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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  March 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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now, four headlines at 4:00, number one, an arsonist on the loose in st. petersburg. police are looking for whoever is setting the fireses. number two, governor scott is behind -- primary confusion after voters and poll workers were confused over who could and could not vote in the closed primaries, is there a time for a change. number four, indiana jones is making a couple back. when it will hit theaters. good afternoon, i'm josh benson. >> and i'm stacie schaible. this is first at 4:00. thanks for joining us. on the win in florida today, governor
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support for him. >> yes, the governor is calling on republicans to come together. scott facebook. he says it's now time for republicans to accept and respect the will of the voters and [indiscernible] behind trump. the front runner won every state except for miami dade. those were surprised ththey couldn't vote becacause they're not reregistered as a democraticic or republican. >> some are wondering if it's time for a change to the florida's policies. mike vasilinda explplains. >>reporter: florida has a closed primary. that means voters thatt don't belong too the democratic party can't vote in primary and it led to confusion tuesday. donald trump tweeted mid-day he was told his name wasn't on some florida ballot. the
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>> we looked into it and that was incorrect. > the secretary of ststate took the unusual step of issuing a news releasee to explain the law. >> it may havee b been mpa,, not party affiliations and he may have expected they couould vote. but florida law does not permit to vote. >> florida law does allolow for an open primary is running for a particular seat -- reporting from the state capitol, i'm mike vavasilinda. an arsonist on the loose in st. petersburg. he's hit places in the crescent lake place setting fires in dumpsters and burn cars and other properties. peter bernard has the information on what could put an end to the fires. >>reporter: the heat damaged several cars and a scooter, a fence across the street and trees. and in this
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torched another dumb dumpster, it melted to the ground. a security camera caught him in the act. he strikes like when he lit this gas tank on fire. the flames caused 5,000 in damage before alerted neighbors called 911. >> since this january 17th fire, he said in a 6-block section of st. petersburg leaving behind melted track cans. >> the neighbor's fence caught on fire, so that's a little dangerous. >> st. petersburg fire and police officials are hoping to catch this guy before he lights another fire and injured or kills someone. in st. petersburg, peter bernard, news channel 8. >> dozens of residents staying in an rv park in hudson are at-risk of having their personal information stolen. burglars broke into the clubhouse at the rv park and stole the safe inside of the office.
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card information for 80 many have cancelled their credit cards but still worried another burglary could happen. >> obviously that's a serious situation. >> definitely. they should have an alarm system on there which they don't. >> another mobile home papark nearby was the sheriff's office has not determined if the two incidents are connected. well, tonight, the treatment of african american bicyclist in the ncaap -- they want to know why the department of justice report looking at the alleged disparities of african americans ticketed on bikes has not been released. >> the naacp has been involved with the united states department and civil rights department since they came down in july.
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the naacp president and vice president will meet with members of the u.s. commission on civil rights friday. and now your first at 4 weather with meteorologogist julie phillips. >> hi, stacie. a warm march afternoon for us. temperatures made it back to the mid-80s. lakeland auto mall, this is our new cameras in polk county, 80 degrees with winds out of the west at 5 miles-per-hour or so. temperatures for us have really begun to heat up in our inland spot. milder along the coast of course, where we have sea fog around. 75 in treasure island. 73 in clearwater beach. as you head inland, we're up to 85 in brandon and lutz this afternoon. bartow 93 degrees. quite a temperature spread you head through the tampa bay area. we're still dealing with sea fog. we had areas of fog near the coast, and also inland this morning, and we're seeing a little
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along the coast and it will redevelop as we head into the overnight hours, but the big weather feature we're watching is further to the north. we have a cold front approaching. this is going to stall out north of us and bring up our rain chances over the next couple of days. also, we'll continue to see some sea fog through tomorrow morning due to the southwesterly flow. one more day of dealing with fog. for the rest of t this evening, temperatures very slow to fall back,k, as we head into the overnight hours, temperaratures will fall back into the upper 60s, waking up tomorrow the day. we'll have a a few minutes. 4:00. >> it's the most popular instant messages services available and private messages. coming up, why the fbi and president obama sees that as a problem.
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welcome back. the legal battle with apple over excesess to an iphone used by the san bernardino attacker -- that service is called it allows messages. it's designed that no one else including the company can read the message traffic, and as tom gastello reports, the government says that's a big problem. >>reporter:: it's the most popular mobile service in the world boasting (100) -- 1 billion
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>> i use it to talk to my friends who study abroad. >> we text on the app and your boyfriend doesn't know about it or girlfriend, either one. >> everythining you type is instantly encryrypt and until l someone on the receiving g end opens it. the company that owns what's app cannot read those messages either while they're being sent it means that when police come with a court order to what's app cannot them. the fbi has been calling that the growing dark plan and president obama is adddding his voice. >> that, i think, does not strike the kind of balance that we have lived with for 200, 300 years. >> the cofounder of facebook says the company does work hard to keep terroririst material off social media. they want to make them so security --
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that's how technology is -- >> it's not going to not an effective way to increase security or it's the right thing to do. >> what does it mean for users. unless congress acts, it probably means more privacy. >> it's going to be difficult to find some middle ground where our data is secure but law enforcement can access it. >> that was tom reporting. the justice department hasn't decided to sue what's app. that could come. worldwide population for kripgs is encryption is leaving the government in the dark, but giving us privacy that we demand. amazon is allowing shoppers to pay for a selfie.. they filed a patton application for that technology. the company argues it's more secure and awkward than passports. customers can take a picture or a
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themselves to -- chipotle outbreak is cutting into the bottom line. the restaurant chain said itt will see its first quarterly loss ever this year. chipotle hasn't had a loss since a decade ago. it's considering to raise pricess due to fooood safety protocols in its restaurants.s. starbucks is creating spring with a limited edition drink. that's offering cherry blossom frappuccino. it's strawberry and cream with mocha drizzle. it's available until march 20th. so you better hurry up. you don't have much time. >> thatt looksks good. and i think macha is for weight loss. >> you learn something everyday. >> i'm surprised they're putting it in that -- >> with the c chocolate
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the academy of motion pictures is apologizing for jokes that chris rock made about asians. >> it came three weeks ago. the comedian was honoring -- when he brought three asian kids on stage. rock held the trio as the firm's most dedicated, accurate and hard working representatives. well, indiana jones is headed back to theaters. >> rick has that and more in today's hollywood minute. >>reporter: the man in the hat is back. walt disney announced that indiana jones will return in 2018. harrison will -- steven spielberg b back in the film chair. >> do not look. no eye
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>> varariety reports that jody fosters new movie, money monster will screen at the film festival ahead of its release. foster directed the film about a tv personality taken hostagee by a viewer who lost money based on his advice. money monster releases on may 13th. >> sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth. >> there's a reveal of spiderman. the trailer wracked up 62.2 million views in four days according to internet zeffer. in hollywood, i'm rick. >> good stuff coming. i'm excited for indiana jones. it's a 20199 release date. >> they're going to makee a top gun sequel. >> bring it back. this weekend, a great weekend to catch up on new movies. >> you don't know much about the 80s. >> yeah, i do. >> you're younger.
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a little bit. >> maybe the 90s. >> yes, that's probably a decade. >> the 80s -- >> it's hot outside. >> it's going to stay warm, although we're going to see a cool down. thee big story the last couple of mornings has been the fog, so here's what it's going to look likike by the time wewe head out to work. the sea fog starts to creep b back in and then by tomorrow morning, we'll be looking at the visibilities down to a mile or so in some plplaces. i don't think it wilill be as bad as the last couple of mornings, but fog is an issue tomorrow. by 8:00 a.m., visibility is under a mile across the board to start off your st. patrick's day. yep, tomorrow is saint patty's day, so don't forget to wear the green. you'll deaeal with fog to start the day. after this burns off, we're left with sunshine by noon, and quickly warming temperatures. more into the upper 70s and low 80s into the afternoon hours. our
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we'll bring in a slim 10% chance of an if you're going to the spring training games, i think it's going to be a great day to do that. temperatures in the upper 70s for the cardinals verses the tigers. rays verses the phillies around 1:00 and more games tomorrow. a busy day here in dunn eden. the twins verses the orioles tomorrow in the low 70s. spring training is a fun time of year in the tampa bay area. enjoy it now before it's over with. for the rest of tonightht, fog will develop after midnight tonight. so it increases in our inland spots and also along the coast, but the sea fog, very mild temperatures. in the low 70s to start off. as we head into your st. patrick's day afternoon and evening, plenty of sunshine, warm and lucky day for you. great for any festivities going on. we could see showers late thursdaday night into early friday morning. that is due to a cold
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could see an early but as scattered showers friday. as we head into saturday, that's the big day where the showers and storms will roll through. along this front, an area of low pressure will develop and this will bringng us a 60% of rain through the day. if you're heading out to the macdill air fest at this point, sunday does look to be the better day, but things. at this point, a 60 percent chance of rain. we know these forecast do evolve. cooler air arrives just in time for spring. highs only in the upper 60s on monday. well, it is a healthy alternative for people trying to stay away from dairy. almond milk is available at supermarkets, but gayle guyardo shows us there's a good reason many people are making it at home. >>reporter: you might not realize this, but the almond milk you buy in your grocery store
4:19 pm
little bit of almond in it. if you want something high end, you have to buy it at a health food store or make it yourself. and that's what we're doing in today's gayle's guide to pinterest. there's so many recipes online with people making their own almond milk. >> the fact this is a pure raw product, there's no pastorizatino involved. >> squeeze juice bottles their own and it's easy to do at home. before you do a anything, soak your almonds for 8 8 hours. >> this is about a cup to two cups of almonds. we have dates added for sweeteners and a half tea spoon of vanilla and salt. >> feel your blender with f filtered fresh water. and blend everything for about 45
4:20 pm
next, using a nut strain e separate the liquid from the p -- >> there's always use for -- >> it's best stored in glass containers and there you have your homemade almond milk. gayle guyardo, news channel 8. >> gayle found out the reason you need to give the almonds a soaking for 8 hours because it breaks down the fibers in the nuts and easier to digest. gayle put it on her pinterest board. there's a petet battle in poke county far from what you expect. coming up, why the owner of this pet alligator believes she should be able to kill it. the lightning loses to the last place leafs .
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welcome back. let's check your first at 4 sports. >> if you yank first, you're last. >> there you go. >> tampa bay lightning took over -- facing the last team. the make believes. the bolts played down to their competition. tampa bay trails toronto 1-0. earlier in the third, brian boil tied it up with his 11 goal of the season. moments later, the home team tacked -- to inflate the score 4-1. a disappointed effort not glossed over post game. >> i don't c care who we're playing. teamss are going to take advantage of y your
4:25 pm
shot ourselves in the foot with how we came out. >> it doesn't matter who you're playing or the names in the back. one team came out to win a hockey game and one team thought they were going to win a hockey game. >> in 1937, the fair labor standards act made the 8 hour common practice in the united states. this weekend at the seabring international l race way, that law does not apply. the best drivers will hit the 12 hours of seabring on saturday. among them, lasts year, christopher. he made his debut in the sports car championship back in 2014. he's used to demanding races. the 24 hours of daytona and 24 hours of la want. when he stopped by our sports office, he said s seabring ststands above the resest. >> seabring historically is a hard race. the
4:26 pm
there's a lot of bumps and rough and intense and a very effort from everyone in ordrder for yoyou to try and attempt the win. the seabring isis, i would say, probably the hardest race of the year. >> you know what else is hard to win, the ncaa tournament. march madness god underway in daytona with a couple of blowouts. the eagles -- 96-650 advance -- 96-65. that game was in ray leigh as if unc needed more of an edge. going onto win 70-50. the seniors on this team was apart of the final run in 2014. a little magic left in those guys. wichita state plays a arizona tomorrow. first fouour action contitinues in day
4:27 pm
cross f faces southern. tip off at 9:10. i think michigan is going to roll in their game. the holly cross, you want to keep an eye on. they loss 19. >> the brackets break to fall. > my bracket is not broke, but it will be by tomorrow, i'm sure. >> we'll find out. >> don't trust me in a march madness pool. bad
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now four headlines at 4:30. president obama announced his supreme court nominee. the judge mayor garland who is respected across party lines. he's the chief judge for the court of appeals for the columbus circuit. he was considered for the supreme court multiple times, but republicans say they will not hold a hearing. number two, trump believes they'll be riots if the republican establishment keeps the nomination from him.
4:31 pm
his home state of ohio, it would be difficult for trump to reach the delegate count before the convention. senator cruz agreed says he thinks a brokered conversation is a disaster. number three, former subway pitcher joe was beaten up in prison by a fellow inmate. he's serving a 16-year sentence for having sex with teenage prostitutes. he was left with a bloody nose and scratches on his next. number four, wash commute -- commuters need to find another school absences are being excused today due to the unprecedented shut down. environmentalist fought tooth and nail against fracking. >> matt galka shows us it appears they won right now. >>reporter: a majajor practicaling proposal
4:32 pm
environmentalist say the fight isn't over. the bill died in committee and he says it was the only one t that would have actually stopped fracking. >> companies can come into florida as they could last year and the year before and the year before when the dna hughes came and they can frack and do whatever they want. all my bill was trying to do w was put a regegular la tori bill in place. >> environmentalist it was the biggest issues. >> the bill trumped the power of local -- by making it so fracking could be authorized by the state, and nobody could say anything about it. >> around 60 resolutions has been passed around to ban fracking. i'm matt galka. >> the expectations is the lawmakers will revise that bill next year. let's check on your weather with meteorologist julie
4:33 pm
>> i want to outside. this is st. pete beach yesterday. we had thick sea fog and dealt with that this morning, butut it's burned off at this point and a beautiful beach day for all the spring breaker in time. 76 degrees w with winds out of the north, in the west. temperatures at this point range quite a bit. milder along the coast in upper 70s. as you head inland, things heheat up. it's 91 in bartow and 86 in apollo beach and sitting at 78 in st. pete and 77 in clearwater. here's the current set up. we have sea fog in the gulf and we'll see this increaeasing during the overnight hours. there's the f front we're watching. this will slide south over the next 48 hours or so and we'll see rain chances increasing in our system as well. for your st. patrick's day, expect fog to start off the day. temperatures reaching into the low 80s by the afternoon
4:34 pm
chance as we head into the overnight and remember, they're dying the river green on saturday where they'll have more st. patrick's festivities in downtown tampa. we'll have more on your weekend forecast and rain chances coming up. 8 on is your side is what youou need to know to plan your morning commute. here's leslee lacey with tomorrow's commute. >> i hope you're enjoying your afternoon. i want to talk about the grand prix. i know the race is over, but there's a lot of warm that's going on. they have to tear down the track and that takes a little while. keep it nined, right along the water, bay shore is going to be closed in certain areas until next friday. all of the little bits of construction and the work going on should be completely wrapped up by april the 3rd. you can connect with me at leslee lacely on facebook and follow me for your morning commute at leslee lacey o on twitter. and you can catch
4:35 pm
week day morning with traffic on the 8 degrees starting at 4:30 a.m. a lakeland woman is fighting to keep her 6-foot pet alligator. >> rambo is his name and trained not to bite and has his own bedroom. she's had a license for her alligator. he grew 6 feet. code requires 2 and a half acres of land to keep that alligator. thrown doesn't have that and is in danger of losing him. >> i lost my sonon in april, and this has been my rock, and if i lose him, he is going to be a toss up. i don't want to go on. he's my baby. >> a spokesperson for the florida wide life commission said they're investigating, but would not comment when a decision will be made. still ahead on first at 4:00. parents know that feeding toddlers can be
4:36 pm
find that out eventually and teaching them to feed themselves is even harder. coming up, see the solution that one mom came up with. >> is there an instruction book? >> we'll work on that. and you want to stick around for the 08 your side stories -- 8 on your side stories. there was not a facebook page, now they're up for a national social media award and i'll tell you
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welcomome back for a look at celebrity news. here's the host of hollywood today live. >> i'm kristin. >> and i'm tanner thomason from hollywood today live. taylor swift and calvin who celebrated their
4:40 pm
shared photos from their harrison and t-swift are in love. could wedding bells be we'll keep you pososted. disney made it official. one of our favorite movie franchised indiana jones is coming back for a fifth movie. the big news is harrison ford will have his role and steven spielberg is returning to the director's chair. the movie coming out july 2019 after -- >> congratulations neo. his wife crystal gavee birth to a baby boy. neo said prince has arrived. this is neo's third child. his first with crystal. >> that is the hdl daily wrap. all right. time for today's send it to stacie. >> where we feature your pictures on tv and we have good ones starting with a gorgeous shot
4:41 pm
near lakeland. she captioned it,t, good morning. >> there was a great shot of barny. he's a gentle c cat they rescued. he appears to be curious too. and cooperative. i like it. and this is tuey. claire cochran said they watch everyday from winter haven. look at hoaxy pokey. he wants attention and jumping on the computer board is one way to get it. thank you allison for tweeting this adorable picture. hoaxy pokey, you've got attention and more. >> i have a cat that does that. just lays on the keys. >> like, dude. >> 16 powder too. >> really? >> i got to inspect that thing to make sure it works. >> that's funny. you can send it to stacie and i hope y you would by tweeting your pictures by
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can also share your photos by going to my facebook page. we'll be
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if you have little ones, you know how frustrating feeding time can be especially when teaching little ones how to feedd themselves. you may know know how importanant that transitition is. there's a mother that has a new tool to help with that. >>reporter: as a mother of three, duffy knows the challenges that come with teaching a little one to feed herself. as a nututritionist, she knows the importance. >> we have evidence to show it's really critical in terms of establishing these habits and patterns and food preferences that carry through childhood and into adulthood. >> habits influenced through how -- >> most kids when learning to eat, they
4:46 pm
>> even kid-size makes it hard for little hands to maneuver. >> what we did instead was create a shorter fatter handle. >> she's developed kazingo, a unique alternative. >> it makes it easier for them to grasp. when they're holding it like this, the bowl of the spoon is curved towards them. >> facing the chihild and working with the motion she wants to make to successfully feed herself. that prevents parents from feeding and over feeding their little ones. >> when we do that, t the ability that they have from birth to listen to those internal signals, they lose that ability to hear that. >> research shohows kids who self feeeed early tend to be less picky eaters. >> they are more adveventurous in their eating which m means they have a greater variety in their diet and that's associated with positive health outcomes. >> establishing healthy habits early on.
4:47 pm
time for a check of here's storm meteorologist julie phillips. >> the polollen is high. you need to take that out. >> allergy sufferers -- it dropped from where it was, but we're in the moderate to high. it's that timee of year. >> it is. >> we have rain chances. unfortunately it's as we uponon we'll l see a cool down. it has been a little bit since we've seen a cool blast of air and for us, at the endnd of the march, seeing highs in the upper 60s is a legitimate cool down. things looking good as we head into next week. the rain chances will be moving in just i in time for this weekend. a look at your satellite and radar imagery. things dry right now. anything on our radar is likely fire across the area. partly cloudy skies and sea fog hanging around in spots, but things look better than they did at this
4:48 pm
in place right now, we do have some deeper moisture and dew points in the upper 60s. the moisture is going to deepen over the next couple of days as our next front brings in moisture. the fog will develop again after mimidnight tonight. it stays very mild. notice inland fog and fog along the coast. we could see some dense areas again, but it's not going to be as bad as the last two mornings, i don't think. by st. patrick's day evening, plenty of sunshine, warm and lucky day fofor you. it's going to be a nice one. a couple of showers, but most of you will be in bed if we see any. possible showers onn friday morning. it's friday afternoon as the front sinks further south where we could see showers and storms developing. there's a 30% chance of rain onn friday, and by saturday, an area of low pressure develops along this front which will increase our rain and storm chances through the day on saturday and
4:49 pm
that's where we'll see the cooler air ushered in. it's a slim 10% chance of rain for your st. patrick's day. by friday, rain chances will increase. saturday is the big d day and we hope we can keep it to saturday and sunday will look better. at this point we have to put in a descent chance of rain for the first part of sunday. stacie mentioned the pollen. we're in the moderate to high rangege. good news over the next couple of days, it drops back a bit,t, maybe giving you a hint of relief. it's high this time of year in the tampa bay area. for the rest of this evening, temperatures will stay pretty warm for us. a few clouds around. again, there's a look at the rain and storm chances increasing by saturday and we cool down just as we head into the first day of spring with beautiful conditions expected for the start of next week. alall right, julie. thank you very much. it's spring brereak especially with these weather. many families
4:50 pm
could throw a wrench in your sleeping and exercising routine. there's a way to stay on track and avoid the extra pounds. 8 on your side has answers and joining me is nutritionist abigail. thank you for joining us. >> yes, thank you. >> you get onn a plan and you go, we're going to the grand canyon and you get in the car and there's the combos and pretzels. >> there's so many wrenches that can get in the way, but there's ways to get around that. you don't have to focus on losing weight on vacation, but the goal is to maintain. that's what i always think, so -- >> and not gain. >> not gain, exactly. we'll pick and choose your splurges. that's my first tip and really one of the keys. if you're at the hotel continental breakfast, don't go for something crazy like the waffle.
4:51 pm
>> it's vacation, so people say i'm on vacation so i should have the cinnamon roll. >> you think that which is great. >> it can be delicious, but for me, i w was in philly, so i went to the philly cheese steak, but for the continental oatmeal and egg. go for the things when you're looking forward to it. if you're at the airport, don't get something crazy. gett something healthier. it's not going to o be great either way, so kind of pick and choose your splurges there. > a good one likee vegetables, fruits and stay hydrated. that's a big deal. >> huge on vacation. there's things that can hydrate you. have water, water, water all the time. fruits and vegetables are huge too. little multi vitamins and they're loaded with water also. >> when should you pick your splurges?
4:52 pm
have the croissant, when you're known for a place with a good burger, oh, goodness, go for the burger and maybe have a side salad. you don't have to go crazy to enjoy something. >> abigail, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> stacie, back to you. a new study finds that the sounds of eating could affect how much we eat. the crunch effect as researchers call it suggests we eat less if we're aware of the chewing and crunching of our food. their experiment shows that people listening to loud music ate more. muting the sound of eating causes us to be less mindful what we're putting in our mouths making it easy to over eat. well, he may be e the best dressed horse ever. have you seen this horse? a 3-piece tweed suit makes a horse better than the race course. jenna moss shows us.
4:53 pm
story of a horse thahat didn't win by a nose. he's a winner for his clothes. >> i think it's like the miami model world. >> it took a month for costume designer king to make the tweed suit. the former apprentice through alexandra mac queen had three fittings. >> i liked the attention. >> it was a stunt for the horse racing feststival, but who can resist a horse sporting a white shirt and tie and wearing a tweed suit. >> what's in the pockets -- >> carrots. >> are they real pockets? >> no. he didn't think he needs to put his tools? there. >> the horse suit required 2.5 square yards of fine tweed from scotland. we haven't
4:54 pm
snazzy on a horse since scotland's tourist agency commissioned car begans -- he dressed in plaid to match an outfit worn by a horse, but this takes horse level. it's -- not a last minute alteration. >> we weren't sure to do the hat over his ears or between his ears, and we decided to go in between the hat. >> if we could have a word with a talking horse -- >> what a fool, what a fool i've been. >> you're not a fool, you're a clothed horse. cnn, new york. >> one good looking horse. for march madness. if president obama knows who he's picking to win it all. >> we're going to show you who that is coming
4:55 pm
first at 4 returns in a
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4:57 pm
4:58 pm
now, let's look at what's trending online today. >> beginning with the president's pick to win march's madness. >> before you make the pick here, 2009, first year of your presisidency, pick carolina, they win. two other times you picked kansas, they did not win because they won the year before when you were running for office in '08. what do you do here? >> bill owes me. i'm putting kansas in here. coach, i'm not putting
4:59 pm
think the jayhawks and a squeaker get passed unc. >> put your official seal on -- >> there you heard it. the president is picking thee jayhawks. he picked them in 2010 and 2011 and they didn't win that year, hopefully he didn't jinx them. jennifer is busting out trips with the globe -- the global trotters are having their fun with the elderly lady and teaching her how to spin a basketball on her finger. if she can do it at 107-year-old, what's your excuse. >> get updates between newscast, go to and to news channel 8 with john and keith. right now on news channel 8 at 5:00. let the supreme court battle begin. president obama reveals his nominee and senate republicans vow to block
5:00 pm
my sickle stop is -- now the conversation is going national. mixing humor and social media to solve crimes. it's a winning combination for one police department. good evening, everyone. i'm jenn holloway. >> and i'm john -- he's calling on congress to give that nominee a fail shot at the job. fofor more on this announcement, let's go to dc bureau and chief national corespondent jim osman. it's like game on now, isn't it. >> indeed it is, game on in dc and there was a lot of scuttle in washington. the president had -- garland is 63-year-old. he's a moderate with an ivy league education who didn't add much diversity to the court, but may force the hand of the republicans who


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