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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 16, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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good morning. thank you so much for wawatching news channel 8 today. i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a big story northerning,g, the fog. a -- a big story this morning, the big. you're looking at a live picture right now near the sunshine skyway bridge. it's like pea soup. and you can see the morning sign on the top right, it says low visibility. and just lots of fog this morning. >> that's righght. we really need to be careful. and this is the view of the situation from a traffic camera on the bridge. you can see how foggy it is there. the cars moving by.
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still open but that could change at any moment. again, the sunshine skyway bridge is open right now. news channel 8's ryan hughs is bridge for us. out that way? >> reporter: adrienne, good morning to you once again. i made my way to this location from downtown tampa within the last 30 to 45 minutes or so. and i can tell you that the fog became more dense as i got closer to the water here in pinellas county. i will step out of the way and show you a live look of this section of i-275. you can see the billboard reads, low visibility, use caution. but i must say, it seems as though the fog may have tapered off a little bit since we came to you live roughly 30 minutes ago or so. it's somewhat clearer and then you can kind of sesee some moving in farther down the bridge. and now yesterday of course it was a similar story. we have some video of the sunshine skyway bridge to show you right now.
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decided to close it around 5:00 a.m. because of the inclement weather and it did not reopen for another eight hour, around 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon is when drivers were ablele to get back on to the bridge so it really caused a lot of headaches trying to go or from st. petersburg. again, another live look at i- 275, l low visibility as the sign says. so if you are headed this way, use caution but the bridge is open at this point. if it does close, we will certainly let you know. leslee, back to you. >> thank you, ryan. and as you can see behind ryan, it looks better follow- wise on the roadways than it did say 30 minutes ago so we will get an update from leigh in a moment. . meanwhile, no fog on the howard franklin bridge. it will take 15 minutes to cross northbound. big issue out here folks. it looks like we only got the left lane squeezing by. a tow truck is onscene and it's going to be wrapped up soon.
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instead of taking the northbound side of the howard franklin bridge, take the courtney campbell causeway or the gandy bridge depending on which way you are headed. injury accident here, a tow truck is onscene but still only that left lane getting by. and as we move closer and closer to rush hour, it's just going to continue to get more congested. hopefully it will wrap up soon. that's the howard franklin bridge and fog but it looked better on the sunshine skyway bridge. >> it is starting to get patchy and we will see the fog last along the coast all day. just like yesterday. in fact, , the dense fog advisory for the beaches and the immediate coastline goes until 11:00 a.m. this morning but i'm pretty sure it's going to be socked in all day. and now we are starting to see thick fog in other spots. notice tampa not bad, you can see 10 miles. plant city, you can't even see a mile in front of yoyou. lakeland, only a quarter mile. again, patchy this morning. what i think will happen between now and about 7:30, this is a fog forecast, it will
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this shows you how far you can see into the fog and itit's two miles or less. after about 9:00, we start to realally clear things out for the majority of us. but again, the fog along the coast could last all day. where the sunshine pops back out, a highgh of 82. anotother steamy day. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i take you hour-by-hour through your wednesday. gene and adrienne. >> thank you, leigh. in your vote, a big night for the two front-runners in the 2016 presidential race. voters in five states including here in florida went to the polllls. >> yeah, big night indeed. and in the end, democrat hillary rodham clinton and republican donald trump came out with the most wins. on the republican side, donald trump won decisively in florida. he forced our own senator marco rubio to abandon his run for the white house. and trump racked up wins in north carolina, illinois and missouri. and then there's ohio governor john kasich. hehe is still in it after winning his home state.
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hillary rodham clinton swept the primaries. she won in florida, ohio, north carolina, illinois, and nbc news reporting a win in missouri. it is so close there in that state. and those wins deal a serious blow to senator bernie sanders' hopes of becoming the democratic nominee. and florida always playing a big role in the campaign. it's's a winner-take-all state and that means it was make or break it for senator rubio. we have team coverage and rereaction from the candidates. we begin with news channel 8's paul mueller there in palm beach coununty when trump gave his victory speech. paul -- >> reporter: well, good morning. a big night for donald trump here in palm beach last night. the victory speech where he thanked his family, his supporters and even marco rubio who he beat by nearly 500,000 vote last night. and so trump took home the winner-takes-all state with, florida, with all -- state,
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it didn't take any jabs as he's known for doing. he talked about how he can make the country again, ready to secure the border, better health care, rebuilding the military and taking care of veterans. he says this country needs a leader like him to get its act together. take a listen. >> everybody agree, the money should come back. there's $2.5 trillion outside of this country. everybody agrees that the money should be here and the politicians for three years haven't been able to make a deal. [ applause ] >> and we could make a deal. there's an example of something that you could do. if i sat down with a few of the senator, a a few of the congressmen, you could make a deal on that in 10 minutes if you knew what you were doing because everybody wants to do it. >> reporter: where do we go from here? the next primary is a week from saturday and the magic number here is 1,237. trump came into tonight with more delegates than anyone
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else and he leaves the same way. in palm beacach, paul mueller, news channel l 8. >> thank you. trump's big win a major blow to the marco rubio campaign. this morning our senator is no longer a presidential candidate. news channel 8 8's candace mccowan was with senator rubio in miami when he made the announcement to end his campaign. >> reporter: good morning. it was within minutes of the final florida polls closing that marco rubio took the stage at his campaign event tuesday night. the crowd, many of them supporters, were quite emotional. some of them crying and many of them sighing as they saw the election results come in. rubio was stoic, not emotional but frank in his delivery tuesday night as he said that he would suspend his race for the presidency. >> from a political standpoint, the easisiest thing to have done is to jump on the anxieties i just talked about, to make people anger, more frustrated -- angrier, , more frustrated but
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i'm proud of that. >> reporter: he didn't shut out the possibility that he could run for political office in future. >> thank you. and now for the democrat, hillary rodham clinton now has an even bigger delegate lead over senator bernie sanders. she claimed victory in all five states. at a victory party in palm beach, she thanked her supporters. >> i have never had more faith in our future and if we work together, if we go forward in this campaign, if we win in november, i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday. thank you all so very much. >> clinton plans to return to new york for a brief rest before she hits the campaign trail again. all right, it 16:08. time for a look at the weather and traffic on the 8s. leigh, foggy again. >> it is. we still have thick fog right along the coast but unlike yesterday, we have fog in other spots too. so a heads up lakeland, plant city, brandon, even up into the
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and it's one of those days where you leave one area and it's clear. and you may head into an area where yoyou have visibibility issues. that's why i am trying toto give you a headads up there. in the hour-by-hour forecast, foggy in these spots through about 9:00 a.m. and then most of us will see more and morere sunshine by noon, 77. and then making it all the way to 82 at 4:00 p.m. having said that, if you live near the coast where the fog may hang tough alall day, you will see a cooler afternoon in the upper 7070s. in headlines, not only dense fog g this morning, possibly tomorrow morning as well. rain chances, a few showers possible friday and heads up for your saturday and sunday, better rain chances before we actually get cocooler next week. check it out. we stay in the low 80s today. 80 tomorrow. upper 70s friday and saturday. and only 72 sunday. checking now on traffic on the 8s where we know there's a big issue getting better. >> yeah. the sunshine skyway bridge
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and the howard franklin bridge looks better. here's the situation. it's still going to take roughly 16 minutes or so northbound. so we have delays but as i move to the camera here, you can see that everything has been taken over to the right shoulder. at one point, only the left lane was getting by. and now we've got traffic moving again but it's congestion. at this point, you don't need to take the courtney campbell causeway. you can still take the howard franklin, easing soon. street. it is fog by again by the sunshinene skyway bridge. use caution as you travel overer to manatee or pinellas. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you. getting discovered is half the battle for musicians really trying to land that record deal. >> yeah. but social media, well, it makes it easier. and now that without your kisses >> still ahead, how one local
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give his career a big boost. but first, keeping spring break crowds frfrom getting way out of hand. the approach local law enforcement is taking to keep a chaotic scene from happening on our beaches. it's 6:11.
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welcome back. 6:13. right now, that time of year when collelege students from all over the e country flock to the florida beaches. and police are just trying to keep the peace. this year, they're taking a more proactive approach. news chahannel 8's josh thomas is joining us live from what is obviously now a quiet clearwater beach. but josh, tell us about what police are doing to try to crack down here. >> repororter: yes, it is quiet for now but we all know, it's going to pick up as the morning moves on and of course into the afternoon. in just a few hours, spring breakers will be up and out enjoying themselves. but police want to make sure it remains calm and that things do not get out of control. spring break is a time for students to take a break and unwind but sometimes a good time gets out of control like >> back up! >> reporter: and as you can see, a pinellas county deputy
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but clearwater police tell us this type of scene can be avoid i by controlling alcohol use among students. it is not a -- avoided by controlling alcohol among students. it is not allowed on clearwater beach. >> nobody is 21? >> no. >> and you're not drinking beer? >> no. >> absolutely not. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: and that zero tolerance approach is paying off because the number of incidents are down. clearwater police want toto keep it thahat way as we enter the peak of spring break season. adrienne. >> all right and the fog won't keep them away. thank you, josh. it's 6:15. now we're often introduces to now local talent on hit shows like "the voice" and america's got talent. but these days to make it big without a reality show, well, you need to shop your talents in the digital world. gayle guyardo met with an up and coming local singer and he is making his mark online.
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>> reporter: i am sitting here with david camden, one of the many talenteted people in the bay area. and he's going to share music but also how he's getting traction with his future career. let's get it going. >> okay. he's still working to hit it big time for for now, he's up load videoeos to youtube. trying to compromise but i can't win >> i also keep people interested on instagram, periscope,e, snapchat, twitter. >> reporter: david camden isis able to truly connect with fans using real time streaming apps like periscscope. >> i'm going to do stitches by sean maenades. celine in norway, i love how everybody is from different countries. >> i think it's's a matter of putting yourself out there and staying connected so constantly putting out content, coconstantly
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what i really like about that, i get to do this project with my friends, family and fans. so you know, if they likeke my music, they love me, theyey want to support me. >> reporter: finally when it's really time to geget going, a site like kickstarter helps supporters donate to his launch. >> they can preorder the album. shirt. they can the actually -- there's one reward on there where i am writing personal theme sosongs for people. so i think that one is really fun. >> reporter: do you have one for me? >> let me try one real quick. umm -- it's gayle gayle guyardo >> reporter: i'm gayle guyardo, news channel 8.8. >> that's a diddy. so see more of david's work, gayle put a link for you on
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his hair. that was cool. >> that was impressive. and there have been big media. i want to say justin bieber was discovered years ago -- >> by usher through social media. >> he posted his videos on maybe we're next, gene. >> you do the video. i'm not going to do that. let's get a check on the lots of fog. >> yeah, this is on social media a lot. seeing a lot of pictures coming in this morning. the dense fog advisosory for all of the coastline and the near shore waters until 11:00 a.m.m. i know the springng breakers headed to the beach, i think it's going toto be socked in with the fog for most of the day. now that's not saying that everybody is going to see fog, just right along the coast. right now, tampa, clearwater, no fog at all. and then you have patchy areas where it is quite foggy. that's the lakeland area, inverness, brooksville, plant city, even into sarasota. and we will keep the patchy dense fog through about 7:00,
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really warm out there totoo 70 degrees at 7:00. 77 at noon. making us 82 at 4:00 p.m. so it's 72 in tampa. really warm. 71 in st. pete. 70 in plant city at this point. and i checked in with wendy in brooksville and she is at 68 degrees. here's the long range forecast. after the fog burns off today, a warm day but a dry one. tomorrow, a front close enoughgh on st. patrick's day and about a 10% rain chance. a little bit closer to us for friday so that bumps the rain chance up to 30%. here comes the area of low pressure in the gulf of mexico which should make for a rainier saturday, 50% chance. 30% sunday. and we see a significant cool down behind it. notice 80 on st. patrick's day. and upper 70s friday and saturday. upper 60s on monday, , leslee. all right, well taking a look at traffic right now. we are starting to normalize on the howard franklin bridge. still a little bit of a slow down here. it's going to take about 10 minutes to cross it. usually it's about six at this time.
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accident that is now off to the shoulder. that's the only thing that remains. let's go ahead and show you video so you can see what it was like earlier on the howard franklin bridge. it was quite a smash-up here. and we had only one lane getting by. and it was causing significant delays, but again, everything is now off to the shoulder and traffic looks better on the howard franklin bridge. no need to take the courtney campbell causeway. let's go to meliek on the street. speaking of bridges, he is by the sunshine skyway bridge. looks good, sunshine skyway bridge is open but it's foggy. you can see the low visibility sign. it. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s8s. back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you. pass the shepherd's pie and green beer, the white house is getting ready for st. paddy's day. do they have green beer at the white house? >> i'm sure they do. we will show you what is going green and it's not beer. >> boo. but first, amazon's big
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we will explain what the online retailer is doing.
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we're back. this is interesting. amazon is waiting to hear back on a patent for new technology that would allow customers to pay with a selfie. yeah, they just filed the application for a payment system that would replace passwords which can be difficult to remember sometimes with all the letters and caps and numbers you got to use. users would take one photo to prove identity and then a second photo to prove they're human. the st. patrick's spirit is flowing at the white house this morning. the fountain on the south lawn is green to honor the irish holiday. the irish prime minister and
6:25 am
the annual friends of ireland luncheon. first lady michelle obama started the green fountain tradition in 2009. weather and traffic on the 8s is coming up in three minutes. >> that's right. and a mom gets creative in teaches her toddler to eat without such a mess. the invention she hopes will help and it could help your kids too.
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it is 6:28. there are patchy areas of fog this morning. when you send the kids to the bus stop, that's going to be a problem. make sure you keep them far away from the streets. 82 degrees and more sunshine this afternoon except if you live right along the coast where the fog will hang tough. so you will only see upper 70s near the shoreline. and you could be in the mid- to
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we will hit about 82 degrees in tampa. rain chances also increasing, going up to 30% friday. and 50% saturday. leslee -- >> all right. thank you. well, a little bit of fog up on the sunshine skyway brbridge. looks better than 30 minutes ago. and still dark outside. meanwhile, the howard franklin
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good wednesday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i am adrienne pedersen in for gayle this morning. today. take a look at thisis, a dense now. you are seseeing a live look at skyway bridge bridge. you can see cars moving pretty out. >> there yeah, and take a look situation. this is from a different camera, this is the traffic camera on the bridge looking down on to the lanes there. from up there.
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open as you see ththe cars moving by. we will let you know if that changes this morning. and news channel 8's ryan hughs is live at the sunshine skyway bridge this morning. he joins us live. ryan, good morning. it was foggy for your drive out there too. >> reporter: yeah. gene, good morning to you. i drove to this area from downtown tampa probably within the last hour or so. and it was very foggy at the time i got to this section of pinellas county. within the last five minutes though, we have momoved our live locations. at one point, we were about a half mile down i-275. and right now we are at the base of the sunshine skywyway bridge. and you can make out the vehicles headed southbound at the very top of the bridge but you might be able to see that there is still some dense fog abovove the vehicles. but from this vantage point as you can see live, reallyly smooth sailing for these vehicles. that wasn't the case an hour ago when itit was extremely foggy
6:32 am
to see any of the vehicle, hence why we were a half mile down the road. we have video to show you from yesterday when things were rereally bad out here. ththe sunshine skyway bridge was closed from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at this point, again, another live look. the bridge i is open and traffic appears to be flowing smoothly at this point. and we will keep you posted if the conditions out here change. leigh, for now, back to you. >> yeah, thank you very much, ryan. again, this is sea fog. and that's what we dealt with yesterday. it stays over the water for the most part. but actually does begin to creep right to the coastline during the day and stays there most of the day. in fact, the dense fog advisory for the coastal areas goes until 11:00 a.m. notice tampa, clearwater, you're fine, no fog there. and into the plant city, i-4 corridor, thick fog all the way over to lakeland and sarasota.
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until about 7:30, this is how far you can see into the fog and it's two miles or less. so it's going to be patchy this morning. after 7:30, the sun starts to come up and we really dissipate the fog quickly. by 9:30, again, still a heads up, especially for spring breaker, the coastline right at the beaches, wewe may see that fog last all day. another than that, sea fog along the coast, warm today. otherwise, 82 degrees. in weather and traffic on the temperature trending for for yoyou. and leslee is going to help you navigate any problems on the roadways. yeah, the sunshine skskyway bridge is looking betterer but t let's talk about i-4. thahat's what leigh was mentioioning, polk parkway. use caution as you travel through the area. and not too far away in plant city, foggy as well. i-4 right at thonotosassa road. it's only going to takeke six minutes to cross the howard franklin bridge.
6:34 am
lanes earlier has cleared. we got a good drive on the courtney campbell causeway. gandy bridge up to speed. sunshine skyway bridge a little bit of fog but looks better. only going to take about six minutes to cross it. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to adadrienne and gene. >> thank you. front-runners hillary rodham clinton and donald trump solidify their leads. >> that's right, hillary rodham clinton winning in all five states while donald trump takes four, his only loss tuesday night was ohio. this morning, trump is asking campaign. >> the fact is, we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. [ applause ] >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. sure. and now trump's big win forced
6:35 am
that leaves trump, senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich running for the republican nomination. you can see it on the screen right there. and now in the democratic party, hillary rodham clinton is taking a much needed break this morning after winning in all five states. hundreds of supporters joined her tuesday night in palm beach to celebrate her victories. clinton congratulated sanders and took a few stab, of course, at donald trump. >> our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country not embarrass it. [ applause ] >> but don't count senator sanders out just yet. this morning he is still trying to score another upset in the midwest. >> all right, we want to go live to our dc bureau reporter chance seals. chance, nice to see you this morning. the polls predicted the outcomes pretty well here, right? >> reporter: yeah, adrienne, good morning.
6:36 am
you remember last week in michigan there were upsets. not this week really. and like you were saying, this morning, nbc news finally calling the missouri race for trump and clinton. it was just .2% separating them from the rest of the pack but much of the country y was much more definitive. we go to the republican side first. john kasich reallyly needed a win in governor. and he got it. he won by 11 points, his first win of the entire election season. the bad part, marco rubio getting trounced by trump, double digit, and even going into the night, he said i will not drop out. by the end of the night, here's what we heard. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016, or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the e fact that i have even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is.
6:37 am
securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november! >> reporter: on the democratic side, clinton pulling off a clean sweep, all five states and that is really what she wanted, adrienne. she wanted a definitive win because last week was sort of not just an upset, but an embarrassment. people have been talking about clinton building momentum and losing in michigan. last night ththey regained someme of that sense of momentum. it's early but she's gettining close. >> all right, we will stay tuned. thanks for the insight from washington, d.c. right now, spring break season is in full swining. and now we're almost to the peak with thousands of tourists flocking to the beautiful area beaches. that could mean trouble. and d police in pinellasas county are working to keep things from getting too out of hand. news channel 8's josh thomas joins us live from clearwater beach.
6:38 am
good as far as the police are concerned. right now, you can see that all is quiet here on clearwater beach, save for the clean-up crews in the background. most of the spring breakers are probably sleeping or still sleeping that is but no doubt, they'll be out here enjoying our beach before too long. now, clearwater police have been taking a proactive approach to keeping things under control. this year it follows a sometimes rowdy spring break last year where alcohol-fueled disturbances broke out on st. pete beach. . >> back up! >> reporter: and this year, clearwater police tell us they have taken a zero tolerance approach when it comes to alcohol. they want to avoid those type of scenes while students are here trying to have a good time away from classes. >> make sure that we try to identify those groups early on,
6:39 am
alcohol so that we have less problems later in the day. >> reporter: now if students are caught with alcohol here on clearwater beach, they face up to $118 fines and possibly jail time. so that's an incentive quite frankly to keep the peace out here and enjoy the beaches and our sunshine. >> okay. josh, thank you. and let's go over to leigh. we saw fog in the video. more of that today. >> yeah, that sea fog is going to hang tough. along the e coast, there's a chance that it will be with us for most of the morning, if not into the afternoon. the dense fog adadvisory officially for the beachehes and the near shore wawater goes until 11:00. the rerest of us, just inland from the coast, the fog in the lakeland area, the plant city area, that will break up by 9:00 this morning. and then 77 at noon. 82 at 4:00 p.m. a warm day, especially east of i-75. spring training games, sarasota, 1:05, pirates and
6:40 am
tampa is an evening game but the game will start in the sunshine too at 77. and if you're tired of the warm, sunny weather, who would say that? but we do have rain coming this weekend and much cooler this weekend. especially polk county, i want to remind people if you're going to the spring training game in tampa, that's on dale mabry highway and it's going to be in the heart of rush hour. >> yes. >> so expect a lot of traffic and leave the house early. you can take himes. look at this, i-4 4 at kaththleen road. a lot of fog in polk county by the polk parkway. and also in the plant city area, some thick fog. and we have a great drive across the bay area bridge, even the sunshine skyway bridge. let's go to meliek on the street. what a beautiful, beautiful picture. kind of erie, isn't it? so traffic is moving at good speedsds. use caution, you can't see the top of the pillars there. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to adrienne and gene.
6:41 am
one child is hospitalized, several others sick, alall after going swimming. >> yeah, this is scarary. and cleaning up behind toddlers, that's not easy. coming up, an invention that could help with the clean-up after meal time. but first, a nightmare for commuters in washington, d.c. this morning. the reason the entire metro system is shut down today. we will have that right after this break. yoyou're watching news channel 8
6:42 am
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welcome back. right now, the entire subway system in washington, d.c. is shut down for inspections. i can imagine this commute is going to be quite a mess this morning. the metro system closed at midnight and won't reopen until at least 5:00 a.m. tomorrow.
6:45 am
now this is all because of a fire that happened on the tracks. crews are going to inspect all of the electrical equipment safe. >> wow. you will want to see this video here. this looks like a hollywood movie, right, the guy dangling from the rope? this is a real prison escape. a canadian court unvailed the video tuesday. it shows two inmates in quebec making their great escape dangling by a rope from a yep, he's off. thisis is back in 2013. that video was just releasedded as part of the trial of one -- released as part of the trial of one of the escapees. we should know that everything gets caught on video. another one for you. you need toto take a lolook at this massive dark supercell. you can see it there. it produced several small tornadoes and swirled other the country side in illinois. tornado sirens were blaring.
6:46 am
it and capture this video. wow. it's a town of just about 3,000 people. nobody got hurt though. that's amazing. that looks scary. >> yeah. too much chlorine in a swimming spool blamed for sending one child to the -- swimming pool is blamed for sending one child to the hospital. they were coughing and vomiting. emergency crews discovered the pool had too much chlorine in it. right now, we are working to find out the condition of the child taken to the hospital. meanwhile, investigators are trying to figurere out what started this fire. this single digits s a mansion in cocoa beach. saturday ---- this say mamansion in cocoa beach. the flames brbroke out overnight. the fire spread quickly and lit up the night sky. these are pictures witnesses took. that 10,000 square foot estate was built back in 1975 and this
6:47 am
the fire chief believes the home is a total loss. >> yikes. a nicece story for your wednesday morning wake-up. a homeless manan in san francisco is getting $100,000 for helping police capture these two escaped inmates. he recognized these guys who escacaped from the orange county jail in january when he saw them at a whole foods parking lot. he says he will use the money to start his new life as well as help his adult children. nice to see there. >> yeah. traveling to cuba is easier this morning. the white house announced the eaeasing of trtravel and trade restrictions. americans can now travel to cuba for educational purposes on their own. that's what is new here. previoiously, they had to travelel with tour groups. also, direct postal service is now restored and american banks can now offer more services. these new regulations come just days ahead of president barack obama's historic visit to cubaba.
6:48 am
to follow all the events closely. our keith cate is traveling to cuba this weekend and you can see his reports starting sunday. keeping cleaean when you have toddlers is tough, right? well, now a nutritionist is changing the way small children eat. this is interesting. she created a spoon to help kikids feed themselves. the spoon is designed with a curve to accommodate kids who are still developing those fine motor skills. she claims this way kids can get their nutrition they really need on their own. it's that time of year for march mad. the tradition begins in offices across -- madness. the tradition begins across america. and your boss, he or she is likely taking part as well. a survey found managers are more likely than subordinates to participate. overall, one in eight americans
6:49 am
>> i texted my husband to ask had f he would fill my bracket out and he said no. >> you can't do that. cheater. you u got to do it on your own. >> nobody knows. even the people that -- >> not fair. >> even the experts don't get it all right. so put some teams in there and have fufun. dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. that's for areas along the coast. and in the water, notice the dense forgery is not anywhere on land -- dense fog advisory is not anywhere on land. this is very patchy. clear in tampa. clear in clearwater. clear in brandon. but plant city, over to lalakeland, right along i-4, we have thick fog and fog up in inverness. patchy, dense fog. and now everybody is warm and humid this morning. 70 atat 8:00 a.m. fog and low clouds really break up, so more sunshine by noon, 77. making it all the way to 82 this afternoon. a warm day, humid.
6:50 am
bit humid right now. 70 clearwater. 70 plant city with the fog. and 67 degrees in brooksville. that's the big story. this patchy densnse fog today. and it clears out for everybody but the immediate coastline. and a warm day. things change or at least this change starts tomorrow. front stalalls to the north, fog forms again tomorrow morning and the front is close enough to give us a small rain chance, 10% tomorrow on st. patrick's day. 30% friday. and best rain chance, 50% saturday. how abouout traffic on the 8s? well, moving at pretty gogood speeds for the most part. typical at this time. and we have a slow down from bearss avenue to i-4. again, typical for this time. southbound on 275, building as you move into downtown tampa southbound. and northbound off the howard franklin bridge, looks great. we don't have any delay oscarsen the howard franklin bridge. and accident out here, 73rd north of central avenue, in the pasadena area. just a reminder, this isis highlands county but we have a fatal crash and all lanes blocked at the intersection of
6:51 am
so headed out there, you definitely want to keep that in mimind. and fog i-4 at kathleen road anand lakeland. a little bit here at the polk parkway. meliek on the street is by the sunshine skyway bridge. that looks like something out of a cool horror movie. this is the tip of the sunshine skyway bridge and you can see it's foggy. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> all right. thank you. well the smithsonian's national museum of natural history has med a a huge revelation, a knewly discovered dinosaur species. >> i have been projecting a clintoning it all morning. -- been practicing it all morning. it lived 90 million years ago and was about the size of a horse. not an ancestor of the t-rex. the fossils were found in thes 90s. but once scientists began
6:52 am
was an entirely new species. what you need to know before you walk out the door is up next. >> including the south tampa restaurant victimized by a burglar overnight. but first, you will have to beat the fog in the bay area this morning. we wilill show you where you will see this soup. you can see it there. coming up next, you're watching
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
here we go again. dense fog creating problems for bay area drivers. >> that's right. and you remember the sunshine skyway bridge being closed yesterday because of that fog. and right now, it's foggy but the bridge is still open. ryan hughs is live with a look. ryan -- >> reporter: adrienne, good morning once again. it was foggy out here in pinellas county within the last two hours. but things have really started to dissipate. this is a live look at the sunshine skyway bridge right now here in pinellas county.
6:56 am
their way over the brbridge. you can actually see the very top of the pillars as well. those two red lights blinking. this was not the case yesterday when the bridge was closed from 5:00 a.m. all the way to 1:0000 p.m. as you can see here live at ththis hour, the bridge is open and the fog has dissipated somewhat. live in pinellas county, ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> thank you. a big morning for donald trump. he now has all of florida's 99 delegates. he has wins in four out of the five voting states, only losing in one state, ohio. the next primary is a week from saturday. >> that's right. and florida senator marco rubio is out of the race for the white house. the senator ended his campaign after losing the primary here in his home state. no word on who senator rubio will endorse jujust yet, if anyone. and texas senator ted cruz is welcoming marco rubio supporters to join him. senator cruz did not win any
6:57 am
this morning he tells voters he is the only one that can beat trump.p. let's talk about the democrats here. hillary rodham clinton is ticking off even more victories this morning. she won all five states in the primary according to nbc news and that's a blow to vermont senator bernie sanders. even if clintoton loses other states, she would still be ahead of sanders in delegates. and a man is in custody after trying to break into a restaurant on kennedy boulevard in tampa. this happened just after 1:00 this morning. a good samaritan saw the man trying to break in and called police. we are working to learn the e name of the e man arrested. all right, actually i have some relatively goodod news. we have a lot of places reporting with no fog, that includes st. petersburg, clearwater, tampa, even lakeland which had thick fog is getting bebetter now. so that's good news. plant city, you still l have fog to deal with ththis morning and keep in mind, it's going to be dark for another hour from now.
6:58 am
and any low clouds will break up by y noon, 77. a warm day today of 82. and st. patrick's day warm at 80. 30% rain chance friday. 50% on saturday though. looking at traffic right now. starting to see slow and go congestion. through yboror, westbound and also the veterans expressway, ehrlich to 2755, about a 15 -- to 275, about a 15 minute commute. this is fog around i-4 around kathleen road. and moving to the poll, parkway, foggy there. and meliek on the street, a final look at the sunshine skyway bridge. wow, looks like the fog is lifting. you can see it passingment a beautiful drive across the sunshine skyway bridge. not too bad. just a little bit of fog. >> thank you. be careful.
7:00 am
> good morning. all but one. donald trump wins four of five states, including florida, forcing marco rubio out of the race. >> after tonight, it is clelear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> john kasich hangs on with a win in his home state of ohio. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> for the democrats, a clean sweep for hillary clinton. sanders hanging in, but it's trump she's setting her sights on.


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