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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  March 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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vermont and virginia are closing right now at 7:00. 661 republican delegates are at stake along with 865 democratic delegates. nbc news will be covering the results throughout the evening and right now lester holt joins us with a special report. decision 2016, super tuesday update. here's lester holt. >> hello, everyone. the polls have now closed in three states on this super tuesday. let's walk you through what we know at this hour. start with the republicans in georgia, nbc news projects donald trump wins in georgia. in virginia, republican side the race is too close to call but based on early exit polls, trump and rubio are vying for first place, again, that's virginia. in vermont, republican race too early to call. in that vermont republican primary. look at the democrats now.
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hillary clinton is the winner in georgia. in virginia, nbc news again projects hillary clinton will win. vermont, bernie sanders' home state, we project he will win in vermont. bernie sanders wins the vermont democratic primary. chuck todd is with me right now. >> the big surprise is virginia republicans, too close to call, good news for marco rubio. if there was a state that he had a shot -- has a shot at winning tonight it was virginia, very moderate electorate. anybody can vote in the primary and a lot of evidence that a lot of democrats may have turned out to help rubio in virginia so big deal. if you're ted cruz and marco rubio you're not happy about the georgia result. that's a big win for trump there. that's a premonition of what arkansas could look like. >> we will see you throughout the night and we want to let folks know that we are going to be looking at four more states, we will have closings here coming up at 8:00 eastern time.
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on as we can characterize those races for you. there you see alabama, massachusetts, oklahoma and tennessee will be up next. i'm lester holt at nbc news election headquarters. we will see you a bit later on. >> all of the rest of today's local news is coming up on 8@seven. we will start it off in one minute. you're watching news
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ba da ba ba ba it's 7:00 and the station that's on your side is on your schedule, 8@seven begins now. good evening. tonight pasco county sheriff says he caught one of his own deputies trying to frame a drug suspect. as josh thomas shows us today the sheriff explained how the whole deal played out. >> reporter: sheriff chris nocco briefed the media on what led to deputy steven la blanc's firing. according to the sheriff, la blanc planted drugs in the bag of a known drug suspect thomas parise.
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>> it goes back to possibly the fact that parise had spray painted la blanc's name on his own trailer, on parise's own trailer saying la blanc for sheriff 2016. we don't know any other altercation that had occurred between those two. >> reporter: the deputy got a syringe and a crack pipe from perey's -- parise's neighbor and planted it in parise's bag. >> goes and checks himself into a rehab center. when he checks himself into a rehab center the staff notices these items outside the bag, they notify the sheriff's office. >> reporter: that's what sparked investigation into the deputy and led the neighbor to tell investigators what happened. in pasco county, josh thomas, news channel 8. the clearwater fire assistant chief accused of stealing an energy drink from a 7-eleven has resigned. the store claimed ronald gemsheim walked out the door. he said he forgot to pay. yesterday.
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day care center had a close call today when a car crashed into their building. it happened around 9:00 this morning at the academy of creative learning in venice. investigators say antoinetta petrova was dropping off her grandchildren when she accidentally plowed through a wall. 15 children were inside along with an instructor as the wall crumbled around them. >> they are a little shook up and a little scared. we had some tears and some crying but we got them all through it. >> i don't know what happened in the car, go inside. and it was awful. it was awful. and i don't know the reason. >> one teacher went to a hospital with minor injuries and three children have scrapes and bruises. the driver faces charges for having an expired license and for careless driving. more than 100 prospective jurors will head back to court tomorrow to find out if they will play a role in hulk
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hogan was in court today for the start of jury selection. so was the founder and ceo of gawker, nick denton. the court narrowed the field from 500 who were summoned down to 106. belayious' $100 million devastation suit against -- defamation suit should take six weeks. now required to post a message about human trafficking where anyone can see t the message advises victims and those who know -- may know a victim that they can seek help by calling a toll-free number. none of the places shown here have documented violations. county commissioners just want to be sure those who need help can get it. >> the real goal of this is to help make sure that the information is out there and we are going to do everything we can do to help businesses come into compliance. >> it is very common and people really don't understand how common it is in our communities or even next door with human trafficking.
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the sign can get one for free on pinellas county's website. prepare to feel itchy. we are going to talk about super lice. they are becoming a real problem in florida and are resistant to common forms of treatment but as jeff patterson shows us, there are still ways to get rid of the creepy crawlies. >> reporter: lice can make your skin crawl, literally. >> superlice is a problem in florida. >> reporter: dr. christina cannady is a physician who sees her share of lice. but there is hope. >> the prescriptions that we have now are effective in treating super lice. >> reporter: another treatment that doesn't involve drugs or chemicals is heat. >> bugs are not going to grow resistant to heat. >> reporter: michelle cherry opened a lice treatment business in south tampa after she and her daughter got lice. she finally found a treatment in jacksonville that uses heat
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when the heat treatment worked for her family, she decided to open a similar business in tampa. >> a big problem because the bugs are not going away and they spread very easily. >> reporter: cherry even has a 30 day guarantee the lice will not return after her treatment. jeff patterson, news channel 8. chief meteorologist steve jerve joins us now but check this out. look over there. that's the sunset from eagle 8 hd, photo journalist paul lamison shot that about 45 minutes ago. that's what it looks like out in the wild at night when we are in here working. >> did you see the shots that we took earlier from siesta key? the daytime is as nice as the nighttime. makes you want to go, doesn't it? >> stay focused. stay with me here. >> take like at our evening forecast if you're lucky enough to be outside, temperatures pleasant. 69 degrees this evening. a few clouds still on the warm side, maybe some high clouds but a lot of these should dissipate.
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few clouds in the forecast for tomorrow because a cold front is headed our way, not a big impact front but it may add some clouds and bring a slight chance of a few showers as they roll through the area. 73 degrees tomorrow afternoon, the front will pass and then the winds will shift more northerly and help to draw in slightly cooler air. we will feel that especially as we get into thursday morning. right now temps are pleasant, low 70s lakeland and mid-70s in bartow, 74 winter haven, 66 in clearwater, 70 in bradenton. changes with the cold front, not huge but really nice forecast ahead temperaturewise and we do stay warm so we will talk about those numbers coming up. still ahead on 8@seven -- >> some residents in one dog poop. that story coming up. the pinellas school district insists it's not school meltdown. so who is? investigators.
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it's a debate over doggy doo that has some the bay area making a stink. some residents think their hoa is going too far with dna testing on those little packages left unscooped by pet owners. others tell jamel lenay the money is worth it. >> reporter: summer stiles says she has had enough. poop here, poop there, poop everywhere, the osprey run resident says she is tired of cleaning up her yard. >> i have to do it at least three, four times a week, i have to pick up somebody else's dog stuff when i am picking up my own. >> reporter: now the hoa is hoping to nab irresponsible
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>> i think it's a little bit ridiculous just because the people who do take care of their pets and clean up after their pets are being penalized for the people who are being lazy. >> reporter: dog owners will be required to pay a $35 registration fee for each dog to create a database. if poop is collected, it will be sent off and tested and if it comes back matching your pooch's dna, you could be paying for the test and a fine, a stinky situation that could result in a lien if unpaid. >> people who don't pick up after their dogs don't like it, obviously. >> reporter: reporting in riverview, jamel lenay, news channel 8. now may be a good time to find a bargain. we will run down the best things to buy and to avoid in march coming up. plus, researchers stretched their imagination and came up with this. how flexible electronics could change the world.
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today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to turn local produce into a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. march didn't come in like a lion, it came in like a bull on wall street. the dow finished the day up 348 points, the s&p gained 46 and the nasdaq up 131, nearly a 3% gain.
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what should you avoid in the month of march? has suggestions. the website says it's still a good time to buy winter clothing but hold off on spring and summer outfits if you can. also hold off on lingerie purchases. those del cats get -- delicates get cheaper in june and july, apparently. cell phones -- older models of ipads should also drop in price after apple reveals its new models this month. and finally, deal news says 55- inch tvs offer the best bargains right now. nothing washes down a handful of peeps like peep flavored milk. prairie farms distributing four flavors of peeps milk nationwide. that last one will be available exclusively at walmart, by the way. for the first time ever, google says one of its self- driving cars was at least partially to blame for a crash.
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google's hometown of mountainview, california. the google car was going about 2 miles an hour when it switched lanes unexpectedly into the path of a bus that was traveling about 15 miles an hour. nobody was hurt and it's the first time google has been at fault in a crash in more than a million miles of testing. a lot of drivers are not feeling great about taking a ride in an autonomous vehicle. three out of fear people say they would not feel safe in a self-driving car. the new survey by aaa did find interest in some self-driving features. 60% said they wouldn't mind having a self-parking or automatic braking function. researchers in switzerland have figured out a way to make electronics stretchy. traditionally conductive tracks have been printed on inflexible circuit boards. sounds smart, right? but this new invention makes them flexible, meaning they can stretch in all directions and expand up to quadruple their regular size.
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some day be used in artificial skin, clothing, prosthetics and robotics. a charter school in pinellas county is in deepening trouble tonight. it's running a million dollar deficit and can't account for some of its spending. as mark douglas reports, the pinellas school district has given windsor prep academy until march 11th to straighten out its finances or else. >> reporter: trouble started for windsor prep two years ago when it failed to open on time. now parents are furious the charter school of about 800 kids is running a million dollar deficit. how can it keep operating with that kind of debt? >> it can't. >> reporter: some parents want to dump the private management company, newport education partners, because of the school's failing finances. >> the resources that the teachers need, they are not getting. the textbooks the kids need they are not getting. >> reporter: last week the school district letter blasted
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finances, teacher turnover, a lack of curriculum, incomplete inventory records and unsubstantiated consulting fees in excess of $300,000. $300,000 in consulting fees that they can't explain? >> exactly. that is our major points because this is misuse of funds which could be going back to our academics for our school and our faculty and staff. >> reporter: windsor principal veronica fly refused to meet with us today. we are here to see miss fly. camera. here's her information. >> reporter: the principal later sent an e-mail insisting the district's letter is grossly inaccurate and insisted the 300,000 represents legitimate fees paid to newport education partners. the school budget shows $568,000 allotted for board consultants this year. some parents feel betrayed. >> man, come on. we are not blind. and we are not stupid. >> reporter: regardless of how windsor prep ended up in this financial crisis, the pinellas
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the school until march 11th to come up with a corrective action plan or face the consequences. in largo, i'm mark douglas, news channel 8. did you catch this morning's sunrise? astronaut scott kelly sure did. this was his final day on the international space station after nearly a year in space. so naturally he tweeted out a few photos of the sunrise. kelly departs the space station in just about an hour from now. makes that grand journey back home. shouldn't take too long really. take a look at the numbers and when he will leave and when he will arrive. 8:05 the spacecraft will undock, deorbit at 10:22 and then land in kazakhstan after a year in space. temperatures upper and mid-60s this evening. temperatures reached the low 80s in some of the inland spots today, upper 70s elsewhere so you know it's going to be a pleasant evening with a few high clouds overall and again lots of sunshine to start the
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clouds early tomorrow as a cold front approaches the area. 72 degrees right now in brandon, 64 at crystal river. 66 in venice, 70 in st. pete and also out around wesley chapel. 23 degrees right now minneapolis, chicago, detroit. a little bend of colder air spilling southward so along that boundary you will see a few showers and snow really across the u.p. and lower peninsula of michigan. that's shifting to the east toward new england and the western parts of new york too but all snow right now. farther south of that trailing share activity, high pressure in the gulf of mexico and we do have a pretty good trail of high clouds. those high wispy clouds are not bringing rain but any shower possibility for tomorrow and it is fairly low, will actually come with the front itself. so here comes that front for tomorrow. you can see a few extra clouds in the morning hours and then as the day goes along the front quickly moves south, we see a wind shift from the north, should give us very pleasant weather conditions, slightly cooler, doesn't change temps too much but it will be cooler and drier air for the area, set up a nice thursday but as we
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front has about the same kind of impact, not much really and then we set up a beautiful weekend. temps 70s you can see thursday, friday. as we get into saturday and sunday, looks pretty good there too. 76 and 77 degrees. those two cold fronts are the reasons for the slight chance of rain there but you can see they don't have a lot of impact in the way of temperatures there. in fact, we get into next monday and tuesday, kind of warm, looks like we will be in the 80s in a lot of spots as we get into midweek next week so we are going to stay warm it looks like, very nice range of temps through the weekend. >> the pictures we have been getting from eagle 8 hd too are amazing. >> they really are. >> good reasons that we live here. >> it reminds us certainly this time of year is really just the best. that's why a lot of folks flood in this time of year. >> makes perfect sense to me. we will be right back. stay with us. plus here's what you will see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> local county leaders want to turn this decade's old building into an onsite clinic for county employees. why they claim it could save taxpayers millions of dollars.
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it's not enough puppies to make a disney movie but still a sheep dog in napa, california must feel good about her accomplishment. stella gave birth to 17 puppies. her vet says it's likely the biggest litter of puppies in california and it's five more than he's ever seen in a litter. all of these sheep dog puppies are bred specifically for tending to livestock so the 11 girls and six girls, they will all be working dogs when they get a little bit bigger. >> they are going to need a lot of sheep to keep up with those sheep dogs. >> 17, wow. >> that's a heck of a litter. a busy mama there. >> i'm happy that we got at least one dog story into this
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>> no goat story. i'm a little disappointed, though. >> always a critic. >> no goats in croatia or anything? >> we are going to be back at 11:00. w oprah helped erin andrews overcome her peeping tom nightmare. >> the untold story behind her emotional tv interview and why erin was forced to do it. now on "extra." >> erin andrews' new breakdown in court. >> every day it doesn't get better. >> explosive new details about her stalker's evil peep hole plot. and who made erin tell her story to oprah. trump's new super tuesday secret weapons, his sons and his wife. >> we are smart. we are tough. report wagner confronted
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>> you've accused me of murdering her. >> actor's dramatic showdown with natalie's sister lana. >> you've changed your story. blake and gwen striking a pose. brie larsen and her boyfriend in the photo booth. all-new candids inside the oscar party. plus, the star who made kelly ripa -- >> genuinely starstruck. then bachelor shocker. ben is in love with two women and -- >> you're engaged? >> i am. >> which one will be his bride? andy cohen puts j.lo on the hot seat. >> what is your opinion of ben affleck part ii? >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. >> what kris jenner thinks about
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the big headline from erin andrews, emotional peeping tom trial, she never wanted to go public with her story, but oprah helped her get through it. >> new testimony. new tears. >> every day it doesn't get better. >> erin andrews new oprah revolution and day two on the stand. >> girls from high school, college, they tweet me, they say, i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. >> the sports and "dancing with the stars" broadcastering suing the hotel and the man who videoed her naked and posted it for the world to see. andrews breaking down, admitting today she went to therapy even years after the lurid video went viral. >> i need to talk to somebody. i'm so screwed up. >> andrews testifying espn forced her doing an interview before they would allow her to return to the air after the story first exploded in 2009.


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