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>> the candidates vying for your vote do battle on a miami stage, the democratic frontrunner against the underdog, bernie sanders coming off a big upset in michigan. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> but hillary clinton is already setting her sights on donald trump. >> his trafficking in prejudice and paronoia has no place in our political system. >> keith cate and candace mccowan are live in miami for 8 on your side's special coverage of the democratic debate. now here's josh benson and jennifer leigh. >> good evening, everyone. >> thank you for joining us this evening. for the last time before the florida primary democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head in miami tonight. >> both are focused on taking down the gop frontrunner. we kick off our team coverage with 8 on your side's own keith cate. he joins us now live from miami-
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with the latest. hi, keith. >> reporter: josh and jen, as you can see behind me, the folks are pouring out of the auditorium, this debate is now over. as i said earlier, democratic debates are usually more issue oriented, more issue driven as compared to republican debates which are more personal in tone and nature. that was mostly true tonight. i think this debate had all of the element says, immigration reform, the -- elements, immigration reform, the auto bailout and there were some personal moments. i think one came to mind when hillary clinton was asked about all the e-mail incidents and rnc suing her. she said when asked she'd give the same answer and did this until pushed. asked specifically if she would resign if indicted. here's what she said. >> i think that what we've got here is a case of overclassification. i am not concerned about it. i am not worried about it and
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>> if you get indicted, would you pull out? >> oh, it's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> reporter: well, she's had 34 lawsuits filed against her on this. you can see why she might be getting annoyed answering it over and over again. also, of course, the frontrunner republican donald trump was brought up early in the debate. both candidates were asked about donald trump, is he a racest specifically? -- racist specifically? they didn't use the word but did sort of tap dance around it just a bit, especially bernie sanders when he started saying he didn't believe the american public would elect a president who was anti-muslim, against mexicans, african americans and women and then he said remember, donald trump was the original birther. here's what he said. >> and let us not forget that several years ago trump was in the middle of the so-called birther movement trying to delegitimize the president of
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[ cheering and applause ] >> you know, i find it very interesting, karen, my dad was born in poland. i know a little bit about the immigrant experience. nobody has ever asked me for any birth certificate. maybe it has something to do with the color of my skin. >> reporter: add a little insinuation there. i think bernie sanders called donald trump unamerican and his immigration reform vulgar, but really i think both candidates tonight had a pretty good debate, but i think bernie sanders needed a spectacular debate. i don't think that happened tonight. hillary clinton has florida. the polls are in her favor and i think it was a pretty good night for hillary clinton. candace mccowan, my colleague, is joining me now. you watched the same debate i did tonight. it really didn't have the sparks we've come to expect
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you talked to a political analyst. >> reporter: will the debate hurt clinton or help sanders? i talked to former lieutenant governor jennifer carroll and here's what she had to say. >> and his responses, too, he's hitting hillary clinton right back where people didn't expect and he'll be able to give her as much as she is giving him and he's able to go back to his record and explain why he voted in a way that he did, but what hillary clinton needs to be careful with is not to upset bernie sanders' voting base because she needs that population to come over to her after the primary election and after the primary is over with. >> reporter: yeah. carroll also mentioned how tonight sanders was able to directly answer some questions that clinton directly had dodged before making her then directly answer those questions, so definitely interesting to watch that dynamic this evening. >> reporter: well, bernie sanders, we've both seen him. you've seen him in new hampshire and iowa, i've seen
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trail, bernie sanders is a rock star to young people, especially strong with independent voters, but unfortunately for him in florida independents will not be voting. that's his strong suit. i think this is where he'll be challenged. this is just night one. we'll be back tomorrow for the republicans. >> reporter: absolutely. everybody is wanting to see what marco rubio does tomorrow night and if he can make a difference in those poll numbers and get the voters out next tuesday. >> reporter: two quick points about the republicans, the big news for ted cruz today, carly fiorina coming out endorsing ted cruz and also we'll see if there's an endorsement from jeb bush before tomorrow's debate meeting with everyone except donald trump. marco rubio was doing a town hall earlier and he said he regretted kind of getting down into that schoolyard squabble, said it embarrassed his children. his wife didn't like it and it's not the marco rubio that
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>> reporter: that's a change in tune from what he told me earlier this week. he said he had to go there. >> reporter: he said he had to stand up to donald trump. he said he thinks he'd do it differently. maybe that's foreshadowing tomorrow's debate. we'll see how marco rubio comes out and how donald trump responds, but it's been a very interesting night here. >> keith cate and candace mccowan live for us in miami tonight, thanks to both of you. we want to know what you think. who won the democratic debate tonight, hillary clinton or bernie sanders? come to be with be and cast your -- and cast your vote. both clinton and sanders will be seeing florida voters tomorrow, clinton at the ritz seaboard and sanders the florida state fairgrounds and tomorrow is the republicans turn to face off in a debate. our own keith cate and candace mccowan quill bring us reports
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quill bring us reports from miami in -- will bring us reports from miami in all of our stories tomorrow. people have died from spice and even paramedics attacked from people they are trying to save. people have been using spice in the bay area for five years, so the question is why is this happening now? 8 on your side also paul mueller joins us live now from tampa and, paul, is this a deadly trend or do health officials think it's temporary? what do they think is going on? >> reporter: jen, it's only expected to last a few weeks. now obviously, of course, this is not the real thing, but there's a lot of bad batches of it going around the area right now. that has helped rescue officials racing for the worst. >> what's up? >> reporter: we've seen what spice can do. >> now calm down. calm down. calm down.
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>> reporter: fits of anger, rage and downright disturbing behavior. >> i smoke it every night. >> reporter: how long you been doing it? >> around two years. >> reporter: spice users like melvin scott line the streets of parts of tampa. he and his friends know right now it's life or death. >> od or death, they don't care. >> reporter: but right now there's good reason to. >> this year alone in the four days from saturday till today we've had 48 calls. >> reporter: 48 calls in the last four days. compare that to just 12 calls this time last year. >> wherever there are individuals that are not lucid it's anyone's game. >> reporter: dr. thomas peredy of the florida poison information says drug dealers have changed the ingredients causing the chaos. do we have an idea what this specific compound is? the answer is no. they may not know but melvin scott says he'll take his
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why not? >> i know how to do it. i stay active. >> reporter: all right. of course, any doctor would tell you that is absurd reasoning and law enforcement would tell you, of course, doing spice is against the law, jen. >> so obviously the recommendation, just don't do it, but this seems to sort of come out of the blue. could it happen yet again using? >> reporter: yeah. i asked the doctor that very question today. he tells me it will happen again, but when is anyone's guess right now. >> and again it won't happen to you if you don't do it. paul mueller live in tampa tonight, thanks. a seedy secret language used by pedophiles, how in the world did tend up on a souvenir toy sold at monster jam races. this is one of those stories that will make your head spin and what's upsetting is the toy's designer is based in bradenton.
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michael to find it out what is going on. mel, this is truly a disturbing story for parents. >> reporter: good evening to you, josh. disturbing all the way around. what a disturbing story and what a horrifying story it turned out to be when we got all the details. a mom in the end cracked this case when she noticed something wasn't quite right with the toy from monster jam. take a look. nicole owe o' kelly couldn't believe it. >> i am absolutely sick. i bought this for my 2-year-old little girl. >> reporter: this mom turned mama bear really quick. >> i wanted to call and text everybody. i wanted answers. >> reporter: but when she got answers, she nearly threw up. her toddler's toy held a sick secret. this monster jam souvenir contains a symbol, a disgusting calling card for creeps. this is a code for pedophiles. >> this is pink. this is geared towards little girls especially in a predominantly male event.
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out, the worse it got. this toy wasn't made far, far away. it was designed in our own tampa bay backyard and hear how the deviant undercover language works. when a pedophile sees children with the heart symbol, it's code meaning this child is ready to be traded for sex. talk about turning your stomach. >> the most vile thing you degrees imagine. >> reporter: this detective has one tough -- you can ever imagine. >> reporter: this detective has one tough job, picking out pedophiles online. the heart targets girl, the triangles little boys. this toy, basically a big neon sign a pedophile could give a child so another sicko would notice them. >> you know what your end game is. game? >> put them in jail. >> reporter: and tonight that is the name of the game for the pasco sheriff cyber crimes
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we thank them for spending time with us and sort of walking us through the entire process. they are now looking for parents out there who may have attended the monster jam show here with their kids january and february in the last couple of months i'm talking about. people were here and there's a very good chance tonight you may have this toy in your home. please take a few moments to check because you certainly don't want your child walking around with it and being a target of a pedophile. we'll stay on this case and let you know what happens in the future. >> absolutely. what a shocker for parents who don't know. melanie michael in tampa for us tonight. thanks, mel. i a scam that -- a scam that targets just about anyone who owns a computer. >> coming up imposters are hitting the bay area hard, but you'll want to see what happened when they tried to rip off our own 8 on your side
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. now an 8 on your side investigation. >> they call your phone to warn something is wrong with your
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they're tech support imposters. it's a scam that started at least four years ago, but it's making the rounds again in tampa bay and across the nation. as you're about to see, anyone can become a target including our own investigative reporter mark douglas. >> reporter: consumer fraud experts call it imposter scam. they're basically saying they're from microsoft calling and there's a problem with their computer. they want to help you fix it. >> reporter: wouldn't you know, one of those helpful imposters just happened to call me in the newsroom. >> we received an error. i want you to cross check it by yourself, sir. >> reporter: art gustafson runs a packing house in russton. he thinks the same guy called from microsoft three times and his parents twice. now. >> reporter: gustafson didn't
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>> i overheard my father talking with him and right away knew what the conversation was about and told my father to hang up the phone. >> reporter: the pitch is so convincing even emcee today show host natalie morales it. that. >> reporter: you did it? you let him in? no. i know. >> reporter: allowing any imposter that kind of access to a home computer can have all sorts of nasty consequences. >> you'll lose money. you may lose computer access or your computer may be used in a crime. you don't want any of that to happen. >> they can gain access through key strokes to my bank accounts, any information online, my e-mail. >> reporter: the guy who called me never got that far. people who are supposed to take care of this. why would i work through you? these people. hang up the phone. >> reporter: or like i did. just ask a lot of awkward questions and they'll hang up. either way be barned that the real microsoft company will
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>> you and i were just talking. i got one of these calls. they left a message on my answering machine. it was a woman that basically said exactly the same thing. there's a problem with your computer. call us. i got to be honest. i just deleted the message. should people contact someone if they get one of these calls? >> first i'd call all your friends and relatives, especially older relatives, so they don't fall prey. you can contact the ftc and local consumer authorities. all that information is on our website. >> they did not know what they were getting into calling you. thank you. the owners of a restaurant set to close today changed their mind. spaghetti warehouse tells 8 on your side the company made a last minute decision to stay open. the company cites financial trouble and pressure from the landlord as reason it announced
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spring break is in full swing for many. we've had absolutely awesome weather for thosen joying it this past week -- those enjoying it this past week and tomorrow will be no different. temperatures at the beach tomorrow in the low 80s, only mid-60s in the gulf but overall a great day, partly cloudy skies, no rain expected, so another dry afternoon. have a great photo is not into us from carl randall from lake jackson, nice photo there. thought this might be a blue heron, temperatures still very mild this evening, 71 in tampa, 66 in zephyrhills and apollo beach, so mild temperatures. all week. it just hasn't changed. an area of high pressure is off the coast, southeasterly flow and the rain staying well off to our west. that high is acting as a block
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this area is where we're seeing flooding rains. check out our 24 hour rainfall totals in northwest louisiana, 5 to 10 inches. this system will stick around a little bit longer for us. tomorrow morning very mild start to the day, breezy with lots of sunshine by afternoon hours, partly cloudy. we'll make it back into the mid- 80s, so above average for this time of the year. partly cloudy friday morning, still dry. we're starting off the day in the mid-60s and making it to the low to mid-80s friday afternoon. notice no rain around and saturday the rain is still off to our west. so we're just bringing in a 10% chance of rain saturday. you have outdoor plans, maybe heading out to the strawberry festival, saturday will be fine, warm, not much rainfall. the better chance of seeing some rain unfortunately is falling sunday. we have the grand prix in st.
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storms possible through the race. keep that in mind. we hop the timing is maybe earlier -- hope the timing is neighbor earlier or after the race, but we definitely can't guarantee it at this point. sunday is the main day we're focusing in on the rain chances, a couple lingering showers still around monday. we'll see how much rain we see because until we see some of that rain the pollen counts will remain in the high range. we'll need a good soaking to knock out some of that pollen. until then just expect allergy suffers, for that to continue. also going on this weekend as if you didn't have enough to change. so clocks go forward one hour. don't forget saturday night. i know it's easy, too although with iphones and everything now you don't really have to remember, but hey, notice the warm temperatures staying with us as well. >> if you don't want to be late to church, you need to be on your game. >> that allergy level doesn't go any higher on your graphics. >> i feel bad.
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coming up next in sports the bucs erase all that worry about losing running back doug martin. >> the bay area welcomes the biggest name on the pga tour. can jordan spieth repeat his championship? tomorrow at 6 a.m. >> reporter: thousands of runners congregate here at the hospital for the first time. the run will take place through the streets of downtown st. petersburg. the cause is for the kids. >> plus weather and traffic on the 8's on news channel 8
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well, today was doug martin's day, so says bucs general manager jason light who snuck in a dinner time deal for offensive lineman jrsweezy, but bucs fans will sleep better
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staying at home with a five year $35 million deal. martin was not at one place this afternoon but said by phone that he always wanted to remain a buccaneer. that sentiment made contract negotiations a lot easier on the gm. >> there's always some, you know, bickering back and forth with any negotiation, but at the end of the day 99.9% of this was pretty easy. he's earned his money. we wanted to reward him. he's earned every penny. tomorrow the pga val par championship tees it up -- val spar championship tees it up in palm harbor. you may not have known much about spieth at the time, but that was just the beginning of a dream come true. >> reporter: the more things change, the more they stay the same. at least that's what jordan spieth is hoping as he begins his title defense at the
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>> any time you come a place where you've won, you feel very comfortable. >> reporter: last year spieth had a 30-foot birdie putt to win a three-way playoff. >> jordan spieth, pga tour victory no. 2. >> reporter: less than a month after winning spieth took home the green jacket at augusta national, becoming the second youngest master's champion. >> there are still moments that it's pinch me moments like i have the jacket with me and so i go in the closet to grab something and see a jacket and it's like that's mine and i'm like oh, shoot, i got to give it back. >> reporter: spieth won the u.s. open and tour championship claiming the fedex cup and world's no. 1 ranking. in hindsight the valspar was a spring board for one of the most dominant seasons in the history of the pga tour, one spieth hopes to replicate in 2016. >> mentally i'm there when i'm in contention and i feel more and more comfortable now.
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the week i arrive whether it's here or anywhere else. if you're heading out to copperhead tomorrow, the british invasion is at 7:45. he finished third on sunday. then a top 10 match-up at 8:07 with spieth and stinson and three popular players at lunchtime, ernie els and matt kuecher. >> they're fun to watch. we'll be back with your winning lottery numbers. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do.
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on car insurance, r it's what you do. it's very loud there. are you taking at
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you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . let's get a last check of the forecast. >> things quiet, temperatures mild, falling back to the mid- 60s with a mostly clear sky. tomorrow afternoon back into the low to mid-80s.
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the rain holds off until the >> nice. good for the golf tournament start. it's going to be gorgeous tomorrow. thanks for being with us. jimmy fallon is coming up next. >> have a great night! we'll see you back here
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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart rockefeller of new york city, it's "the of new york city, it's "th tonight show starring tonight sh


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