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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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a duplex fire in tampa. while you were sleep, flames broke out at the home. no one was home at the time but someone does live in one portion of the duplex. the red cross is stepping in to help. investigators are now trying to figure out what started the fire. our other top stories this morning, presidential candidates are now turning their attention to florida. this week hillary rodham clinton and senator marco rubio will hold rallies in tampa. senator rubio will be in the bay area today after winning puerto rico's delegates and now he is looking to win the
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the fight over a decades- in court today. hope opening statements begin today in the hulk hogan verses gawker trial. hogan is suing gawker claiming they violated his privacy by posting portions of a sex tape he was in. remembering nancy reagan. the former first lady died over the weekend. she was 94 years old. mrs. reagan will be burieded at the ronald reagan presidential library next to her husband. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i am candace mccowan in today for gene ramirez. today promises to be a perfect florida spring day with comfortable temperatures and lots of sunshine. and meteorologist leigh spann is here to tell us about it. >> that's right, sunshine and warm temperatures. and we can thank this area of high pressure. sinking air and acts like a bubble, a barrier to keep any
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getting close to us. we're underneath this bubble and the skies are clear. and it's cool this morning, 43 degrees in inverness, yeah, you might need a light jacket. lakeland and bartow, warmer closer to the coast. but during the afternoon under this bubble of high pressure, we hit 79 degrees. so in weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:08, i have an hour by hour look at your monday. and leslee is here to give you the street by street look. >> that's right. south tampa, looking good. we have overnight construction, that in a second. and we want to look at downtown here. let's flip over and look at brandon, we do have a little bit of an issue at mount caramel and highway 60. a collision trying to wrap up. the same. and in sarasota, overnight construction, still affecting lanes on university westbound underneath i-75. you can get by but a little bit of construction there.
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still be blocked so take fruitville as well. that's a look at weather and traffic. the race for the white house comes to florida. this week, two candidates will hold rallies here in the bay area. republican senator marco rubio and democrat hillary rodham clinton. today senator rubio will stop in tampa after the senator picked up his second win, this one in puerto rico. a spokesman for the hillsborough county republican party believes that senator rubio needs a strong showing in florida's primary on march 15th to stay in the race. >> i think the game changer would be florida going to senator rubio. i think that hits the reset button for all three candidates but if trump or cruz were to come out ahead in florida, then i think at that point, unfortunately, maybe a two-man race. >> senator rubio's rally is at the tampa convention center. it begins at 5:00. news channel 8 will be there live. be sure to tune in for complete coverage beginning on first at 4:00. democrat hillary rodham clinton will campaign in tampa
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campaign staff is not releasing details on the stop yet but we will share them just as soon as we find them. and this morning, the online world is buzzing about the latest debate between clinton and senator bernie sanders. >> it was really heating up this time. both candidates spent a lot of time focusing on the lead contamination in flint, michigan where the debate took place. lindsey, with the michigan primary just a day away, last night's debate was important for many reasons. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the most lively debates so far between clinton and sanders. and right now, #demdebate is trending herer in tampa. the two started bickering. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy --
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>> excuse me, i'm talking. [ applause ] >> the you're going to talk, tell the whole story, senator sanders. >> i'll tell my story, you tell yours. >> i will. >> reporter: the debate centered on the lead contamination crisis in flint, michigan. both candidates are calling for the republican governor to resign or for a recall election because of the water crisis. this went on as maine held a democratic caucus and sanders won the caucus. and according to twitter, he picked up more online followers than clinton. and now you can see here that republicans got some attention during the debate as well. donald trump also picked up more followers than hillary rodham clinton. and although it is close, senator sanders also got a conversation. you can see 55% compared to clinton with 45%. despite all of this, analysts insist clinton actually cake out ahead during the debate but
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won the democratic debate. i have a poll on twitter. >> all right. now it's heating up on both sides. thank you. and of course you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #58 all right. happening -- #8alert. happening today, hulk hogan verses gawker begins in a few hours. news channel 8's josh thomas joins us live outside the pinellas county courthouse where the case will be heard. and josh, it's been a long road to get here. >> reporter: it has. and while it will be starting today, it's going to take time to wrap up. and now the former pro wrestler is suing the website gawker over a sex tape it released in 2012. logan claims the release was an invasion of his privacy. they posted it online.
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the former pro wrestle contends it should not have been made public but attorneys for gawker they should have been allowed to release because he is a public figure. >> this case is about one video that was posted on a website. and whether it was news worthy. period. it isn't about race. >> reporter: now late friday, a jury of six was selected along with three alternates. in terms of both sides agreeing to that jury make-up. opening statements in the civil trial are scheduled to begin at 9:00 this morning and you can current on -- and you can count on news channel 8 to follow it and have the latest on first at 4 :00. also happening today, a new phase of the erin andrews peephole trial gets under way. the jury will begin deliberating. andrews is suing her stalker million.
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hotel allowed the stalker to book the next next ho her's and then he took video of her and posted them online. she is the daughter of news channel 8's chief investigative reporter steve andrews. leigh, what can we expect for this monday? >> well, absolutely gorgeous weather. now if you live in florida, you might think it's cool this morning and it is. temperatures generally in the 40s and 50s. we just warm up so quickly. let me show you, even by 10:00 this morning, we are well into the 60s. if you are out and about for lunch, 73, short sleeve weather. almost shorts weather. and 70 at 7:00 p.m. through friday. and after today, in the 80s every afternoon. the humidity slowly increases levels. 82 wednesday. and check out 83 on thursday.
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above average so often. average. no complaints there. right now, traffic is not above average because it's not overall. overnight construction. on. this is southbound 275. we're in pinellas county here. and this is actually near the 31st street ramp. you can see the arrow pushing you off. and that actually as we move in here to 22nd avenue south, that has all the traffic being pushed to the two left lanes. but it's so light, not a lot of vehicles and we don't have delays. this should wrap up within an hour but again, the two left lanes taken away from the 31st street ramp and 22nd avenue south. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back the to candace and gayle. >> leslee, thank you. tomorrow marks two years since malaysia airline's flight m h 370 disappeared. and then a florida diver
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what he calls a diving nightmare. the amazing story and how he survived the ordeal next. but first, an army of women making a difference here in the bay area. >> i thought, well i'm never going to be a person that will live out of their car. >> up next, how this group got one woman and her daughter off the street and back in control. it's 5:10.
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8 on your side with an inside look at an army of our community. they have a long list of good deeds under their belt and this morning i'm going to show you firsthand a look at how the group totally turned the life around of one mom and now she's passing it on. >> you used to get inside this. you did. you used to crawl -- you remember crawling in there? >> reporter: memorials of a safe place. susan rain -- memories of a safe place. susan and her daughter called the salvation army. she had a job and a small amount of savings until a turn
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>> i resolved myself, time to stay in the car. and i went to a couple places. i ended up driving down to florida just praying, i don't know, is this really where i'm supposed to be lord? and i remember driving to florida and seeing a salvation army sign on the top of the building. had not been there. which was this building actually. >> reporter: for nine months, she and her daughter lived here rebuilding their lives. and a year later, they look back at this place as a rock. >> i have started to nourish more than i ever did in 20 years -- to flourish more than years. >> reporter: i found an old scrapbook of generations of women and now she is part of that army. >> i am happy to give back. the organization that really helped my younger -- the organization that really helped my younger daughter and i regroup.
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i could work but still save money and look and find a place, find an apartment. and i transitioned out. and not only just living but starting to move forward. >> reporter: she plans to continue to be part of the women's army. and she is moving forward with an associate's degree, a great job and plans to continue her education at usf. you can get involved with the group as well. they are putting on a fun fashion show this friday to raise money and awareness. i will be there as the emcee. the doors open at 10:30. and i have more information for you on how you can take part posted on isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing in baghdad. b ombing in bag -- baghdad. at least 47 people died. last month, isis claimed responsibility for two other suicide bomb ago tacks in baghdad.
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possible part from the doomed malaysia airlines flight mh 370 is found. a man who found a winged fragment of the flight last year claims he found something else on the same french island in the indian ocean. he claims he found a piece of the plane. that piece has not yet been linked to the jetliner that disappeared two years ago tomorrow. the coast guard is no longer searching for a passenger who fell from a cruiseship near key largo. the texas man was on the 10th deck of a royal caribbean ship when he fell overboard. crews searched more than 2,000 square nautical miles without finding the man before they called off the search. a florida man is filing a lawsuit against florida how we are and light claiming -- florida power and light claiming that a pipe sucked him
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he claims he tumbled through for about five minutes. he thought he was going to die. >> going to chop me up and killed me. do i pull the regulator out of my mouth and just die? started thinking about my family. you know, how are they going to survive without me? >> the diver explains the pipe eventually spit him into a pond at the plant. he is suing fpl claiming the pipe was not properly marked but the company insist he missed a buoy warning people to stay away. lady gaga is using her celebrity status to draw attention to a good cause. she took off the crazy costumes to jump into freezing water. she took a polar plunge into the waters of lake michigan while on the back of her fiance, the chicago fire star. the annual event is a fund olympics.
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kids that are here. so awesome and inspiring. this is no big deal, just happy to be there for them. >> organizers say that she and other celebrities helped the event's record turnout this year. 85 teams and their dogs are attempting to conquer the alaska terrain. scott janssen was the first to reach the first stop. they are expected to reach the town in about nine days. and they finally got a little bit of snow. they actually had to ship it in. >> yeah, i guess the race goes on no matter weather. this morning a little bit on the cool side. i mean, we're not racing sled dogs but 56 degrees at 8:00 a.m. this morning might be cool for you. it warms up really fast. 73, very pleasant at noon. 79 at 3:00 p.m. and should feel warm in the
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now, look at this, 43 in weeki wachee. 42 brooksville. polk county, 50 in lakeland. 54 in bradenton. and i checked in with my weather watcher wendy in brooksville, she is at 43 degrees. so what happens to the temperatures? well, we get this nice east to southeast breeze so even at about 5:30 still cool and in the low 40s. lakeland, about 49. watch, even by 7:00 a.m., we start to warm up, lakeland at 50. sarasota at 2. and quickly, most of us in the 70s by 10:00 a.m. 70 brooksville. and the hottest part of the day, in the mid- to even upper 70s, staying very pleasant through and dropping back to the 60s by 8:00 tonight. and then 80 and sunny tomorrow. low 80s wednesday, thursday and friday. how about traffic on the 8s? rolling right along, folks. we have an update on overnight construction in the sarasota area. what you need to know, looks
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-- like the off-ramp southbound to university is reopened but they are picking up the cones. we've still got some construction as well on university westbound, a couple lanes taken away under neither 75. you can get by but nonetheless, wrapping up soon. and again, the on-ramp still blocked. lakeland, things look great in downtown. polk parkway up to speed and i- 4, wonderful drive between each entrance, a fast 11 minute commute. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to candace and gayle. well a push to protect our personal information is not taking off like it should be. >> how many businesses are not
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squash and tomatoes. it's sure to be a family favorite. visit for great recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. a new survey finds less than half of american businesses are now using the credit card chip technology that was intended to fight fraud. only 37% of businesses are accepting the cards right now. the survey looked at 92 service payment providers that service more than half of the u.s. card- accepting market. businesses were supposed to adopt the technology by last october or face penalties. well an internet hall-of- famer has died. the man credited with the invention of email and the @ sign in our email addresses has passed away. he invented emails in 1971
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not many people had access to computers then so the creation didn't take off until the late '80s and early '90s. >> that's a cool story. never knew that. you might call it a naturally intoxicating experience. you can now kick back and relax at a beer-themed spa in oregon called hop in the spa. customers can immerse themselves in hop-infused treatments. the soak involves taking locally brewed beer, solidifying it, grinding it up and then using it as a bath brew to soak in. so you can't just fill up the tub with beer. >> you wonder if you should have a beer while doing it, if it helps you out. >> take a little sip. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutesway. >> plus, the it's the end of the road for -- minutes away. plus, it's the end of the road for super bowl-winning quarterback peyton manning. the amazing stats. and a young boy parts with
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to support his friend with cancer. how much he raised by selling his baseball cards.
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it is 5:28. and there's a bit of a chill in the air so the kids going to be the bus stop, may need a light jacket, 56 degrees. but they would want be wearing when they come home from school, 79. and emoji man has two thumbs up, sunny all week long with a gradual increase in temperatures. and then low 80s. no thumbs up in sarasota. this is why. we're seeing color change, approach university.
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they were picking up the cones. that's what's going on, they are trying to clear the construction for you. so right now, probably blocked for a couple lanes and they are trying to reopen the entrance ramp. the off-ramp has been reopened. and construction under neither the interstate but probably by the next report, it will be clear.
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good monday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. >> and i am gayle guyardo. we are just eight days away from florida's presidential primary. in the coming days, expect candidates to step up their campaigns here in the bay area. today senator marco rubio will be in tampa for a campaign rally at the tampa convention center. doors open at 4:00 p.m. tensions continue to rise at this hour as north korea threatens nuclear strikes on the united states and south korea.


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