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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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gunfire erupts at a i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. it happened in spring hill, and and right now one person is dead, and another is injured. >> lindsey mastis is live at the scene on commercial way in spring hill, and lindsey, you arrived there 20 minutes ago, what are investigators telling you? >> reporter: investigators are still on the scene and the medical examiner just got here a short time ago. i want you to look at the
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you see the name of the bar on the truck, bamboo's, and then the police cars are focusing their investigation right there right now. there was an argument that started inside the bar, taken outside to the parking lot, and one man opened fire, shooting two others, and one died and one was flown to the trauma center. the shooter was badly injured. i'm told he is undergoing surgery, and investigators have been unable to talk to him. they are trying to figure out what the argument was about. there may have been witnesses around, and we are hoping to get more information about what happened and why the argument escalated and turned into this. as soon as we get more information, we will let you know.
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morning, and i'm told the bar closed around 2:00, and we will give you an update as soon as we learn more. >> it looks like a very active scene behind you. we have more breaking news to tell you about the 6:01 on this friday morning. tampa police are on the scene of a crash it started with the shots fired call, and it quickly turned into a chase. you're looking a the video from the scene, east hillsborough avenue. police have all suspects in custody, and busy morning for you. to stay on top of breaking news at any time, right at the palm of your hand, download the news phone. let's check in with bryan bennett, happy friday. >> happy friday, gayle, and everyone at home. it's been breezy the last few days, right? today will be a little breezy.
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windy as it was yesterday, and satellite and radar picture, showing a few high, thin clouds. partly cloudy this morning, but no rain. mixture of sun and clouds. middle 60s this morning this afternoon, 83 and partly cloudy. a good-looking day. at 6:08, i will have your hour- by-hour forecast. meredith? the interstates are accident free. great news to start your morning. 275 getting a bit busier through downtown tampa. no delays at this point. westbound i-4, mlk, right-hand side of your screen, that's the westbound traffic into downtown. just like 275, getting busier and delay free. 75 looking good out of the brandon area, and 13 minutes for 301 to i-4. gayle and gene? >> thank you. in your vote this morning, a different tone for the republican presidential candidates, and in a final
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primaries, all four candidates took a more civic approach in miami. the change in tone is an indication of how important the next round of primaries is for the presidential candidates. >> that includes marco rubio who took on trump, and keith cate has been there were several days, and he is there this morning. he has the big moments from the debate and has news of the key endorsement for today. >> reporter: last night the republican debate, the 12th debate before the primary, it was impressive and different from what we have seen. a couple of things came out of there that were interesting. donald trump said dr. ben carson is going to endorse him today. i look forward to hearing what dr. carson has to say about why he picked donald trump. one of the big exchanges was when donald trump was asked about his comments regarding
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does he feel islam hates america? he didn't back down, and neither did marco rubio. >> reporter: last night you told cnn "islam hates us." did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. >> donald says what people wish they could say, but the president can't anything because there's consequences around the world. >> i don't want to be so politicallycorrect. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >> reporter: marco rubio got applause from that, and you have to ponder going into what is now 4 days away from the primary issue, whether it's enough. rubio down double digits in the polls, and ted cruz was trying to make it a debate between him and donald trump.
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donald trump, with the issues, and that's what we heard more than ever before, the issues, where they stand. >> reporter: you know in all the debates prior to this you thought oh my goodness this is going to be one of those below- the-belt debates, and it was all there to be add. >> it was very interesting. >> reporter: you wanted an issue-oriented debate? you got it last night. looking forward to ben carson's endorsement. it should be coming. we will see what else is to come. 4 days away from the primary in the state of florida. candace mccowan. have a great morning. today chelsea clinton will be in sarasota and st. pete campaigning, a day after
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tampa, and she told supporters at the ritz she has their back in the heated political season. and bernie sanders is also in the bay area, and he attended a rally at the florida state fairgrounds, and you can see from the video here, thousands of young supporters packed the expo hall there. the florida primary is happening march 15th, but early voting, that is happening right now. check out the don't miss it section on you will find everything you need to know about the primary including how to check your status and to make sure you are eligible to vote. >> it's 6:07. an 11-year-old girl admit she's made up a story about a man who tried to abduct her. >> finally mom broke the child, and the child said yeah, i lied, and the reason she lied is because she has to walk from where the bus drops her off approximately 1 mile home, and she didn't like walking home.
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letter to the sheriff's office apologizing, and in it she explains that she was scared, and she never went to hurt anyone. the girl will be charged with a misdemeanor and go through counseling. the time right now, coming up on 6:08 on this friday morning. are we in store for a nice weekend. >> it's going to look good with a 10% chance of a shower, gayle, and then sunday, a few showers around, not as nice. today a dry day, starting off comfortable with the temperatures middle to upper 60s, and the satellite and radar showing a few high, thin clouds. partly cloudy this morning, but no rain. a dry day, and temperatures throughout the morning, approaching 70 degrees. by lunchtime f you're having the outdoor picnic, near 80 degrees. 4:00p.m., up near 83 degrees, and a good day to drop stuff if you heard that. gayle is over there throwing
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>> you're throwing me under the bus! >> i'm sorry, it was gene! >> don't point fingers my way. >> maybe she is suffering from a pollen headache. we do have high pollen. it's all quiet here in the traffic area. the dale mabry looking good. hillsborough is getting busy making your way to the veterans expressway. there's an accident at the memorial and independence. look out for hcso on scene for that accident. it's 19 approaching roosevelt. >> it gets crazy in here at times. >> i'm going to get you, bryan. a wild ride on a long board. >> talk about getting crazy. what happened when one teen took a curve at 45 miles an hour and goes over the edge that will make you say ouch. >> that will leave a mark.
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on the streets of tampa. the dangers addicts are causing for us and particularly for the first responders. you're watching news channel 8
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happening today, an alert about drug overdoses that is impacting our community.
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crews in tampa answered 22 calls about spice, and a dozen of the calls came in just one day. josh thomas is live from the fire station on zach street. josh, it's a big danger in the bay area. >> reporter: it most certainly is, and that's why the first responders want to get out in front of this. they will be releasing more information about this uptick from right here at this fire station in just a few hours, and experts believe that the latest batch of spice that is out on the street may be more powerful than in the past. poison control officials say the makers have changed the ingredients, leading to more calls recently. the drug can leave users paranoid, hallucinating, and sometimes violent. >> what's up? >> wherever there are
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>> reporter: so far this year, there's been nearly 300 cases nationwide with texas and florida leading the way, and the drug causes severe agitation and anxiety as well as suicidal thoughts and actions, and you can see why first responders are worried about this, because of the sudden increase in spice calls, tampa fire and rescue will be offering more information at this fire station at 11:00 this morning, and they hope to get the word out about the latest dangers of the batch that is out on the streets. >> i will tell you, josh, watching that video makes you appreciate what our first responders come across sometimes far too often. people across the south are bracing for more rain today. already more than 20-inches have fallen, causing massive
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tennessee, and all the rain forced thousands of people out of their homes, and crews used boats to rescue those stranded by high waters, and at least five deaths are blamed on the flooding. do not look away. a texas teen is recovering this morning from a wild ride on an el paso road. it's a steep road on the long board, and then he loses control here, and that hurts. over the edge, and you can see him tumble and everything. that's the wipeout video, and the teen believes he was going about 45 miles an hour at the time when he went right over the cliff. >> it bucked me off, and i went flying off the side of the cliff, and after that, i just slid on the loose dirt, gravel, and cactuses. >> something tells me he knew it would be dangerous because he had someone shooting the video, and it hurts to watch every single time.
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and deep cuts, too, ouch! i'm sure road rash there. he's not letting the accident keep him from long boarding, but instead, he will be more careful. cuba is going to rob and roll with the rolling stones, and crews started to work on the venue later this month. it will be a free open air concert on march 25th. half a million people are expected to attend. the rolling stones were once banned by cuba, and the concert is a big milestone and another sign of the changes underway in the island nation. shortly before that concert, president obama will be making a historic visit to cuba, and keith cate will be there for complete coverage. a bay area church, st. joseph's catholic church, has overcome testing obstacles, and
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physically and spiritually. >> reporter: after more than 20 years of staring at blank walls inside of the church, this parishioner says his prayers were answered. >> every day i say i want to decorate that, and i want to paint like michelangelo. >> reporter: the painter has had exhibitions in the u.s. and havana. this is his contribution to a nearly 2 year healing process, and in 2014, news channel 8 told you about the troubled times that the temple. the then pastor committed suicide after $200,000 disappeared from the church coffers. >> reporter: people were hurt by that? >> deeply. they were deeply hurt by that, and you know what? we are in a healing phase a renewal phase, and good things are happening.
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volunteers landscaping and painting the church's exterior. >> it brings the church together, and it's just love. >> reporter: now the finishing touches of the altar mural. his interpretation of the great book. >> my painting is not mine now. it's a painting for st. joseph. and the big reveal will be palm sunday, march 20th this year, and lardless of what faith you practice, i think it's incredible to see a group of people a church a community, come together. >> a lot of us face darkness in life and the only way to get through it is something positive to move forward. >> great example for all of us. >> let's check with bryan for
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>> we could use a little rain. over the last 2 weeks, we have not picked up a rain drop. it's been very dry and warm. the current temperature right now, 68 in tampa and st. petersburg, and a few clouds are drifting through the sky, and we will call it partly cloudy this morning, and again, not producing any rain. just a few clouds. we have been dry because of boom, the high pressure right there, helping to insulate us and give us the forcefield from the showers and storms out in mississippi and texas, and in fact, check this out, louisiana has picked up 15 inches of rain over the next 3 days. just continuing in that location. had morning, mixture of sun and clouds this afternoon, a high of 83, and then enter into tomorrow, and maybe one little rogue shower or two at best, and moving into the sunday, some of the rain does finally
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40% chance of rain, and not a really soggy sunday. tonight, 83, partly cloudy skies into the weekend, not too bad. sunday a40% chance of rain. meredith? >> starting to hit your morning stride in terms of the drive times getting busier now. southbound 275 certainly picking up. 275 is accident free. i-4 westbound through the junction, also getting busy, but i-4 is also accident free. you look okay on your bridges for pinellas into hillsborough county, and no delays as of yet. gayle? gene? back to you. you want to check your freezer this morning. the food company recalling frozen meals and dangerous ingredient that does not belong in there. the high cost of diapers. how the white house is getting involved to help parents. it's 6:00 20, and -- it's 6:20, and you're watching news
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we are back now at 6:23, and new parents have a lot of these in their homes. we are talking about diapers. they are essential, but they can also be very expensive, and now the white house is helping you out a bit. the diapers are are becoming more affordable for low-income families. they are as much as 25% cheaper. an 8 on your side consumer alert. check your freezer. nestle is recalling several frozen meals. there may be small pieces of glass in the food. some items under recall include
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>> you may want to check the sodium in those frozen meals too. [ laughter ] how scientists are checking the giant predators that we live so close to. you're watching news channel 8 today. happy friday.
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and good morning, it's 6:28 a.m., and it's a beautiful start. it looks like fire in the sky right now, and sun city center a lovely start to the day, and we are going to have partly cloudy skies throughout the morning, temperatures in the middle 60s, and a warm and dry day. we will see 83 degrees this afternoon, and hopefully you like the warm temperatures. they will stick into the weekend, too. meredith? >> here's the traffic hot spots, 275 at bush boulevard, getting heavy there.
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executive airport through i-4. we are starting to see traffic cram up in that area, and i-4, accident free, but westbound, it starts to get slow, and ebor city in through the 275 interchange, nothing out of the ordinary there.
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now at 6:30a deadly bar shooting in hernando county. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo, one is dead and two are injured after someone started to shoot from bamboo's bar and eatery. lindsey mastis is live. >> reporter: you can see the name of the truck, it says
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in the complex here, but the shooting took place right out here, and that's where the activity is. right now they are trying to figure out who the victim. is another man was shot, and he's in the hospital, and the gunman himself, he got hurt as well. he's in surgery, and they are waiting for him to get out of surgery, and investigators there are ready to talk to him. they are not saying how he got hurt at this point. i'm working on getting that information to you. it was at 1:30 in the morning, and we are told there was an incident inside of the bar, and then it went outside of the bar into the parking lot, and that's when shots rang out, and of course, as soon as we get more information about exactly how this started and who the victims are and the gunman is know. the medical examiner is on scene, and we are hoping for more information shortly. we will have updates for you on
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gayle and gene? back to you. >> lindsey, thanks. shots fired during a police chase and crash. tampa police were hard at work while you were sleeping this is the scene where it all ended on east hillsborough avenue. police say no one was hurt, and all suspects are in custody right now. to stay on top of breaking news at any time, download the news channel 8 app to your smart phone, and it's free. we it's 6:32 on this friday morning, and yay, bryan, we made it to the weekend. nice morning, partly cloudy skies, and temperatures in the middle to upper 60s. the radar a few clouds, and we are looking at dry weather. 83degrees, and it's going to be a warm one. over to you meredith.
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275 bush boulevard, starting to get very slow. expect delays from thaller in from i-4. an accident in the odessa area, and this is just north of van dyk road. very busy time and area. expect delays there. gayle and gene? over to you. meredith, thank you. 6:33, and bay area first responders are alerting us to an alarming trend. they have their work cut out for them with spice overdose calls, and it's getting downright dangerous for everyone involved. josh thomas is live. the first responders are concerned about those using spice and also for themselves? >> reporter: yes t goes -- yes t goes both ways. in the last week or so, there's
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the number of calls that tampa fire and rescue has received related to the drug. that's putting them on edge because the drug can cause people to be irate, take a look. >> what's up? >> now calm down! calm down! calm down! what's going on tonight? >> reporter: now this is scary stuff, no doubt. this is what our first responders have to deal with. hallucinate and act very strange, but now the strength creasing as well. during a 4-day period over the last week, tampa fire & rescue took 22 calls related to spice, and half came in one day alone. poison control experts believe the makers of the synthetic drug are changing the ingredients, and that's causing the rash of calls and overdoses, and again, it's a safety issue for the first responders and all of us.
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fire station at 11:00 this morning. we will have more on first on 4. >> it looks like it could definitely turn violent, thank you, john. police are looking for the shooter who hit a 3-year-old girl. two people were shot in a driveby in broad daylight and both are recovering, but the police chief is promising to catch those involved. not once but twice: the mother of a special needs student says a school bus driver and a bus attendant left her child on the bus, completely forgetting about him. both of the workers are on paid at min straitive leave. -- administrative leave.
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the teen climbed out of a window and hitchhiked and walked 30 miles to get home. both are facing child neglect charges. here he comes! >> a witness posted this video of a pursuit on youtube, and you can see the polk county sheriff's vehicles chasing the the white pickup truck it drives through a pasture and then a fence and goes into the ditch. he crashed into another truck before the deputies finally got him. a crash in sarasota sends car into a fire station. check out the images here. it's unclear if the driver will be charged. authorities report one car hit another flipping it over, and the first car slammed into
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fire station 11, and no one was sent to the hospital, and fhp is now investigating. we keep hearing about the disturbing stories, and now we are hearing about a man working as a dentist without aislings, a -- without a license, and police worry he has more victims. according to police he was operating out of a makeshift office inside of his home, and he was arrested after a botched procedure sent a woman to the hospital. thanks to new laws banning alcohol on the panama beach community, the community is seeing a decline. one shop owner is seeing a 70% decline. college kids are not headed that way anymore. >> college kids are posting rest in peace panama city beach. that's not good.
6:38 am
because of the new laws. >> other businesses have seen similar declines for 50% to 60%, and many believe the long- term impacts outweigh the short- term blow to the tourism industry. i know many are headed to clear water beach. have fun, but behave. >> yes, behave! >> yeah, right. 6:38, how's the spring break forecast, bryan? >> outside it's a lovely lovely start to your friday. send me the pictures you have of the sunday rise. i would love to share them on tv. satellite, a few high, thin clouds, but no rain this morning, and a mixture of sun and clouds, middle 60sin afternoon, and 83 degrees and partly cloudy, and it will be a
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around 80 at 1:00 p.m. we will check the bay area bridges in a second, but first, i want to show you the backup here on southbound 75, on the approach to i-4, and pretty typical morning volume, but certainly starting to get slow there, and howard franklin bridge getting busier now approaching the tampa side of the bridge. all bridges checking in accident free. 275 getting busy out of north tampa, and delays starting just south of fletcher in through hillsborough avenue, and there's one accident in the odesa area to look out for on gun highway, north of van dyk. injuries here, and you will see ems on the scene. now back to the desk. the idea of great white sharks is enough to scare some people out of the water. >> was that your shark warning? >> it was. sorry about that.
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we will explain why scientists are studying the creatures. [ laughter ] i don't know what you have going on there. [ laughter ] the trump campaign and security facing serious accusations. find out why. we will show you after the break. we will go handle gayle now.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level
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an investigation is underway to find out if the officers at the donald trump rally did enough to stop things for escalating. it comes after a supporter punched a protester in the face, and now the attacker is facing charges but he was not originally arrested this cell phone video still shocks us days after seeing it. it shows the supporter sucker punching the protester.
6:44 am
yelling at the crowd when he was hit. >> i'm walking, and as soon as i hurt, i was hit. i thought it was a punch. i look at the footage and it was an elbow or something, but he hit me right in the eye. >> reporter: the 78-year-old has been charged with assault. the trump campaign say it's unfortunate, but they don't have control over their supporters. investigators are examining a suspicious substance left at ted cruz's headquarters, and crews rushed to the building when the substance was found. we are told it's not toxic. no one was hurt. >> reporter: a traffic crash sends a car into the airway for, this is in the middle of the intersection.
6:45 am
stopped suv at the light, and police say this triggered the 5- car crash. >> the guy was not doing anything wrong, waiting for his turn, and this car hits him. there's no way to avoid that. >> six people were seriously injured, and right now authorities are investigating this crash. excuse me. this morning while you were sleeping, 100 firefighters battled a fire that destroyed a warehouse overnight in los angeles. the fire and smoke could be seen for miles, ask once the building erupted in flames it took less than an hour for the building to collapse. time now 6:45, and federal investigators may have an upper hand on islamic terrorists after miles were leaked.
6:46 am
the documents are authentic. a memory stick was stolen from the head of isis' internal security police, stolen by a former fighter. department claims there's probable cause that the locked phone of the san bernardino killer has evidence of the attack, and in a new court filing, the prosecutors said they need access to the iphone and apple must help unlock it on march 22nd both sides will argue their cases in court. an 8 on your side alert. health officials are pleading with congress to fund the fight against the zika virus to prevent it from spreading to the u.s. 200 cases of the zika virus are reported here in the u.s., all traced to traveling ablood. lawmakers are asked to provide $1.9 million.
6:47 am
the zika virus is linked to a rare birth defect. scientists are taking off from florida, the same team that tagged katharine. remember her? in a few hours they will reveal details on how we will better understand the ocean neighbors of ours. >> the team is planning a 2- week voyage. i'm sure you remember katharine. scientists have already learned a lot. they do this all over the world. there's such a significant number of sharks in the area, and not only will they tag sharks, but they will also take blood and bacterial samples, and it will teach them how
6:48 am
infections, and this will help humans in the hospital situation. katharine is close to bermuda. i think she's on vacation. o search will have a live goggle hangout, and you can ask questions while they are out on the ocean. >> katharine does selfies if you ask nicely. >> last year i flew over the area, and there were a ton of black-tipped sharks, but the one you need to look out for, the bull sharks. that's a four-letter word you don't want to hear when you're on the beach. maybe you're headed to the beach this weekend. >> reporter: great day on the beach, but i can't vouge for what is happening in the water. if you need motivation to get
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the weekend is upon us, and it's beautiful outside right now. this is sun city center. this morning, good-looking start to the day. temperatures generally in the 60s, and really nice morning, and i will step over here and click the computer. it's freezing up on me. temperature in the 60s. partly cloudy skies, and this afternoon, feeling a little like april, and warm afternoon with the high temperatures around 83. right now, not too shabby. temperatures middle to upper 60s, and a few clouds, but we are dry. let's skip ahead to the 7-day forecast. 83degrees, partly cloudy, and tomorrow a rogue shower is possible. 40% chance on sunday, and hopefully not interfering with the race in st. petersburg, all in all, good weather.
6:50 am
spots for your morning commute. 275 at fletcher, and it really slows down from south in through hillsborough avenue. another live view, i-4, westbound, and no surprises, ebor city in through downtown, you will find the delays, and also the veterans expressway starts to slow, and look out for an accident. the bridges, knock on whatever that is, plastic? looking good. >> not sure that works meredith, thanks. one little pooch is with animal control after getting into the a tight spot with with the police. the patrol officer found himself hitting the brakes when a pack of dogs runs across the street in pheonix.
6:51 am
the dogs ran off, but the little chiwawa decided to hitch a ride in the suv. the officer had to call animal out. >> i gotta get out of here! [ laughter ] what you need to know before you walk out the floor is -- the door is next. >> it's 6:51.
6:54 am
right now police are investigating a bar shooting in spring hill, and it killed one and injured two others. >> one of those two people in the hospital right now is the shooter. lindsey mast circumstances is live at bamboo's bar and eatery with an update on the breaking news. >> reporter: this is in spring hill, just off the main road here, and i want you to look
6:55 am
medical examiner is on scene, and one of the issues is they are trying to identify who the victim is. another victim is in the hospital, and the shooter is in surgery. investigators will try to interview him when he is out of the surgery. it was a fight that escalated into the outside of the bar. as soon as we get more information on what caused this, we will let you know online on live in spring hill, lindsey mastis. police started with a shots fired call, and then there was a chase this is from east hillsborough avenue. police say no one was hurt, and all suspects are in custody now. a 3-year-old little girl
6:56 am
of the hospital today. jaylyn mac was shot when someone drove by. shooting was random. another man was hit in the shooting. first responders are expected to talk about the number of calls they are responding to involving the synthetic drug, spice. police have responded to two dozen calls related to spice. the candidates were more civil to each other in the republican debate, but through were feisty exchanges. >> i don't want to be so politically correct. i like to solve problems. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >> reporter: the florida primary is next tuesday.
6:57 am
guests are expected to attend the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan, and the 94- year-old died from congestive heart failure, and she will be buried next to her husband at library. the practice runs at the water front track will kick off this morning. i hate to bring the bad news here, but get ready, yeah, we have to turn our clocks ahead this weekend. yep, daylight saving time. tomorrow night, we will lose an hour of sleep, and head to, and there's information that it could be linked to an increase in heart disease, too. the positive side, we will day home when it's daylight for a lot of folks. >> i would rather sleep in temperature in the 60s right
6:58 am
few -- the satellite showing a few clouds. >> southbound 75 through fletcher, and southbound 275 from beers in through hillsborough, surprisingly looking good. no problems so far on i-4 in hillsborough county. >> meredith, thank you. bryan, thank you. nice of you to fill in. >> you're welcome. of course we will stay on top of these stories throughout the morning for you. catch our updates during the today show. >> you can get the news any time by downloading our wfla news app, and visit us online on
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good morning. playing nice. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> the republican for shl presidential hopefuls abandon nasty insults and stick to the issues at last night's debate. while donald trumpddresses accusations of growing violence at his campaign events. is he doing enough to discourage it? states of emergency. rescues in the south as the death toll rises from the flooding.


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