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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it's 4:30 on this friday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle this morning. our top story, honoring a hillsborough county deputy who gave his life in the line of duty. a wrong-way driver hit and killed deputy john kotfila. in a few minute, we will show you his family and friends plan to say good-bye. right now, polk county deputies are searching for a man they say ststole a car from a mulberry pharmamacy with a toddler inside. this happened while the e child's care taker was inside the
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gone. the carjacker abandoned the car with the child still in it. anyone with information is urged to call the polk county sheriff's office. . in a few day, the president havana. anticipation for their arrival the island. take a look at the things you can find, funny, shirt, flag, magnets and buttons all over the place. it is 4:31. let's get a check on weather with leigh spann. some rain in forecast. >> that's right. not so much today but as we head through the comiming day, we begin to increase the rain chance. notice clouds at this point. and just like what happened yesterday, most of the rain is going to stay to the north. and if we get a shower or two, for the most part, it will be north of i-4 but just expect extra clouds. a mild start to your day. 65 in winter haven. brooksville, 61. plant city, 64. bradenton, 69. here's the forecast. notice passing clouds throughout the day, yeah,
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some of the showers get close to us, but really i'm not putting in much of a chance today, 20%. even with the cloud, -- clououds, 81. but in weather and traffic on the 8s, i have the eight-day temperature trend for you. leslee i is here to let you know, it's fog-free. >> that's right. and it's a great drive too. we have a great positioning for you on the roadadways. there's absolutely no delays on i-4 from lakeland to u.s. 75, 22 minute commute. and in and out of pasco county alalso looks good. state road 52 toto 75, roughly 10 minutes. bradentoton, earlier construction is all cleared. there's no more construction now for today at universityty right t at i-75. and throughoutut bradenton, looks wonderful. and a nice view of the sunshine skyway bridge, look at that, vehicles crossing it, no fog, isn't that nice? that's a look at weather and traffic and now back to adrienne and gene.
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final good-byes to a hillsborough county deputy killed on the job. he saved a life but ended his own. deputy john kotfila tragically die when had a wrong-way driver hit him on the selmon expressway. today family, friends and colleagues will honor him. right now, flags in hillsborough county are at half- staff to remember the fallen hero. josh thomas joins us live from lutz. >> reporter: good morning gene and adrienne. funeral services for john kotfila will be held here at st. timothy church in lutz later today. of course, the deputy died in the line of duty last week on the selmon expressway. according to a witness, john kotfila drove his cruiser into the path of a wrong-way driver to prevent that car from hitting other oncoming cars. the deputy and the wrong-way driver both lost their lives in the crash.
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fellow officers as a man who wanted to make a difference. >> john made us better. he made this sheriff's office better. and he's going to be missed. >> reporter: family, friends and law enforcement officers from hillsborough county and across the bay area will attend his funeral later r today. now that funeral will begin at 1:00 this afternoon. and you can watch it live here on news channel 8. gene -- >> josh, thank you. it's 4:34. happening today, closing arguments in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. terry gene bollea better known as hulk hogan is suing gawker for $100 million. the website published a sex tape showing him with a friend's ex-wife. the jury just saw videos of taped depositions with terry gene bollea. and a major step by the city of tampa. city council members voted to decriminalize marijuana. this is a big deal.
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of 20-grams or less will be fined instead of facing misdemeanor charges. and it will almost be like getting a traffic titicket. the ordinance passed 5-1. we are getting a sneak peek at what st. petersburg's new pier will look like and the architects are insisting that all of the items on the wish list will become a reality. the color renderings show several changes that weren't in the orange drawings. there are changes such as the boat orthodox that wewere originally set to go in. those are gone. but architects say structures used to hold the pyramid competent hold the new billing so new ones will be built. > although there's some differences as they move along, all of the component pieces are there. >> now the plan is to break ground on the new pier next spring. and work is supposed to be completed by the end of 2018. brace yourselves because a loud and action-packed weekend
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base adds the 2016 airfest gets underway tomorrow morning. and our ryan hughes is live from the base dark and early. we know that the elite commandos will perform this weekend and that's amazing to see. >> reporter: yeah, they really are cool, adrienne. good morning to you. you have probably seen this elite parachute team jump from planes and land in stadiums for games and other events. and this weekend, of course, they'll be taking to the skies over the bay area. now this is video of the elite special ops team doing what they do best. they'll parachute into macdill with a large american flag. we will speak to a couple of them in an hour or so to find out exactly hohow they prepare for their heroing performances. but they won't be the only big performance this weekend. you can watch the f-16s from the air force thunder birds speed through the air coming awfully close to the e ground. and other aircraft will zoom high and low in south tampa as well.
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it runs saturday and sunday. and gates open here at the air r force base at 8:00 a.m. sharp. and aerial performances geget underway at 11:15. admimission and parking, this is the good news, are both free. and again, we will talk to a couple of the commandos coming up shortly. and of course, an action-packed and very eventful weekend on tap here. so it should be a lot of fun. back to you for now. >> and always a great event. and we are crossing our fingers for the weather. we will check back. >> yeah, supposed to be rainy. we are getting a new look at the severe flooding in texas. this is when one camera crew took a ride with the army national guard and this is what they came a across, people using kayaks to get around. and a rescue team from the houston area rescued several animals there left behind.
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at animals, they look at us as people that can help them. anyone behind. >> and a horse was found stuck in a fence line in the water. for this area. it's 4:38 on this friday morning and we were talking to ryan about the air show but rain. >> yeah, looks like we might have a good rain chance tomorrow. we will start with today. where you will see extra clouds and it wiwill be comfortable but at 70. 76 at noon. and afternoon high of 81. anand that's above average despite the clouds. and there's just a 20% rain chance. so if you're headed to spring training games today, clearwater, dunedin, clouds. let's talk about macdill air force base and the airfest, there's a 50% rain chance on saturday, warm at 80.
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ryan what shows if any actually go on if there's rain. and sunday is the better day. rain in the morning and d then we will be cooling down anand drying out through the afternoon. and when i talk about a big cool down, 72 on sunday is well below average of 77. 68 still, still cool on monday and trend warmer next week. we will check on traffic on the 8s becacause everything is dry and fog-free and that's good news for commutes. it is. and it's wonderful to cross the sunshine skyway bridge. i know those of you who commute on it have been upset. i've gotten many tweet, it's taking forever to get around it. but right now, it is open. and take a look at 275 at bearss avenue, looking good coming out of pasco county continuing on 2 275 after connecting on the northern apex, , looks wonderful. and the sunshinene skyway bridge, no fog and vehicles crossing over it. only going to take about 10 minutes between n the toll plazas. and let's take a quick look at a travel time through lakeland, u.s. 98 to i-75, 22 minutes.
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out of pasco looks good. state road 52 to 275, roughly an 11 minute commute. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. baback to adrienne and gene. >> thank you. and an nfl player is in critical condition after a florida hospital. . coming up, who he is and what put him in the hospital. and then a student pep rally in delray beach gone horribly wrong. what caused a man to be rushed to the hospital and hurt 20 other people. we have the video. when we get back, only the second time a u.s. executive branch member used the term "genocide." what secretary of state john
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welcome back. it's 4:43 on this friday morning. isis is committing genocide against christians and d other minorities in syria and iraq, at least that's what secretary of state john kerry just declared. this is only the second time a u.s. executive branch member used the word genocide during an ongoing conflict.
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well, kerry's finings do not obligate the u.s. to take additional action but the secretary believes part of our response must be to destroy isis by force. a new york pizza shop owner is facing charges this morning after admitting he tried to recruit people to join isis. he is the first man to be captured and convicteted of supporting islamic terrorists here in the united states. he will spend 22.5 years in prison. his attorney claims he began focusing on religion after he was slashed in the face with a box cutter as a teen. in december, he pleaded guilty to providing material support to isis. and for a second time, former cia director david petraeus will stand before the house select committee on benghazi. the closed interview will take place tomorrow in washington, d.c. the former cia director
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a pep rally performance goes horribly wrong. today at least 20 people are recovering after a fire. you can see it here. catches fire. so we need to take a look at the intense video in delray beach. you can see the performance in the middle of the gym when he became engulfed in flames. wow. he got rushed to the hospital. at least 20 others were hurt. it was organized to get students excited for the florida standards assessment test. i'm surprised the school let a fire breather in in the first place. an exhibit at the national zoo in washington, d.c. closed after a chemical explosion. if i recalls report a worker was doing routine maintenance between the otter and beaver habitats when he spelled chlorine. it happened in a building that holds equipment. thankfully no people or animals got hurt.
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again today. after a congressional hearing that put michigan's governor in the hot seat, residents in flint are not satisfied. the governor testified that the state's departmentnt of environmental ququality assured him that the water from flint river was safe. well the governor also claims the epa ignored early information about the contamination. the governor apologized for his role in the toxic water crisis. >> an nfl player is in a florida a hospital this morning after a motorcycle crash. baltimore raven's cornerback trey walker is in critical conditioion. you can see the motorcycle right there on the side of the road. now the raven's head coach says the teteam is praying for walker as well as his fafamily. the cornerback was selected by the ravens in the 2015 nfl draft. so big question here you might be asking, what is next
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well, becoming a vice presidential candidate? it doeoes not interest the former candidate. he made this remark when he returned to capitol hill. and he continued to criticize donald trump saying he would, quote, destroy the gop. senator rubio refuted trump's claim that there will be, quote, riots if he is not the nominee. planned parenthood supporters with attempting to stop governor rick scott from signing a restrikive abortion law. it puts new rules on clickics. plans parenthood delivered 12,000 petitions to the governor's office, arguing the bill hurts women's health. the governor has until march 26th to make a decision. and now to an 8 on your side alert this morning. one non-profitit organization is stressing to pararents to keep their medicationons in a safe place. ththe number of prescriptionons filled in america tripled since 1980.
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kids go to the emergency room when they accidentally get into medicine. and most of the prescriptions belong to a parent or a grandparent. chipotle is desperately trying to win back customers after a drop in business and they are using millions of free burritos to do it. that's one way. the lack of business follows borne disease. in the coming month, they'll coupons. it will also offer buy one get one deals on several items. it could cost the chain $62 million. well, those hoping to experience washington, d.c.'s famous cherry blossoms will have to wait a little bit longer. the national park service predicts the peak bloom won't start until march 23rd or 24th. it was supposed to begin today but unexpected cooler weather pushed the dates back. the flowers can last from four to 10 days and it's one of the most popular tourist events for the area. always looks beautiful when i see it in video but never had
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have you? >> never seen the cherry blossoms in washington, d.c. and now i looked at a small station in georgia and they had a localityty of cherry trees.s. i have seen them just not up in washington, d.c. to see them. this morning, notice the rain, yeah, ifer the most part, it's in the gulf. and as it gets closer, it's diminishing. so only about a 20% rain chance later today for a quick passing shower. but mostly just patchy clouds this morning, 68 degrees. warm at noon. -- clouds, still warm at noon. and the 20% rain chance. bartow, you're 65. 63 in inverness. this morning, stalled front is keeping us mild and with clouds. across the area today. front still to the north. overnight. morning. already seeing a few showers coming in. and d we could see off and on rain throughout the day onon
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night and sunday morning. but after that, not only do we dry out, we significantly cool down. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? all right, well, we are looking great throughout polk county right now. if you live in polk county and commute into tampa, no problems. i-4 looks fantastic. light traffic overall. guess what, sunshine skyway bridge, no fog. it is completely open. only going to take about 10 minutes or so between each of the toll plazas. a good drive across all of the bay area bridges. brooksville, looking good on u.s. 41. cortez road, downtown brooksville, no delays. u.s. 98 looks good too. and let's talk about the e sun coast area. and bradenton, state road 64 down to university, traffic is looking fantastic and roughly a nine minute commute there. and also up to speed out in sarasota. that's a look at weather r and traffic on the 8s. back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you. well, it is not something you would really see here but
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>> coming up, meet the dog who was one man's ride or die. and putting g up extra pep -- putting a a little extra pep into your step. the new way amazon is helping users reach fitness goals.
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people hoping to stay in
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help in a new way. the amazon device can use what fitbit knows about your exercise performance and vitals toto encourage you. it will ask fitbit how many steps you've take and you could have taken 4500 but 5500 more are needed to reach your goal today. >> we all need a little motivation. we have video to make sure you will smile this friday morning. let's take a look at this dog driving the motorcycle. this video is going viral right now. that is hilarious. a man and his dog sidney ride through the city in indonesia just chilling. you can see the pooch is wearing pink sunglasses with his ears blowing in the win. the owner says they ride around all the time and this is considered normal in indonesia. >> how does he keep his balance? >> i want to go to indonesia now. google indonesia, dog, riding videos. >> and he has his paws like on the center. >> that did make me smile this friday. love it. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away.
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ththey were hit by a missile. >> coming up, what caused an airlines flight to make an emergency landing g and why the faa is now investigatining. it's 4:55 on this friday morning.
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4:58 on this friday and time for weather and traffic on the 8s. temperatures maybe a degree or two cooler than yesterday,y, still warm. 61 degrees atat lakeland airport with 100% humidity. extra clouds throughout the day. only a 20% rain chance, mostly for areas north of i-4. high of 81. the pollen count will sneak down due to increasing rain chances. just the top of moderate today and lower for saturday and sunday. that's good news, leleslee. >> love good news. and also good news, you can travel across the sunshine skyway bridge. it's wide open with no fog. and we have a collision that popped up here, westbound i-4
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here's the skinny on this. we will take a live look. you can see we have a couple vehicles on the right and left shoulder here. a little bit of activity but not seeing slow downs. traffic flowing at good speeds. the lane reserve list main open but i will keep -- lanes remain open.
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good morning. and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle. >> and i'm gene ramirez. our top stories on this friday morning, flags in hillsborough county are at half- staff as family and friends of deputy john kotfila come together to say their final good-bye. his funeral service is scheduled to start at 1:00 p.m. in lutz. you will remember john kotfila was kill bid a wrong-way driver last saturday. eight people are getting g help from the red cross after a fire at an apartment building in tampa. someone living there was working on electrical wiring


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