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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tampa police face on the job everyday. >> and cleaning up after twin tornadoes. we will show you the destruction left behind. i'm keith cate. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you very much for joining us. we begin right now with breaking news. a truck crashed into a hot water heater in tampa and it caused a hazmat situation. paul is live above the scene. good evening paul. >> take a look. >> reporter: you can see it right into the side of the billing. what happened is the gas connected to that came loose causing a gas leak. if i pull out wide, these house haves been evacuated because they are not too sure what is
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the driver of the truck fled the scene. this is all we know from here. they are trying to get it capped. >> thanks paul. we will check back with you as the story develops. newschannel8 was there when angelica mererro left jail. she admitted to police she lied about her three-year-old son being in the back of a stolen car. that false report led clearwater police on a wild goose chase yesterday. >> in spite of that, mererro insisted she is a good mother. adrienne pedersen joins us in studio tonight. and i know you talked to her for about five minutes this morning. though she didn't want to talk. >> reporter: that's right. good evening. talk about changing her tune. when she first walked out of jail, she insisted she wasn't going to answer any questions. then, she opened up. apologized. and even started crying. >> why did you lie to the police?
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that means the person was stalking me. in order to get my vehicle, i told them my child was in the car. >> reporter: she makes it sound so people. police say they went on a frantic church after angelica mererro called 911 reporting her three-year-old son in the back of a stolen car. time. >> i will never do it again. >> reporter: far cry from when she told us one day prior, she didn't have any regrets. >> aside from. >> i regret you being in my face. >> reporter: we showed you her entire walk. and your comments poured in. from worst mom ever to i really do think she is sorry now. reacting in realtime. especially during this park. >> you said you are not drug affiliated but wasn't them
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>> marijuana is legal in other states. >> reporter: in addition to a drug possession charge, she is also in trouble for misuse of the 911 system. and filing a false police report. >> i will never do this again. never in my life. i love my kids. >> getting emotional there. sounds like she lied just not expecting it to blow up this much. as for the guy who stole the car, he is in jail on $15,000 bond. and he asked for a public defender in court today. >> i know she insists she is a good mother. but is she getting the children back? she said she would be getting her kids back. there is now an open investigation.
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with relatives right now. >> we saw the grandmother last night in the report. she looked pretty distraught. hopefully the kids are being taken care of. looks like she is holding a press conference. >> very chatty. >> by the way, you can watch adrienne pedersen's live facebook. a civilian driver actually joined in the pursuit. charles long was swerving in and out of police cruisers going 85 miles an hour and he ended up rear ending a police car. he said he always wanted to be in a pursuit. he is facing wreckless driving charges tonight. a clearwater fire chief is off the job charged with stealing a drink worth three bucks. ronald gemsheim who has been with the department since 2012 is accused of stealing a drink
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he claims it was an accident and he forgot to pay. cleanup is underway after two tornadoes touched down in charlotte county. in a matter of moments, dozens of homes were badly damaged in the home's wake. this is a case of deja vu. some of the areas were struck by hurricanes in 2004. it will take a lot of time for all this to be cleaned up like it did in years past. >> reporter: it certainly will. take a look at where i am. i want to show you the damage here. i'm standing in what used to be a pool cage that has been crushed like a soda can. are insulation and nails everywhere. plants plucked off the ground, trees stripped. this is just an idea of what a number of residents are dealing with.
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people across a wide area. santoro felt helpless. his backyard was gutted after the tornadoes. this all came as quite a shock. >> what were you thinking? >> i thought what the heck is going on here? on. >> reporter: charlotte county emergency officials say the two tornadoes destroyed several homes and damaged 25 others. trees are uprooted. garages are bent out of shape. and roofs are torn apart. today, power crews and contractors were out in force trying to bring this place back to normal. this area west tested back in 2004 when hurricane charlie hit. these residents rebuilt back then and they are doing it now. but that doesn't make this any easier. >> it is what it is. this is what it is.
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work left to do. some contractorrers left the house half an hour ago. they got the work cut out for them. similar to this one. there are no reported injuries. governor rick scott is going to be in the neighborhood some time within the next hour or so to check out the place and to speak with residents and the media as well. so as soon as we get that, we will be sure to bring it to you. >> this is also one of the times when people need to be extra careful. people come in trying to scan people. you see mess like this. overbill, gouge. you have to be extra careful. i'm sure the governor will talk about that as well. john rogers, thank you. well, it's a view of police officers on the job like you have never seen before. >> coming up, the body camera video shows them taking the bad with the good. >> and, this video of an e- cigarette exploding is getting a lot of attention. what e-cigarette sellers think it is the reason behind it. pretty good wind in the
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cooler. skys will stay clear. temperatures cool. coming up. >> we'll have that and more
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>> boy, a day in the life like
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a firsthand look at what tampa police officers experience on the job everyday. when you see body camera video on the news, it is not always a police officer's best moment. but now tampa police have decided the share their view with us. jenn holloway joins us now with a look at this incredible video. hi jenn. >> reporter: hi. this tweet is get ago lot of feedback. because it included a compilation of videos from officers body cams. >> don't put your cigarette on me. that's all i'm asking. the citation? >> no. >> reporter: video like this may be shocking to you or perhaps you find it funny. but to those two protect our community everyday, this is reality. i sat down with the officer as he watched the video for the
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>> we don't always encounter people at their happiest. so unfortunately, they take some of their frustration out on us. we hear all kinds of things. geez. >> reporter: he is one of the 60 officers at the tampa police officers wearing a body cam. the idea of publishing the video came up last summer. the goal is to show the public what officers do to protect us each and everyday. as for the reaction to it, six bags. some responses say they have not released enough video. while others praise the straightforward. you can see it for yourself. it is posted on the tampa police department facebook page as well as their twitter account. it has been shared thousands of times. keith? >> kind of gives you a new respect for what they are going to. an effort is underway in lakeland for police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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officer kristin was just 25 years old when he was shot in the line of duty back in 2011. >> i still see his smile. away. us. and his life. it will always be a part of us. >> it is going to take about $300,000 to make this fallen heros memorial a reality. but so far, they have raised $60,000. well, it is a hidden danger for e-cigarette smokers. >> they can actually explode. like in this surveillance video. what e-cigarette sellers have
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>> the video is stunning. sparks and flames shooting out of a man's pocket. it was his e-cigarette exploding. people who sell the e- could happen to anyone. 8 on your side's rod carter went to a store where they believe they figured out how this has happened. >> reporter: yeah, hey keith. here is the deal. it is an imperfect combination when the battery inside this pocket meets up with the keys in your pocket and the change in your pocket. it can lead to a spark which can lead to that fire. e-cigarettes are $2.8 billion market in the united states.
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than regular cigarettes. unless of course, this happens. this video is sparking a lot of attention. a man in a convenience store in kentucky just catches fire. well, something in his pocket does. turns out it is the battery from his e-cigarette. >> this is what it is doing in his pocket. >> reporter: gary wilder says he knows exactly how this fire probably happened. he explained the whole thing to me. >> i guarantee this is what happens. this is a sony battery. he sticks this in his pocket. it is out over here, when he puts his keys on here, he completes the circuit. when you complete the circuit, this is what happens. >> reporter: wilder says this is why he sells the covers for the batteries to prevent this from happening and he points out it could happen to any one of those. not just those of us smoking e- cigarettes. >> a regular double a will do that.
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smaller battery, smaller explosion. >> reporter: but let's be honest. any explosion is a bad explosion if it is happening inside your pants pocket. so his best advice is don't take the battery out of this thing and put it in your pocket unprotected. they sell these little cases. >> rod, rod, rod, in a way it is comical, an yet it is not. how is this guy doing? he had a fire in his pants. will he be okay? >> reporter: it is all funny until it happens to you. the guy will be just fine. he does have second degree burns though. >> rod carter reporting live. thank you. well, 59 degrees is not that great, but not that bad either. the northwest wind at 15 miles an hour. clear skies an almost sunset. i'm not glowing, it is actually the sunset behind me here. 64 degrees. 69 degrees on sunday. lots of sunshine both days. a slow warming trend.
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we are still not at our average high of 74 degrees. got a space x rocket launch tonight coming up shortly. weather wise, looks pretty good so far. hopefully, that will continue. they have other considerations than just weather obviously. they will deliver an 11,000- pound satellite. our own bryan bennett enjoying his day off at the circle b bar preserve. got some great nature shots with that new fancy camera he's got. 49 degrees. at 9:00 p.m., 54 degrees. 61 at 3:00 p.m. breezy conditions. day. the winds have been gusting spots. 59 degrees in clear water. 60 degrees in river view. 61 lakeland. 57 in brooksville. sarasota, 60. lake placid, 61. these are the forecast winds quiet. we are talking wind speeds and
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still strong from the northwest. you can see with stronger gusts. keep that in mind. it will be a windy day that makes it feel much cooler than the highs in the 60s . low pressure continuing to wrap up on the northeast coast. high up into new england looks like. but still wrapping around cool air as well. in that counterclock wise rotation pulls that south. part of the reason why we are florida. we are feeling the effects. anything that might look like a cloud. the rpm forecast computer model says breezy conditions likely will continue here throughout the evening hours. not as strong, but still, it will be kind of breezy in the morning hours for that time of day. chilly to start the day in the 40s . in the afternoon, you get a nice warmup. high pressure back to the west to build close tore us as we head toward the weekend. so saturday morning is chillier because the winds will be lighter. with more radiational cooling, a very cool day sunday morning. there is that area of high
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us saturday afternoon. it will be a beautiful day. it is a cool dense air mass. as a result, the temperatures will be chilly both saturday and also for sunday. but there is a warming trend. 47 degrees for temple terrace. upper 30s potentially up in crystal river and brooksville. in the highs tomorrow, inland areas, maybe low to mid 60s within that range. but very cool this time of year. considering our average normal high, about 64. so 56 degrees for the evening hours. 56 degrees will carry on. and then the temperatures continue to fall overnight. 49 for a low. 64 degrees for a high saturday. 69 degrees on sunday. 73 by monday. and you can see the rain chances which don't look as robust as they did 24 hours ago. last thing we need is another round of severe thunderstorms but that is our current thinking at the moment. the rain chance at 30% now. on wednesday, then a little cooler thursday. so a chilly weekend ahead, but it's not bad. enjoy it while it's here.
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>> thank you steve. coming up next in sports, the nhl trade deadline just four days away. are the lightning about to make it? >> and everyone saying the right things but will the bucks resign doug martin?
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>> now before the bucks go on the clock at the nfl draft, the clock is ticking on free agency. as in, less than two weeks to go. and still, no deal to resign running back doug martin. for bucks fans, this is stephen stamkos drama on the gridiron. the longer this goes, the more we begin to wonder.
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bucks general manager. he told us there would be talks with martin's agent at the combine. and those talks have reportedly taken place. however, still, no deal. for now, the bucks have time. even the franchise tag in their back pocket. and good faith. >> we have a couple of things going for us. i know he want to be a buck and we wanted him to be a buck. i'm sure there will be obstacles but we will prepare for either way. but i'm optimistic. him. >> while we are on the subject of wheeling and dealing, the
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the nhl trade deadline is looming. tomorrow, big speech day for rays manager kevin cash who will speak to all 64 player ins camp for the first time as a group. he has already had a good look at every pitcher in cam. tomorrow, all the fields will be hopping with the first squad workout. a few players in the batting cages. easy throwing from pitchers. who can say no to a kevin photo shoot? cash warning everyone not to assume which catchers will make the opening day roster. >> i'm sure those things will be kind of defined once we get games going. but, you have to wait 15, 17 ball games in. let them get comfortable. we still have some guys that are learning pitchers and the pitcher are learning the catchers. we are thrilled with the three guys, the four guys we have in here competing.
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we get deeper into spring. >> an very soon, the grapefruit league games get going. >> it is spring! >> absolutely. >> thanks. finally, history came to life at a tampa bay high school. mitcher high school honor society students created a lives history museum. they dressed up as figures from different time periods. there were medieval nights. rosie the riveter. madame kurie. the inspiration came from hollywood. >> i watched night at the museum. the concept of bringing history to life with actual people really appealed to me. >> this ended up being a big hit. teachers brought their students by throughout the day to check out what was going on. >> memorable for sure. >> creative young folks there. well don't go anywhere. nightly new is coming your way next. >> steve and jenn back at 7:00. we will see you back here at 11:00.
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developing news tonight. tornado disaster. states of emergency as over two dozen twisters carve a deadly path of destruction. hundreds of homes decimated. for the first time, we see the massive scope of the damage. targeting trump. a critical night for cruz and rubio. it could be their last chance to blunt donald trump's march t the nomination. super lice warning, striking in 25 states. extremely resistant to the ways we usually get rid of them. what every parent should know. don't drink the water. another big city warns its residents about what's flowing into their homes. and video horror.


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