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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. good morning and thanks for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. our top stories this morning, tampa is moving closer to decriminalizing marijuana. the city council gave preliminary approval to a plan that would openly impose a small fine for those caught with 20 grams or less of pot. right now you can lose your driver's license. spend up to a year behind bars and be fined up to $1,000. a final vote is scheduled for march 17th. a showdown in mo town.
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candidates wept after each other nasty fast. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> about my record. >> here we go. the personal attacks. >> he has lied so much about my record. >> mr. rubio, senator rubio, why don't you let him finish. >> while trump's rivals slammed the businessman. they vowed to support trump if nomination. the excitement is building for the news channel 8's outdoors expo and boat show. it kicks off in seven hours at the florida state fair grounds. there you'll find all sorts of fun things for the family from boats to fishing gear and other stuff that is all new. time now is 6:01. let's check in with meteorologist leigh spann. hi, leigh! >> good morning, by the time the outdoors expo is getting started at 1 o'clock, the sky will be nice and clear. if you go outside right now, there are clouds and a few showers ahead of the cold front. the rain that was along i-4 in
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you have to go further south through southern sarasota and desoto counties to find any rain and it is quickly pushing further to the south. all has to do with this cold front. i'll move this forward for you in time so that by 8:00, rain is gone, there is still clouds south of i-4 at 8:30 and then all of the clouds go away we get the lower humidity. comfortable air. so 74 degrees and the sunshine will feel comfortable. close to the average of 75. 6:08. i'll have an hour by hour look at your friday and get a peek into the weekend. >> we have a decent drive. the bay area bridges look good. we have a good drive into downtown tampa we have some issues in the lutz area south of pasco county. we're in hillsborough county. dale mabry houchl, we have a collision but it is off to the side of the roadway. let's move over now well up into pasco. u.s. 41 at lee land avenue. south of the spring hill area we
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of a slow down here. possible injuries involved in the crash and moving over again, this entrance ramp has been reopened southbound and at 54th avenue south at 275. back to gayle and candace. happening today, closing aermentz will begin in a few hours -- closing arguments will begin in a few hours as erin andrew's civil suit wraps up. >> she is suing the doctor where he video taped her nude through a peep hole. it has been an emotional trial especially for the family. erin is the daughter of our very own investigative reporter steve andrews. lindsey mastis joins us live from the tampa news center. what will the attorneys focus on today? >>reporter: gayle and candace, good morning. sports caster erin andrews attorney has to convince the jury that the hotel is responsible for her suffering but they're putting the blame on the stalker. during seven days of testimony, they heard from her stalker, her family, and aeven from erin herself.
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it is so embarrassing, it was my private time. i never thought this would happen. i never thought a hotel would let somebody next to me without telling me. >> andrews insists the hotel willingly gave her stalker a room next to hers without letting her know. the marriott employee who checked him into the hotel testified. she admits she doesn't remember checking him in but insists she wouldn't have placed him in a room next to hers without telling her first. she is suing for 75 million for invasion of privacy. this is a case close to us here on news channel 8. we'll keep tabs on it and have updates beginning at first at four and count on us to bring you the decision as it happens throughout news channel 8 app. make sure you have that downloaded to the smart phone. >> very emotional case. thank you, lindsey. right now tampa is one step closer to passing an ordinance
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for someone caught with marijuana. the city council voted 6-1 in favor of a change. 8 on your side ryan hughes is live at tampa city hall. works. >> right now if somebody is caught with marijuana, they face the potential of going to jail. they could lose their license and hit with a hefty fine. if this new ordinance passes it is simply a slap on the wrist for some people. stories on it certainly caused a lot of discussion and has gotten the le. >> this is not a get out of jail free card. this is to target the first time offenders that have made a mistake and given them an opportunity not to get into the criminal process. >> 8 on your side found police chief eric ward and bob buckhorn are in favor of the change. some residents sounded off at a public hearing telling city leaders marijuana is harmless. lives. sheer what it would look like. under the -- here is what it
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under prot posed measure, people fine. this ordinance isn't a done deal yechlt city leaders will discuss it again on march 17th and then they will give it approval if that is what they want, candace. >> we'll be watching to see what happens. thank you. now to some breaking news out of pinellas county. while you were sleeping, a market on 15th avenue south in st. petersburg caught fire. crews responded to a call at around 1:20 at dave's market. no one was hurt. we are working now to find the extend extent of the damage and if firefighters know what caused it. in highlands county, a teacher scandal is brewing. three teachers are accused of exchanging inappropriate photos with students. a sebring high school teacher is accused of sending nude photos
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she has since resigned. another teacher at avon park high and middle school teacher are accused of having nude photos young male students. a sheriff is disappointed in the alleged misconduct of all three male teacher s. it is unfortunate -- of all three teachers. >> it is unfortunate that they're making poor choices. it is all self serving and else. >> middle school teacher stacy hooks is facing child porn charges. the high school teachers are under investigation. more fall out in the ranks at polk county schools. another administrator is leaving. associate superintendent of operations greg rivers is the latest to submit a letter of resignation. he got caught up in the controversy surrounding then superintendent catherine leroy. he accused her of sexual harassment. leroy was cleared but resigned anyway.
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infamous but it is changing. it is no longer on the li trashiest spring break destinations. removed it from the less after the city approved new rules to control partying during spring break. city officials explain it is part of a plan to market the area as a place for families. take a look at this shark migration off of the coast of palm beach county. look how many of them! hundreds of spinner sharks prompted life guards to ratz purple flag. the -- raise the purple flag, the central for swimmers to look out for dangerous marine life. it is beautiful here in the sunshine state for sharks and all of us some of the warning is for nonfloridians. it is too cold for us of us at this point. the sun will come up from the horizon in about 30 to 45 minutes but at this point,
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notice those clouds in citrus and hernando county breaking up. still watching sprinkles in highlands county and in sarasota county around venice. that is the last of the rain. i left in a 20% rain chance through 8, 9:00. i doubt will make it that long. by lunch time, it will be breaking the clouds up. 71 degrees. it will be a nice breeze from the northwest. we hit 74 at 3:00 p.m.. should feel just wonderful this afternoon and evening cooling quickly to 64 degrees at 7:00 p.m.. all of this front bringing the clearing, breezy conditions. i'm calling this weekend a top 10. mostly sunny, mid-70's, if you like it a little warmer, we do trend back into the 80s. we're 770 for today. 76 sunday. 80 by tuesday. we'll check in on traffic on the 8's because people need to get to work so they can get to the top 10 weekend. >> right now it is definitely a top five drive. >> there you go! >> we have a pretty good drive out. there let's take a look
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we're not seeing any delays -- u.s. 19. we're not seeing any delays. 13 minutes here. state road 54 to tampa road and land olakes. u.s. 416789 state road 52 to state road 54 a 13-minute commute. much of the traffic heads southbound in the lutz area we have a collision, dale mabry highway. it is off to the side of the roadway even though injuries involved will not impede your commute. u.s. 41 at leland area. a slfrp down here. -- a slow down, just barely. that is south in the spring hill area we'll look at downtown tampa when we come back. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to candace and gayle. >> we have the outdoor fun place to be. >> coming up, we'll take you live to one of the biggest outdoors expo and boat shows for lots of family fun this weekend. >> a bay area mail carrier did more than deliver the mail. he helped save a life. how the carrier is being
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plan to build a wall at the mexico u.s. border, up next, for the first time. mexico is directly reacting. we'll share how the country feels about this idea.
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. mexico is directly
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to build a wall along the u.s. mexico border. we've heard rumblings but it is official. mexico's treasury secretary claims they will not pay for any wall under any circumstances claiming mexican taxpayers can't afford to pay for that kind of project. tensions between north and south koreaa are scomplating. north korean leader kim judge unordered the military to be -- jim jung unordered the military to be ready. after the long range rocket launch. they're discussing the deployment of a miss. we may soon learn more about the death of bobbi kristina brown. a judge granted the request to
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the tv station made the request after an investigation into heroin related deaths in the atlanta area. reporters discovered some people who died of over doses may have been friends with brown. brown was found in a bathtub in her georgia home in january, 2015. she died months later. new this morning, the fbi is investigating a man who rammed into a federal building in california. investigators believe he was upset with the government when he crashed into a garage door. a worker at the fe building was hurt. a porta potty puts an end to a police chase in houston. four men were in the car speeding from police. the driver hit another car, lost control. ran through a fence and smashed right into the portable bathroom. police arrested three of the four suspects. they are accused of robbing a pizza restaurant. >> a mail carrier is honored after saving the life of a man along his route. last year, terrell brown was on
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a man lying in the yard. it was an 84-year-old who fell and hit his head. he was in bad shape and needed help right away. brown jumped into action. >> at that point i made the decision, let's get an ambulance out here. >> the two got to meet right. there very sweet. the man was able to recover. he and others thanked brown at the ceremony yesterday. the mail carrier also received a plaque and a letter from the post master general recognizing him for his actions. eight is on your side with a look at the major event kicking off today in the bay area. we're talking about the news show. the state. josh thomas joins us live from the florida state fair grounds. the doors open in a few hours while they're ? >> they'll have a lot to do and a lot to see. this is one of the many boats that is packed inside of the
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fair grounds for freedom come out and see and experience the outdoors that we all know florida is known for. of course, as i said before there, are many boats here but many other things out here. there will be hands on demonstrations and seminars for people who want to learn a little bit more about outdoor activity here in florida. of course there, is a lot to see, a lot to do, and quite frankly, a lot to buy. behind me here, you'll see, a lot, a lot of fishing tackle gear, fishing poles and other paraphernalia that folks can use if they want to go out and do fishing and enjoy the water ways. we have a lot of that in the state of florida. we'll show you the hours of the outdoors expo and boat show. today it will be open at 1 o'clock this afternoon and will close at 8:00 tonight. it will s free for everyone thanks to the southern chevy dealers a. tomorrow and sunday, the doors open at 10:00, they will close at 8:00 tomorrow. they will close at 5:00 on sunday evening.
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weekend will be $8 for adults and it will be free for children 12 and under. a lot to see, a lot to do and a lot to enjoy. a family event and if you want something to enjoy and learn more about florida's outdoors, this will be the place to be. candace? >> just as people were making the plans for the weekend, josh thomas delivers some ideas. thank you, josh. >> he was trying the boats earlier, getting behind the wheels of those babies. >> hopefully he can buy one and we'll be on the water. official boat. not in the budget. let's turn things over to leigh spann for the weekend weather. citrus, hernando and passo county, you're breaking the clouds up. south of i-4 we have the clouds and a few sprinkles. not a lot happening in i had lands county. same thing along 41 in sarasota counties basically from the coast to north port and to arcadia and desoto counties.
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at #:00 this morning, the rain is pushed to the south. still clouds around and still mild in the mid-60's. by noon, clearing the. a nice, northwest breeze. by 3:00 p.m.. it will feel like spring. 74, nice and warm in the sunshine and still the cool breeze. a little cooler now where the front passed through. 66 in tampa 65 degrees in apollo beach and 69 in bradenton. i checked in with my weather watcher dora. at 55 degrees because the cold front has come through the area and the rest of the area, the cold front will push to the south by 10 or 11:00 this morning. we'll see fewer clouds, the drier air. cool in the morning but comfortably so in the mid-50's and another pleasant day at 75 i hope you like this. we'll continue it into sunday. how about traffic on the 8's? >> things are getting busier. we're seeing more vehicles on the road. we have a great drive into downtown tampa coming off of the
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stretching into downtown, it is only a four-minute commute and southbound 275 from bearce avenue to i-4 you're looking at a quick 10 minutes. we're looking good as we move into the junction. that is where most of the traffic heads at this early morning hour. let's take a look at lutz. we have an accident here to the side of the roadway. dale mabry highway, a little further to the north here, injury accident, 41 at leland avenue. seeing a little bit of a delay here and a new crash outside of dade city, blant road, that is in lanes and injuries involve thaechltd is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. -- that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to candace and gayle. >> the tampa bay lightning are striking. >> how our home team is bolting its way to one of the best winning streaks. >> the americans sailing team, find out what happened that left the sail boat capsized. it is 6:20 on this friday
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. a tough day on the water for america's sailing team. the two time defending boat capsized during training. you can see six sailors on board during a practice session off of the coast of number muda. take a look as the 45-foot kcatamaran flips over on the side. right. they're preparing for the world cup series regatta in may. the tampa bay is riding high. they topped they are best winning streak after earning a win from on the kachlt this extends the consecutive winning streak to eight and now they're two points behind the florida panthers. they hit the ice again for a match up against the hurricanes. >> i'm feeling the thunder. >> weather and traffic on the 8's is three minutes away.
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new in the next half hour, we'll show you a website that may help you save on everything from x-rays to mammograms. >> and police officers on a wild ride. we'll show you the dramatic dash cam video of a driver taking off as officers try to question her.
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. the rain is coming to an end. as the kids go out to the bus stop, mostly dry. breezy, mostly sunny and 74 when they come home from school. maybe go to the strawberry festival. mickm gilly. at 7:30 it is big and rich. few clouds this morning. 3:00 a.m. comfortable and 76. cool at 8:00 p.m. and emoji man says this will be great weather
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>> we'll start out in lutz. we have a collision but it should be wrapping up. this is dale mabry. keep that in mind. a lot of pop up trouble spots out here. u.s. 41 at leland avenue we have
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. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. in our top stories this morning after two weeks in court, the erin andrews lawsuit is starting to wrap up. today, both sides will give their closing arguments. the sports broadcaster is suing a man who secretly took nude videos of her at a hotel in nate and the marriott allowing them to book the rooms right next to hers. >> a high school brawl has parents pointing fingers.
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miss handling her son when a fight broke out at east bay high school. the father is giving his side of the story. >> she said i slammed him and i tripped him. you can clearly see me tripping over the kids sneak sgler the father is saying the school resource officer didn't do enough to protect the teens. florida loose largest -- florida's largest outdoor expo and boat show kicks off today. this is at the florida state fair grounds starting today at one and goes until sunday. are you seeing anything you like there? today you can get in for free. leigh spann, you need to buy one. the best boat is your best friends boat. >> you get the pontoon boat and i'll hang out on yours. up already. overnight. this is the way it looks in the freedom plaza and sun city center. it is warm at 67 degrees. notice how the clyde clouds are clearing -- notice how the clouds are clearing from north to south.
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you have some pockets of rain and also as you head over toward the arcadia area, you're seeing a couple of sprinkles. temperature wise, not too bad. that is because the cold front will come through and help to bring in less humid air. this is a forecast already from 8:00 this morning. the front sinks south. not even a cloud left after lunch time. seven # degrees and comfortable. -- 74 degrees and comfortable. i'll take you eight days into the future to show you how long the nice weather will last. hopefully the traffic will last. it is not too bad out there. >> congestion wise we're good. we're seeing a bunch recently in the last 10, 15 minutes. pop up accidents. not really affecting your drive so much but accidents out there. 41 at leland avenue, still working there. this 1 to iola road at blanton road. injuries and in lanes. new on the list, williams road
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and also, look at this one. this is actually on i-75 northbound in the apollo beach area this is before you get to big bend road and it is tying up lanes. i'll keep an eye on. that we'll look at downtown tampa. back to candace and gayle. right now, tampa is moving closer to reducing the punishment for having small amounts of marijuana to just a fine. the city council voted 6-1 in favor of the change. 8 on your side's ryan hughes is live at tampa city hall. and ryan, how much of a change is this? >> candace, good morning to you once again. as it stands, if somebody is caught with marijuana here in the city. they could lose their license, go to jail, maybe have to pay a hefty fine. if this new ordinance gets the green light, the punishment will be a slap on the risk. this is one of the top clicked stories on and it is causing a lot of d. >> first and foremost, it is a plant.
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parent. a parent who does have a child, still, as an adult, who is an addict. and he started in high school with mari. residents sounded off to tampa city council members at a meeting last night. some believe it is harmless and some say it ruined the loved ones lives. they found police chief eric ward and bob buckhorn are in favor of the change. here is a look at what it would look like. under the new proposed measure, people who have 20 grams or less would have a $70 fine. each offense after that. this isn't a done deal. ordinance at a meeting on march 17thed you can count on 8 on your side to keep you posted ordinance. back to you for now. >> all right, thank you.
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#gopdebate is trending on twitter right here in tampa four republican candidates attacked each other as they tried to gain ground ahead of the next republican primaries that will take place tomorrow. right off the bat, donald trump responded to the news of the day about mitt romney's attack on the character. >> ted cruz and marco rubio focussed on trump and we're hearing with a lot of people. they're impressed with kasich's performance. lindsey mastis joins us live with the morning alert. a lot of people are talking about this debate that got nasty at times. >> yeah, you're right about that. good morning, governor john kasich avoided much of the mud slinging and i've been going on live on facebook and periscope. a lot of people are telling me they think governor kasich won because of his respectable domestic. i've been monitoring stats on social media all morning. i want you to look at this one. this is a twitter stat showing
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it comes to the conversation. he has more than 60% of the conversation on twitter, the rest of the candidates are hardly getting mentioned at all. but the most tweeted moment actually came during an explaining between senator rubio and trump. both of them now are accusing each other of being con artists. >> and he is trying to con people into giving them the vote. senator marco rubio. who was elected in florida and who has the worst voting record in the united states senate. he doesn't go to vote. he is absent. he doesn't go. now, the people of florida can't stand him. he couldn't get elected dog catcher. >> the name calling continued throughout the fox news debate. the candidates are picking up followers online because of the debate and if we look at the stats, you can see here on twitter that trump is number one followed by governor john kasich, senator cruz and senator rubio sat the bottom of follower growth. that means people who clicked follow during the debate. that doesn't necessarily mean
6:37 am
of the candidates are using social media to try to get their messages across. it is going to be an important time as we head into another pre-gamery and that is tomorrow. so we want to know right now, who do you think won the debate? we put a poll up on the website, these are the results so far right now, more than 66% are saying donald trump followed by rubio, kasich and then cruz. so make sure to vote. gayle snl. >> on so many levels, this is such an interesting race. you can follow the morning alerts on facebook and twitter. search #8alert. debate. now a former gop presidential candidate is getting involved while the party panics over the real possibility that donald trump will win their nomination. mitt romney set off a major offensive against trump. they claim the frontrunner is unfit to be the
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>> donald trump is a phoney, a fraud, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> later this morning, romney will appear on the today show. matt lauer has an exclusive interview with the republican about what is driving him to trash trumle. watch the interview on news channel 8 after the news cast. time now is 6:38 on this friday morning. we have a look at the weather. >> the sun is coming up right now. if you live north of i-4, really along or north of i-4. you're waking up to lots of sunshine. you have to go further to the south where you have clouds and even the last of the rain pushing south out of sarasota county and down toward the port charlotte area. i left it at 20% rain chance through 8:00 a.m. but it is basically coming to an end end as we speak. behind a cold front we see clearing skies and a cool breeze from the northwest. not a cold day. 71 degrees at noon. 74 at 3:00 p.m.. really spring like with a low
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we cool quickly at 7:00 p.m. if you're going out for a friday night 64 degrees. but great weather for spring training. put that sunscreen on. we have games in bradenton. clear water, lakeland you'll be warmer at 1:05 at 76 degrees. if you like this weather, okay through the weekend. mid-70's. we trend warmer into the low 80s by wednesday and thursday of next week. we'll check in on traffic on the 8's. it will be a fantastic weekend. you have to get to work and school today. >> and you have to remember traffic about the spring training games. especially in the beginning. clear water can get bogged down when you go see the phillies which are fun to go see. let's look at 275, kennedy to ashley off of the howard frankland bridge looks fantastic. we're not seeing any delays and it is a great drive across the bridge. six minutes. 275 bearce avenue to i-4. we're getting sticky right around busch boulevard but still holding on to a nice drive at 12 minutes.
6:40 am
this is downtown tampa, it looks pretty good. not too bad and this is a look at howard frankland bridge, also very good drive. i want to take a look at some of the accidents out there. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to candace and gayle. this will make us feel good about our weather. this is a live drive cam from philadelphia where they got snow overnight. the roads are slick and it is quite chilly in the 30s. the snow is expected to keep falling there through about lunch time. >> nice shot, though. i'm glad i'm not there, but -- >> this is the way i like to experience it. from the warmth of florida. >> exactly going to the doctor can break the bank. >> there is a new start up that promises to help save you money. we'll explain in an 8 on your side health alert. plus -- >> both lovers and out -- boat lovers and outdoor enthusiasts
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channel 8 outdoor expo and boat show starts. >> time now is 6:40. you're watching news channel 8
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. a dangerous situation caught on camera new police dash cam video shows a shoplifter driving off, dragging police officers, can you believe that? in south carolina officers stopped an suv with two suspected shoplifters. the driver got back in the car and started driving with two officers hanging on. she then crashed into a patrol car. an officer shot the driver in the arm and she was arrested. she is now charged with shoplifting and hit-and-run. the officers were treated and released from the hos. today a babysitter in san francisco is headed to court accused of smothering a 13-month
6:45 am
the family's hidden nanny cam caught it all. it is a top clicked story on 20-year-old moriah gonzalez is charged with felony child abuse. the video shows gonzalez smothering the boy when he wouldn't stop crying. the baby is okay. the family hireth babysitter from a company that helps families find child care. company officials claim it is working with investigators. in an 8 on your side health alert. they're calling it the expedia of healthcare. it is a way to fight the sky rocketing medical bills. even those with health insurance are utilizing the service. for one tampa man, his deductible would have forced him to pay thousands out of pocket for an mri. >> i paid $450.
6:46 am
they want to fill their excess capacity same way with hotels and in the travel ind. >> save on medical works in 39 states and it has help,000 patients save about $1,000. most of the savings are for mri's. cat scans and mammograms. an american soccer hero is donating her brain to science. brandi chastain vows to turn her brain over to science. she gave the u.s. the 1999 world cup title. she hopes her donation will help researchers better understand dramatic brain injuries and concussions in women. eight is on your side this morning with a look at a spring tradition that kicks into gear later today. the news channel 8 outdoors expo and boat show begins in a few hours and our josh thomas is joining us live from the florida state fair grounds this morning with a look at all of the fun
6:47 am
it is such a great time,. >> it certainly is a great time for the whole fachlt earlier, gayle, we -- whole family. earlier, gayle, we were talking about the boats out here. you mentioned you liked the pontoon boats. boat. it has a shower if you so choose to take one. you can, quite frankly, even open up a grill and grill out here on the water. a lot to see, a lot to do out here. it is not just about the boats. it is about things for hupters and fisher men and everyone who enjoys florida's outdoors. there is a lot to see and a lot to do out here. hands on demonstrations, hands on seminars and basically a lot for people to experience and enjoy while they're out here a. in addition to obviously being able to come out here and enjoy yourself, you can also bring the family. it is free all today. the doors open at 1 o'clock and
6:48 am
then on saturday and sunday, the doors will be opening at 10:00 in the morning on both days and sunday evening. it is $8 for adults, children 12 and under will be able to get in free on saturday and sunday and again, free all day today. doors open at 1 o'clock. this place should be packed. the florida state fair grounds expo hall. a lot to do, a lot to see. about. that is a macked out pontoon boat. i'm a proponent of the pontoon boat. that is a sweet ride right there. thank you, josh. man, the grill, the shower? >> perfect. >> those are fun. >> we can all chip in, everybody here at the studio. >> and we would still owe money. i wanted to show you what it looks like at lake club at lakewood ranch. notice there are clouds there. you go up to frenchie's in clear water beach, beautiful sunrise there.
6:49 am
the loews don cesar. the further north you go. the clearer the skies are. here is i-4, clear skies here, the further south you go, not only are the clouds still around but there is one area getting rain just south of north port right around the englewood area and sarasota and sprinkles happening on in highlands county and desoto county. all of the rain is gone at 8:00 this morning. 64 degrees. so mild this morning, but once that cold front passes through, you'll get a breeze from the northwest helping to clear the skies out. 71 at noon. 74 # at 3:00 p.m.. a fantastic afternoon. notice where it is cooler, that is where the cold front has come through. 54 in inverness versus 65 in bartow. the cooler air will be filtering south. just checked in with big monkey in crystal beach. my weather watcher says 64 degrees. here comes the front quickly pushing to the south. bringing in the less humid air, the northwest breeze. mostly sunny sky today. a little bit of a chill tomorrow morning, but look at this.
6:50 am
emoji man has his thumb up and shades on and you'll need that even into next week. leslee, how about traffic on the 8's? >> we're seeing more vehicles out on the road, folks and we're seeing a slow down through ybor city. nine minutes, 301 to 275. if you're hopping on the veteran's expressway. getting busier as well. 12 minutes from urlich to 275 a decent drive but over the next 10, 15 minutes it will be busier. we'll talk about a vehicle fire in the heart of downtown tampa eastbound jackson. jackson street only goes one way and it turns into meridian. that is where the accident is tying up 1 of the lanes. the fire is out but we have a lot of activity throughout at jackson. bearce avenue to i-4 u 14 minutes here southbound. we have an accident. this is actually tying up a lane around busch boulevard here southbound on 275 is normally slow through this area from fletcher. the crash is adding to the already slow commute. northbound 275 at the roosevelt exit.
6:51 am
side of the roadway. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to candace and gayle. thank you. you can say a shoplifter in south carolina is hard headed. while running away. he ran head first into an suv and kept going. take a look. surveillance cameras captureth thief running from the store. you see him bust through the doors and see him slam into the suv driving in the parking lot there. that will leave a mark. after tripping and falling arn the suv, the -- around the suv. the shoplifter kept on running. if you see a guy with a big bump on his head, he might be your suspect. >> yechltd. what you need -- yeah. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> easing the punishment for pot possession. the changes the city of tam pap could soon -- tampa could soon implement and when i final decision is expected. you're watching news channel 8
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. tampa is taking steps to minimize the penalty for possessing marijuana. >> the decision is not final but it is getting a lot of discuss this morning. ryan hughes is live at tampa city hall to explain what is on the table. >>reporter: good morning, right now if somebody is caught with marijuana here in the city, they would lose their license, go to jail, face a hefty fine. this new ordinance for the first offense would require someone pay a $75 fine. residents souned off to tampa city council members at a public hearing. some believe weed is harmless and some say it ruped their loved ones lives. eric ward and bobbuck horn are in favor of the change. live in tampa i'm ryan hughes. news channel 8. closing arguments are expected today in the erin
6:56 am
the sports caster is suing a man who secretly took nude videos her at a hot 2008. a showdown in mo town, a the republican presidential candidates went after each other in the latest debate and it got nasty fast. >> here we go. >> about my record. >> here we go. >>. >> they slammed the businessman and in the end they vowed to support trump if he were to win the republican nomination. former republican candidate mitt romney is getting involved in this year's race for the white house. during a speech in utah, romney lashed out at trump. he claims the republican frontrunner is unfit to be the commander-in-chief and is a . he will appear on the today show to discuss what is driving him
6:57 am
7:00. you don't want to miss news channel 8's outdoors expo and boat show. final preparations are under way grounds. it features everything outdoors including boats, fishing gear and lots of outdoor items. doors open at 1 o'clock, if you go today it is free. the rest of the weekend it will cost you $8. sun is coming up and most of sunrise. notice the clear skies along and north of i-4, but south of i-4 and southern portions of sarasota county and highlands county. still clouds and a stray shower. where it is clear it is also cooler, 54 in inverness versus 64 in tampa, a 10 degree difference and warmer in north port. you're at 67. don't worry, all of the rain is gone by eight. the skies are clearing out. breeze. feels like spring at 3:00 p.m. at 74 and i hope you like warm, sunny, comfortable weather because we have that for the next seven days. >> nice.
6:58 am
not so nice. of course, we're heading into rush hour. it is busy through ybor. 16 urlich to 275. it is off to the side of the roadway and slow and go action coming our way from about fowler down to busch due to the eastbound jackson street. a lot of activity an earlier vehicle fire. jackson only goes one way. be on the look out for that as well. >> thank you, leslee, thank you, leigh. >> we'll stay on top of the stories throughout the day for you. catch the updates throughout the today show. first at four is the next news cast. have a great one! captions by: caption colorado, llc
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ba da ba ba ba good morning. vitriol and vulgarity. the republican race reaches new lows during last night's debate. >> he hit my hands. nobody has ever hit my hands. look at those hands. are those small hands? >> is this any way to elect a president? mi romney is here this morning to talk about that and his unprecedented attack on the current front runner. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> our exclusive interview with the man who some say wants to be the


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