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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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county. the associate superintendent of operations has resigned. he accused the former superintendent of sexual harassment. it turns out he has quite a past himself. jamel lanee joins us live. the story just keeps getting more and more outrageous. we have been on it for weeks now. >> reporter: well, stacie, the details just keep coming out. board members here, they are shocked to learn that greg rivers was investigated himself for having a sexual relationship with several of his former employees at the university of florida. >> i standby everything i said in my complaint. >> reporter: associate suspect of operations greg rivers, the one who accused katherine leroy of sexual harassment is now under fire. rivers was the subject of an internal investigation in 2006 while employed at the university of florida. 8 on your side obtained documents where he admitted to having sexual relationships
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school board member lynn wilson says he was shocked. >> it was a problem for our school district and for us personally. >> reporter: he gave sexually suggestive gifts to women as well. leroy supporters are fuming asking how the district could ridicule her. but never look into rivers past during their investigation. >> what they always brought up was where she came from before she got here. nobody tracked back to see where rivers came from and his allegations in his personal record. if it was anything similar to this. >> reporter: so we went to ask rivers about this investigation. rivers. >> reporter: a man with no shirt and white shorts came to the door but quickly ran away. they did a background and reference check on rivers.
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the subject of an investigation. >> that is the greatest tragedy. >> rivers was also accused of letting employees leave early to meet him at a happy hour as well as letting one of his employees use a state vehicle. one of his employees he was having a relationship with for her personal use. stacie? >> so, a lot of stuff coming to the surface. terms related to his resignation? >> reporter: there are some resignation here. that will be effective on may 6. right now, he is on paid administrative leave. he will not be able to handle any school personnel or school business while he is on that leave. and again, he will have no severance package. >> jamel lanee, thank you. now to a story all new tonight.
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your help finding a voyeurism suspect. this man went up to a 46-year- old woman at an antique store and started a conversation with her and then started following her around the store. the victim then discovered he was actually taking photos of her skirt while her back was turned. a carjacking suspect on the run after his two accomplices got caught has been caught. this man, 18-year-old william bradley summerland was caught at a hotel this morning. he and two other teens carjacked a woman on tuesday. fourth suspect in a polk caught. killing three people execution style at a home in lakeland on january 6. three other suspects are also facing murder charges in that case. 8 on your side has been
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outside the irs office in tampa. we went back to check and looks like help has not arrive just yet. we saw that same long line of people stretched around the building. many came at 8:00 a.m. hoping for a chance to get into the office before it closed at 4:30 p.m. >> that's what i'm worried about. if they close this door, it will hurt my heart. it would hurt my heart. man. i wouldn't know what to do. >> i guess you have to try to have a sense of humor. the irs is sending more workers to tampa to reduce the long lines. we will stay on top of it to make sure they do what they promise. thousands of spring breakers are headed to clear water beach for the weekend and that means traffic backups on the memorial causeway in the road headed to pier 60 are going to be a mess. but there are ways to avoid the headaches of the spring break traffic snarl. peter bernard joins us live in clear water. so what is the secret? a lot of us have been caught in
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what is the secretover secret? >> reporter: good evening rod. this is it. a ferry. it leaves at this dock here underneath the memorial causeway bridge. the ferry has been around just under a year. it is a relaxing way to get to the beach and for the next two months, it is really, really cheap. the blue waters of the gulf of mexico. the powdery sands of clear water beach. spring breakers love it all. even if today's breezes made it a little cool. >> it is pretty warm for us. it is snowy where we are from. >> it is windy. no clouds is good. but i wish it was a little warmer. >> reporter: he will get his wish and plenty of company this weekend as spring break cranks into high gear, but getting here could be a trial. >> this is the number one beach according to trip adviser and we have a high demand. there is only about 1600 parking spaces on the beach. so if you have 50 to 60,000
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day, you will have traffic. >> reporter: how about avoiding all of that with a quick ferry ride? >> this is a great way to avoid the traffic of the bridge. >> reporter: rides cost $2 each water subsidy. >> anything we can do to introduce a new mode of transportation is good. doing it on the water is awesome because of all the waterways we have. >> reporter: two boats make the trip from just under the bridge on the mainland to the marina near the beach. beach parking can be costly. $40 a day at a private lot. by the hour at city lots. beach patrols will be stepped up over spring break and merchants are expecting a spike in business. >> we will be hiring about 90 people during peak season for just this one store. >> reporter: wow, that is about double what they usually hire. with all the spring breakers headed to the beach, they are warning people about beach blanket thefts. done leave your valuables on
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it is spring break, but alcohol is not allowed on the beach. rod? >> good reminder. that two dollar ferry, is that good all day? >> reporter: no. it starts at 10:00 in the morning and goes until 8:00. so pretty much all day. but if you get on the ferry at 9:00, it will cost you. 10:00 to 8:00. >> thanks peter bernard. on a night like this, i don't know why more people are not on the ferry. >> well, they are called the greatest generation. >> world war ii veterans sharing their stories with us. we will show you why they are in sarasota this weekend and what is so special about this world war ii aeroplane. >> with close to 150 boats, this is florida's largest outdoor expo. coming up, i'll introduce you to one of the most unique booths in here. >> 76 degrees the high temperature at tampa international. forecast. plenty of sunshine.
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most folks would agree.
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>> well, if the great outdoor is your thing, we have the perfect event for you this weekend. >> we do. the newschannel8 outdoors expo and boat show is going on right
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live from the florida state fairgrounds. what are you up to now? [ laughter ] >> reporter: i have been everywhere. you are right, rod, i am going the entertain you guys with a little turkey call here. i have my man ron to explain what the heck is going on. >> well, today, we are out here, we have turkey calls, turkey season is coming up. i make wing bones. these are made from wild turkey bones. >> reporter: wing bones. and what is it called? >> we are trying to call one of the gobblers. we try to imitate the hen. just a little yelp. that's the sound, you try to bring in the gobbler. >> reporter: if that wasn't enough, then i have these. rick, what are these? >> these are called box calls. the larger ones are called box calls. they are made out of a solid block of wood making the same yelp sound. it is what we call a friction call.
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today is free friday. so come down and take advantage of this being free and take advantage of everything i have taken care of today. rod? there. we are jealous. you have a good friday assignment for sure. >> i have had a full day. >> we can tell. runs until 8:00 tonight. and then it is open again tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. and runs through sunday. but today is the free day. we hope to see you there. >> i am going to go scuba diving too. >> looks fun. a piece of history is on display in sarasota. >> and some veterans came out to see this one of a kind plane. they will share their incredible stories for us when
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>> it is the last of its kind. the plane that helped bring an end to world war ii. the only one left flying is in sarasota. it is called a b-29 super fortress. it is the kind used to drop anatomic bomb in japan. >> reporter: rod, it was absolutely fascinating. i could have spoken with these guys all day. they are sharp as a tack. they can recall these events as if they happened yesterday. and hearing their stories, it
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called the greatest generation. russell gawkinbock and this plane are kindred spirits. he is the last living survivor of the most famous mission of the bombing of hiroshima. he flew alongside the enola gay which carried the bomb. >> we didn't know what was going to happen. we knew we were going to drop a bomb. we didn't know what kind it was. >> reporter: after droping the payload, he snapped this photo. as the mushroom cloud rose, he and his crew tried to grasp what happened. >> it was awful quiet. >> very somber huh? >> very somber. we department realize what he did. we didn't realize that we initiated the atomic age. >> reporter: hundreds of miles away, harnan twibel was aboard the uss indianapolis.
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and was headed back home when they were torpedoed. they struggled to survive in the water while sharks circled them. >> you couldn't pick them out and say look at the shark because there were a lot of them. >> reporter: many of his men were eaten alive. >> the sharks did not attack a group. they attacked individuals. >> reporter: the danger was relentless until rescuers finally arrived four days later. >> it was god's will that we would survive. >> reporter: those stories of heroism and survival are important to share for future generations because the greatest generation sacrificed so much to give us our freedom. and both men questioned whether the young people today could fight a war like what they fought over 70 years ago. and they both hope that we never see a day where another nuclear weapon is dropped. i want to add this in real quick.
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aerodream center on clyde jones road in sarasota through the weekend. >> thanks john rogers live in sarasota tonight. well, celebrating women and the privilege of being an american. a very special naturalization ceremony in river view today. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. you are now citizens of the united states. >> 75 women from 35 different countries took the oath of allegiance at the western michigan cooley law school. the all-women naturalization ceremony was in honor of women's history month. cool at the beach. 61 degrees right now. we have is a northwest wind at 8 miles an hour at frenchy's. they are out playing volleyball. lit be cooler this evening. our eight-day forecast says we will get warm eventually next week. midweek, late week. temps shooting into the 80s .
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picture perfect for the weekend. you can see the blue sky here. blue water. storm team wfla if you want to share a picture. download our weather max app as well. 53 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 75 degrees at 3:00 p.m. temperatures falling this evening 62 degrees. under clear skies now 67 degrees currently with a dew point of 53. a west to northwesterly wind. 70 degrees the current temperature. that is in brandon. apollo beach as well. 68 in brooksville. still upper 70s inland. the cool air is working its way from north to south. that is why we are seeing the cooler numbers further north. quite a difference across the state. the cold front is further south, but the cool air is not all the way there yet. as for our temperature trend here for saturday, 7:00 a.m., this dip in the jet stream allow it is cool air to spill
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big ridge of high pressure build a few showers possible long term. but overall, we will see a big ridge of high pressure build into this colorful area. that indicates much warmer temperatures. looks fairly dry. low pressure continues off the east coast trailing cold front. the high clouds continue to stream back from the west to the east. we saw a lot of those in the sky yesterday. a lot of high and mid level cloudiness. only a few clouds around. temps dropping off quickly. saturday morning might be good for a jacket because temps might be below normal this time of year. same story sunday morning. both saturday and sunday, light breeze possible here. a few darker clouds over on the east coast. another reenforcing push of slightly cooler air keeps it perfect this weekend. we seem to be using that word a lot. but i think it applies this kind of weather. 78 degrees. the slow warming trend as we carry into monday.
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shooting into the 80s . overnight low temperatures drop to the 50s with partly cloudy skies. so a real nice stretch of weather here. you can see all the way into next week. but it will be much, much warmer. seems like that is what we get. warm and cool, very little in between. we have a lot of nice in between here. looks all the way through the weekend. monday, tuesday, same story. some upper 80s possible next week. it cools down real quick. shoots right back again. this is what we are expecting. >> so enjoy it right now. >> yes. enjoy it now and this weekend. >> i agree with perfect. it has been perfect. >> all right. thank you. coming up, all they do is win. the bolts pick up their eighth straight victory and move back into first place. >> and rays ace chris archer takes the mound for his first start of the spring. highlights and reaction coming up next.
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>> on wednesday, i quoted greek philosopher plato in any ports cast, but it's friday now. so i will go in another direction and steal words from an american doctor. dr. dre. you try to be the king, but the ace is back. that ace is chris archer. the number one starter making his first appearance of the spring this afternoon as the rays played the red sox in fort myers. he was golden. david ortiz flies out here. later, blake, a swing and a miss.
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can we have a redo here? solo shot puts boston up 1-0. the rays would get it back. he would come around to score. the bullpen got beaten up a bit. the rays go onto lose to the socks 7-2. but archer was pleased with his outing. >> i accomplished everything i wanted to accomplish. and that was the play as much as i possibly could. it was one thing i was happy about. my first outing. every batter that i faced will be in the opening day lineup. so, it was good to get positive feedback from that. >> reporter: they say there are two inevitables in life. death and taxes. add the lightning winning to lapd list. scorching hot last night as tampa bay picked up its eighth straight victory.
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a 4-1 squashing of the senators. the lightning are now the top of the division. the bolts host the hurricanes saturday. march madness is here. women's conference basketball tournaments underway. 25th ranked florida seeking the first sec finals victory in 18 years. the gators come out firing from deep. opening four of faff from beyond the arc. working that inside out game. they outscore the gators by 20 in the second quarter alone taking a double digit lead to the locker room. florida falls to kentucky 92- 69. the florida state women were bounced from the acc quarter finals by miami. 74-56. the regular season is now over for the seminoles. but they are a lock for an at large bid. we will find out where they are seated on selection monday. >> and the march madness is beginning. >> get your brackets out. >> sure. >> i'm in.
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i have to go to the bank. finally tonight, a little friendly competition and a lot of entertainment for drivers in lakeland. take a look at? i'm too sexy for my love, love. [ music ] >> first off, do not blame me if you sing that song all night. second of all, roger allen of liberty tax service has been dancing on the street all season long. the guy in the sherman williams shirt has been painting across the street. so jeff said i'm going to challenge lady liberty to a danceoff hawaii is what they did. roger with a sign and jeff with his paint brush. there have been a lot of honks and cheers on florida avenue. they have some serious moves. who won? >> i just want to say florida's a weird place. i'm not a native and this kind of thing is not what i would see where i'm from. >> really?
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>> i almost want to stop and join in myself. [ laughter ] >> come on. >> don't go anywhere.
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tonight, trump's about face. he reverses what he said just last night in that raucous debate about torture, and it's hardly his first change-up. what does trump really believe? new evidence. the o.j. simpson saga back in the news with a new twist. a knife found years ago on his former estate. why police are only just now testing it for evidence. hotel horror. following days of tearful testimony, a jury will soon decide whether to award erin andrews $75 million after a stalker secretly taped her inside her hotel room. and stopping peanut allergies. what doctors say you


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