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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm josh bensonon. thanks for being with us. >> funding for mental health treatment has been going down here in florida though the economy has been improving. it took a sad case to focus public attention on this issusue. a baby's father threw her off the bridge of the sunshine skyway. after her death, theyey are now reversing course. mike vasilinda joins us live from tallahassee to explain why. mike? >> reporter: good evening jenn. it was this report that was released just a little over a year ago that really started the ball rolling for what are
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the way florida responds to people with mental illness, substance abuse, or both. as state lawmakers dealt into the death of phoebe johnchuck at the death of her father, and the failure of the department of children and families to act on that foreboding call, lawmakers discovered a dysfunctional system that didn't always communicate. >> mental health and substance ababuse are such key drivers in child abuse. >> reporter: at the forefront is a new no wrong door policy. >> somethingng happened, a police officer picked up someone who was maybe drunk or having a problem. it was not clear who was supposed to take care of him. >> reporter: now it will be as lawmakers pump $65 million into making the parts work together. >> with your jails, the juvenile justice system,
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to really seeing the improvement we want. >> reporter: there is a 7% incrcrease in funding for mental health. that is a big increase, but still a drop in the bucket when it comes to need. bottom line? a minimum of at least 200 million is still needed jujust to make a dent in the problem. first step. and we need to continue fine tuning and more importantly, we need to continue to identify sources of revenue to fund these services. step forward. it is a step that lawmakers weren't willing to take before the tragedies. mike vasilinda, newschannel8. and now, this 175 page bill inspired by this incident takekes place july 1. nonene of this mental heaealth money is on a veto so it shshould start flowing at the first of july. jenn?
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live in tallahassee. thank you. alarming video of a fire breaking out at a school pep rally. check this out. a student took this video at atlantic high. the man, a fire breathing performer was suddenly engulfed in flames. he was rushed off to the hospital. several other people were hospitalized after breathing fire extinguisher dust. and a car slammed into a pizzaparlor and it was caught on camera. instead of parking, the driver kept going. crashes through the restaurant and hits two diners. the driver simply lost control. it was a wild scene early this morning in south tampa. a man opened fire on police officers hitting one of their protective shields. as ryan hughes shshows us, they had no choice but to return fire, killing him. >> reporter: tampa police responded to a domestic
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when things suddenly took a turn for the worst. they knew the call would be anything but routine the moment a man stepped out of his hohome with a gun in hand and pointed it at them. a police spokesman says sonny chin walked back in. they called for him on a loud spspeaker. when he came back ououtside 45 minutes later, chin fired at officers. one of them held up a police protective shield that stopped a bullet from striking any y of them. >> when you look at the shield, it is very scarary. it is virtually in the center of the shield. you can see there is a very clear shot that hit the center of the field. >> reporter: officers shot back. neighbors believe they heard up to ten shots go off. chin died at the scene. >> it is shocking for a quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: in a neighborhood where residents say petty crimes are nonexistent. hearing that a man fired at officers surprises many here. >> that tells me that they really don't care about law enforcement. >> notothing has ever happened
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>> reporter: detectctives and officers spent hours on scene processing evidence. certainly glad one piece, that protective shield. came in handy to save them. the officers who opened fire on the man are on administrate i leave during the investigation. reporting in south tampa, i'm ryan hughes, newschannel8. and the woman involved in that domestic situation wasn't hurt. we will let you know when police release the names of the officers. meanwhile, parents of a financially failing charter school are gathering for what amounts to a showdown with the school's management company. 8 on your side's mark douglas has been investigating the problems at windsor prep for weeks now and fills us in. >> reporter: windsor prep is circling the drain with finances. the pinellas school district says this school is a million dollars in the red. there is tremendous teacher turnover and it has until next month to come up with a rescue plan or face the possible revocation of its charter
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there will be a meeting tonight. plenty of parents turning out to ask about the management company that suddenly quit last week and turned over control to a new management company. we have questions about both of those companies as well as the mounting debt of the school including an $800,000 loan to the management company that no one can show us any paperwork for. we have a lot of questions and so do parents and we will be filling you in tonight at 11:00 on what happens. i'm mark douglas, newschannel8. two teenagers are accused of stealing a car and crashing it into a house. tampa police tried to stop the car, the driver took off. the car crashed through a fence here and into this home. fortunately, nobody in the home or the car was hurt. the two teens were arrested. the e car was reported stolen to the sheriff's office. and a bradenton n couple are accused of beatating a child with a belt.
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daughter. she said her mom and dad whooped her with a belt at leasast 20 times. she hahad received custody of her r child a month ago. a bacteria warning is in effect for three bay area beaches at ben t. davis, and cypress point. the department of health will test the water again monday. it has been more than 20 years since the jury found oj simpson not guilty of double murder. >> with a new tv show based on the case, the spotlight is once again on the former football star. >> coming up, we will sit down with his publicist about his fame. >> and what a rude diner wrote onon a receipt instead of leaving a tip.
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>> welcome back. in place of a tip, a waitress in iowa found a rude message instead. taylor beck described hersrself as rude and individual. one of the people at zombieie burger did not agree with her style. ininstead of a tip, they said tips are ononly for normal looking people. >> the way i can express myself. it is important to me i'm allowewed to do that. it i is okay if people don'n't understand it. it is just who i am. >> taylor is going to keep flaunting her unique style and
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her calling her a great team member. frank sinatra a jr. , the son of the legendary crooner, has died. he died at a hospital wednesday in daytona beach, florida. he was there for a concert when he fell ill. he made headlines in 196363. at the age of 18, he was kidnapped from a lake tahoe hotel. he was released after a couple of days when his father paid a huge six figure ransom. he also served as his father's musical director and conductedder in the 80s and 90s . he was 72. well, a missouri couple must have found the luck of the irish because they got back a 12-carat dollar wedding ring they lost in the trash. realizing they threw away the ring, they immediately called the sanitation department. after digging through eight tons of garbage, guess what, , they got their ring backck. >> unbelievable.
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oj simpson has been in the news a lot lately. especially now that a new television series is out. now, his former manager who live ins tampa is sharing his thoughts on the recent developments. candace mccowan joins us live after sitting down with normanan pardo who has known oj two decades. >> reporter: he calls the tampa bay area home. he shared with me the details of his relationship with oj and why we will never see the end of the story. seems like people can't get enough. >> i can't go to jailil! >> people like to talk about oj. it is not going to go away until somebody tells him what hahappened. >> reporter: with the new fx series, the people versus oj simpson and d a knife found at his estate, every time he makes
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>> they know i know more than anybody else. >> reporter: he met oj after the trial in 1999. >> when i first met him, i wanted to know what happened. >> reporter: pardo worked to rehab his image but the relationship between the two develops into more. >> peoplple misunderstand what he is. oj is like a child. he needs somebody to take his hand and guide him. he has always been that way. so to him, i was almost like a father figure. >> reporter: pardo who lives in tampa part time has not talked to oj for a while, but stays in touch through friends. he says oj's family does not enjoy all of this renewed attention. >> they want it to go away. they want everything to go away. they honestly thinink if everybody stops talking itit goes away. >> reporter: he maintains that the jury got it right. though right now, he won't point fingers at who he thinks
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>> it is very tragic for oj and our justice system. >> reporter: well he also tells s me he is appearing in a 30 for 30 series on espn later this year and will reveal more details about what he knows about the murders murders later this year. >> we have been talking about this for decades. but is this new series accurate? >> reporter: he says he has not watched a lot of it. what he has seen he finds it funny. he thinks oj and johnny are the only ones who know what happened. >> all right, thanks candace. well, first lady michelle obama may have dashed some hopes at the south by southwest festival. she firmly stated she has no president. and went onto explain why.y. >> being the kids, the daughters of a president, just think about it. come on, young people. not so easy. they have handled it with grace and with poise.
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>> as first lady, mrs. obama has pursued a wide range of causes, especially children's's health. she intends to continue serving in that capacity when she leaves the white house. well, when you think of surfing, minnesota might not be the first place you would think of, but it turns out lake superior, a pretty ninice place to catch a wave. surfers in duluth prefer the lake because there's no salt or sharks. well yeah, there's that. no sharks in lake superior, but if you standby the shores and look at them, they do look like oceans. but, wear a wet suit on a day like this. 78 degrees at freedom plaza. west winds 12 miles an hour. these are mostly high clouds streaking in from the west. we have seen a lot of sunshine mixed with the clouds and fair weather clouds. 78 degrees here at hula bay. a west wind at 8 miles an hour. 60% humidity.
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maybe a few sprinkled here or there. best rain chances, citrus county, dark clouds just to the north. not much sunshine, next several days, rain chances increase into this weekend, a cool-down for early y next week as an area of low pressure sweeps on through hoping toto pull in air for a few more days. it doesn't take long to help lift the temperatures and the humidity. good news for spring breakers. temperature wise. air 78 degrees. water temperatures coming back at 75 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. a rain chchance in the forecast with increasing rain chances as we head into saturday. 81, 80 degrees there. you see the temp fall upper sunday, but especially monday has this area of low pressure clears the area and helps to pull in cooler air, but the temperatures bounce back as you will see in the seven day forecast. 82 degrees t the current temp at
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77 new port richey. lakeland, 87. 76 sarasota, low 70s . some good gusts out in lakeland, but generally a westerly to southwesterly flow. one of the reasons it has been so warm and humid the past couple of days. . the flow, everything from west to east obviously. high pressure to the north. but this area of low pressure will continue to travel along this boundary through the weekend. right now, most of the showers south of the front itself with a little area here developing just north of citrus county. you can see it on the max radar pushing these showers toward county. the bulk of the heavier stuff bayonet point. that is north of the that line there, should clip the north and central part of citrus county. now. but not many as you can see. that is the location of crystal river there.
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west to east. again, the rpm forecast computer model you are looking at here, mostly dry. but again, northern spots this evening, maybe a few showers associated with that line of showers there. less fog in the forecast for tonight. we had thick fog this morning in many areas. for the afternoon, a couple of late day showers. maybe a few extra clouds for us. an area of low pressure scooting along the boundary. as i meninged most of the cloudy skies, muggy. showers, possible storms. on and off through the day. hard to time them at this point. but we may see morning showers definitely later in the evenining into the early part of sunday looks to be the timing at the moment. this particular computer model keeps a decent chance of rain in the forecast through midday on sunday. we think most of this should be clear of the area by midday. but, we will keep that pocket in there as these computer model forecasts evolve. that is our current thinking. most of it should end by
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that is our high temperature. mid 80s tomorrow. keep in mind, we will probably see a few extra clouds especially in the northern areas so it will be a warm one for us. 75 this evening. partly to mostly cloudy skies. you saw the high clouds. best rain chances, nonorthern spots. just showed you the radar so you got the idea there. 68 degrees to start the day. a high of 81 degrees in the afternoon. sunshine mixed with clouds. the next three days, the rain chances definitely increase. tomorrow, 20%. 50% saturday. 30% on sunday. high of 73- degrees. there's the cooler air. these will be gorgeous days. monday, tuesday, and wednesday. as we slowly see the warmup, actually quite quickly we see the warmup with the winds coming back by wednesday. that w will lift our temperaturures back to 80 degrees. that is a nice stretch of weather for spring breakers and everybody especially. guys? >> good. thank you steve. well, he did testimony on capitol hill in connection to
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>> that's up next. also ahead, part of a building collapses onto a a school bus. if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only.
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>> now to what's making
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grilled the governor of michigan over the flint water crisis. they called for the govevernor rick snyder toto resign. one cocongressman said if he wewere running a business instead of a state, he would be facing criminal charges. the epa was told to resign as well. >> oversight was our r responsibility. we took that seriously and we conducted it. does that mean i don't have regrets? >> that is is a whole different standard. everybody can say that. that is cheap. oh yeah, we just got regrets. that's cheap. that is cheap. okay? >> you have to look at how the law works. >> yeah, you know what? and it failed. you failed. >> governor snyder admitted he messed up but it was a failure on all levels of government. lead in the water supfully of flint poisoned the residents of flint including children and pregnant women. a building fell on a school bus in philly.
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concrete fell off of the building while being demolished. now, the debris landed on the roof of the parked bus. take a look at that. the school bus driver was alone in the bus at ththe time. and one lucky german shepherd has been rescued after falling off a boat in the pacifific. an 18 month old dog named luna was presumed dead after going overboard, but she survived. she managed to swim to the san clementete island. she was reunited by her family. very cool. >> lucky luna. >> newschannel8 at 6:00 is coming up next. >> stacie is here with what we are workrking on. >> it is a done deal. tampa is changing marijuana rules. now it is writing out tickets instead of putting on handcuffs. why opponents say this isn't going to fix anything. >> plus, what a sarasota woman
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downright scary. and the unusual house call the police made. >> an 8 on your side investigation is getting results at a local irs office. the changes being made and how a phone call can help. >> those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast.
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 6:00. >> it's still a crime, but it's now being enforced with fines. tampa makes its move to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. >> and the long lines at an irs office are gone. but, 8 on your side found a new problem there. >> and a call they did not expect to get. how police officers were able
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>> and i'm josh benson. no more misdemeanors for peopople caught with 20 grams or less of marijuana. tatampa voted to decriminalizize pot. now getting caught with it is like getting a traffic tickcket. jamel lanee joins us live from downtown tampa. so, leaders say this is a move in the right direction. >> reporter: that's right, josh. you know what? the tampa city council leaders say this is not about legalizing marijuana. what they say is people who violate this ordinance will basically just have a lesser punishment. this is pretty much to help young people so they are not criminalized in the future an again, the people who oppose this ordinance, well, they disagree. > we have an opportunity to o what is right. what's good. >> reporter: with the 5-1 vote, tampa city council members decriminalized marijuana. the intent of the ordinance is to help young people who make


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