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tv   News CH8 Super Sports Sunday  NBC  March 13, 2016 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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the middle class unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. tonight on super sports sunday order is restored, lightning get back on track on the road. speaking of road, juan pablo montoya rules the streets of st. petersburg while charles schwartzel rules the fairway. the dance card is out.
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we promise to yell 4! but get ready. super sports sunday starts now. works it free, stamkos with it, the drop pass, the score! >> captain, our fearful trip is done. not really. there's still three road games straight to go, but the lightning stopped their losing skid thanks to captain stamkos. good evening, ladies and gents. it's super sports sunday. i'm paul ryan alongside dan lucas. >> the lightning have lived a tale of two cities the past week. it was the best of times until monday when, of course, tampa bay's record winning streak was snapped by philadelphia. it's been the worst of times since then. >> you like charles dickens. the bolts trying to get back on track this afternoon in columbus. when your team is slumping,
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call upon your superstars, steven stamkos definitely one of those dudes, some serious torque on the 1 timer. his 30th goal makes it 1 -0. later in the 2nd, big ben bishop doing the splits to turn away the jackets. bishop stopped all 37 shots he faced. it was still 1-0 in the 3rd period. columbus defenseman asking for a redo. he has to pay for the turnover to double the deficit. later cbj on the power play, but don't tell the lightning. andre palat breaks free and feeds stammer for his second goal of the day and they weren't done. later another shorthanded break. this time stamkos returns the favor to palat. the lightning snap their losing streak with a 4-0 shutout of the blue jackets. >> forget the power play, with stand the penalty kill. the nfl kicked off new year this week with the start of free ago and the bucs have been busy.
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added former seahawk guard j.r. sweezy to block for him. >> bring in quarterback brent grimes from miami and signing the best pass rusher available, robert ayers who made 9 1/2 sacks for the giants last year. sometimes the best additions -- >> you took the math right out -- the best additions are the ones you do not? >> subtract. >> the bucs resigned chris conte this afternoon. i was wondering if this deal was going to happen, a one year contract. the 27-year-old played in 14 games last season, 79 tackles, two interceptions. the bucs are bringing back four safeties from last year's team including free agent keith attend who reuped tuesday, one of those restricted tender guys. i like this backfield. >> especially if they can draft a corner or defensive lineman. i think the defense looks a lot better. the rays getting ready for that trip to cuba next week and
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getting ready for the rays. >> hundreds of workers renovating the so-called cuban stadium getting the 55,000 seat venue ready for the first mlb game in cuba since 1999. in the meantime the rays shiny ballpark there. >> playing port charlotte there. >> a split squad, so the a boys taking on the red sox, 4-0, evan longoria, two run single brings in a pair. next inning, this guy is looking for a rebirth. you know what? the guy can swing the bat. i'll give him that. two-run shot today. it was a run fest for the rays, 13-5 winners over the sox. >> things didn't go so well in dunedin. the rays lose to toronto 6-1.
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kyle roller drove in tampa bay's only one. jose bautista smacked a three- run homer. >> good job on that dunedin pronunciation. >> thank you to the person who e-mailed me about that this morning. plenty more to come on super sports sunday. >> we'll head out to valspar for the final round of the championship where a local amateur pushes the pros and a playoff decides the fate of the tournament, highlights and a one on one with the winner
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schwartzel to finish off, bill haas on the playoff. >> back in the winners circle in the pga tour. >> it's been a long time coming for charles schwartzel, his valspar championship win his
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first on the pga tour here in the u.s. since the 2011 masters. i found that hard to believe when i saw that earlier today. we'll have an exclusive one on one interview with schwartzel coming up in a few minutes. this was a great comeback today for the south african. to say. >> he likes it. >> this is the biggest comeback tournament, dan. five strokes down schwartzel trailed bill haas by five play. nipping at their heels local amateur lee mccoy, the kid playing alongside world no. shook. finished 4-under. spieth hit the clubhouse at even par. schwartzel had this bomb of a feet. he carded the best round of the day, a 4-under 67, good for 7- under overall.
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still the leader with this hole 12 but gets bit on the snake pit. he misses a par putt on 16 falling back to 7-under. haas played even golf 17 and 18. we got a sudden death playoff with schwartzel. charles put his first shot in the fairway. haas does not. that's the the fairway, not even close. he bogeys the hole. schwartzel set himself up for a tap-in par to win the valspar championship. >> i felt like on saturday my game was starting to be a little bit better. i was struggling with the first few days in the wind. i started controlling my ball very well. i figured if i could hit a lot of greens and eliminate mistakes and maybe make a few putts, which happened to be on the last few holes, which was great, i'll have a chance.
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winning far back is not always what you -- you know, you'll need a bit of help from the other guys and unfortunately for bill it was just really difficult and i played really well. >> there he is with the trophy and a final look at the leaderboard. 1.1 mill schwartzel takes home. lee mccoy since he's an amateur gets a pat on the back. ryan moore finished two strokes off the pace. charles howell had a good weekend. graham delaet struggled. you talked about mccoy tonight, paul, what a weekend for this young man. he grew up right in the shadows there of the 18, used to sneak into this tournament, now a college player at georgia. mccoy lived his dream of playing the copperhead course with the pros and held his own
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outlasting mr. golf right now, jordan spieth through the final round. you can bet mccoy made mental notes at how spieth and the rest of the pros handle the pressure of a pga tournament. >> it was really special. i know jordan didn't have his best stuff today, but it was playing so, so tough. i can't really take any pride in beating him today. i think he's got me by a hair now careerwise even though we are the same age. it may not seem like it. >> it was really impressive stuff. you'd thought he'd been out here for years working the ball both ways. the way he was talking, there was no stutter. you couldn't sense any nerves. he was certainly ready to be out here. it was really fun to watch. >> if i was him and hit the 18th green, i'd be like i'm a pro now. where's my $300,000 check? >> i turned pro about 60 seconds ago. when we come back, the esteemed sports fellow to my life has a one on one interview with the newest valspar champion.
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get it down in two's, some 64 feet. >> and schwartzel throws it! crazy. >> shot of the day, how about shot of the tournament? can't watch that enough. the schwartzel is with him. the 64-foot birdie putt got charles schwartzel's day moving in the right direction helping him catch bill haas and win the valspar in a playoff. vijay singh, jordan spieth to name a few and today charles schwartzel who also has a major title joined that group after penciling in the valspar into
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i caught up with schwartzel to talk about his big win after signing his scorecard. >> reporter: congratulations. i liked your story when you woke up this morning you're thinking it's a long shot, but remember. >> it was. i think most of the tournaments it comes down to the back 9 if you're in contention. the guy that obviously plays the best on the back 9 will have the best chance. i was a couple shots back. i didn't particularly enjoy my bogey on 10. it's hard to make birdies. i was trying to eliminate making too many mistakes, but the putter caught fire and i hit some good shots and that's what it sometimes take. >> reporter: when you get on the tee in the sudden death and put your tee shot right down the middle, talk about the pressure of sudden death. i know it's tough to see the opponent off to the side, but you hit a shot. all of a sudden in your mind you're thinking all i got to do is get up here in regulation and i'm probably in good shape.
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important thing is to put the ball in play. it became a match play situation. i'm very good friends with bill and i know he's a very good player. there was never another club i was going to hit. i particularly enjoy a window for left, so i went with the 2 -- wind on the left, so i went with the 2 iron. >> reporter: you've won plenty of tournaments in your career. to win on u.s. soil again what does that mean to you and especially gearing up now towards an augusta tournament that means a lot to you? >> this couldn't come at a better time because i am very familiar with augusta and the place suits me well, but you need to get that winning formula again. just to be able to break through now and get a win, that helps me going into augusta.
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said it's kind of augusta-ish this course, there are some challenges that you see. compare the two. what do you see out here that kind of reminds you of that? >> well, it's funny you say that. my brother was standing on the 6th green and said look back. that looks identical to augusta and i looked back and it was. the way the fairway was cut and you got the pine needles in the background and the way it's augusta also gives you the wind yeah, there's a lot of familiarity. >> reporter: one last question for you, you're part of a current generation of south well. do you feel like sometimes you're still chasing those legends and guys you grew up watching? i know you guys are all probably close, but what does it feel like to be a modern day player chasing all that
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>> those guys are good, you know. they were my ideals growing up and their steps are big to fill, but we'll take it piece by piece. >> very nice guy, wish him the best. at augusta this year 2011 masters champ. we're just getting rolling on super sports sunday. as if we didn't have enough to talk about today, when we come back, we'll hit the track. we'll take you to st. pete for the firestone grand prix, to phoenix for a photo phoenix and to the tampa bay downs where a stick around. we got horsies on this show! >> there they are.
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drivers, start your engines! >> nice job. gerald mccoy doing the honors today in st. pete. if you had your choice, paul, are you yelling start your engines or throwing out the first pitch? >> puck drop, choice c. i'm afraid i'd bounce in the first
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pitch. >> i'm a start your engines guy because you can't mess that up. since his return to full time indycar juan pablo montoya has enjoyed the same success as he had early in his career which included a win at the indy 500 in 2000. >> montoya's other win in 2015, as he won the indy last year, right here at the firestone grand prix. at the turn 4 nearly half the field gets congested trying to turn the corner. this looks like i-4 trying to merge onto the freeway at 5:00 on friday. everyone is upset all juan pablo montoya took control taking advantage of the chaos really seizing the lead and not looking back. he starts the indy car season with a second straight win in st. petersburg, congrats to the back to back champion. >> it was good. it was good.
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we were patient when we needed the patience. it's a fast car. we really had a fast car. it wasn't probably the fastest but it was really consistent and gave us what we needed. >> on the restart i had a lot of good spin. i think he may have taken my air off. i was a little too close maybe it. is what it is. you give him an inch he's going to take it and i know that. great start to the season. out west nascar sprint cup in phoenix, we've seen wins by the smallest of margins this every move counts. themselves. busch drove over the hose for the wrench in the pits. >> whoops. >> kevin harvick trading paint look at this. we get our second photo finish of this young nascar season. i am loving this. harvick sneaks across the line. >> of course, it's the jimmy john's car, they're the fastest delivery. plenty of horsepower in
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racing to the line at tampa bay now? >> they're locked in battle down to the wire. it's dustin on the outside going to better the two, dustin, very gamely for second, five lengths further back star hill third, brody's cause off the board as the favorite. >> can we call it a date with destiny? javier castellano and destine win the tampa bay derby setting a new track record one minute 4.82 seconds. now the 4-year-old colt sets his sites on the kentucky derby less than two months away here on news channel 8. march madness much closer than that. it's now. i just filled out my first ncaa bracket in the office this evening. >> you got a winner yet or did you crumple yours up? >> this is my bracket every year. one of the softest bubbles in the history of the tournament, let's look at the four no. 1 seeds, kansas in the south,
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out west and virginia in the midwest. those programs have a combined 23 losses this season, an ncaa tournament record. >> wow. >> could this be the year, paul, a 16 knocks off a one? >> probably because i didn't put that in my bracket. perhaps florida gulf coast? >> does that sound familiar? [ wadding up paper ] the eagles making it for the first time since 2016. gulf coast plays in dayton's first four on tuesday. if they win, they get north carolina, that one seed. miami hurricanes are in the field marking the first time in three years two florida schools are in the tourney. hurricanes are taking on buffalo in providence, rhode island. >> florida and florida state did not crack the field, but both play on in the nit. gators are a two seed and will face north florida in the first round. if they advance far enough, they'll eventually meet monmouth snubbed from the big dance.
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seed and will play davidson in valparaiso's brackets. it's almost time to say good night, but you should stick around for the last segment seriously. >> when we come back, find out why this guy is sitting on the ground at copperhead. it's not because he was tired of standing. hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means! easter is hopping along. pso, if you're looking to stretch your dollar this easter holiday, pjust look at these savings at your local walmart. tampa, in head-to-head shopping, the total amount saved at walmart vs. winn-dixie was $22.72 - that's 15% on this week's easter basket. why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's pevery day low prices and get big savings. start shopping with walmart's
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what an absolutely spectacular goal! >> how about that? friend of the program. alex morgan joined us on the show last week doing us proud scoring a gorgeous goal against germany helping the u.s. women clench the she believes cup. that is our super sports sunday play of the week. that is a beauty. >> pretty timely, too, to have her on the show and then score a couple goals. >> if you missed the score last week, you missed out.
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dan, you've covered sports a long time. you ever been hit by a basketball player or knocked over in an event? we work in sports, so that's a workplace hazard, but what happened at valspar earlier this week, not a workplace hazard for one of the spectators. >> reporter: folks, watch this shot right here, a driver off the deck for his second 14. he hits a screaming low shot that ricochets off a guy, knocks him down actually. he was sort of diving to get out of the way. obviously wasn't able to. >> sometimes finding the green is difficult. hitting a fan not a problem for justin thomas who finished even par. he hit a fan and got a free glove out of the deal. lightning at toronto tuesday.
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