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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  March 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you are watching news channel 8 today. a big night for senators ted cruz and bernie sanders. voters in maine and puerto rico heading to the polls today. plus a warning for spring breakers this morning, f.h.p. is stepping up safety patrols, efforts to reduce drunk driving in the bay area. i'm candace mccowan.
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locked into a great weather pattern. similar to yesterday. sunshine and comfortable temperatures. but enjoy the spring-like temperatures because we are going to be warming up as we head through the next couple of days. a front slicing through the area. no rain with it but that reinforces the dry weather. showers over the atlantic moving the opposite direction for us. we see the winds picking up in the afternoon out of the north and that keeps the humidity on the low side. jacket. later this afternoon you probably won't need it as we'll see temperatures in the mid-70s. it is 53 in tampa. pockets of 40s to north. mild in bradenton. 55 in venice is 54. as we plan your afternoon what we'll see 10:00 a.m., 74. yesterday we were at 72. very close to where we were
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into the evening we'll see a nice pleasant night tonight with temperatures dipping back down to the 50s. a warmup in store. i'll tell you about that coming up. you can always track the weather any time. use our storm team 8 weather app. it is free. download it from the app store. we are following breaking news right now. a car has crashed into a law office on 301 south near brandon. now the driver in the hospital. mary mcguire just pulled up to the scene. mary, what can you tell us? >> hey, good morning to you, candace. we're waiting on county enforcement to come to check out the law office to make sure it is still safe for people to go inside. we're waiting for the tow truck that is just pulling up. let us look at this video from
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this all happened after 4:00 a.m. when a driver was headed south on 301. he then veered off of 301 and hit a brick wall of the carport alambra. the driver was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. me. they're taking the car away. the plates on the car were ohio driver's plates. we don't know if the person was here maybe visiting or if they lived here. certainly a lot of questions to be answered but i think that the own -- but i know the owner of this law office arrived on the scene and they said it is devastating for their business
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money to repair the building. >> good information. live in brandon. you can log on to our website or download our free news channel 8 app. it was a big day for senator ted cruz picking up kansas and maine on super saturday. it was a strong saturday to add to his super tuesday victories. it was also a win for front runner donald trump, who picked up louisiana and kentucky. he is asking the republican party to come together. >> we have a dynamic party and as a party we should come together and stop this foolishness. >> in the democratic party bernie sanders scored in two states. clinton still has twice the amount of delegates as sanders.
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michigan where she's hoping for a come back on tuesday. >> there is no barrier we can't break down. if we stand together and work you. i am asking for and hoping to receive your vote on tuesday. >> more delegates are up for white house. republicans vote in puerto rico. we have more on the race for the white house. >> reporter: on super saturday texas senator ted cruz visited the winner's circle first picking up 17 delegates winning the kansas caucus and 12 more by winning maine. >> the super tuesday election results, last two debates, together has been more and more unifying republicans behind our
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very encouraging sign. >> reporter: cruz picking up symbolic win in the straw pole of cpac. cpac is usually a key stop for republicans hoping to win the nomination. trump is playing by his own rules. he skipped the campaign in florida where a big bounty of delegates is up for grabs. >> i have taken more questions from reporters than any human being that has ever lived. >> reporter: trump said it is time for the republican field to thin. >> marco rubio had a bad night and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. i think it is time now. >> reporter: rubio brushed off that suggestion. democrat bernie sanders was hoping to pick up momentum on super saturday adding -- starting day with half the delegates as clinton.
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and we all know -- we all know the stakes keep getting higher and the rhetoric we're hearing sinking lower. >> reporter: sunday more delegates on the line. republicans have a primary in puerto rico and democrats caucus in maine. the contests in hawaii, idaho and mississippi following on tuesday. here in florida early voting has already started in all counties. tampa mayor bob buck horn took advantage of early voting on saturday. in hillsborough county alone 20,000 voters have taken advantage of early vote and more than 52,000 have voted by mail. florida's primary is coming up march 15th. we posted everything you need to know on a developing story.
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a man who fell off a royal caribbean cruise ship. he was on the denth deck when he fell off. it is currently off the coast of key largo. a warning for spring breakers. the florida highway patrol will increase its presence in march checking for drunk drivers. according to f.h.p. more citations are issued into march than any other month of the year. more than 32,000 crashes were reported last march in florida. 400 involving drivers whose legal limit. a bad crash at daytona this racetrack. police say that 43-year-oldie kenny was drunk when she plowed her truck in the infield. a witness said he watched as the
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>> she came out of the truck. she was all stumbling like, wow, whatever. at. >> police are saying a breathalyzer kenny had a blood legal limit. a pilot and his passenger were able to walk away unharmed after an emergency landing on a golf course in st. petersburg. the taip pilot was flying from manatee county. he was trying to get to albert whitted airport. >> i like to do a selfy with the plane and tease my friends up north how beautiful it is here in florida. >> take a selfie. on christmas eve of 2009 a
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emergency landing on that same course. the ntsb and faa are currently investigating the cause of this accident. problems for an airline. it had to abort takeoff due to mechanical problem. passengers could see the problem looking out the window. >> i was towards the back on the right-hand side and heard a big pop. i thought it sounded like maybe a tire popping and they immediately slowed down, turned and let us know it was something that was outside -- or in the engine that we could see, actually, outside our window. something fell off one of the right engines. >> wow, passengers had to be moved to other plane causing a long delay. that flight finally landed at clearwater st. pete airport. a scare at hulk hogan's
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building. a large number of people were on the second floor bal done knee when there was -- balcony when it shifted. no one was hurt. those who opposed this project took to the streets. it will add toll lanes and go through historic neighborhoods. people who work in the vm ybor neighborhood are concerned about the future of many historic buildings. >> the neighbors who live here are up in arms or don't even know what is being proposed. it is very concerning. one of the purposes of the march is to make people along the route aware that suddenly their home will either be lost or the interstate will be immediately across the street from them. >> this is the video on the florida department of
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they say why the express lanes will benefit the community. the main purpose is to relieve congestion. happening today, it is the last day to enjoy a spring tradition in the bay area. we're talking about seminars on flesh water fish, fly fishing, hunting, and boating at the outdoor expo. it is not just for shopping. but kids can learn about wildlife. there are dozens of seminars on fresh and salt water fish, boating, hunting. all day long kids can learn to -- and tie knots.
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ear to ear smile. it was awesome. i loving the reaction. >> it is at the florida state fairgrounds. admission is $8 for adults and free for kids 12 and under. again those are the hours for the outdoor expo. remarkable discovery in outer space. scott kelly was there a year on the space station and why it wasn't easy for him to come back
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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scott kelly is feeling the weight of the world again. he set at record with 340-day mission to the space station. this morning tom costello that expected. >> reporter: back on the ground for less than 48 hours scott kelly says he is still readjusting to life in 1g. >> coming back to gravity is harder than leaving gravity. >> reporter: after nearly a year in space he is far more fatigue he says. his muscles more sore than after an earlier mission. >> i have an issue with my skin because it hadn't touched anything for so long, like any
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very sensitive to -- almost like a burning feeling wherever i like sit or lie or walk. >> reporter: the doctors say he may have trouble sleeping at first while readjusting to day-night cycle. bones become more brittle. and he said he grew one and a half inches in space because his spinal column wasn't compressed by gravity, but he already shrunk back to his normal size. >> gravity pushes you back down to size. >> reporter: a big part of this mission, studying the health effects of long duration space flight for a future mars mission. comparing scott with his brother mark kelly back on earth, both men undergoing exhaustive medical exams both in space and on the ground. along his journey his tweets with stunning photography went viral. back on earth his first meal was a banana and after a year
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houston. meanwhile that whole gravity thing is taking time. >> i tried to shoot basket balls in the net. >> reporter: settling back in after a year up there. tom costello, nbc news, houston. [inaudible] you are wrong. the central intelligence agency has a job opening for a librarian. so what are the requirements? you must have a master's degree, prior library experience and the ability to pass an intensive background check including psychological exam and a lie detector test. the cia also says applicants must generally not have used illegal drugs within the last 12 months. if you qualify, the pay is pretty great, between 50 and $118,000 a year.
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to show you from a high school bask game in louisville, kentucky. ballard high was down by three with 6/10 of a second to go. ramsey rebounds and almost full court shot. gets nothing but net. semi-final game went into overtime. you thought they wouldn't lose after that but they did. still that shot right there, unforgettable. coming up we will have your full sunday forecast. also, california del with a terrible drought for years. but now residents are celebrating. how long strong storms are
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new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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time is 6:22. with all of the events this weekend there could be a few traffic tie-ups, leslee lacey has the traffic report. >> hello there, i hope you are enjoying sunday. lot of events are taking place. you may see extra traffic especially in downtown tampa. it is the gasparilla festival of the arts. you will see thousands of different types of artwork out there. you might want to check that out. also, it is tampa beer creek, craft beer beak and over at waterworks park from noon to 5:00 p.m. is the brewer's ball.
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the strawberry festival is under way and it will be stacked and packed as the first weekend kicks off in plant city. lemon street is where people head out to the festival. spring training, baseball is back. you see it outside. great venue here, 1:00 game this afternoon. you want to keep that in mind. extra packed around drew street, coachman and u.s. 19 as you exit towards that area tends to get busy an hour before the game. same thing goes here in bradenton. astros taking on the pirates and looking at lakeland, marlins and tigers slug it out.
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we have action packed film london has fallen. and there is whiskey, tango, foxtrot. el nino is bringing storms to california. this is a neighborhood near sacramento. heavy rain is needed in the northern part of the state because of the drought there. the rain will last today and into tomorrow morning. good morning, everyone. and el nino is having a strong footprint across this side of the country that it will actually cause implications here in our own area. california. mud slides are possible since it has been so dry. but the ripples downstream will leave us with very hot and dry conditions here in the bay area over the next couple of days. there is a cold front moving through at the moment but that just reinforces the low humidity and it will feel very
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now not too strong but they will pick up out of the north at about 12 miles per hour. temperatures are cool this morning. you will want that jacket as you head out the door. later this afternoon you probably can get by without it as we get into the mid-70s. it is 45 in brooksville. temperatures along the coastal spots in the mid-50s. similar temperatures. but florida warmth is spreading up into the canadian border at the moment. later this afternoon, i should say. what we're seeing is this large ridge. what happens out west will trigger the weather here. we're going to see this big upper level low develop over mexico and it's going to be so strong that it causes a lot of warmth to ride up here into florida. so what we're looking at is temperatures approach k the mid- to upper 80-drew degree mark as we head through the latter portions of the week. it will not feel like late in
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it will feel more like summertime here. today comfort bl. 74 in tampa. inland, 77 in winter haven. tonight will be cooling back down to where we are now, low 50s. let us talk about the next couple of days. as we head back to work we'll temperatures will be warming into the 80s here as we head through the workweek. no rain in the forecast, candace. it will be a dry week. even friday looks dry. we're pushing the rain chances back to saturday and it may turn out that even saturday will be rain-free as well. >> wow, nothing to complain about there. beautiful weather, time to get out. great festival today. good weather to do that. well, the rays bring their bats to sarasota. wait until you hear the hits they racked up. could tampa bay break franchise record with a ninth
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british prime minister winston churchill once quipped history will be kind to me for i intend to write it. how will we remember the tampa bay lightning as it spurtded through the -- sputtered through. they look to break club record
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and home team is doing plenty of pillattes. 2-1 tampa bay lead. carolina came back, tying it up and taking the lead on this jeff skinner goal. fetches his own rebound. tyler johnson. the triplets tie it up and we go to overtime. final minute of bonus hockey. peckham take it away. >> racing from one end to the other. score! winner. the streak lives. ninth consecutive victory. >> we didn't know the record until the last game when we got to 8 and people started talking about it. so it is pretty cool to beat that. >> when you're in the record book that is special. so, you know, i think it is just a start for this club.
6:31 am
maybe we want more. tonight is a great night. >> all you need is love and love is all you need. that is what athletic director josh whitman is saying. he fired the football coach and immediately smith surfaces the front runner for the job. multiple outlets said the deal is basically done. smith was fired by the buccaneers in january. how about a solo shot of nostalgia on a sunday. dan johnson solo home run in the bottom of the ninth in the 2011 season helped the rays make the playoff. the great pumpkin is back with tampa bay signing a minor league deal to become a knuckle ball pitcher. the new-old team took on the orioles. bruce smiley getting his start. brad miller ropes one into the
6:32 am
that plates a pair giving tampa bay 2-0 in the third. next inning. the score, steven pierce. also a big night for kk, kevin kiermaier. a triple all the way to the wall. the rays wrap 17 hits in all and beat the o's. >> going into the spring a little anxious or nervous. how will my arm feel, how is my stuff going to be? go out and have fun. good first game. >> the hard wood, south florida women, quarterfinals of the american conference tournament. you are witnessing courtney william in her finest hour. williams scored 18 points in the
6:33 am
she finished with game high 29 to go along eight rebounds. bulls play tonight at 6:30. this morning the search continues for the person who tried to burn down an apartment building in tampa. what we know about the suspect, coming up. plus the reality drama "night watch" is coming to tampa. we'll take you behind the scenes in the next half hour.
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you are watching news channel 8 today. good morning, i'm candace mccowan. it is time to get a check with mark collins for the latest what we can expect weatherwise. >> picture-perfect weather out here early on this morning. we have a front pushing through adding a little bit of texture to the gulf waters. otherwise it is comfortable. you may need a jacket but later in the afternoon, mid-70s is in our outlook. it is 6 now. you can see how nice it is over the beaches and in town cooler at 53 degrees. so what we'll see is a reinforcing shot of drier air in here. we'll be warming quickly from the morning 50s into the mid-70s here this afternoon with sunny skies to get you through the afternoon. great weather if you're going to
6:37 am
doing art shopping at curtis hicks son park for the gasparilla art festival. big warmup in store. enjoy the spring. it will feel more like summer as you will see in the extended forecast coming up in a bit. now to breaking news. a car has crashed into a law office on 301 south near brandon. the driver is in the hospital. mary mcguire got to the scene a half hour ago. have they removed the car from the building yet? >> hey, good morning, they have a tow truck, it took away the car 10 or 15 minutes ago. hillsborough county code enforcement did arrive on the scene here. they need to look at the building behind me to make sure it is still safe for people to go inside after this crash. let us look at the video from this morning.
6:38 am
when one driver was headed south on 301. he veered off the road, hit a carport at the law office located at 9905 alahambra avenue. we spoke with the owner of the law office. and here is what she said. >> i just feel awful. sounds like he is very hurt and i hope he is okay. it is a pretty devastating scene, you know, for our office. you know, i'm a single mom and a lawyer and for me to have to fix this on top of everything else and try to figure it out and run my business and take care of my business, this is heart-breaking. >> now i did notice the car that was towed away did have an ohio license plate. we don't know if the driver was from the tampa bay area or if they were here perhaps visiting. we're working to find out more
6:39 am
update for you coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. for updates on this story, log on to our website, or download our news channel 8 app. get ready to vote. most of florida can head to the polls today. two-thirds of the counties opened the polls. the primary is on march 15th. >> i think the combination of super tuesday election results, the last two debates, together has been more and more unifying republicans behind our campaign and that is a very, very encouraging sign. >> words from senator ted cruz after winning the kansas and maine caucuses on super saturday. they were strong victories to add to his super tuesday success in texas, oklahoma and alaska.
6:40 am
that is the message from the highway patrol. f.h.p. is ramping up its enforcement. there are more dui citations given out in march than any other month. last march there were more than 32,000 crashes athe state and those crashes ended in 35 deaths. researchers are searching for a person who tried to burn down an amount building in tampa. someone came to the building on north hyde park and poured flammable liquid in several fire. no one was injured. anyone with information, you are urged to call the police. a fugitive is behind bars. hernando deputies along with the u.s. marshal service arrested david deine, sr.. he is wanted for sexual battery on a minor. the detectives locked up
6:41 am
he was wanted for robbing a bb & t bank. investigators tracked him down at the racquetball club where he was saying. "night watch" is coming to tampa. the show will give viewers inside information. what first responders deal with will be featured. many don't know what happens behind the rescues. >> a lot of times what people see when it comes to fire and police is what is reported on television, in the news, and that's very important, but you as a reporter don't have time to go and find the back story of what was happening that day with that individual police officer or firefighter. you don't know the stresses that they have. you don't know the joys that they have.
6:42 am
in june. it will be interesting to see what goes on. we love our chicago fire and we get to see it in real life with tampa folks in it. >> it makes you appreciate what scenes. >> we only see the surface. pictures. we're seeing a beautiful sunset thanks to andrea who took these pictures along tampa bay. the glow in the sky, very vivid and we'll see another award-winning sunset to night, folks. plenty of sunshine in store. hopefully that will warm your hearts because it is cool as we start our morning. we're talking about a big warmup though ahead.
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work oftentimes is hard and can be hard on your health. a study from the american heart association determined certain professions wear us down more than others. we'll look at some of those. >> reporter: overall our work lives seem to be getting busier than ever. the american heart association say some professions take more of a toll on our health than others. here is some of the v of those occupations. sales positions. the news here is not great. 68% of the sales people in the study had poor eating habits and 69% had unhealthy cholesterol
6:46 am
police officers and firefighters, they keep us safe but researchers say say police officers and firefighters are not watching their own health. 35% had high blood pressure. and not surprisingly people who work with food. 79% of food workers in the study were found to have poor diets. if you're concerned your job is taking a toll on your well-being, experts recommend sensible changes such as bringing your own healthy lunch to work and setting aside half your lunch hour for a walk. minute. good sunday morning. we are off to a very nice start. a lit crisp out there. when you -- a little crisp out there. when you look at this picture you say what is a meteorologist this. nice day. we'll focus on temperatures
6:47 am
this forecast here. temperatures will be warming up especially as we head into the upcoming workweek. it is 51 right now. a little on the cool side over sun city center. in the afternoon we'll see a quick warmup with all that sunshine. in crystal river is 43. you're probably wearing that sweater as you go out to get the newspaper or take the dog for a walk. 55 in bradenton. milder along the coastal areas. 48 now in lakeland. will you get into the upper 70s later this afternoon with a big warmup here. by 10:00 a.m. it will be in the low 60s and afternoon 74 in tampa and cooling off again tonight. probably get back into the low and mid-50s tonight. there is a front on the doorstep right now. this is not noticeable. just keeping the dew points low, humidity on the low side and winds will be focussed out of
6:48 am
that sinks over south florida. we'll start to see clouds gather up tomorrow along the east coast and wither away as we head back to work on monday. the setup for the workweek will be warm and dry. this does not change here. the high at the surface and aloft will compress the air heating us up. but the weather will be active across the lower mississippi valley, flooding possible, more than five inches of rain there and severe weather will probably take place during the middle of the week. we stay dry this afternoon and all week long. 74 will be at here today. inland will get into the upper 70s and certainly some 80s coming up here as we head through the workweek. there you see the forecast showing you those mid-80-degree readings, some spots upper 80s. unusual weather here and we'll keep pushing the rain back. i had it in the forecast friday. i think saturday can be dry. looks like warm, dry weather is
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you know the package we ran about stressful jobs. doesn't sound like yours is too stressful. >> kicking back and just watching this weather pattern. an alert about what can
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this morning an piernt on your side safety alert for pet owners. you heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs but did you know that a common sweetener used in sugar-free gum can be more dangerous. one family found this out the hard way with her pup dancer. >> she found a container in my gym bag and ate all the gum in it, 25 to 30 pieces.
6:53 am
you're going to have a belly ache now. >> reporter: an hour later it was worse. she had no idea what was wrong until her daughters remembered reading sugar-free gum contains xlwtol which is toxic to dogs. >> she had a bad seizure. >> her blood sugar dropped to dangerously low levels. >> reporter: the doctor cared for dancer. she spent two days in icu. >> receiving around the clock intensive care and support for her liver. >> reporter: when dogs have zyltol, they often have liver failure. >> we prayed and she made it. >> reporter: she's still on medication to support her liver. >> she's a wonderful dog and we're thrilled she is back home with her family.
6:54 am
she wants to make sure others are aware of the danger. she posted this video on facebook. >> you keep your cabinets locked and keep bleaches and poisons away from your kids. the same thing needs to be done if you take on the responsibility of having a dog. >> still ahead, a puppy and a vet, melting hearts all over the internet.
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video of a crying puppy being sued by a vet is burning up social media and melting our hearts. listen to this. >> take a breath, puppy. >> very sweet. that is the dock for comforting the -- doctor comforting the puppy after surgery. the puppy was feeling weird from the anesthesia. the shelter shared a follow up with the pup with her new family. a man who fell off a cruise ship, the latest with the rescue efforts is next. we continue to follow breaking news. a car crashed into an office building in hillsborough county.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of hillsborough county. a car crashed into a law office building near brandon. a live report next. plus a big night for senators ted cruz and bernie sanders, picking up wins in two states on super saturday. the latest on the race for the white house is coming up. good sunday morning, i'm candace mccowan. we'll get to our top stories in a moment but first let us check on the weather forecast.


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