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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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more video that shows a cop using excessive force on the job. detectives are on the hunt for a man who was taking pictures up a woman's skirt. wounded veterans saving lives. how they are taking what they learned in combat to track down sexual predators. a clearwater cop caught on camera using excessive force, pulling a victim out of the cruiser, and kicking him while handcuffs. the officer admitted he did it. and the victim says the cop should not be on the streets. paul, did this officer face any disciplinary action because of all of this? >> the police department launched an internal investigation that suspended the police officer for a day. and the victim wants him out of
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>> looks like police brutality to me. >> reporter: he relives the night he was yanked out of a cruiser and was kicked while down on the ground. >> i felt like i was really beat up bad by the police for no reason. >> reporter: cops were called here after he and his date got in a heated argument. >> and i didn't want to resist arrest. >> reporter: he put his hands up before the officer told him to. since he has a defibrillator, he was afraid of being tased. his attorney claims there's a coverup. why does the video start before first responders get to the scene. >> where is the rest of the video? where is the start of the video? and what about the paramedics? >> they knew what happened. why are they lying.
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reports from the officer. he said he didn't use his foot. he was afraid he'd spit blood at him. >> how is he a blood covered mess? >> there's no reason for a cop to be doing what he did to me -- to other people. >> and tonight only on eight, the chief of police sending me an e-mail saying that his officer did not follow the rules. and he used more than -- he did use excessive force, pardon me, and he also talked about mr. mccue saying he was drunk and belligerent and not cooperating. >> has he had run-ins with the law before? >> you know what? i checked on that and found he did have a couple petty thefts and one open container.
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did mouth off and that he did have drinks that night. after that he went to a recovery program for alcohol. >> paul, thank you. now to breaking news in st. petersburg. a crash is lowing traffic -- slowing traffic near 54th south. you can see that traffic is stopped at least two cars are involved in this crash. a big mess. one person was transported with injuries, st. petersburg fire tells us there's construction in the area which is contributing to the slowdown. we'll post new information on the crash and the backup on our website, detectives need your help finding a voyeurism suspect.
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up a woman's skirt when her back was turned. >> sheriff's deputies are confident that someone will recognize the man in the video and turn him in. chip, apparently, this guy didn't realize that the store surveillance cameras were rolling. >> reporter: it's no secret. this is the front of the store. there's a surveillance camera there. you walk over this way there's a surveillance camera there. and right down here is a sign. it says warning to customers, you will be recorded. in this era of high-tech surveillance technology, it's a rarity to go in any store and not be on camera. cameras capture him patrolling the store and sheriff's deputies telling us he starts following the 46-year-old female victim. and he starts making conversation. she gets suspicious as he
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she turns around and there's the pervert crouched over, snapping photos under her skirt. class act. at least one patron is not surprised. >> reporter: does it surprise you that this happens in sarasota. >> sarasota is not immune to what goes on in the rest of the world. >> the man runs out of the store. take a close look at this guy. sheriff's deputies would like to feature him in one of their next photo shoots for a jail mug shot. and surveillance video is going to be the key in this case. someone who knows this guy will recognize him in the video. if you missed it. log on to chip, thanks. this next story may sound like the bad movie of the week. but there may be new evidence in the o.j. simpson murder case.
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department is examining a knife years ago. a construction worker claimed to find the knife buried in the ground when simpson's former estate was torn down. there are many problems with the find though. >> first thing they have to do is find out if nicole simpson's blood is on the knife or if ronald goldman's blood is on the knife. if they find that you're off to the races. >> forensic testing could confirm whether the knife is connected to the case but o.j. simpson is in prison for a separate crime and cannot be retried because of double jeopardy. today attorneys finished selecting and vetting a jury but that included fireworks.
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>> reporter: we learned a lot today. this case resolves around a sex tape and promises to garner a lot of media attention. besides seating a jury, we learned the man behind the camera plans to plead the 5th on the witness stand. after jury selection wrapped, pretrial motions began and that's when the attorney dropped the bombshell. he's planning to plead the 5th if called to testify. michael barry said he may have perjured himself in an fbi investigation into the sex tape at the heart of the civil case. >> apparently he got a criminal lawyer and has informed him he intends to invoke the 5th in response to questions asked although it's not entirely clear.
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he may have perjured himself at a deposition and therefore is going to be taking the fifth here. >> reporter: hulk hogan was best friends at the time of the taping. he's suing the website for $100 million. he claims he violated his privacy, misused a copyright image of him. >> six jurors and three alternates are set to decide whether hulk hogan will get the $100 million he's suing for published. we are down to four republican candidates in the race for the white house. after two days of christmas -- cryptic comments, ben carson has pulled out. the focus is to catch up to
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during the debate. marco rubio and ted cruz as well as john kasich pledged they would support the billionaire if nominated. what they don't want is a convention floor fight. >> look, my strategy is vote for me in florida and everywhere else too. >> if the washington deal makers tried to steal the nomination from the people, i think it would be a disaster. >> and this is going to be a busy weekend for the presidential candidates of both parties. six days puerto rico -- four on tuesday. donald trump is traveling to florida and holding a campaign rally at the university of central florida. a florida scuba diver was sucked into an intake pipe at a nuclear plant and lived to tell about it. he was diving on the east coast. and spotted a yellow buoy and
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chris was sucked through a series of pipes underwater. >> and all i could think about was the horror movies, big turbine that's going to chop me up and kill me. do i pull the regulator out of my mouth and die? >> he surfaced in a reservoir and is suing claiming there was no warning on the buoy. but florida power and light says that's not true. a group of wounded veterans have a new purpose. >> how they're tracking down those who hurt innocent children. and when you can ride a giant slide through the streets of downtown tampa. >> 76 degrees for a high today. similar weather this weekend. a great forecast ahead and warmer temperatures next week. we'll have the forecast
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sex offenders and child pornographers, seems like we're
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and a unique group of men is being trained to hunt them down. >> we have video clips of babies screaming and crying and begging him don't make me do this. >> they are despicable acts done by despicable people. >> these are graphic child pornography pictures. >> catching them takes time and dedication. >> once i've seen the worst, it gets even worse. >> in a tampa office, the hero corps is going after child pornographers and pedophiles. >> when i was approached about it. they talked about going after pedophiles. and i originally turned it down
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that type of stuff and never really heard of it until then. >> reporter: he's a combat wounded marine who served three deployments in afghanistan. >> i stepped on an ied and lost my legs. >> reporter: his purpose changed. >> you have these disgusting individuals filming raping other people's children. infants and toddlers. and in my eyes, they are a terrorist. >> reporter: he and other combat wounded veterans learn how to track down the sex offenders. they see it as a new mission in life. >> instead of being in the army, i can be in the civilian world and have a mission of helping children.
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have helped a lot of kids start their lives and at the same people. >> after they serve with ice and the hero corps they can work in local law enforcement offenders. jeff patterson, news channel 8. >> the hero corps receives funding from the national association to protect children. but the internships for the heroes are not funded at this time. sunny, warm weather will welcome spring breakers to clearwater beach. several colleges and universities are starting spring break right now. and a few students are enjoying time away and hitting clearwater beach. beach parking is limited but there's an alternative, the clearwater ferry. the city is subsidizing the
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for $2 each way you can get to clearwater beach and not worry about finding a parking spot. >> they plan to have extra officers on duty to keep an eye on the spring break crowd. if you've had the urge to slip and slide down a city street, you're in luck. an event that brings a giant water slide to different cities is coming to tampa. on may 14th. north boulevard will transform into a giant water slide. the party starts at 9 a.m. and you can find a slide show of previous events and and check out the news channel 8 boat show. the event started today at the florida state fairgrounds. if you didn't go today, the event runs through sunday and we have much more information
11:17 pm the that. and temperatures, 75 degrees, a cool start to the day. both days will be chilly to start the day in the 50s. below normal temperatures and the warm sunshine should jump back with the highs for the day. much farther beyond the next two days, this is the average line here. 75degrees. and you can see it jump all the way into and through next week really. there's a rain chance friday and saturday. and still trying to nail down the timing of that. got a shot of the spacex rocket launch. this is taken in celebration close to the disney area. and many folks were able to get a distant view of the plume from the rocket. 56 at 3 a.m. and 53 degrees the forecast low.
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sunshine to start the day. a very nice day and a few clouds in the afternoon. very comfortable weather conditions, the humidity is down a little bit because a cold front passed through the area. and we're feeling the dry air. 57degrees in seminole. and got plenty of 50s on the back. 54 in brooksville. and 61 in bartow. and 60 in arcadia. we look at the jet stream to tell us what's going to happen at the surface. and as we see what's happening. the cooler trough is pulling away and a larger ridge of high pressure is building in. what this does is help the warmer sea surface temperatures and surface temperatures and we're talking highs in the mid- 80s in the inland areas, and upper 80s through next week. again looking at the jet stream tells us a lot about what's going to happen at the surface.
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coast, and partly cloudy skies to clear conditions. yesterday had a stream of high and mid-level clouds streaking across the area today. and today most of the clouds were to the south. the forecast for the morning afternoon. and lots of sunshine. and a slight breeze for us. got a trough sliding in here. maybe a secondary weak front. but it doesn't change the perfect weather conditions with highs in the 70s all the way through the weekend. monday, a warmer trend. a southeasterly flow and that lifts the temperature to the mid- and upper 80s. 53 and a little bit chilly to start the day. northern areas, there could be mid-40s in the northern spots. 75degrees in the afternoon. and the weekend overall looks great. 75, 76, 78 degrees. starts the warming trend.
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moisture, humidity come back to a the area. we'll likely see warmer readings in the inland spots. this is the time of year. spring breakers, boy did they time it right. >> it's a really nice weekend forecast. you don't have to sell it. we're buying. we're all in. >> keep it rolling. i gave it some thought. 75 and sunny. >> great for baseball too. coming up. the ace of the rays pitching staff makes his spring training debut. and could the bucs be --
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the tampa bay buccaneers are on the clock -- not literally, not yet. the draft is seven weeks away and it appears the bucs are narrowing in on possible first round selections. predicts joey bosa could slip to the bucs. the team is showing interest in eastern kentucky and noah spence. the defensive line coach -- his combine interviews were regarded as shaky.
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chris archer has earned the right to be called the ace of the pitching staff. tampa bay's number one starter was on the hill in fort myers making his first appearance against the red sox. two innings. no hits, one strikeout. the bull pen was not as sound. kyle mcferguson -- and the raise lewis but wins and losses don't matter. >> i accomplished everything i wanted to accomplish and that was be over the plate as much as i possibly could. the goal is 34 starts of being as consistent as you possibly can.
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going to be the case but i'm striving for perfection. the 25th ranked florida women were seeking their first win in 18 years. and they'll have to wait one more. the gators get rolled by kentucky, 92-69. and in other words will learn its fate next monday. the regular season is over for the seminoles. but they are a lock for an at large bid. you're all over it. the winning lottery numbers are coming up next.
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winning lotto numbers. and an update on the breaking news in st. petersburg
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avenue south. this is a live look at the downtown traffic cameras. one person was transported with injuries. there's construction going on in the area which is contributing to the slowdown. spring break, just traffic there is going to be nuts. be prepared. >> what a mess. >> in the morning a pretty nice day. >> cool to start but that's a good sign this time of year. it starts out cool, the sun is out. and ends up in mid-70s. tomorrow cool to start and mid- 70s, who is complaining. >> not me. >> not many. the sea of sharks off the south florida coast will make your head spin. hundreds of spinner sharks were spots. the sharks migrate to singer island. warnings are posted to look out for the sharks. let's go swimming. >> you first. >> or not.
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stay on the beach. >> that would be quite a sight. >> pretty cool. >> that's going to do it for us. jimmy fallon is coming up next. >> have a wonderful weekend and
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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