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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. our top stories this morning, the search is on for the gunman or gunmen who opened fire in a south tampa neighborhood. one person is dead. and another is now in the hospital. and the neighbors at the south bay apartments on south lois avenue are on edge. you can see. we are checking with police for updates right now. they have no suspect descriptions but they tell us that the victims were inside a car when another car pulled up and shots rang out.
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including michigan head to the polls today for presidential primaries and caucuses today. at the the same time, the candidates are turning their focus to florida. democrat bernie sanders will rally supporters in miami. it's all ahead of our primary a week from today. an 8 on your side consumer alert, skimming devices with blue tooth technology found at a gas station, this time in sarasota. that means the crooks can access your credit card data remotely without touching the pump. they were found at the mobile station at the corner of cattlemen and truettville roads and now investigators are warning drivers to check their credit card and bank statements. leigh, i was looking for rain to wash the pollen off the car but i don't think i'm going to get it. >> no, you will not. it will continue to layer itself and you can get a car wash because if you're like me,
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this area of high pressure keeping the rain back to the west. and around high pressure, you get clockwises so a couple clouds off the gulf of mexico. it is warmer than yesterday. but it's still a little cool in spots. 49 in zephyrhills. 55 in lakeland. 57 in plant city. and gets warmer closer to the coast like 64 in st. pete. and 55 in apollo beach. and brooksville is 11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. about seven degrees warmer in brandon. six in tampa. and we will hit 80 this afternoon. which is above the average of 75. so in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:08, i go specifically hour-by-hour so no matter what time you got outside, you will know what to expect and leslee, what can they expect? >> no congestion. >> good. a great drive on the bay area bridges and traffic light. this is i-4 in lakeland, looks fantastic. but we have trouble spots. let's talk about pinellas county. in pinellas park, we've got a
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serious crash. 49th street at u.s. 19. and we've got areas of the intersection blocked. i will keep an eye on this one for you. and next, more accidents to get to but now back to candace and gayle. >> thank you. right now, police are investigating a deadly shooting in south tampa. it happened at the gardens at south bay apartments along south lois avenue. we have been following the story since the 11:00 newscast. and that's where news channel 8's lindsey mastis joins us live. lindsey, more than one person was shot so how is the other victim? >> reporter: we are told by police that the other man is in the hospitalled and he is expected to survive. they are not releasing his name nor the name of the man that died. they are waiting to tell his family what happened. and now it all began here and then ended about two miles down the road. police tell me both of the victims were in the same car when another car pulled up and shots rang out. and i want you to take a look at this. you can see a man so upset, he tries to cross the police line
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down to keep that from happening. dozens of people gathered and emotions ran high. and now police are working on finding out what led up to the incident and who is responsible for the shooting. i made multiple calls this morning and i keep checking, so far, no arrests. and now they believe that this was not random -- now they believe that this was not random, that the two individuals were targeted because of an ongoing dispute. as soon as i learn more about the victims or who the police are looking for, we will let you know on-air and online. >> thank you. happening today, it's back to the witness stand for hulk hogan and his trial against the website gawker. hogan is suing the site over the release of a sex tape. news channel 8's josh thomas is live from the pinellas county courthouse. josh, hogan has already had a lot to say. >> reporter: yes, and he will have probably more to say today as he takes the stand for the second day and is cross-
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and now that hear willing begin in the courthouse behind me here in st. petersburg around 9:00 this morning. hogan is seeking $100 million from gawker for putting the sex tape online, a tape he claims has ruined his reputation. and now following opening statements in the civil trial, hogan whose real name is terry gene bollea was the first to take the witness stand. he told the court that he was best friends with the radio shock jock and he claims that bubba and his now ex-wife heather talked to ho gathered and began about having sex with her -- to hogan about having sex with her but he had no idea he was recorded on a security cameras. >> it was so surreal that i was there and he was handing me a condom. one thing led to another and i let my guard down. >> reporter: now gawker released its own statement yesterday staying in part that
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a day acknowledges that as hulk hogan he takes artistic license and does not tell the truth. and now part gawker's argument is that they have a right to publish the tape because hogan is a well-known figure. and he will testify again this morning. the trial is expected to last up to three weeks and of course, you can stay with news channel 8 for the latest developments on this civil trial. >> another high-profile case right here in tampa bay. thank you, josh. it's being called a stern warning for the hotel industry. a nashville jury awarding erin andrews a $55 million settlement in the lawsuit against a stalker and the owners of a hotel. >> was the defendant michael barrett at fault? answer, yes. question number two, did the defendant windsor capital incorporated at fault? answer, yes. >> the jury decided andrews'
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nude video he took and posting those images online. the owners and the hotel management company were found 49% at fault. legal analysts believe this say message to hotels to change their procedures. well, gayle continues our coverage now. and how is the family doing now? >> reporter: well, the family seems to be grateful. erin andrews already tweeting, i would like to thank the nashville court, personnel and the jury for their services. the support i have received from the people of nashville has been overwhelming. she goes on to say, i would also like to thank my family, friends and legal team and speaking of erin's family, we are hearing this morning from our very own steve andrews. he is erin's dad and he is our lead investigative reporter here at news channel 8. his tweet reads, on behalf of my family and myself, thank you to the people of nashville for looking out and standing up for
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and now of course, as you would imagine, this whole case has a lot of people trolling. they think she got way too much in the payout. but quick to see here on twitter, people are jumping to her defense. from brian, twitter lawyers think the verdict is excessive. most real lawyers have no opinion because they were not in the courtroom. next. people think that she had a lot of guts to go after the hotel and the guy looking through the peephole. all right, back to you candace. >> thank you. a teacher scandal in highlands county and child abuse reporting law, they'll be the focus of a special meeting. it comes in the midst of investigations into pornography at three local schools. two teachers are accused of sending or receiving naked photos and a third teacher is charged with having sex with a 14-year-old. leigh has a good job of
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>> always nice to be the meteorologist this time of year. let's go outside looking at the lake club there. it's 60 degrees, milder near the coast. most of us in the low to mid- 50s. and bow do we warm up quickly. 59 by 8:00 a.m. just two hours from now. and then we jump to 68 by 10:00 a.m. make another leap to 75 at noon. make another huge jump to 80 by 3:00 p.m. and with the low humidity and the breeze, no matter what time you go outside, should feel great including around 6:00, 7:00 when we're back in the mid- 70s. in fact, near the 80s all week long and including sunshine through friday. sorry for the bad timing but looks like the next rain chance will come over the weekend. 75 is the average. we are 80 today. 82 tomorrow. and 83 on thursday. we will check on traffic on the 8s now though because pretty soon those roads will get very busy. >> that's right. we have a big accident in
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if you commute on u.s. 19 or 49th, look at the maps here. here's what's going on. u.s. 19. intersection. serious injury crash, possible ejections as well. and there's a lot of activity out there and some of the lanes southbound 49th are blocked. you can take 66 to avoid it. instead, stay away from the intersection as they continue to work it. 275 looks great. no delays across the howard franklin bridge. and now back to candace and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much, leslee. well a shocking admission from a star tennis player. >> yeah, still ahead, what maria sharapova admitted to doing. and a plane falls out of the sky. coming up, the bizarre scene that played out on surveillance video in new york and what happened to the people inside. plus -- >> reporter: these are sculptures created to help identify unknown victims but there's a problem. i'm 8 on your side's lindsey mastis, i'll show you why these
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8 on your side found out some very important sculptures are being kept in storage right now. they are busts of unidentified bodies found in the area and there's a push to get them into the public eye but that could be a long process. news channel 8's lindsey mastis shows us what's holding things up.
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could help solve nine cases. >> for one face, you could have a million people see it but if it's not the one right person, then it's not going to make a difference. >> reporter: they stood on display at usf for about a month after artists created facial reconstructions from remains found throughout tampa bay. but now, poster boards are stacked up and the sculptures are under lock and key in the state attorney's office. >> is it a disappoint to you display? >> they need to be. and what we need is public awareness. it could help catch a killer. >> reporter: where should the busts be? he is open to ideas but one thing is clear, families need to be able to lay their loved ones to rest. >> even though the remains were recovered in tampa bay, some of the victims could be from out of state. so we put a map and the story on that shows exactly where each body was found. and a look at the sculptures. you can share the story on
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and you might help solve one of the cases. well competition is getting tough in the search for a new hanger for noaa's hurricane hunter planes. right now, the planes are based at macdill air force base but must move by next year. noaa is planning a second visit to assess facilities. many in the industry believe lakeland is perfect because it has an 8500-foot runway, plenty of hanger space and less air traffic. st. pete clearwater airport is also in the running. tennis star maria
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she tested positive for med loan yum. we are getting a look at scary video of a garbage truck crashing off an interstate ramp and falling 100 feet. the florida highway patrol just released the video from the crash last month in miami. this view shows the driver and what happens inside the truck when it smashes through the guardrail and then falls. and now check this out. another view of the crash, its dash cam looking out the windshield as the truck falls and gets shaky and then you can there. when the truck hits the ground, it landed right-side up. the driver was thrown if the truck but survived. and he is recovering at home this morning. investigators are trying to crash. dramatic video of a small plane falling from the sky. you see it there. take a look. that's what surveillance video captured on long island. out of the blue, a plane hits the ground hard, bouncing a bit
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a father and daughter were inside at the time. they walked away with only bumps and scratches maizingly. the -- scratches amazingly. the ntsb is now investigating. police are looking for two robbers who took off with an atm from a mini mart. surveillance video captured the doors. the chains broke so the truck drove through the front door. and once inside, you can see the thieves wrestle with the cash machine before taking off. well, an unusual sight in illinois, a car with a 15-foot tree stuck in the front grill there. can you believe that? take a closer look. police took this picture after pulling over the driver. they posted the picture on facebook but someone questioned whether it was real. well that's when police released dash cam video of the traffic stop. it's not funny but you can see the tree sticking out above the car.
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was drunk and they are now using this as a message to not drink and drive. >> i guess he thought he would make it home with the tree. sky watchers in southeast asia, hawaii and alaska are gearing up for this year's only total solar eclipse. scientists will study the eclipse so understand more about the next one in 2017 which will be visible here in it's. a total eclipse happens when the moon passes directly between the sun and earth causing the moon to briefly region. time now 4:18. beautiful day. this morning out there. ranch. and i think some of the clouds couple hours or so. 60 degrees at that location. by 8:00 a.m., a little bit cool in a few spots, especially east of 75 in the 50s. but it warms up fast. already 75 at noon. 80 by 3:00 p.m. that's above average.
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that are cooler like apollo beach, 57. plant city, 55. inverness, 48. st. pete, closer to the coast, it's warmer, 64 degrees. i even checked in in inverness. dora says it's 50 at her house. watch how the temperatures climb so fast. a breeze from the southeast and that allows us to warm up. 8:00, 60. 64 in tampa. 61 sarasota. but after that, we really see that big jump in temperature, 72 in tampa by 10:00 a.m. 71 st. pete. by noon, upper 70s. 80 by 3:00 p.m. some of us even in the low 80s. and really comfortable through the evening and still upper 60s to low 70s at 8:00 tonight. and low 80s continue through the work week. and a couple showers possible saturday. how about traffic on the 8s? well, in pinellas park, we have an injury accident folks and it's tying up lanes. big crash here. heads up, southbound 49th.
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and i want you to avoid the intersection. take 66th instead of 49th in the area or allow extra time. bridge. cortez road at 14th street, manatee county. we have a collision. that one is in lanes. 75, 301, looks great. but right here eastbound causeway boulevard at 50th wrap up. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to candace and gayle. >> thank you. a country music superstar isn't slowing down any time soon. >> the legendary sing their is taking her show on the road at the age of 70. but first, a legendary rock band is postponing some concerts. why the move could save someone from going deaf.
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well the rock band ac/dc needs to turn down the volume to save the lead singer's hearing. they are postponing some of the upcoming u.s. tour dates. his doctor told him to stop touring immediately or risk going deaf. the band is expected to make up the shows with a guest vocalists. >> he will be singing, i've got the biggest eardrums of them all. dolly parton is hitting the road. she announced what she called her biggest north american tour in 25 years. she will perform in 60 cities in canada and the u.s. it begins in june and will end in september. i saw her. what a charming and talented woman she is. >> she leaves you feeling warm. >> i love her. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus, a brave little girl
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to kidnap her. >> i just knew my instincts said to run away and scream. >> new in the next half hour, hear her story and how her backpack might have helped save her life.
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it is 6:28. this morning, if you're just sending the kids to the bus stop, a few clouds around, cool in spots, 59 degrees. but by if afternoon, 80. emoji man says it's perfect beach weather. still have the low humidity. unfortunately for allergy suffers, tree pollen remains in the high category, not just today but also tomorrow and thursday. and leslee has an update in traffic on the 8s. a great drive, i-4 around the polk parkway.
6:29 am
take a look at pinellas park. we have lanes blocked, southbound 49th affected. take 66 instead of 46th to get through here. u.s. 19 moving at darn good speeds and a great drive on the
6:30 am
well good morning and today. ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. in our top stories this morning, tensions run high as tampa police investigate a deadly shooting in south tampa. two people were shot at an apartment complex on south lois avenue. one of the victims is dead. the other one is recovering in the hospital at this hour. new this morning, we've learned both victims were inside a car when they were shot. hulk hogan is expected back on the stand today in the civil trial between him and the website gawker. hogan testified monday that he was, quote, humiliated when
6:31 am
having sex. he is suing the website for $100 million. gawker's attorneys will get to cross-examine him today. let's look outside. a live look at tampa's skyline this morning. you can see that's looking over at the university of tampa right here off of the new center. meteorologist leigh spann is telling us, it's going to be beautiful day. highs could reach around 80. >> that's right. which is above average but not into an uncomfortable range. this is another live look in sun city center. patchy clouds this morning. i don't think they'll last much longer. 59 degrees though, so just a touch cool. 55 in plant city where the strawberry festival is going on. 59 in bradenton. and we are all warmer than this time yesterday. tampa, six degrees warmer. degrees warmer. three degrees warmer in s t. pete. today at the strawberry festival, 3:30, golden boys and
6:32 am
and even this morning at 10:00 a.m., should feel great out there, 69 degrees. 82 degrees at 3:00 p.m. 71 degrees at 8:00. i show you the next eight days in weather and traffic on the 8s. and leslee is here to let you know about the roads. let's start off with pinellas park. this is the biggest issue right now. big injury accident here affecting lanes southbound on 49th street right at u.s. 19. 66 is a good parallel alternate to 49 so you can avoid that problem spot there. and let's talk about clearwater, new on the list, in downtown clearwater, a collision at fort harrison and court street. be on the lookout for that. still a good drive to to the bridges and into -- drive to the bridges and into the beach. this is off to the shoulder. that's a look at weather and back to candace and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. right now, a deadly shooting in south tampa puts a neighborhood on edge. look at how emotional neighbors became while police investigated. it puts things in perspective.
6:33 am
continues for the person or people who pulled the trigger. this all happened at the gardens at south bay last night. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is live from the scene this morning where she has been asking for updates. any arrests yet, lindsey? >> reporter: well, gayle, no arrests this morning. i have been talking with the tampa police department and they tell me no arrests so far. and now as for the victim, one is in the hospital. he is expected to survive. the other man is dead. and right now, we're told that they're still searching for the shooter or shooters. they're not indicating whether there's one or more than one. and it all began here and ended about two miles away. police tell me both of the victims were riding in the same car when another car pulled up and shots rang out. video again. a large crowd gathered in the shooting. emotions ran high.
6:34 am
you can see a man so upset, he line. and police have to take him happening. investigators believe that the men were targeted because of an ongoing dispute but right now, they are not releasing the names of the victims nor a description of the shooter or involved. as soon as we get more information, we will let you know on-air and online. gayle, back to you. >> thank you so much, lynn see. the hulk hogan trial against the website gawker is back on. the former prowrestler will take the stand. news channel 8's josh thomas is live from the courthouse in st. pete. and josh, a lot of people are watching to see exactly what happens here. >> reporter: yes, indeed. no question about it. not only here in the bay area but also across the country as well, candace. and now hulk hogan is expected to return to the witness stand today and testify.
6:35 am
examined by attorneys for gawker. of course, hogan is suing the website gawker in this civil trial. hogan whose real name is terry gene bollea is suing the website for $100 million. now following opening statements yesterday, hogan was stand. he told the court that he had a friendship with the radio shock heather. she is the woman seen in the stay with hogan. the former prowrestler testified that he was aware that they had a security camera inside the home but he did not know he was being recorded. his image. >> i was embarrassed what it did to me as a person, but it character. hulk hogan was embarrassed. >> reporter: now attorneys for the website gawker claim that they have the right the to
6:36 am
is a well-known public figure. once again, hogan will be cross- examined by attorneys for gawker when the trial resumes here in st. petersburg around 9:00 this morning. the trial is expected to last up to three weeks. and you can certainly count on news channel 8 to keep you updated on the very latest developments in this trial as it progresses. >> yeah, a lot of interesting details yesterday, josh. thank you. this morning an 8 on your side consumer alert. we keep talking and it now this gets more serious -- talking about it and now this gets more serious. detectives discovered credit blue tooth technology. it was found at a mobile station at the corner of cattlemen and fruitville roads. they were being used to steal credit card data and then accessed remotely without even having to touch the gas pump. officials believe they may have been there for two weeks. if you purchased gas there, you will want to check your statements or call your bank. well this morning we are
6:37 am
florida girl about how she escaped from a man who attempted to kidnap her. >> it was all caught on surveillance video in pompano beach. when the driver of the tan suv stopped and asked her if she was walk home from school. she ignored him. and you can see here she is running away. she says he then turned around and stopped the vehicle, grabbed her from behind the child's quick thinking and her backpack probably saved her life. >> he grabbed me around my waste and wrapped his fingers around. i was pulling his wrist away from each other. and that's when, i guess, he gave up and i just kept running. and he ran back to his car. >> understandably, she was in tears when she reached her aunt's house. deputies are looking for the would-be kidnapper and released this sketch of him. >> what a scary story. new this morning, at least 14 people are injured after the derailment of this commuter train in california.
6:38 am
you will see one of the cars fell into a creek. the train was traveling from central california to san francisco bay. passengers describe what it felt like onboard. >> it just shifted the gravity all of a sudden and we were all just panicking. one member was just under the mud slide and we were trying to dig her out while the train was hanging. >> none of the injuries are life-threatening. authorities believe a tree that fell on the tracks knocked the train off the rails. heavy rain may be to blame for the fallen tree. well the time right now is 6:38 on this tuesday morning. and we are in store for another beautiful day. >> it's already starting this morning. temperatures are cool but they're a little warmer than they were this time yesterday. and now that we're just a few minutes from sunrise, you can bet it's going to be the coolest part of the day . degrees at 8:00 a.m. 68 at 10:00. huge leaps in temperatures each hour. 75 degrees at noon. 80 at 3:00 p.m.
6:39 am
average of 75 but a comfortable afternoon and evening. 75 degrees at 6:00 p.m. and if you are headed to the spring training games today, clearwater, sarasota, lakeland, dunedin, all the games just after 1:00. passing clouds and sunshine and mid- to upper 70s when the games start. so put that sunscreen on and stay hydrated with water at those games. 80 degrees today. 28 tomorrow. 83 on thursday. i know there's a lot of refreshments at the games. >> what else would be you be drinking? >> just the sunscreen and glasser for sure. >> cooled a. >> maybe a nice sprite. >> yes, exactly. and what else to look out for at the games, traffic. remember, it gets really busy. you definitely want to allow for extra time. and bearss avenue to i-4, up to 16 minutes so seeing slow and go traffic starting to build as we push towards rush hour. southbound 275 great off the howard franklin bridge.
6:40 am
pinellas park, yeah, a hot spot at 49th southbound, folks. 49th street right at u.s. 19. no delays on 275 and st. pete. and downtown clearwater, fort harrison avenue at court street, a collision. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. and now back to candace and gayle. >> thank you. a massive traffic back-up in texas. >> pretty funny. ahead, why police blame a woman who got a case of naked dancing fever. >> sometimes you catch it. mystery machine. coming up, who police claim was behind the wheel. we will give you a guess, it wasn't skooby or shaggy. the campaign events planned
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in your vote, this is decision day. today's biggest race, michigan. polls there open in less than 30 minutes. democrat candidates have been heavily campaigning in that state. they are battling for a total of 148 delegates and republicans have 59 delegates at stake. democrats hillary rodham clinton and senator bernie sanders appeared on fox news channel for a town hall in detroit, monday night. senator sanders was the first to take questions. he stressed that he is determined to win the nomination. while clinton responded to michael bloomberg's announcement that he will not be seeking a run for the presidency. other states having primaries today, mississippi where republicans have 40 delegates and democrats have 41. republican voters in idaho and hawaii will also head to the polls today. despite the importance of those primary, candidates have all eyes on florida and your vote. just today alone, senator
6:45 am
donald trump will hold a press conference in jupiter. and senator marco rubio will campaign in sarasota. on wednesday, there's a democratic debate in miami where news channel 8's keith cate and i will be covering and followed by a republican debate in south florida this thursday. let's take a look at the latest poll from university. it shows trump in the lead over marco rubio by eight points. and senator cruz is in third place with 17% support. this morning, the sun . they claim that none of the remaining candidates are worthy of its endorsements. marco rubio will be campaigning at the dolphin aviation hanger in sarasota. after making a stop here in tampa yesterday. well before the rally, he told us that he is not giving up. >> i'm going to be on the bag lot. this is going to be a very long process.
6:46 am
campaign like this. no one, not even donald trump, is on track to have 1,237 delegates. >> this morning, senator ted cruz has a new key endorsement in a contested state. the mississippi governor announced monday that he is endorsing senator ted cruz for the republican nomination. in a statement, he urged the people of mississippi to stand behind senator cruz today. before landing in florida today, donald trump held a rally in madison, mississippi. he has about 44% of the delegates so far. he still needs 853 delegates to secure the nomination. well, florida's primary is on march 15th. that's exactly one week from today and we want to remind you that early voting is already going on right now. we posted everything you need to know on a sobering new report about the number of people who are dying on our roads. not people in cars but those walking.
6:47 am
association found pedestrian deaths jumped 10% in 2015. it's partly blamed cellphones for distracting drivers and walkers. well the driver would not stop, not even for a scooby snack. police in california are looking for the driver after a high-speed chase. >> and now the mystery machine is making its rounds on social media, even the responding officers are getting a kick out of it. >> is this vemma or daphne? >> i think it's scooby. >> not scooby. she made a run for it. she abandoned the mystery machine and she vanished. wow. miles and miles of highway in houston were shut down for hours. why? because of this, hard to see through the blur but that's a naked lady dancing on top of an 18-wheeler.
6:48 am
when they arrived, she was undressing and talking about the cia and aliens. authorities finally coaxed her off the platform and took her into custody. look at the back-up she caused. the reason for her actions at this point are still unknown. but one of the top clicked story thes on overnight. to see it again for yourself, and yes, the blur will still be there, just head to our website. it's a sight to see. >> how do you not click on that. you see a headline that says naked woman dancing on truck, how do you not click on that? exactly. temperatures this morning, a little on the cool side but what a beautiful start. more clouds this morning. this is the way it looks from the plan station on crystal river where it's 55 degrees. it will warm up quickly through the day today. here's a look, 59 degrees at 8:00 this morning. already up to 75 by noon. so you might need a long sleeve
6:49 am
80 degrees, short sleeves and pants weather this afternoon. partly cloudy and near 80. 55 in clearwater right now. so yeah, a little cool. 58 fish hawk. 52 in zephyrhills. 57 in sarasota. and i checked in with my weather watcher rich in oldsmar, he says it's 52 degrees at his house. so high pressure, that's giving us all the sunshine. around it, clockwise winds so as the high moves out over the east coast, our winds from the southeast. that's why we're a few degrees warm they are morning and up to 80 today with clouds. and the other thing high pressure does is it keeps all the storm systems pinned back to the west. so unfortunately for the houston area, they'll see more rain today while we continue seeing our warming trend. highs today generally in the low 80s. days. partly cloudy, low 80s. saturday. and by the way, also time to spring forward this weekend. how is traffic on the 8s? well, a good drive on the
6:50 am
off the howard franklin bridge into tampa looks great. but southbound 275 really starting to get sticky. bearss avenue to i-4, up to about 20 minutes. and here's the howard franklin bridge, good drive, about seven minute, that's it. and here is some of the congestion south 275. just showing you the travel times. we start to bog down before you get to fowler and that continues all the way in to downtown tampa. all right, let's move over and talk about pinellas park. an update for you. the situation, we have a tow truck onscene here. serious injury accident. and the southbound 49th street ramp to northbound u.s. 19 is blocked. the tow truck is onscene. trying to get the car out and hopefully it will be gone soon and things start wrapping up there. you can take 66th if you want to avoid it complete it. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to the candace and gayle. >> thank you. it's 6:50. a little boy at a spring
6:51 am
with a bat that came flying straight at his face. >> luckily for him, his dad reached out and saved the day. you have to take a look. it shows what happened when the bat was launched into the crowd. while everyone else is ducking for cover, dad, he saved the day. he reached his arm in front of his son's face to deflect the bat. fast thinking and probably safed him from a serious injury. >> yeah, probably a natural reflex for a dad. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. blue c youing a high-tech way -- including, a high-tech way crooks are stealing your information. now one person is dead and another hospitalized. up next, what police know about moments before a shooting. you're watching news channel 8
6:52 am
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well, one person is dead and another in the hospital after a shooting in south tampa. >> it happened at the gardens at south bay apartments on lois apartment. lindsey mastis is there live. >> reporter: candace and gayle, right now, we are told there have been no arrests. one man died and another man is in the hospital. he is expected to survive. and now it all started here and then ended about two miles down the road. police tell me both of the victims are riding in the same car when another pulled up and shots rang out. and we need to take a look at the video. you can see the man so upset. he tries to cross the police line. and now police had to take him down to keep that from happening. a lot of people gathered. emotions ran high. police are working to find out what led up to the incident but right now, they tell us that they do not believe it's random. they believe that these two were targeted because of an ongoing dispute. in tampa, lindsey mastis, news
6:56 am
>> all right. well voters in four states head to the polls for presidential primaries and caucuses today. at the same time, the presidential candidates are turning their focus to florida. today our republican senator marco rubio will attend a rally in sarasota. and donald trump will be in jupiter florida. and democrat bernie sanders will be at a rally with supporters in miami. it's all ahead of our primary which is a week from today. skimming devices with blue tooth technology found at a gas station in sarasota. it's going high-tech. the skimmers were found at the mobile station at the corner of cattlemen and fruitville roads. and now investigators are warning drivers to check their credit card and bank statements. hulk hogan whose real name is terry gene bollea is set to take the stand for a second day the. he is suing gawker for $100 million for publishing a sex tape of him. hogan claims he didn't know he was being recorded and the video has ruined his life. the trial is expected to take as much as three weeks.
6:57 am
$55 million in her lawsuit against her stalker and the owners and management company of a nashville hotel. michael barrett captured her changing on camera through a peephole and posted it online. the decision could impact the way the hotel industry handles bookings going forward. the sun is up on this tuesday morning and it's cool, 55 degrees in lakeland. 52 zephyrhills. 64 in st. petersburg. 58 in apollo beach. a mix of sun and clouds this morning but we get to 75 at noon. 80 by 3:00 p.m. which is above average for this time of year but we stay in the low 80s for wednesday, thursday and friday. and the next rain chance actually coming sadly over the weekend, about a 40% chance saturday. and this weekend is time to spring forward. looking at traffic right now. we're getting heavy, i-4 through ybor, 301 to 275. and going to be hitting the brakes, ehrlich to 275, about 17 minutes on the drive time.
6:58 am
serious injury accident. still trying to wrap up here. the tow truck is onscene and at last check, the southbound 49th street ramp to northbound u.s. 19 was blocked. so keep that in mind. and all right, now i want to take a live look at some traffic out there. this is 275 southbound right around bird street. you can see we have a problem but it's off to the left shoulder but some slow traffic and moving to the other camera. it's backed up all the way to fowler avenue. both cameras showing very slow traffic. typical though. but all it takes is one little problem and everybody stops to check it out. >> the lookie loos. >> yeah. we will stay on top of the stories throughout the morning for you and first at 4:00 is
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight, a commuter train derailed near san francisco, plunging one car into a creek. passengers attempt to rescue fellow riders. >> we were trying to dig her out while the train was hanging. >> at least nine people injured. image problem. donald trump facing mounting ing ing criticism for doing this at rallies. >> raise your hand right, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. >> some say he'sagery of a dark time


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