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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  March 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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a deputy shoots a man at a tampa apartment complex. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. right now, hillsborough deputies are at the windwood oaks apartments in north tampa investigating. >> that's where we find news channel 8's josh thomas this morning. what are deputies telling you? >> reporter: right now, they are continuing to investigate this deputy-involved shooting that happened off of florida avenue.
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sheriff's office received a call about a man shouting and waiving a gun at the windwood oaks apartments. when deputies arrived, they tried to talk to the man through the speakers in the cruisers but he would not put the gun down. and when they approached them, he was shot several times. >> we had a subject with a gun. and they were in fear of their safety and the safety of others. and in fact, they were concerned that he may go into another apartment and take hostages. but his direction of threats was at our personnel. and he pointed the gun at them and advanced at their direction at which time they felt they had no other choice. >> reporter: now the man who was shot has been identified as a 27-year-old. he was taken to the hospital but we do not know his condition at this time. and we should note that no deputies were injured during that shooting. >> all right.
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forward to more updates from you. a deadly motorcycle crash in tampa. it happened at the intersection of cyprus street and dale mabry highway. this is a live picture from the scene. detectives shut down the intersection to gather evidence. inspectors believe roads will stay close through at least the start of the morning commute. you can stay on top of of breaking news anywhere, any time with our app. the time right now, 4:02. how is it looking, leigh? >> looking like another warm, sunny day thanks to high pressure which is keeping the bad weather out to the west for another day. soaking rains there. we have a few patchy clouds and it's warmer than this time yesterday. lakeland, 64. also 64 in brooksville. tampa is at 68. and about 68 degrees in venice. 75. i am expecting us to get all the way to 82 this afternoon. and of course, a warm night
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degrees. come up in weather and traffic on the 8s at 4:08, i have an hour-by-hour look at the day. and meredith is in for leslee situation. as gayle mentioned, we have avoid that area. himes a great alternate route. let me change the camera shot. what you're looking at here is 275 at the exit near cyprus. you will have a detour due to construction in that area. bay area bridge, no problems with the courtney campbell, howard franklin organdie early this morning. and we have road construction. nothing -- howard franklin or gandy this morning. and we have road construction. more on the accident in a couple minutes. gayle, back to you. >> all right. thank you. right now, fire crews are
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flames broke out at a ditchen design and remodeling company around -- at a kitchen design and remodeling company around 11:00 last night. we are making calls to determine how much damage the fire caused and what started it. new this morning, an accused wrong-way driver is under arrest after he crashed into a hillsborough county deputy cruiser. eagle 8 hd flew over the scene just south of gibsonton drive during the 11:00 newscast. that is where deputies finally stopped 20-year-old derrick hyde. witnesses report seeing a pickup truck going the wrong way. deputies used stop sticks. eventually deputies were able to corner the driver but not before they claim he rammed a cruiser to escape. no one was hurt. three cruisers were damaged but hyde is now facing several charges including battery on a law enforcement officer. the polk county sheriff's office is investigating what
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incident involving a man approaching an 11-year-old girl. it happened yesterday afternoon at thousand oaks boulevard and ronald reagan parkway. the girl got off the bus there and then a man in his 40s or 50s drove up saying to get in because her mom was in the hospital. the little girl was smart enough to run away and the man drove away. in your vote, results are pouring in for primaries and caucuses this morning. >> the votes are still being counted in hawaii but the projected winner there is donald trump. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is live from the morning alert center. and we have big results this morning. >> reporter: that's right. right now, michigan primary is trending here in tampa and that's for both republicans and democrats. let's look at the winners. on the republican side, donald trump won michigan, mississippi and hawaii. senator ted cruz won idaho. on the democratic side, hillary rodham clinton won mississippi
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michigan but that race was neck and neck. and now the front runners are turning their attention to each other. >> every time you think it can't get any uglier, they find a way and as the rhetoric keeps sinking lower, the states in this election keep rising higher. >> we will take many, many people away from the democrats and we will take many, many people away that normally go democrat as independents. and we are seeing that. we are seeing that. >> reporter: tonight the democrats will square off in a debate in miami. and tomorrow, the republicans will go at it during a debate in miami. these debates will be pivotal, especially for florida senator marco rubio. he is trying to win the florida primary next week just to stay in the race. >> thank you. this is all leading up to the important florida primary next tuesday. keith cate and i will be in miami tonight for the first debate and thursday for the second debate.
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beginning this evening on first at 4:00. a strong and stern message this morning from the hawaii county sheriff. report child abuser you could face criminal consequences yourself. it comes as the county investigates a teacher scandal connected to porn and sexting. the sheriff and investigators emphasized the need for parents and teachers to come forward. >> every one of us is responsible. >> i don't care if they tell you not to do it, the law says you have to do it. >> the highlands county school superintendent plans to draft a plan. day three of testimony in the hulk hogan gawker trial will resume in about five hours. it centers around a sex tape
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>> in the privacy of my own home, i'm not hulk hogan, i don't have to worry about that. at home, i am terry gene bollea. >> he is suing the gossip website for $100 million. gawker claims that he is a public figure that discussed the tape publicly and therefore they have the right to post it. leigh is here with the wednesday morning weather. >> and it's going to be another gorgeous day today. this is such a nice time of year. let me show you each hour of the day. see which one you like the best. it's mild this morning, around 65 degrees at 8:00 a.m. if you don't like that, warms up to 72 by 10:00. great to be outside. 77 at noon. we are going to be just a touch warmer than yesterday. just a few passing clouds. 82 at 3:00 p.m. which is obviously above average but still comfortable and there will be a breeze from the southeast as well. so like i said, even warmer over the next couple day, we stay in the low to mid-80s through friday. and here's a change from
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i've pushed the timing back of the biggest rain chance from saturday back to sunday. and i put a 40% chance on sunday. and even behind that rain, we're still going to be rain, highs only into the upper 70s. 82 today. 84 tomorrow. 81 on saturday. we will check in now with traffic on the 8s. meredith is in for leslee. and a few things going on this morning. yeah, it's been busy overnight. we have the update from the scene of a fatal crash. i think we have live video. we will take that if we have that at dale mabry and cyprus. tow truck just left the scene of a fatal accident involving a motorcycle. still have the intersection of dale mabry and cyprus closed. tampa police continuing an investigation there. and the alternate route to avoid dale mabry includes west shore or himes. that one will take you under the interstate.
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with the parallel route, perhaps using kennedy. we will continue to keep you updated on this accident the throughout the morning. looking good. gayle, candace, back to you. >> thank you so much. our height and weight are numbers that are usually associated with health but researchers believe they can tell more about a person. >> ahead, what researchers believe those numbers really reveal about our personal lives. and a daring river rescue caught on camera. what a police officer saw as he jumped into a river to save a man. then -- >> reporter: a new study says more and more young people are moving into the downtown area of cities all over the country. i'll show you what's causing
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well a new study shows the young adult population is growing in downtown tampa. and other metropolitan areas all over the country. so 8 on your side's ryan hughes went to tampa city leaders to find out what is causing the latest population boom. >> reporter: downtown tampa is transforming. new high-rises, condo shops and restaurants.
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population is following suit, especially with young adults. 25 to 34 years olds are entered in everything the downtown life style has to offer, even those in college. >> i think the city would be best for me. i can't see myself in a rural area. >> i would stay in downtown or the south tampa area. i'm a city-type of person. >> reporter: there appears to be a city person in a lot of young adults these days. a study shows more and more of them are staying in or moving to downtown areas nationwide like here in tampa. in a decade, the population of young adults in downtown neighborhoods in tampa rose from 4600 people to nearly 7800. that's a 70% increase. experts are telling us that the two most important things are sun and water. >> reporter: we turned to the city councilman. he tells 8 on your side between those things combined with tampa's new job, young adults are moving here in droves and spreading the word to others.
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place to live, they send the signals to their friends in different parts of the country to come to tampa. >> reporter: reporting in downtown tampa, ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> well, good to know we're not the best kept secret anymore. city leaders don't expect the boom to let up. they think the population will only continue to grow. well, lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease may be as simple as pay ago tension to what you see -- paying attention to what you eat. doctors believe being aware of what you're eating and knowing when you are full can head off diabetes and heart disease. how tall you are and how much you weigh can play a role in your economic and social status. researchers studied data on about half a million adults. they looked at education, job and income.
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educated and have a lower job status. women who weighed more were at a disadvantage. sea world is keeping a close eye on a killer whale blamed for killing a trainer. he is sick with a bacterial infection in his lungs. in 2010, the trainer die when had the whale pulled her under and she drowned. and he is the focus of the controversial documentary "black fish." the search is on in arizona for a driver who hit a boy on a skate board and took off. >> the chilling crash was caught on surveillance video. take a look. police released the video in hopes of finding the hit-and- run driver. it happened as the boy was crossing the street on a skate board. that's when the driver crashed into him. the impact of the crash knocked survived. and check out this river rescue caught on a police officer's body cam. the norwalk, connecticut officer climbed over the guardrail and jumped into the
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ran to a car that somehow crashed upside down in the water. working with other officers on the scene, he helped pull the 35-year-old man trapped inside that car to safety. well the kansas city royals are having problem, not with their game but with bees. during a spring training game in arizona, a giant swarm of bees hovered around a bag. a fan in the stands helped remove the bees. now to an interesting twist, a year ago to the day, bees interrupted a royal's spring training game. and a morning cute alert. two rare leopard cub, they were born february 29th. they are a boy and a girl. workers are bottle-feeding the twins five times a a day. in the next few week, they are expected to open their eyes and start moving around. well, it's 4:17. people in louisiana are bracing for more severe weather.
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causing roads to flood. forecasters expect the area to get another 6 to 15 inches of rain over the next couple day. and we are getting a look at how severe storms were in texas. look at this, high winds at a construction site caused debris to fly around. the winds were so strong, it picked up a trampoline. you see it flying through one person's yard. with all this, no one was hurt. all right, it's 4:18 on this wednesday morning and we are in store for another beautiful day. >> that's right. we have a big area of high pressure keeping us dry. and for our friends back to the west in louisiana and texas, it's going to keep them wet. so we will enjoy our weather while we can. sunny and mild at 8:00. and 65 degrees. by noon, it's already going to be warm. already above the average high temperature of 77 degrees. 82 degrees at 3:00 p.m. and there will be a breeze but it will be a warm breeze. outside right now, much warmer than we were this time yesterday. mid-60s in polk county.
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inverness a cooler spot normally, 36, very comfortable. 65 in bradenton. here's the long-range forecast. remember this area of high pressure? it's keeping the wet weather to the west. notice we don't see a change here today. go through friday, maybe extra clouds on friday. and remember i just told you that i am now pushing the rain chance from saturday where i had it yesterday and pushing it to most of the rain on sunday. 40% now on sunday. let's check on traffic on the 8s, meredith. >> thank you, leigh. we have an update. per tampa pd as well as our photographer onscene, a fatal crash at cypress and dale mabry. we will show you a live picture here. you will see the road is back open. the only thing you need to worry about now is road construction at 275 and dale mabry. but very light traffic and everybody is moving through just fine. and back to the map, bay area
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no problems with courtney campbell, howard franklin or the gandy bridge. give it two hours or so and that will change for you. the veterans expressway, still have some construction southbound there at waters but everybody is getting through just fine. and if your early commute includes i-4, it looks fantastic. mcintosh into downtown, westbound about eight minutes or so. another check in just a couple minutes. for now, back to the desk. >> thank you. two bay area sisters are giving new meaning to the stereotype of race car drivers. >> the devices they are building and how they are helping other girls break into the world dominated by boys. and st. patrick's day is about a week away. up next, how much money people are spending to go green. you're watching news channel 8 today. connect with me with story ideas. check me out on facebook or
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i uppiledded cool video of tampa mayor bob buckhorn.
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according to a survey by the national retail federation, more than 125 million americans are celebrating the irish holiday this year. and they'll shell out a lot of green for the good times. an average of $35.37 per person. a little bit down from last
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probably add up to a good amount of corn beef, cabbage, maybe some green beer. well, fee-free checking accounts are getting harder to come by. only 37% of banks offer free checking but credit unions are twice as likely to offer it. bank rate surveyed the 50 largest credit unions and found that 76% of checking accounts are free. that means no service fees or per transaction fees regardless of the balance or activity. two sisters from sarasota are using their problem-solving skills to rev up for race day. >> and they are using something called a digital fabrication machine or a computer- controlled phone cutter. let us explain. after drawing out countless sketches, the sisters finally found success. meet team panda. >> we had to figure out all the die mentions, all the exact measurements of the car.
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used math, science and even plant biology to get ready for the race. and with a few finishing touch, the girls are ready to roll. >> i wonder if they're from boston. >> new meaning to girl power. new in the next half hour, the dramatic rescue of two children if a burning car. we will explain who forgot about the danger and dashed
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. when you send the kids to the bus stop this morning, no need for a long sleeve shirt, 56 degrees and mild. and warmer than yesterday afternoon at 82 but emoji man says, anybody else suffering from allergies? well, the pollen is in the high category and it will stay there through the week. how is traffic on the 8s? i am suffering from allergies. the worst. dust the pollen off the car,
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it's looking great. this is north of the apex or north of the downtown junction i should say. either way, it's looking fine. this is i-4, out near 75, also very quiet and up to speed. we will keep you posted all morning. i'm going to get more coffee.
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good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. while you were sleep, a deputy shot a man in a north tampa apartment complex. and now they're investigating at the windswood oaks complex. >> our josh thomas is there digging for more information. and he is now live. what can you tell us about what led up to the shooting? >> reporter: well, right now, hillsborough county deputies are continuing to investigate this incident that happened off of florida avenue. this all start when had the


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