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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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how law enforcement honored him. >> a suspect in the e paris terror attacks is now in custody. i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm josh benson. first, new video of a plane crash on davis island. peter mesa shot this video at peter o' knight airport. the smoke could be seen for miles. it left two people dead. fire crews were on the scene within minutes but there was little they could do so let's geget right out to chip osowswski live on the scene. a witness said another aircraft may have been involved on this right? >> reporter: that's right. a witness saw one plane taking off. another one at the airport in flames. she couldn't confirm or deny
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scene minutes after the crash, the twin engine was engulfed in flames. >> it started to affect firefighter procedures and it was not a very large fire at the time. it was easy to geget under control. when we proceeded with a search for any victims in the surrounding areas. it is confirmed we had two people deceased within the wreckage of the aircraft. >> reporter: the ntsb confirmed the planane wawas a cessna 340. an aircraft capable of hoholding a pilot and five passengers. it happened shortly after 11:30 at peter o. . knight airport. one of the general aviation airports meaning the pilots don't necessarily communicate with a tower, but they communicate with each other on a common frequency.
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aviation airports. we do control the airports but whwhen there is a plane crash, faa investigates. >> reporter: investigators spent several hours at the scene taking pictures and trying to figure out what caused this aircraft to go down. the ntsb and faa are currently investigating though most of the investigators have left the scene for the evening. authorities have yet to release the names of those who died. >> chip osowski live for us on davis island. thank you. thousands of law enforcement officers today gathered at saint timothies to bid farewell to john robert kotfila jr. who died in a crash. mark douglas has more. >> reporter: as you know, these rituals, these police funeral
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so. deputy died, but maybe even his life. the pews. the governor, the attorney general, the mayor of tampa. but mostly there were hundreds of law enforcement officers, massachusetts. >> so this really hits home. >> reporter: deputy kotfila spent years as a deputy before putting his squad car between a motorist and a wrong way y driver on the expressway saturday morning. >> blessed are the peacemakers. >> reporter: and he was that. dying at the age of 30 not in a blaze of gunfire, but providing a measure of mercy for a motorist hehe never knew. someone he was sworn to protect and serve.
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raised an honorable son. >> reporter: his family sat close to the speaker. >> john was born to serve others. it was in his dna. >> reporter: finally, it was time to say farewell. and religious ritual gave way to the rights of the badge. this deputy answered his final call satururday morning. >> for those who know the all. >> reporter: the casket is now on its way to massachusetts for internment and one final absolute by the brotherhood d of the badge. jenn. >> a very sensitive e day, mark. and we geget the sense today, the badge.
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he comes from a long line of police officers in the state of massachusetts. he knew what the risks were. and he did it anyway. >> mark douglas live. thank you. new tonight, one of the suspects in the paris terror attacks is in custody. salah abdeslam was shot in the leg and detained and new video shows officials dragging a man into a car. we are not sure if that is salah abdeslam at this point, but others were arrested. they now believe there were more involved in the paris attacks than previously thought. >> independence of these evaluationons have come, let's not fool ourselves about what is going on. we are confronted in europe as a new form of threats which we have seen in france and in the jewish museum m in brussels. >> reporter: salah abdeslam has been on the run since the
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that killed 130 people. at this moment, we are waiting for the verdict in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. terry bollllea known to you as hogan is suing gawker for $100,000 for showing the sex tape. the jurors never saw the sex tape because it is simply just not that bad. >> becacause, that video does not show all that much. the video gawker posted is not like a real celebrity sex tape. it is not like kim kardashian. it's not in color. > hogan's attorney argued it showed a private act done in a private bedroom which should haveve never been made public.
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off tomorrow morning and ryan hughes got a sneak peek. >> reporter: good evening, over the next two days, spectators will be able to walk inside air force planes like this one as air fest 2016 gets underway. from coast guard planes to those dating back decades, there is something for everyone at air fest 2016 at macdill air force base. it gives visitors the chance to get a rare look inside the planes that assist our military and allows people to watch them take to the skies at intense speedsds. >> this is a scene the crowd cheered for us. especially the young kids. they love the military. when they cheer for us, it keeps us going. >> reporter: a big highlight at the air fest is the united states special operations parara commandos. they will dive out of planes from 15,000 feet and plunge to the ground.
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we want to do a good show so the people can be impressed. >> reporter: and f-16s from the air force thunder birds will wow the crowd as well. . event organizers tetell newschannel8 nearly 30 planes will be parked. 15 will show off for spectators. the event kicks off at 8:00 in the morning saturday and sunday. the air performances will happen around 11:15. reporting on macdill air force base, i'm ryan hughes, newschannel8. and the big question is will the weather cooperate? storm team 8 meteororologist steve jerve joins you with your air fest forecast. >> looks like sunday is better than saturdrday in terms of our forecast. you have probablbly been seeing the percentages pop up more on saturday. most of the activity should end by sunday morning but as the forecast goes, saturday has about a 50% chance of showers including ththe possibility of seeing a morning shower. it won't rain all the way through the day, but the chance
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we think the better chances probably will exist later in the day. that would be later afternoon and evening hours carrying into the early part of sunday. so sunday looking a little bit better than saturday at this point. things look a bit unsettled in the gulf of mexico. no strong thunderstorms back to the west, but it just indicates the instability that is there with an area of low pressure moving our way. unsettled is a great way to describe it. by sunday, the afternoon is starting to look much better. perhaps even some sunshine, but turning breezier sunday and cooler too. back to you. >> thanks s a lot steve. we will check back with you in a few minutes. >> president obama is just days away from an historic trip to cuba. >> 8 on your side is going as well. we will show you how havana has prepared for the president's visit. >> and also, the debate of a parking garage. how drivers will pay. >> plus online and in the mail.
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>> police are now investigating a threatening letter sent to donald trump's son. a letter mailed to eric trump's manhattan apartment contain a suspicious powder. it said harm would come to trump's children if he does not drop out of the presidential race. the powder itself turned out not to be harmful. members of the hacking group anonymous are targeting the front runner. they posted what they claim to be his cell phone and social security number online. officials are seeking the arrest of those responsible. and former presidential
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backing senator ted cruz. in a facebookok post, he announced he would vote for cruz in the upcoming utah caucuses. romney's post papainted the 2016 contest asas between trumpism and republicanism. democratic presidential contender bernie sanders says he will not drop out of the race. yesterday, sanders officially conceded the missouri primary to hillary clinton. clinton has a decisive lead in most polls. there are reports that president obama has privately told democratic donors to rally behind clinton, but sanders hopes to score victories in the upcoming primaries. the cuban capital building has been restored just in time for president obama's historicic visit. the capital in cuba looks a lot like the capital in america and theyey are working to restore it to its former glory.
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way to cuba right now for president obama's visit and see the rays play the cuban national team. he will bring us reports from havana starting sunday here on newschannel8. saint armon circle is one of sarasota's most popular tourist destinations but parking can be a nightmare. john rogers joins us live live. we are told that commissioners want to hear from the public on this particular issue. is that right? >> reporter: oh, they certainly do jenn and they are certain to receive an earful. anybody who has been here knows what the situation is like. so check it out. we got a pretty decent spot here in the center of the circle but as you are about to see, it was quite an ordeal to get here. anyone who has ever been here can understand. >> how is the parking when you come down here? >> it can be challenging.
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>> this is just so typical. we are doing a story about parking and we cannot even find a place to park. >> reporter: we literally drove in circles almost an hour. even if a space became available, it didn't last for long. business owners in the city are well aware of the issue, so, they are proposing a solution. building a parking garage. it would be paid for with the help of the parking meters throughout the shopping district. >> there's just not enough room on the streets and certainly, we want to protect the neighborhoods, the residents as well. >> reporter: the proposed $15 million project would place a 521 space parking garage on the northeast side of the circle. and the parking meters would be installed once the garage was built. it would be tiered pricing. the prime spots would be the most expensive. some would remain free. >> it makes it fair. leaves it up to the consumer. >> reporter: visitors have mixed feelings.
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is probably a good idea. i don't think the parking meters, that is old school. >> i wouldn't want to take away from the aesthetics. this place is beautiful. so let's not modernize it too much. >> reporter: officials are hopeful the garage can be built by december of 2018. city commissioners will vote and discuss the issue on monday's commission meeting. the public is welcome to attend. the meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. monday. >> john, are they putting the old fashion kind of coin meters or where they will updated meters? do we know yet? >> reporter: they are hoping to put in advanced meters. onces you can pay by phone and it will give you text notifications if your time is runnining out. but it depends on what hahappens monday evening. >> we will see. john rogers live in sarasota coununty. thank you john. we want to know what you think about the issue. would you be willing to pay for
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you can join the conversation on our wfla newschannel8 facebook page. >> that is a nice feature that warns you when you are running out of time. a little overcast today. we heard some of the planes flying over for the air fest. >> the sound ofof freedom they call it. a lot of clouds around the area. . we will show you cameras in a second, bubut first of all, newschannel8 is on eagle watch tonight. a live look at the bald eagles nest in washington dc. one of the eggs has already hatched. the second one is expected to hatch this weekend, but, you can't see it. but, the first one has already hatched and the mama is actually sitting on the baby. presumably to keep it warm at this point. so, the two are actually in the picture. you just can't see the little one. these eagles don't realize how w famous they have become. 82 degrgrees in lake land in polk county. good breeze here, you can see, and a good amount of overcast.
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at this location. peperhaps a few sprinkles are possible. same out at the beach. it doesn't deter the volleyball players. 74 degrees. not bright sunshine. 80 degrees at the lake club. lolooks pretty good. but the clouds are there as well. a warm 80 degrees in that spspot. spring breakers, 77-degree air temperature this weekend. water temperature 75 degrees for tomorrow. but of course, the possibility of on and off showers for those folks. also, speaking of spring, it actually begins on sunday. the vernally question knox raises the sun directly over the equator. vernal equinox. a couple of cooler days ahead. you can see by monday, this is a high temperature. 67 degrerees and bouncing right back in the 70s . typical.
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evening. slight possibility of a shower. but increasing tomorrow morning and ththen on and off throughout the better chances probably later in the day. but there is a possibility of mornining showers. 76 degrgrees seminole. also, in pinellas park. 81 degrees s around brandon. 77, sarasota. weeki wachee, 75. cold front to the north of us. a stalled front. area of low pressure will develop. boundary. that. showers right now as you can see across the northern part of the gulf of mexico, spreading these clouds high and mid level clouds. some lower clouds too. and you can see the showers firing up. maybe a few thunderstorms mixed in here. it is generally this area we will watch for moving through the region for tomorrow. a lot of this will move to the north, but it keep it is chance of showers through the day. a few little sprinkles now back to our west at the moment. but not much rain reported at this hour. so the rpm forecast model, you can see around 8:10 in the morning.
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mamaybe a few showers for the rpm forecast model. then the possibility of seeing some showers with this approaching front inin the area. begin later in the day and the early part of sunday. lingering 7:30 a.m. sunday morning. then cooler air building in behind later on sunday. with breezier conditions. second half of sunday. starts to turn breezy with that wind shift out of the north. high pressure building back in to the west. that will set up a much cooler monday. you can see that temperatures, 67 degrees. we get to the sunshine. fantastic. as you can see as we carry into tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures jump right back as we change the winds back around to the southeast giving us a high in the mid to upper 70s for us. the rain chances creep back in for good friday. so a loath going on. a lot of folks down for spring training but we have a chance of showers through day tomorrow. not going to be a complete
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>> we talked to the colonel at macdill. they will keep it going except for thunder and lightning. >> good news. okay, thanks. >> thank you. well uber is now testing a nenew way for driver to get paid faster. >> we will explain that coming up. >> and a recall for a shocking reason. we'll have that. if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's qlity guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only.
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>> welcome back. ikea is recalling ththree models of table and floor lamps because of shock k hazards. users with gotham lamps are
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return them for a full refund. there is a danger that damaged cables inside the lamp could come in contact with the lamp's metal body. uber is now testing a way to get its drivers paid faster. the company will allow drivers to deposit earnings from each ride into an account with go bank. now, there won't be any fees for this service as long as drivers access their accounts at least once every six months. the program is also an effort to fend off payday lenders who are now targeting drivers. and a warning tonight about the electronics in your car. they could be targets for hackers. the fbi and national highway safety administration says vehicles are becoming increasingly vulnerable. they warn feds are accessing electronic components that control things like brakes and steering. it urges consumers to be vigilant about security updates. coming up at 5:30, a bus
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slapping a child with autism. that child's mother feels justice is moving too slowly. >> and the man who set himself on fire in this this video talked to reporters for the first time today. why he claims his fire eating
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>> good evening, i'm jenn holloway. >> i'i'm josh benson. >> there has been delay after delay, but it appears the case of a bus aid slapping a child with autism will go to trial. the court system is not moving fast enough for the child's mother who as josh thomas reports justst wants justice for her son. >> reporter: james lambert appeared in a pasco county courtroom with his attorney by his side for a pretrial hearing.


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