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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  March 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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good morning. today. gayle. >> and i'm gene ramirez. happy st. patrick's day. we begin with breaking news just into the newsroom. . less than 30 minutes ago, tampa police are on the scene of a police shooting. >> you are looking at a live picture of the scene near cherokee avenue. this is happening east of himes avenue just south of ballas point. we have a crew there asking questions right now and we will bring you updates as soon as we get anything.
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car plows through a tampa home in the middle ofof the night as from police. the car crashed into a home on mulberry street north. no one in the home was hurt but there were two people inside the car and both are now under arrest. president barack obama's supreme court nominee is headed to capitol hill today. the appepeals court judge will speak with senators. judge garland would replace justice antonin scalia who died sudden last month. republicans argue that the next antonin scalia's replacement. and in a few hour, the issue of decriminalizing marijuana will go before the council. now in just a few minute, we will explain how much offenders would have to pay in fines instead of doing time. and also what people on both sides of the issue are saying this morning.
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a check on the forecast on this st. paddy's day. >> and actually this morning, don't t have a lot of fog out there. there's lower visibilityty due to haze and i will watch this for thickening hazeover fog but at this point, it's really good -- haze or fog but at this point, it's really good. 69 apollo beach. and 71 in st. pete. here's is this st. patrick's day forecast. there may be some fog but the bigger story is how warm it is. about a 10% chance of an afternoon/evening shower. most of you stay dry. 75 degrees at 8:00 p.m. and they'll be dyeing the river green on sasaturday but on saturday, we have rain chances. at 4:08, i have the rain chance forecast over the next couple days. and leslee is going to get you out the door. it's great that we don't have fog on the sunsnshine skyway bridge this morning. lelet's take a look at overnight construction. here is the sarasota area.
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bradadenton, right at the county line, university parkway blocked both directions under i- 75. usually clears up about 5:30, 6:00 a.m. you can take fruitville or state road 70. northbound on the veterans expressway, blocked between ehrlich and huhutchen on the. dale mabry highway, sheldon to the sosouth, those are the alternates. that's a look at weather and traffic and now back to gene. >> thank you. right now, several law enforcement agencies are questioning five people after a string of purse snatchingsgs that spanned multiple counties. news channel 8's paul mueller shows us how investigators zeroed in on their suspect. >> reporter: good morning. investigators from the polk county sheriff's office cleared the scene late last night but just around 7:00 or 8:00, cops cornered that jeep right here in this parking space. inside, fourteen, one full at last check, they were being
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crime scene tape surrounds the stolen jejeep cherokee that cops had been searching for. >> reached through the window grabbed my purse and ran. >> reporter: kareren anderson says she is the latest victim. >> you think you're safe sisitting in the car and you don't think anyone can see you, bubut they can. >> reporter: that makes nine victims in the last week, including kathy. she is too afraid to show hurricane irene face. she e was robbed at this walmart. >> i keep reliving it. it was like a daily occurrence. i'm continuing to say, okay, i got robbed. >> reporter: now in kathy's case, she had just gotten grococeries and was putting them in the back of the car when the truck pulled up, the guy got out and then took her purse and he took off. a 71-year-old woman robbed in this publix parking lot, later taken to the hospital.
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they took place in shopping center parking lots like with this last victim but she says she feels sorry for them. >> he seemed like such a nice young man. he's on the wrong g track. >> reporter: and since the crimes took place in several different t areas, investigator ises fromom several cocounties have to interview and question these suspects. no word on any charges right now. in lake whale, paul mueller, news chahannel 8. >> thank you. you can never be too careful. we arere checking with law enforcement for updates. we will bring you as soon as we get them onair as well as our news channel 8 app. right now, a st. petersburg neighborhood is on edge while an arsonist is on the loose. in january, surveillance video caught the criminal lighting a car on fire and taking off. we think you can see him in the video. investigators think the arsonist lives in the area and gets a thrill watching the flames and then the fire crews
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police hope you might reck noise him from the video. -- recognize him from this video. a a highlands county teacher already in trouble accused of having sex with a student now has a longer rap sheet. she is charged with 3 1 counts of lewd battery, possessing pornography and more. . deputies say she had a sexual relationship with a student that lasted several months. she is off the job and sitting in jail this morning. well, happening today, tampa is moving close to lessen the punishment for having small amounts of marijuana to just a fine. now the city council is expected to vote in favor of the change later this morning. and tampa could become an example for other towns and cities across the state of florida. we're told the mayor and police chief agree with the change so
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people on both sides of the debate have strong opinions. >> first and foremost, it's a plant. it was put here on earth by nature. >> i am here this morning as a parent. a parent who does have a child still as an adult who is an addict. and he started in highgh school with marijuana. >> well let's take a look at the proposed ordinance. people who possess 20-grams or less would be issued a $75 fine for the first offense. that's less than a speeding ticket. $1$150 for the second. and offenders would pay $450 for each ofoffense after that. this still needs approvove. you can count on news channel 8 to be there for the city council vote. in jujust a few hour, we're going to get a fresh look at the new st. petersburg pier. this morning the pier design team will show a model to the
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the new plan for the old pier is called pier park. the workshop starts at 8:00 at city hall. and right now, the nation's capitol l is counting down until the city's subway system is back open. this is a major headache. we keep checking back and the metro railway is expected to open in about an hour now. crews found several issues during an overnight inspection affleckty cal fires -- inspections after electrical fires on the tracks. good morning. happy stst. patrick's day. if you have plans to be ouout and about, i think you u will like itit. wear your green the thisis morning of coursese. so already 70 degrees at 8:00 a.m. there could be patchy fog but i am not expecting to see e the widespread fogog we haveve seen the past few days. you may encounter some.
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79 at 2:00 p.p.m. 81 at 4:00 p.m. a lucky day? not too o bad, the fog burns off, warm, 10% rain chance. and then rain chanances increase for tomorrow with the best chances saturday and sunday. and then actually sunday is the beginning of spring. and ironically, we get cooler. here are ththe rain chance, 10% today. 30% for tomorrow. 50% for satuturday. make your plans accordingly. and 30% chance on sunday. we wiwill check in now on traffic on the 8s to see how things are rolling along. just fine. no fog to impede your drive as you move across the sunshine skyway bridge. a little bit of overnight construction. university parkway blocked both directions underneath i-75. what does that mean for you right now? well, take state road 70 or fruitville road to get underneath the interstate. and let's look as you move
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and over into hillsborough county, northbhbound on the veterans expressway, ehrlich to hutchensnson, looks like we are closed there. so you will need to take dale mabry highway or even gunn highwaway which is also sheldon road, as an alternatate untitil the construction wraps up. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and adrienne. >> thank you. now the government is in a pickle with another major tech company. >> yeah, coming up, who they could end up suing and why. and then meet the local house trained gator who likes to cuddle. >> wow. >> not comfortable, right? ahead, the reason wildlife officials are considering whether he must be forceed out of his home. >> look at thatat. and an ironic and tragic death in ththe music industry. the e soulful voice we lost and how. it's 4:10. you're watchining news channel 8
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we need to get back to the breaking news. right now, tatampa police are investigating some kind of a police shooting. we know this is happening on
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aver, just south of ballast point boulevard. and we want to turn things over to news channel 8's ryan hughs who just arrived at the scene in the last 10 minutes. we will go to ryan in a second but so far, all we know is that there was a shooting into the newsroom just around 4:00 this morning. so ryan, whahat are you hearing g out there? >> reporter: well, adadrienne, good morning to you. we are on the scene of sherwood and cherokee at this hour. we are about to be briefed by a tampa police spokesman. steve, what can you tell us what happepened here this morning? [ no auaudio ] >> responded and the gentleman who lives there came out. he was armed. we engaged him in a conversation. he pulled the trigger of his weapon and it did not go off. he went back in the house. at some point, he came back out again. he was armed. we engaged him in conversation and he pulled out the weapon and he fired.
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he hid the shield dead-on. our officers returned fire and he was killed. >> reporter: how many times did he open fire? >> my understanding is hehe took one shot that did not go off. returned back into the house, later came back out, fired a shot and as i said, one shot and he was killed. . our officers then reteturned fire. >> why did officers respond to the house? >> it was a call for a domestic disturbance. >> reporter: anybody else inside? >> yeah, there was a woman inside. i don't know about the relationship about that yet. but there was a domestic disturbance, a woman in the house so we responded to that. >> reporter: is she okay? condition? yeah, the officers returned -- the woman is fine. i mean, there were some injuries but theyey are not life- threatening. >> were any officers -- >> i don't know that yet but there were several officers who responded to the scene after he
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and went back into the house. we h had several officers who were here. >> reporter: sir, do you u consider this a close call for the offificers onscene this morning? >> when you look at the e shield, it is very scary. it's virtually in ththe center of the shield. you can see there was a clear shot that hit the center of the shield. >> reporter: have you been here before? >> i don't know that. i haven't had a chance to look it up yet. but you know, we have the address so we will look it up. >> reporter: : is this man somebody who is known to law enforcement? > i don't know that yet. we are having to do some ofof that research now. >> explain whatat led up to this? bebecause typically officers don't come up with a shield. >> no, the reason the officers came up with the shield is because the first time we engaged in thehe conversation, he had a weapon, pulled the trigger, it did not go off. at that point, it's a dangerous situation. so after some point in time, after he we want back into the house, hi came back out and he was s armed again. officers engaged him in the
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at that point t they had the shield, absolutely because he had attempted to fire on him. and when he opened fire again, officersrs responded. >> how many time are we talking betwtween having to -- >> i don'n't have that. >> did you say how many officers fired? >> i did nonot. i don't have that number. >> reportrter: and had the gun gone off the first time, was the gun pointed didirectly at the officers the first time? >> yeah, he attemped to fire at the officers the first time he came out. and the gun did not go off. that's a dangerous situation. and the officers, because of their train, they had the shield out. they knew it was a dadangerous situation. as i said, he fired off a round. that's a very, , very dangerous situation and the officers returned fire. >> so responded as a domestic call and then this gentleman, ththis man came out of the house with gun, correct me if i'm wrong, came out with the gun, pulled the trigger, did not gogo off. he went back into the house and
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gun and pulled the trigger again, at that point, the bullet hit the shield and they were -- [ breaking audio ] >> tighter than -- >> how long was it before he came back out? > i don't know. i don't know. it w was asked earlier. i don't know. i will get the timing. [ breaking audio ] >> yeah, they were up close. i memean, they weren't out in the street. [ breaking audio ] >> all right. soso you were liststening in to steve hagarty with the tampa police department talking about a shooting in south tampa. we know that a man fired a shot at a police officer. that police officer is doing okay. they did return the fire though and that man is dead. we arare staying on top of this breaking news and we will bring you more as soon as we get anything elslse. in the meantime, let's get weather and traffic on the 8s8s. good morning. not seeing as much fog this
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and down into the sarasota area, your visibility is beginning to drop as the haze gets a little thicker. i didn't take it out of the forecast. you may run into patchy fog, just not realal widespread on this st. patrick's day. warm now, 70 in bartow. 69 inin brooksville. 71 in bradenton. 69 in apollo beach. here's the long range forecast because e there are changes coming in the long-term. today, i added a 10% rain chance because the front is so close. and in fact, even as the front gets closer to us tomorrow, it only bumps our rain chance up to 20, 30%. so still mostly dry for friday. into saturday though, an ararea of low pressure is going to bring the rain chance up to 50%, linger that into a 30% chance early on sunday. and then another big change, we cool down significantly early next week. leslee, let's check on traffic
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look agent the roadway, we start off checking out overnight constructionon. university parkwaway right at i- 75. we've got university completely blocked under the interstate. this is probably going to be blocked for another hour or a little bit more than that. fruitville or state road 70 are alternates to pass under i-75. this is at the manatee county and sarasota county line. and you have the exit ramps closed from i-75 north and southbound to university. so keep that in mind. all right, let's take a live look, i-4 around kathleen road. it was foggier just 10 minutes ago. you see it's lightened up here. keep this in mind and also 275 at hillsborough avenue, no fog here. and a wonderful drive on 275 into downtown tampa. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to adrienne and gene. >> okay. thank you. bad back, in a rush or maybe just tired of it, there's a lot of reasons you're overtying your shoes. >> that's right. and nonow nike has the answer. there's an answer for evererything. when we get back, see the new
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lining up during the holidays this year.
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it will be available by ththe holiday season this year but only for members of the loyalty nike plus. a. >> there's an app for everything. and cadbury cream egg lover,r, you may want to take a trip to london. i was just there. the bakery relaunched the easter versionon of the e uk version of the american cronuts. they call it the cream egg crono. it's topped with white and toffee orange as well as a cadbury egg. it will be available through easter. >> i like our name for it better though. >> you're right. it's every sweet tooth's dream, exploring the wonderful world of willie wonka. it's not a dream anymore. they are in the works at yuan severe single digits city walk.
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inspired chocolate factory complete with smokestacks and funky gadgets. we expect it to open late they arare year. we need a road trip. weather and traffic on the 8s three minutes away. plus, it took 60-tons of to make it happen but it's finally time to play ball. >> see where the tampa bay rays are headed for a historic game. you don't want to miss the dramatic video of a police chase that ends in flames. it happened here in the bay area. we wilill show it to you again
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>> time foror weather and traffic on the 8s. and of course it's st. patrick's day. even emoji man has his green hat on. hopefully you find something green to wear this morning. when the kids are at the bus stop, muggy and 70. partly cloudy and mostly dry,
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notice the cooler days ahead, next week, highs only in the upper 60s. how w about traffic on the 8s? well, traffic looks good, especially on i-4 through lakeland. you got a good drive u.s. 98 to i-75, that's 22 minutes. and i-75 through pasco county
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it's 4:30. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle this morning. we bebegin with some breaking news you need to know about. tampa police are on the scene of a deadly police shooting. this is happening nearar cherokee avenue. so that's east of himes avenue, just south of ballast point boulevard. we are just getting dedetails right now. so let's go straight to news channel 8's ryan hughs who is live at the scene. and ryan, you just got an update about 15 minutes ago. bring us up to speed here. >> reporter: adrienne, good


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