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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  March 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> tonight, an incredibly strange twist in one of the most famous murder cases in the past century possibly bringing i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. the los angeles police department is confirming they are examining a knife that may have been found at oj simpson's former mansion. jeff patterson joins us live with this astonishing story. the making. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: good evening josh. this sounds like a movie script. since it is la and oj simpson,
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the big question, was this knife used in the murder of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman? who can forget the slow chase and the trial of the century? oj simpson accused of killing his beautiful wife nicole brown simpson and a friend. simpson was found not guilty. but wait, now a retired la police officer has come forward with an incredible story. saying a construction worker gave him a knife he claimed was simpson's estate. >> we need to vet that. >> reporter: lapd held a news conference confirming they are looking at the knife. >> the investigators will continue to look at this. that item has been recovered by robbery homicide investigators. it is being treated as we would all evidence. >> reporter: but can they do
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former fbi special agent todd foster is now an attorney in tampa. >> if they find anything, can they do anything? >> it depends on what is on the knife. >> reporter: foster said it doesn't really matter what is found on the knife or the circumstances. he doesn't believe oj can be prosecuted again. >> can he be prosecuted for anything? >> i would say no. i would say that he has already been tried once and acquitted for the murder. so, it would be double jeopardy to retry him for the murder and the statute of limitations is long passed on any other crime. >> reporter: if they find something on the life, prosecutors still have the tricky problem of linking it to the crime. it is more likely the retired lapd officer who held onto the knife for many, many years may be charged with withholding evidence. josh? >> yeah, that's the big question. why they held onto it this long. jeff, thanks for the update.
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date line will look back into the oj simpson murder case. what the jury never heard. that is this sunday starting at 9:00 here on newschannel8. now, to the race for the white house. donald trump is traveling to florida tomorrow. he is holding a campaign rally at the university of central florida. but today, the buzz is all about what was said in last night's gop debate. newschannel8's rod carter is here to talk more about that. >> reporter: yeah. it was quite an interesting exchange to say the least. at times it was like watching a reality show. discussion of things as personal as genitalia has some voters kind of scratching their heads about what in the world is going on. >> you are dumb, shutup. >> reporter: it is no secret, reality shows have changed the way we watch tv. >> do not break up my family! >> reporter: fights, yelling, screaming, cursing. insults. all part of the norm. >> if anyone deserves to be
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>> reporter: it seems that mentality crept its way into the gop presidential debate to the point of talk that got perhaps a little too personal. >> and he referred to my hands. if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there is no problem. >> reporter: we showed that video to people to get their reaction. this trio of friends found it shocking. >> first of all, i don't think it was very presidential. politics has gone the gutter. >> reporter: part of the blame has gone toward us. the media. >> i think there is one thing you probably don't want to hear, but i think the media is baiting people into this. even the questions they ask at the debate. >> reporter: political analyst george farrell told me as bad as it seems it is bound to get worse. >> it is going to get worse, because if mr. rubio and mr. cruz continue this, it is going to get worse. they cannot beat mr. trump at this game.
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talked to who says trump says says. lead the country. i'm a little frightened of it. >> reporter: the trump campaign is coming back to central thousands are expected to attend a rally in orlando. he will be at the university of central florida's cfe arena. that was going to start at noon but it has been pushed back to 2:00 p.m. i will have that covered at newschannel8 at 6:00. that. one trump supporter here in florida claims he was attacked outside an early voting site. lou vols says two young men started pulling trump campaign signs out of the ground. approached them. i confronted them to get them to stop. that is when one of them body slammed me to the ground and they kept pulling the trump pursue them.
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get a picture of the tag number on the attackers' car. they now face battery charge ifs they are arrested. another trump supporter outside the same early voting site had a drink thrown at her from a passing car. the civil trial between hulk hogan and the website monday. hogan has also decided he will testify. he is suing gawker for posting portionings of a sex tape with him in it online. gawker stands by the post. >> it went well. we will take them through our facts and the evidence in this case and i think they will understand what we published the protected by the first amendment when a celebrity is out there talking in detail about the story, the media is allowed to join in the conversation like at home you are allowed to join in the conversation. >> the judge ruled that his
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evidence related to the erin andrews civil trial. leaders in another florida community are voting to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. anyone busted in volusia county with 20 grams of pot or less will get a ticket. the fine for the first first offense $75. a new proposal would allow terminally ill patients to use medical pot, but some lawmakers want more. >> reporter: it nearly went up in smoke as passionate senators argued over medical marijuana. the chamber considered a bill to allow the ill to use
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end of their life. but they reminded them of kathy jordan. she is an als sufferer who says smoking marijuana is the only way her symptoms go away. >> the bill for gosh sakes is titled the right to try. well ... if you have got als ... shouldn't you be able to try? >> reporter: his amendment failed. then it was greg ever's turn to lobby for the veterans with ptsd with pot. >> the vote against my amendment will be sending a message to our armed forces that we do not care. >> this is not an up or down vote on how much we love our veterans. what this is, is what is the right policy in this very sensitive and difficult area.
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vote no on this amendment as i will be asking on all the amenments. >> reporter: 21 amendments in all failed including the amount that expanded growing rights and one that allowed veterinarians to prescribe the drug to animals. in tallahassee, matt galka, newschannel8. >> the chamber is most likely to vote on the bill next week. if it passes it will be on its way to the governor's desk. a florida diver is telling a story that could make a movie plot. but the scary part is he says it is true. >> this is unbelievable. how he ended up getting sucked into a pipe for a nuclear power plant and lived to tell about it. >> plus, a restaurant staple in tampa closing its doors. >> a pleasant 76 degrees despite a cold front that came through earlier. got a great weekend forecast for you. a lot going on. we will have our forecast coming up. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8. the station that is always on
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>> a florida scuba diver was sucked into an intake pipe at a florida power plant and lived to tell about it. now he is suing florida power and light. >> reporter: christopher was diving with his family and friends on the east coast when it turned into a script out of the movie. they spotted a three buoy smackerring three structures so large they could be seen from high above. out. >> i swam out here.
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then i felt a little current. it got quicker. >> he got sucked in like a wet noodle. he was just gone. >> wow. for five minutes, chris was being sucked through a series of pipes underwater. he says it felt like he got sucked over a waterfall, tumbling around and around in complete darkness. >> all i could think about was these horror movies. this big turbine coming and i'm coming for it. it's going to chop me up and kill me. i contemplated. do i pull the regulator out of my mouth and just die? >> finally, more than a quarter mile later, he surfaced in a reservoir at the nuclear plant alive and safe. he is now suing florida power and light claiming there was no warning on the buoy. florida power and light says that is not true. this is not even the first time this has happened. another scuba diver was sucked into the same pipe 27 years ago. >> incredible.
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florida accused of stealing from a girl scout turned themselves in. the two crooks are brother and sister in their 20s . they stole a cash box from a scout selling cookies outside the store. since the robbery happened, a radio station raised more than a thousand dollars for the girl scout troop. a tampa stap staple is closing up. the spaghetti warehouse is closing down. they thank the customers for all of the memories over the past 25 years. they officially close next wednesday. today the free friday at outdoor expo. >> you can check out the boats there and even be a diver. anthony allred joins us live. that is what we saw you doing at 4:00. did you have some fun? >> reporter: i have been making my rounds. and you guys sent me to the boat show and i have breaking news. they have more than boats.
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is my man jim. he is the show manager. jim, what kind of fishing can we do? >> tomorrow and sunday all day, we will have the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission here. they will have volunteers who will fish with kids so the kids will have fishing derbies. they are ages five to 15. they will have a chance to catch fish in the stocked lake. it is a catch and release program. every year, we have a five-year- something like that. >> reporter: what kind of fish around here? the pond looks pretty big. >> it is actually. over the years, we have had fish that we have used inside for different educational programs. so at the end of the show every year, they bring him out here and put him into the lake and consequently, the lake is stocked and the kids will do really well here saturday and sunday. >> i am going fishing tonight. i know he said catch and release, but maybely find one in my pocket or something and throw nit there and maybe i can catch it and release it again.
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do here. you know guys, i can afford a fishing rod. >> a little more your speed rather than a boat. anthony, thank you very much. >> quite the day out there. well, the outdoor expo and boat show runs through sunday at the florida state fairgrounds. it is open from 10:00 to 7:00 and sunday from 10:00 until 5:00. 68 degrees. the lake club in lakewood ranch. not much of a breeze at the moment. we have clear skies. the high temperature 76 degrees at tampa international. such a gorgeous day. near average temperatures, a lot of sunshine for the weekend. temperatures will reach into the 80s next week. in fact, some upper 80s possible in the inland areas. the next storm system looking way far ahead friday, saturday. still working out the timing on that. as for the strawberry festival, what a great weekend to enjoy this one. 10:00 a.m., 66 degrees. sunny with mild temperatures. at 3:00 p.m.
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might be a little cool to start the day if you start out early. this evening looks pretty nice. if you will be out, probably a good idea to bring a jacket. 53 degrees to start the day. a lot of sunshine, light jacket. probably a good idea in the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. maybe a few clouds returning but overall, very pleasant weather conditions. 73 degrees the current temperature at brandon. 64 degrees weeki wachee. 73 in plant city. 71 in brooksville. further to the north, much colder air in the trough that is allowing temperatures to get into slightly above freezing here in detroit and also cincinnati. even cool up in boston at 28 degrees but much of the country warming into the 70s all the way into kansas here. of course, the state of florida and much of texas, even portions of texas into the 80s . quite a bit of dry air aloft. we have been watching the high and mid level clouds streak in from the west. the upper level flow has been very fast this winter. everything kind of moves along quickly as a result of the surface.
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reason we are seeing these beautiful blue skies. this low pressure is centered off the east coast. you can see the cold front streaming further south through the state of florida and the high clouds that are streaming but a little bit further south today. we recall yesterday, it was mostly cloudy throughout most of the day for most of the area. that has pushed further south. so that is why the computer model has done a pretty good job of picking the clearer skies up for today. we are expecting more of that in the forecast tomorrow. saturday, sunday, monday, those of you who suffer from pollen, allergies know that it is very hot this time of year. the leaves are coming down. the pollen after that. week. that is one thing about this year that is not much fun. forecast lows, 51 degrees. temple terrace. clear water, 54. 54 in bradenton. temperature ins the mid possibly the low 40s in some of the warmer areas. temperatures tomorrow near 80
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generally a lot of 70s on the map. 75-degree ins land o' lakes. temperatures around plant city, upper 70s . 64 degrees this evening. looks pretty nice for an outdoor event. chilly start to the day, but with the sunshine in place, things will warm up quite nicely. next couple of days, the temperature, 80 degrees. by tuesday. but up until that point, slowly rising through the mid and upper 70s by monday at 78. the rain chances as i mentioned depending on the timing of that system, way, way upstream. possibly around 20%. that carries into the next saturday. but, this saturday, i think we have a stunning weather weekend for us. hope you get a chance to get outside and enjoy it. keeping our eye on the prize. thank you steve. >> breaking news we want to bring to you coming into the news room. eagle 8 hd is over a brush fire in wimauna. anyone in danger? can you tell?
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good news, nobody is in danger. but, if i zoom in here, you can see they are checking out the fire. they have the hose on it right here pudding it out. if i move to the other side of the fire, here, they have a bulldozer cutting a ditch around it to contain it. this fire did break out earlier and they have it under control. the reason they were concerned if i pull out wide, there are some structures near here. so they wanted to knock it down fairly fast and they did that. so right now, they are just mopping it up and making sure they can get the fire out and it doesn't keep moving in eagle newschannel8. >> thanks paul. well, we risked his life for our freedom. >> coming up next, a special honor for a bay area veteran
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>> today, a bay area military hero received a long overdue award. edward grady holcolm got the service cross. he protected his former pows
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suffering starvation and countless beatings. >> it is something i have been waiting for, for 65 years. if it took another 65, i would do my best to be here. >> congressman dennis ross who presented the award says this is a long overdue honor. >> a good man there. newschannel8 at 6:00 is coming up next. >> voyeurism at an antique store. >> detectives need your help catching the suspect. >> and coming up, what investigators believe this man was doing to a shopper while her back was turned. >> plus, a scandal among polk county school district leaders deepens the salacious details behind the superintendent's resignation. >> spring break is here. so are the crowds. coming up, some ideas to avoid traffic headaches.
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ii history is welcoming visitors at sarasota. i will introduce you to two heros with ties to this event. >> those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast and sports coming up on
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>> scandal rocks a school district for the second time. >> spring break meaning big crowds and traffic. >> plus a piece of history unlike any other. good evening everybody. i'm rod carter. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. there is a new twist to the
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county. the associate superintendent of operations has resigned. he accused the former superintendent of sexual harassment. it turns out he has quite a past himself. jamel lanee joins us live. the story just keeps getting more and more outrageous. we have been on it for weeks now. >> reporter: well, stacie, the details just keep coming out. board members here, they are shocked to learn that greg rivers was investigated himself for having a sexual relationship with several of his former employees at the university of florida. >> i standby everything i said in my complaint. >> reporter: associate suspect of operations greg rivers, the one who accused katherine leroy of sexual harassment is now under fire. rivers was the subject of an internal investigation in 2006 while employed at the university of florida. 8 on your side obtained documents where he admitted to having sexual relationships


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