we're about 10 minutes or so from the actual sunrise but it is gorgeous out. there this is
6:49 am
waters of the smooth tampa bay. going forward in time, mild and 59 at eight. a very quick warm up between eight and noon. we go up 15 degrees. 74 at that point and 77 with more patchy clouds around 3:00 p.m.. outside right now feels pretty nice. 55 bartow. 55 also in clear water. 55 in bradenton. 59 in tampa and i checked in with patty in new port richey. she says is it is 59 degrees at her house and how does this compare to yesterday morning? 2 to 5 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. high pressure is in the atlantic and it is giving us more of this southeasterly wind. it is not too cool. expect increasing humidity. rain chance less than 10% but certainly a warm day today. as one storm system passes to the north, i'll bring in about a 30% chance of afternoon storms tomorrow. here is the bigger deal. big storm system continuing to get closer to us brings us a 50%
6:50 am
before it gets much cooler. highs only in the low 60s and lows in the 40s. >> traffic is starting to get busier out there on the roadways. we're seeing a 17-minute commute on 275 out of pasco county once you connect to 275 bearce avenue to i-4. that is about 17 minutes. let's talk about downtown tampa. i promised you i would look at the good news. cash street is two ways. it goes both ways between franklin and ashley drive so that is good news for those of you that use cash street. let's hop over and talk about port richey area. we have a collision at fox hollow and regency park. injuries involved in the crash. it is starting to build, 275 around fowler and then of course, in the downtown. this is the 17-minute commute i was telling you about. let's hop over and look at i-75 away from fowler.
6:51 am
too and that is about bruce b downs. northbound looks great. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. how about waking up to a face full of snow? heck yeah! just a warning, this video is so cute, it hurts. this sleepy little panda woke up to the fresh powder and completely lost it. here we go. >> he is making himself a snow ball right here. >> he is tumbling down. here he goes back up ready for another round. >> he will cause an av the zoo. >> what you need to know is next. >> the river turning greep. it is not an environmental issue. >> a shooting in tampa. what police believe caused the
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. breaking overnight. gunfire breaks out at a tampa liquor store. >> one attempted robber is dead. another on the run. ryan hughes is joining us live from the cut rate liquor store on north 15th street. >> good morning to you once again. police here in tampa hope that two security cameras mounted on the front of the store captured a good look at the separate robber, the one that escaped. it was around 10:45 when the two robbers barged in. the clerk opened fire. one took off. he was shot and killed. he made it to the sidewalk where he collapsed and died. the other got away. he hasn't been caught. we're waiting for a description of the second robber. once we get it, we'll let you know. i'm ryan hughes. news channel 8. thanks, ryan. a wrong way driver caught in tampa. this is video from the scene a couple of hours ago at the 50th street exit ramp from i-4. police tell us a driver was travelling the wrong way on the ramp.
6:56 am
the driver a sobriety test. due to lack of evidence, the driver was released with a citation for travelling the wrong way. the michigan man accused of killing six people in a random seven-hour shooting spree is expected in court later this morning. people who know james dalton against him. police don't know his motive. >> bill cosby's wife will answer questions under oath at a massachusetts hotel at 9:30. a federal judge rejected the last minute filing to stop the deposition. this is linked to the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby which he denies. fox sports reporter and tv personality erin andrews civil trial for her negligence lawsuit against the marriott starts today. she is suing for $75 million. she claims the hotel chain was negligent for giving a peeping 2008.
6:57 am
the hillsborough river is going green. it is all part of the preparations for the mayor's river o'green fest. views will test part of the hillsborough river with biodegradable dye to get ready for the celebration on march 19th. >> and it is a great time of the year right now. comfortable temperatures for the next several weeks. 60 right now in tampa 55 in clear water. lakeland at 54. sarasota, 55. it might be coolish this morning but it doesn't last long. we'll be warm at 74 at noon. 77 with more humidity this afternoon, i do add in a couple of showers, still warm tomorrow. best chance for thunderstorms wednesday with a big cold front that really cools us down, leslee. >> taking a look at traffic. look at this. i-4 through ybor city. 13 minutes to 275. we're up to 16 minutes on the vets and of course, the heaviest
6:58 am
bearce avenue to i-4 southbound on 275. that is traffic coming in from pasco county heading into downtown tampa. all right, let's take a look at downtown tampa, got good news for you. cash street is now two ways. it goes both ways between franklin and ashley drive. keep that in mind. let's look at traffic. we have a little collision off to the shoulder. i-75 southbound at fowler and lookie loos. pretty slow through tampa. >> you can't help but check it out. >> but a beautiful sunrise. >> it is monday but it is what you make of it. make it a great monday. >> the cup is half full. >> we'll stay on top of the stories throughout the day. check out our updates during the
6:59 am
7:00 am
ba da ba ba ba unstoppable unstoppable? with two wins under his belt and candidates dropping out of the race, donald trump in position for the nomination and feeling confident. >> you're going to get so tired. you're going to say please, please, mr. president, we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. we can't stand it. and i'm going to say, i don't care. we're going to keep winning. we're going to make america great again! >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton reenergized after winning in nevada. with two more contests this week


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