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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  March 12, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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good morning, i'm lindsay in for a dree yan. we're going to start with breaking news. a driver crashed into a deputy. it happened eastbound going towards i 75. we're going to go to a live press conference they're having. let's listen in. >> a driver struck one of our deputy's vehicles and the driver driving the wrong way was killed
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transported to the hospital where he expired. this is early in the investigation, now. we're not going to release any names at this point as we get ahold of the families of both drivers. >> can you explain where this happened and what way the wrong way driver was going? >> the driver apparently may have gotten on right down the road from us at this point and going westbound while the flow of traffic was eastbound and had begun entering -- was up -- entering an elevated portion of the express way and our deputy was eastbound who had just left tampa bay general hospital after working a traffic crash down in district 4 and was in route back to his district when the vehicle struck. >> do you know about how fast they were going? >> that's too early at this point, but it was a high speed crash.
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trying to stop this wrong way driver? >> it's too early in this point. it appears the deputy was trying to get out of the way. >> can you say how the deputy was doing? >> the deputy is decease. >> this has been a theme here in tampa. i've reported on so many wrong way crashes, what do we need to do to stop this? >> pay attention to the driving, and i think it's highlighting a bigger issue between distracted driver and dui. at this time of night, there's a lot of people consuming alcohol beverages out on the road, but we need to pay attention to what we're doing on the road and not spending our time on our cell phones and talking and texting. >> what's happening at the scene right now? >> the scene is being processed as any traffic homicide would be.
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measurements of it, determining speed, and crime scene photos, things of that sort. >> right now, what roads are shut down? >> just the elway express way coming into brandon. you'll be able to get off at brandon parkway. >> how long do you expect this to be closed? >> for four or five hours. >> did he dry at the hospital? >> yes, sir. >> about what time is this crash? >> it was a little before 3 a.m. >> and the two drivers were on the two people in the vehicle? >> yeah, each one had one driver. >> was the deputy wearing a seatbelt or anything? >> yes, he would have been. >> do you have approximately agents for -- >> not at this point. i mean, we'll release that as soon as possible, but right now i want to make sure the families are
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>> was the driver of the other car wearing a safety belt? >> i couldn't tell you that. >> i know it's early in the investigation, but since you brought up the driving, is there a suspicion that might be [indiscernible]? >> not at this point. it's too early to determine that. >> can you speak about what a loss this is for the department. >> yeah. these men and women are -- excuse me. the men and women are out there trying to protect everybody. and these guys are very concerned about the drivers at night. in fact, this deputy had hoped to become
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at some point in his career, but like a large family, sometimes you don't all get along, but when something happens, it draws you close together and this is a loss to the hillsboro county sheriff's office, but to all the law enforcement men and women that are trying to do their job and get home alive. >> how long was this officer with the department? >> he's been here about five years, five and a half years. >> seems like [indiscernible]. >> we're a large agency. but he comes from a family of law enforcement officers. >> it's hard to come on any scene of an officer that has been injured especially someone you know.
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this is a large family, and it's like losing a family member and it drives it home to all the deputies because it could have been his car or anyone else's car. >> seeing the emotion in your eyes, like she said, it seems like it's a horrible thing. what [indiscernible]? >> it's not something that any police executive wants to go through when you lose somebody that works with you, you know. it's probably the worst part of the job. we go through a lot and but when it's one of your own, it's very hard. >> anything else? >> thank you. >> that was kernel craig talking
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wrong way driver ended up in the -- the deputy hit -- that was colonel greg brown. the deputy was five years with the department and comes from a family of law enforcement and they have the horrible task of notifying his family and tell them what happened this morning. we're going to follow the vetles all -- we're going to follow the story all morning long, but for right now, we're going to head to the weather. >> sad news this morning. better news on the wealth front because we're expecting dry conditions today although there's a lot of moisture in the gulf of mexico. some of that moisture is going to get in here tomorrow. tomorrow, expect to see the rain showers move into the bay area, but today if you're doing anything outdoors at the st. pete prix, the
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going to stay in 60s, but with temperatures reaching the low 80s, it will be another hot day. stay with us, we have much more news coming upright here after the break.
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today, 200 pilots from all over the world are in lakeland to compete in the florida jet week world championship. as news channel 8 anthony aldridge shows us where you go, you're going to see remote control
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the sky. >>reporter: with this 8-10 war hob in the sky, you would think the city of lakeland is under attack, but a second glance might tell you that scott is an rc pilot competing in the 2016 florida jet week world championships. >> this plane has 118 inch wind span and has 2 turbines and this plane could probably get up to 160, 175. >> guller came from new jersey to show what his military war plane armed to the teeth could do. >> i'm on vacation. i have an auto repair shop. this is a hobby for us. it's a fun hobby and keeps me out of trouble. >> frank organized this get together for a little more than 20 years and this year, he's out of the twist. >> now we have three days of competition. >> and so far, tiano has close
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away as germany, russia to compete in these games. >> i think it's wonderful that people would spend the money it takes to come from europe to compete in this event. >> just like in real life, teams have mechanics to fix everything from engine trouble to window repair. >> we have to repair it because my friend on the first flight lost a canopy. it exploded, so we have to fix it. we have two hours to fix it. >> the cost of these jets and championships can range from $10,000, upwards of $40,000, so you know these pilots take these kind of flying serious. >> like any hobby. this is the ultimate level of modeled airplanes. >> it's the ultimate level. that's enjoyed by some of the sports most die hard fans. in lakeland, anthony allred, news
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tonight is the night we're going to spring forward, turning those clocks ahead one hour. no
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an hour of sleep, and as erica edwards discovered, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to dangerous side effects. >> consider this your heads up to make sure coffee pot is well stocked monday morning. a survey from account temp shows 75% of employees say they yawn their way through the workday blaming big mistakes on sleep deprivation. >> someone paid the staff twice and someone deleted a data base. >> that's before losing an hour of daylight time. it's not the company's bottom line that could suffer, so could our health. >> she's sleeping here and while we're watching her sleep. >> sleep experts of carolina health system says when the body doesn't get enough sleeping the immune system suffers, and this makes us likely to carry viruses
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>> this could effect heart disease, strokes and -- >> they're showing an association between an ongoing lack of sleep and increased risk for breast cancer. >> the sleep system that has evolved over these millennium is complicated. we need to pay attention to our bodies and pay attention to our health. >> experts say this should be a wake up call for americans to make sleep a bigger priority. erica edwards, nbc news. >> mostly experts recommend that adults get 7 to 8 hours of good quality shut eye of sleep every night. the buzz is about baseball. the braves are considering moving their spring training facility from the disney complex peter bernard shows us where the team could relocate.
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have called disney world their training grounds for almost 20 years, but with other major lead teams leading central florida, word is the braves are in talk to build a 7500 seat stadium and other amenities on this plot of land near the west villages community. >> baseball is a great fit. it's perfect for the community because it involves people of all ages. baseball especially the braves are known for giving back to community. it enhances the lifestyles the area for the proposed brave's training facility is booming -- >> we're certainly excited about the opportunity and the possibilities, but it is a process for which we're going and there is some work that remains to be done. we'll see how far it takes us. >> it's early in the process and other florida cities are vying for the opportunity for the braves to move in. the team would like to have a new facility running by the spring of 2018. north port, peter
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one thing we've seen this week is the sun screen has been necessary with the sunshine, and we've been sneezing because of all the pollen. if you're going out to the spring training games in the bay area, you'll have to contend with that. not quite as and the winds will back off a little bit, so hopefully that will help in 65 in a touch warmer in st. pete. 68 prix. weather should be dry. they're having spots of fog around brooksville and out towards the temple terrace area. if you have to take your pick, i think today is a better day than tomorrow. tomorrow, we'll have rain showers that you'll have to contend with during the afternoon. thunderstorms will be in the area. temperatures in the 80s both days and muggy conditions. we have low level moisture which gets pumped into high pressure. what you don't
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the gulf of mexico. this potent upper level low has developed a surface and upper level pressure in texas and although this will slide to the north, we're going to catch the tail end of this system that kicks off scattered showers as we head into the early morning hours tomorrow in our northern zones and in the bay area during the afternoon. today, leaving rain out of the forecast. temperatures today will check in around 82 in tampa. other spots will get warmer than that. like plant city, 87 for the strawberry yesterday our high was 85. i think because we'll see a few more clouds around today, we probably won't get there officially so slightly cooler temperatures today. and then tonight, muggy readings in the upper 60s, so we'll be warmer than what we're seeing outside right now. that will be the water temperature chilly if swimming.
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fishing, you're looking at a low tide at 9:53. the way we see it is the temperatures stay in the 80s all week long, although a front will get through here. the front brings rain tomorrow. as we were talking about setting your clocks forward as we spring ahead, and looking ahead towards the week, i don't see much rain in the outlook until we head towards the end of the week. friday, isolated showers and it could be on saturday, we'll be wetter than friday. we'll have to see thunderstorms. >> so you want to go outside this morning if you can. >> definitely a great start to our weekend, that's for sure. the buccaneers wrapped up a free agent day by -- find out who they signed coming up. plus the bolts secret revenge against the broad street
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the power of febreze.
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for sports to have entertainment value, there has to be bad guys. someone's got to wear the black hat. a franchise finally referred to as the broad street bullies has no problem doing that. the lightning winning the -- they're seeking revenge, but philadelphia tickles the twine first. in the second, flyers on
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through a screen to make it 2-0. philly wasn't done. brayden gets a rebound on the wrap around. brian boil would break the shut out with his tenth tally of the season. tampa bay lost three in a row. the buccaneers -- secondary and defensive line. in a span of a few hours friday afternoon, general manager jason light scratched both itches. tampa bay signed former dolphins corner brent grime to a two year contract worth up to $16.5 million with incentives. tampa deal. airs made 9 and a half sacks with the giants last season. the most of any free
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from the bucs to the bucs. taylor is an scervy dude. this time it's a dunl -- it's a double. eddie trying to keep it that way. but gift no pay has other plans. yeah, that's a real human name and that's a game winning rbi. finally let's go to the beautiful resort, round two of the sparks championship. 49-year-old steve stricter shot of the day. his second stroke. two hops and into the cup for the big bird. that's an eagle. stricter tied for a share of the lead with five under. high five, very nice. he sinks a birdie on nine. beer rocking stud muffin is four under. nice approach on 18, led to a birdie to finish his round.
6:27 am
look at the leader board through three rounds of play. burger and bill haas right behind them. not players are within two shots of the lead. the cut line was 3 over parr. defending champ stephen speet ieth barely -- spieth barely made it. a wrong way driver leaves a deputy dead. we'll have that
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the fight under florida is days away as voters in the sunshine state get ready to cast their ballots in the primaries. rubio will campaign for your vote. he won puerto rico. he tailored his speech to the crowd here noting that florida is an important swing state through the cycle stating quote, a turning point is coming and it starts here in florida. >> florida awards 99 delegates to the winner of the state. we've spent a lot of time and energy because we believe it's the best use of our resources. the winner of the florida -- they're going to be the nominee. >> if he doesn't win, it will be a blow to his campaign effort. people in tampa have sick of the rising numbers of shooting and killings. >> those took to the streets
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one man is mourning the loss of his nephew shot to death at a tampa nightclub last night. >> when i looked down and saw my nephew on the ground, i passed out on him. >> the murder is still unsolved. no one is behind bars for that crime. there are new leads on a drive-by shooting that entered a this car is believed to be the one involved in the shooting, abandoned in del homes park. the child and a 23-year-old man were both shot while sitting on a front porch. they're expected to survive. flood waters are slamming parts of the south and this morning, 12 million people are under flash flood watches and so far, there have been 1300 hundreds of homes have water damage. in hammond louisiana, roads turned into rivers.
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boats to help stranded people. this is video of the entire neighborhoods and roads under water. firefighters rescued a newborn from a flooded home, but three people drowned when they were swept away. nine others died when walls of mud destroyed their homes. a man in a stolen car led police on a terrifying chase through chicago's neighborhood. that man is in custody. watch that black sedan. it goes down a residential street onto sidewalks and over driveways and sideswiping a police cruiser trying to stop it. eventually the driver gets out on the highway where he loses control of the car and he crashes into a ditch. he's getting out and running away, but officers captured him. scott kelly is hanging up his space suit according to nasa. he returned to earlier
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kelly will continue to participate in the ongoing research related to his one year mission. expect delays on u.s. 41 monday. sorry about that. the florida department of trans transportation is closing down the roadway to repair the railroad crossing in loots. the improvement project is expected to last two weeks. drivers should use florida avenue, bierce avenue. residents who live in the neighborhood are upset because they're worried that extra traffic is going to spill over on into residential streets and it's where children play. >> that impact with that traffic on those roads, there's kids, vehicles, safety, police, all those, the delay in time is going to hurt someone. >> the department of transportation hopes spring break, next week, will help alleviate some of that congestion. the road closure will be north of crenshaw road. we've posted a map of the road closure and alternate routes on
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racing to restore the beach at the southern end of fiesta key. they're working armed the clock to have the project completed by may 1st. crews are restoring badly eroded -- they're trying to do this before sea turtle nesting season. the project consists of $21 million. the kentucky derby is two months away, but horse racing fans can get a sneak peek of the race at tampa bay down. they were out preparing for the tampa bay derby. he's on the bubble of making the kentucky derby and he's a race. >> he seems to play fit and happy with this racetrack. we've come over here to win and
6:36 am
and get him into kentucky as the favorites. >> the kentucky dur beeerby is may -- the derby is may 8th. today is a great day. >> today is a great day to watch the horses going around the court. get your -- if you're having a backyard party today, hopefully it looks like this. what we saw along south tampa today. nice view from angela sending us pictures. more sunshine. it's going to be around today, but for a shorter period. actually clouds will be moving in later in the day and that could set us up for rain for the weekend. i'll tell you coming up after the break. a new coffee shop is recently opened up in ybor city that offers more than coffee. and don't forget to wake up
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to in-depth reporting. and it's just one of the great if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, get to know us at welcome back. no vaccine is perfect and now the faa is working to prove the defense against one defense and how old were you when your sibling entered the world could effect your risk of obesity. this is your saturday checkup. infection -- the heads of the cdc and the national
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infectious diseases reports of effects of zika are worse than thought. the virus can cause severe birth defects and a syndrome that causes paralysis. president obama asked lawmaker vaccine. right now, the u.s. and food administration is trying to improve the vaccine for mumps. the numbers of cases have his in-- it has risen for months. when a child becomes a big brother or sister, it could effect their risk of obesity. kids without a younger sibling by the time they get to first grade were three times more likely to be obese. parents may change the way they feed their children the way a new baby is born. older siblings get more active too. a new study shows the young adult population is growing in downtown tampa. 8 on your side
6:41 am
driving so many to this area. >>reporter: more and more young people are moving into the downtown area of cities all over the country and tampa is no exception. downtown tampa is transforming, new high rises, condo shops and restaurants. 8 on your side found the population is following suit especially with young adults. 25 to 35-year-old are interested in everything the downtown lifestyle has to offer even though in college waiting to make their next move. >> i can't see myself in an rural area. >> i would stay downtown or the tampa bay area. i'm a city person. there's a city person in a lot of young adults. the city observatory shows many are staying in downtown areas nationwide like here in tampa. in a decade, the population of young adults living in downtown areas in tampa rose from 7500 to 7800. that's a 70% increase.
6:42 am
the two most important things are sun and water. >> we turned to tampa city council member mark suarze. he says those combined with the jobs, young adults are moving here and spreading the word to others. >> once they see this is a great place to live, they send a signal out to their friends to come to tampa. >> city leaders tells us they don't expect to see let up with changes coming to downtown. they expect this trend to continue. reporting in downtown tampa, i'm ryan hughes, news channel 8. growing up here in the bay area, we never had the channel side. all we had was ybor city and it has switched back down towards the downtown area. with all the amenities there, it's no surprise.
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river and the water is warming back up where you can put on the mask and put on the snorkel and enjoy the crystal waters there. it's 62. and we see you as our cooler locations, but uniform temperatures across the map with low 60s in bartow and brayden. we're going to see a big warmup here and we'll be back into the 80s and all the state will be in the 80s today, basking with the southerly and southeasterly breezes here which has kept us very warm. now, you see how the winds are out of the southeast, it will get hot inform our the onshore sea breeze will develop and that knocked temperatures 10 degrees in one hour. if you're going out to the beach, you'll be out there with 80-degree readings up until 3:00 and you can expect a pretty big cool down as the sea breeze moves inland.
6:44 am
problems through the mississippi valley. we showed you the story of the flooding in louisiana. this low pressure will continue today. eventually that rain will reach us tomorrow, but it's going to weather as it enkroech -- as it encroaches is us. it could be light rain in that area, but tomorrow starting the date, citrus county, hernando county, you might see a sprinkle or two. more clouds around on sunday and we'll see pop up thunderstorms grow during the afternoon and move inland with the southeasterly breeze. the front pushes by slowly, but on monday, it will be close enough where we can see scattered showers south of the bay area,
6:45 am
arcadia and seabring and sarasota as we start the workweek. look for 80s and cooler along the coastal spots. the forecast doesn't call for much of a cool down. temperatures will stay above normal through the workweek. we're keying in on two key days and one is tomorrow with scattered showers and as we head period. >> the storms that are bringing flooding to so many states, when it reaches here, do we have to worry about flooding? >> a lot of the energy is going to lift north and not head our way. that's good news. no flooding for us, but you could hear thunder tomorrow morning. >> you want to pack the umbrella or make indoor plans on sunday. >> i wouldn't call it a washout all day, but you have to dodge the storms. thank you mark. there's a lot going on in social media and tact including hackers hitting apple and a
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your weekend tech review is
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rme to lead the life that ti want to live. welcome back. it is a busy weekend at movie theaters with several films opening this weekend. raphael takes a look at our box office preview >>reporter: mary ellis gets her world rock in -- she plays a woman rescued from a car accident, but goodman has her chained up and tells her the it's rated pg 13. >> we need to protect. >> merin brings the fire in the "eye in the sky." he's a colonel and order s a kill on a safe house, but the pirates can't pull the trigger after a little girl gets in the way.
6:50 am
>> he's his brother's keeper in the "brother's grimsby." they're separated as brother s s and he finds his brother as an assassin. >> a playboy get s s played in the terrance j meets a girl who wants to keep it casual, he falls hard. the perfect match is rated r. >> sally field is the mayor of cougar town and hello, my name is doris. she plays a corky wall flower -- the problem is max greenfield is half her age, so she facebook stalks him and becomes a hipster. nbc news. and there's also a lot going on in the world of social media and tech this week. ransome
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users accidentally downloaded the code had their files encrypt. they had to pay hackers $400 to $500. they're updating software to protect others from an attack. amazon is restoring encryption. so few customers were using it. but as soon as the public found out, there was backlash. amazon will let you fully encrypt your device this spring. ben and jerry's released new flavors on snap chat. there's three new ones including with a brownry core which means i'm regretting my decision to give up chocolate right now. msqrd is similar to snap chat's filter, but there's a lot more to pick from and you
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directly to your phone or up load them to other southerly media sites. no word on how much facebook paid or if you can use them on facebook, but let's hope so. it's almost time for our favorite story of the week. this involves cute puppies up for adoption after a heart breaking journey. that's up
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finally this morning, our favorite story of the week.
6:55 am
puppy. the litter was abandoned on a tampa bay road. they had no fur, but now they're two months old and they're in good health thanks to the humane society of the tampa bay and they're ready for a new home. a deputy is dead after a wrong way crash. we're on top of this breaking news. we're going to have an update at the top of the hour. a fight breaks out at a trump rally. hear from supporters and protestors speaking out about the violence
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good morning, i'm linsye mastis in adrienne. breaking news, a deputy is dead after a wrong way driver slams into his patrol car. the driver of that car is dead. the crash happened on east selman express way. mary is speaking with officials. mary this is a terrible tragedy for the department? >>reporter: it certainly is. just a huge loss. the deputies
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