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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> a knockout verdict for gawker. a jury awards hulk hogan $115 million. services for a police officer who gave his life to protect a driver from a wrong way driver. >> a passenger jet has crashed in russia. according to seveveral media reports, all 55 passengers on board are dead. >> we are told fly dubai was trying to land in southern russia when it crashed. that is a a boeing 727 passenger jet. russian media rereports that visibility there was very low. and more breaking news now. eagle 8 hd is over the scene of a two alarm fire at club co
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the kitchen of one of the units and spread to a porch. time. siding with hulk hogan. terry bollea embraced loved ones in the courtroom as the jury read the verdict, but over yet. they gave him more than what he wanted in the multimillion website gawkerer. instead of 100 million, they awarded him 150 million. newschanannel8's peter bernard is live at the courthouse in saint petersburg. it is rare you hear someone in court. >> reporter: kind ofof surprised to hear that. the jury has spoken. they believe gawker violated hulk hogan's privacy when they published a video of him having sex with bubba the love the e pinellas county jury
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sex, lies and the video tape. over and over again, the answer was the same. yes. gawkwker and its owners violated bollea's privacy. hulk hogan, terry bollea to his friends sat stoically with no emotion as the smackdown verdict came down and the lofty award of $115 million. gawker argued the sex tape ofof him having sex with heather clem, ex-wife of bubba the love sponge was fair game because of his celebrity status. the founder says a key witness insinewuating bubba himself had never taken the stand. >> we would have prevailed if we had been allowed to present the full case. >> reporter: bollea left all the talking to his attorney.
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this is not just his victory, but anyone else who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. >> reporter: some of the newly unsealed court documents accuse bubba, bollea, and clem lying to investigators about their knowledge of the camera reporting the encounter. and the same court documents spell out concern about releasing the tapes. there are three of them. not because of the sex shown, but because of racist rants that are on that tape showing hulk saying racist rants that cost him endorsements and a contract with the wwe. josh? >> and peter, we are hehearing his attorney there in your story talking about getting the rest of it. what is he referring to there? >> reporter: monday starts the punitive part of this. it could be more than this. this is not over yet.
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>> peter bernard, thank you. a plane fell from the sky in florida. it had just takeken off from peter o. knight airport. it was headed to pensacola but t something went horribly wrong. paul, what do investigators know? >> the faa and ntsb are just beginning their investigation. the lights, that is tampa police putting a perimeter around the wreckage. now, tonight, witnesses are telling me that there was actually a second plane involved. they say the pilot of the plane that crashed had to take evasive action. doing his best not to hit that second plane. both taking off at the same time. moments after takeoff, the cessna 340 nose dived to the ground. on impact, bursting into a ball
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disbelief. >> we saw the plane just turn ground. >> reporter: tony was right outside the airport with his two sons. one of them called 911. >> it was scary. i had never seen something so horrible happen before. >> reporter: as the investigation intensifies, this group of pilots is left speechless. >> it is tragic. happens. you know many of the people flying around hehere. >> reporter: al swan has flown out of her two decades. before that, he flew in the vietnam war. for him and other pilots here, it is all about safety. >> what i do, i go to a flight efficiency course. >> reporter: like everyone else, he can't understand why. >> why does it happen to them? we will never know that either.
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without survivors it is something you hope you never see again. >> reporter: now, there is no tower here at peter o. knight. i'm told the pilots just talk with each other to makeke sure they keep a safe distance from each other. >> and paul, i can't really tell, the airport itself, i know, was closed right after the crash. does it remain closed right now? >> reporter: yeah, if you look around, you can see the big x there. that means that the airport is indeed closed. it has been closed 12 hours now. and there is no word now on when it will reopen and there is no word on the identities of the two people who died here today. >> all right, sad story. paul mueller live on davis isislands tonight. thank you. amazing grace, how w sweet the sound a hero in every sense of the word. deputy john kotfila jr. gave his life to save another
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>> john robert putting his life and car in front of a another. >> reporter: and his funeral, loved ones remembered him not just for the heroic way he died, but for how he lived, to serve others so selflessly. and today's tribute to deputy kotfila was truly moving. a sea of law enforcement officers came to pay their respects, jenn holloway joins us with more on the tribute to the fallen deputy. >> reporter: john kotfila served to the very end. a young man giving his own life to save the life of another. shall we gather at the river >> reporter: the sweet sounds of hymns filled saint timothy's church as one of the bravest men to wear a hillsborough county deputy uniform was laid to rest. among family and friends were
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dignitaries including governor rick scott and pam bondi. all there to pay their respects to deputy kotfila, just 30 years old, who gave his life in the line of duty. others. >> reporter: kotfila's father is in the force, his brother, an officer in massachusetts. >> i never thought i could be more proud at his graduation, but i'm more proud now. >> reporter: davivid gee recounted deputy kotfilila's final moments. >> i'm proud and honored to call john a hero today. he earned it. he deserved it. like a lot of the men and women in this room, he was not defined by one moment in time. >> reporter: after the touching service, there was a 21 gun salute outside the church's courtyard as 1500 plus law
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across the country stood at attention and saluted. bag pipes played amazing grace and finally a radio call-out for the deputy who answered his final call saturday morning along the expressway. >> if you want to watch the service for deputy kotfila, we will have it in its entirety on a success in the fight against terrorism. the only surviving paris attacker, europe's most wanted is in custody tonight. finally. salah abdeslam and four other people were captured in a dramatic police raid in belgium. salah abdeslam had been on the run since the paris massacre which killed 130 people. he is one of ten isis members identified by investigators as taking part in those attacks. baltimore ravens player
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crash in south florida. his agent confirmed tonight he died at a miami hospital. walker crashed his dirt bike into an suv last night. we are told he did not have the lights turned on. the defensive back was selected in the fourth round of the 2015 nfl draft by baltimore. he was 23 years old. and new tonight, chilling video of the uber driver rampage. the video which was just released shows jason dalton dropping off passengers at a kalamazoo hotel. the video was recorded about 25 minutes before dalton's arrest. he is accused of going on a rampage last month, fatally shooting six people. all while picking up fares as an uber driver along the way. well, mitt romney continues his war crusade against republican front runner donald trump. >> who the former nominee says
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>> one school in lakeland didn't need to go on a field it came to them. and here is what it looks like coming up on jimmy fallon. >> thank you josh and stacie and everybody in tampa bay. john kryzinsky is my guest. >> rain chances are increasing. we have a few light showers spots. we will also have your forecast
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>> wewelcome back. mitt romney says he is going to vote for ted cruz when he heads to the polls in utah. he is purposely encouraging
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strategically to stop donald trump. a vote for kasich makes it likely trump would prevail. >> in my book when someone says i'm voting for you, that's pretty darn good. >> i'm the only one who can beat hillary clinton. i mean, that's what the polls show. maybe they ought to knock it off and get behind me. >> meanwhile, trump is facing threatats beyond the political realm, the hackers anonymous have posted private information of donald trump. and his son has received a letter with a suspicious powder. cuba is getting ready for president obama's historic visit, and the cuban capital building has been restored just in time.
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it was s built in 1929, but abandoned after the communist revolution. for r the past five years, crews have been working to restore the building to its former glory. presesident obama will arrive in cuba on sunday and our very own keith cate is on his way to cuba to bring you complete coverage of the president's trip. his reports will beginin sunday right here on newschannel8. and a nasa astronaut and two russian cosmonauts are on their way to the international space station. u.s. astro not jeff williams and the other two members of his teamam will replace the crew that returned from the station earlier this month. they will spend about six months living and working in space. why did the alligator cross the football field? to get to lakeland school. that is right. a nine foot 11-inch gator showed up at geneva academy. you can see the trapper trying
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a teacher captured this incredible video. >> he started to walk down the driveway. they were ecstatic to see a gator come to school. we just like to say that is our classically trained gator who decided he needed to attend school. >> cars had to be detoured throw a field d around the gator. police believe he was headed for a lake across the street. well, if you were in or around south tampa today, you may have seen the thunderbirds up in the sky. look at them earlier from eagle 8 hd. they were practicing maneuvers for the tampa bay air fest at macdill air forcrce base this weekend. flying inverted there. great perspective following along with that stabilize camera. . you u can see that in person if
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weekend. wow. f-16s, fantastic. also, spring start this weekend. the vernal equinox will be over the equator with the sun. days and nights will be equal. macdill air fest at 2,016, 16% chance of a shower throughout the day. the possibility of an overnight showerment thunderstormrms more likely perhaps s later tomorrow night as the cold front moves in. 71 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 70 degrees at 2:00 a.m. 67 degreeees at 7:00 a.m. the rain chance abouout 20%. fafairly low through this period. 40% long term. we will go 50% as we get through 4:00 p.m. into the evevening hours carrying into the early part of sunday morning. 73 clearwater beach. 70 at macdill.
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temperatures 69 in frost group. 69 also in wymama. we have a front hanging to the north of us. this area of low pressure arriving from the west. and been a bit of a disturbed rainy day. we have seen shshowers and a few storms back to the west. you can see the showers are starting to reach out now toward the northern sections of the newschannel8 viewing area. most of it is starting to fall apart as it got closer to the coastal areas. you can see raining light to moderated across central citrus county. this is possible, especially northern areas in the overnight. light rain. you can see the intensity is coming down a little bibit. as we mentioned the greater intensity likely with the approach of the front which willll be more tomorrow night. the on and off light showers can occur during the day, but we can also see periods of sunshine as well. kind of a picked forecast for you. saturday, 1:30 in the morning.
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it shows a few showers around midday. a higher resolution model. doesn't go out as far. you get the idea that showers can occur before the evening showers we talked about. as we go throughout the day on a broader rain shear, maybe a few showers on and off through the day. the approaching front comes later in the day. and keeps the chances in for sunday morning. an then pushing it all off to the east. behind that, an area of high pressure building in provides cooler area for sunday. turning breezier and cooler. we are looking allot high temperature ins the 60s . and, a breezy condition there overalall. but very nice week next week with a lot of sunshine. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a slslow warmup. well, a fast warmrmup with ththe southeasterly breeze. and going to help make it quite mild. so spring breakers are going to love it. can you believe it?
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that was good. >> yeah, fog is gone for now. areas. >> thanks steve. >> coming up, another wild ninight of march madness. paul ryan gets us caught up on tonight's bracket busting basketball games. >> and the rays closer will miss at least two months. find out why and what is next for tampa bay's bullpen next in sports. >> plus, here is what you will see monday morning on newschannel8 today. >> all this muck and debris would have gone into tampa bay. i'm leigh spann and i will show you how this bucket is keeping that from happen. >> and don't forget to wake up with weather and traffic on the
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>> we have breaking news for you right now. eagle 8 hd is live where a police pursuit ended in a crash. florida highway patrol tells us
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it is not clear yet if there are any injuries. the suspect, however, is in custody. troopers would not confirm the reason for that pursuit. if we had to put together a bullpen from the guys in camp, we feel good about it. we will feel even better when we get brad back. >> looks like the rays will play with the hand they have been dealt. matt silverman expects his club to close by committee until brad boxburger returns. the 2016 all-star is expected to miss at least eight weeks of playing time. as the rays await his return, other arms in the bullpen will have to step up. alex colome, danny farquar. they all pitched well against the red sox today.
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for seattle in 2013 and he is eager to reprice that role. >> i just want to make the team. more than anything. if things fall into place, somebody would be lying to you if they say they don't want to close out games. that is the number one job in the bullpen. i would absolutely love that. >> tampa bay staff got more than enough run support this afternoon. mikey matook scored hank conger. in the third, a screening of logan's run. logan morrison gives tampa bay the 2-1 lead. brad miller. i think bostonians call that going yard. the braves less than two days into the big dance, i have bad news. there are no perfect bracts
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the two seed should have maybe been a one seed. the middle tennessee state blue raiders never trailed the spartans. reggie upshaw and potts combined 40 points leading mtsu to a win. last one to do this, florida a gulf coast in 2013. the upsets continue. some guy named steven f. austin beat west virginia. i kid. virginia comommon knows how to model a glass slipper. the rams top 8 oregon state. and, the rainbow warriors will be wrapping the big west in the round of 32. hawaii knocks off cal, 77-66. some games went chalk, but they were still exciting. iowa led temple by three in the closing seconds. quentin gets fouled throwing up
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he hit all three freebees to force an overtime. mike gessel misses but adam woodbury there for the putback as time expires. iowa survives temple and there are more upsets brewing upstairs as we speak. last check. that would be a fun one. who would have thought the wolverines had more games won than the spartans. >> how is your bracket? >> it is blown. >> i want to talk more about the ivy league schools.
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>> here are your winning lottery numbers tonight. cash three, 618. play four, 1290, megamillions. >> o lot of events this weekend. >> we may see morning showers this weekend. >> we may see light stuff early to midday. still the possibility of a passing light shower. we they the thunderstorms if any y would be later in the evening close tore the front. ththere is the chance on and off through the day we have the 50% chance. certainly a warm day.
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wednesday. >> crisp. >> jimmy fallon is coming your way next. monoing. >> and we will leave you be a beautiful shot. hopefully, come on. there it is. downtown tampa from eagle 8 hd. have yourself a wonderful night
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b i in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring


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