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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  March 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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next. good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for waking up with us. happening today, spring is here. it began at 12:30 a.m. it's the exact moment of the vernal equinox, when the sun's rays are directly over the equator. while the calendar says spring a snowstorm could hit portions of the mid atlantic and northeast today. let's start by checking out our forecast with debra. >> good morning, candace. the great news is we don't expect a wash out like we saw yesterday. currently we are seeing spring-like temperatures. temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70. we do see a few showers moving through the area but that's all because there's a cold front moving through. once that front moves through we'll begin to clear out from north to south. so expect any scattered showers that you see to be ending right about the noon area, certainly from north to south. northern counties will see it clear out earlier,
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hang out a little bit longer. here's a look at your forecast. by 8:00 a.m. the showers will continue. it will end around noon. if you're heading out to air fest a decent day. don't be surprised if you see a shower or two but that will end. we have changing in store in ways of cooler temperatures. >> you can track the weather any time by using your storm team 8 weather max app. it's free, just download it from the app store. a police officer heading home from work was nearly hit by a driver going the wrong way on interstate 275. the officer managed to get out of the way and radio for help. the driver got off the interstate at busch boulevard where she was pulled over. she failed a field sobriety test and was taken into custody. happening today, president
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historic visit to cuba later. just in time for his visit a u.s. hotel chain makes a historic agreement with the island nation. starwood hotels and resorts will be the first american hospitality company to operate a hotel in cuba since relations between the two countries were reestablished after more than 50 years. one will be in havana and the other in upscale miramar. >> we will have 100 flight from the u.s. daily. if that happens the amount of travelers from atlanta to cuba be skyrocket. we want to make sure that we're ready to welcome them. >> under the agreement the hotels will employ mostly cuban citizens. president obama will land in havana becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit many cubans are expressing home over
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relations as well as lifting the nation. president obama will stay in cuba through tuesday. keith cate will bring you historic coverage. keith's reports from havana will begin at 11:00 on news channel 8. dozens of protesters caused big problems outside of a donald trump campaign rally on saturday. protesters blocked a highway in phoenix not far from the site of the rally. before arizona's primary election on tuesday. that rally reached a violent point when a protesters was punched and take a look at the video. you can assaulted. it doesn't appear he was seriously injured. sanders spoke to nbc news about the presidency. >> donald trump is perfectly welcome to run for president. what he's not welcome to do is
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opposes him should be violently attacked, that he should be handed the presidency outside of the rules of his own party. i mean, this is sounding like 1933 up in here. >> during the rally trump vowed that illegal immigration is going to stop adding that it's dangerous. this weekend both democratic and republican presidential candidates are promising to fight it out until the end even while front runners hillary clinton and donald trump inch nomination. for a look at where things stand in the race for the white house here's news channel 8's national correspondent mark meredith. >> is donald trump unstoppable? it's a question that people ask asked for months now after knocking another republican of the race. the answer appears to be in trump's favor. >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party the biggest political story anywhere in the world. >> after strong wins in florida and north carolina the trump campaign is counting on momentum. some political experts say --
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should call him the presumptive nominee. he's got to get to 1237 delegates. >> the latest delegate count shows trump with 768 -- with 678, 275 ahead of ted cruz. >> don't expect to see the three remains republicans on the debate stage soon. donald trump skipping the debate led it to being canceled altogether. >> i don't think that skipping impact. >> hillary clinton leads bernie sanders thanks to super delegates or party leaders that choose the nominee. polls in upcoming contests show clinton with a strong lead and give her campaign the chance to plan for november's general election. >> on tuesday voters in arizona
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presidential candidates will stop by a pro-israeli lobbies conference in washington that's expected to draw plenty of protesters as well. that's a quick look at where things stand in the race for the white house. i'm mark meredith. this morning a pasco county man accused of breaking into his neighbor's home is dead. he started to bang on the bedroom door of a woman who lives in the home. chip osowski spoke to the victim. >> good morning to you. pasco county chris naco tells us his deputies did everything they could to save torrey robinson's life but he didn't want any part of it. >> i was about to turn my light on and heard another crash and was like oh, crap, that's not the dogs. you wake up and i turn the light on and he was at my door within a second. >> one can only imagine the fear that karen moore experienced, a man beating on her bedroom door desperately trying to get in.
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>> i was yelling and nothing would come out. it was like a bad dream. it took like four times. >> karen's son thomas rushed to aid his mother. >> he was banging on her door trying to get in there. i ran up to him and i tried to grab his shoulder. there was blood everywhere all over the hallway. he wasn't coming off the door. >> the man was torrey robinson. he broke into the home through a kitchen window. he asked for help but she was too scared to open the door. >> what's going through your mind? >> should i open the door? should i open the door or am i going to end up dead? is it a trick? does he really need help? why didn't he just knock at my front door? who is this person in my house? am i going to open the door and end up on the news dead? >> cut by the window h robinson was losing blood fast. he was lying on the floor and deputies called fire rescue and tried to calm him down. >> they stood around him
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pointed a taser and said don't get up, lay there, we're getting they immediately notified fire rescue and they came to the scene. prior to fire rescue arrives several times he tried to get up. one time in an aggressive manner. he tried to throw nails at the deputies and they did deploy the taser. >> emergency workers finally got robinson into an ambulance. hospital. there's body camera video of this entire incident but the sheriff said that will not be released because robinson died and there's a state statute regarding that. deputies did search his house and found a white powdery substance that's being tested. the medical examiner is working to determine in pasco channel 8. >> thank you. this morning police are look ing for a driver in a deadly hit and run crash involving a bicycle. saturday. police closed interbay boulevard at both
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during the investigation. the road has reopened. anyone with information on this deadly accident is asked to call police. the peter o. knight airport in tampa is back open. it reopened saturday more than a day of two people die in a fiery plane crash there. ntsb investigators are looking into what went wrong. they will document every inch of the charred remains as seen from eagle 8 right there. they said documenting the facts and circumstances is a very detailed process. >> approximately 2 to 3 months analysis and probable cause. generally we'll talk about a year for the whole process. >> this morning it's still not clear if a second plane was involved as reported by witnesses. happening today, tampa's air fest 2016 continues. ryan hughes got a sneak peak of this exciting annual event and shows us what you can expect. today is the last day for
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fest 2016. so if you didn't catch the sights and the sounds here yesterday now is the time. >> it is sure to be an action-packed weekend at macdill air force base. spectators can take in all the sights and intense sounds. from military cargo planes to these vintages there's something for everyone. >> the flying is good. we all enjoy the fly ing ing. working with the public, working with the crowds, bringing the kids to the airplane, we get a kick out of that. >> jim record will wow the crowd from one of these planes from the 1940s. he's part of a team that performing stunts and sky writes. >> another is the paracomandos. they will dive out of plane s 15,000 feet above macdill and plunge to the ground, showing off for the crowd. we spoke to he's
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>> it takes a lot of jumps to be able to understand the parachute. >> 30 planes will be parked for tour, 15 showing off for spectators including the f-16s from the u.s. thunder birds. >> strengths get underway today and tomorrow at 8:00. the air performance will be around 11:15. you can find all that information on today is palm sunday. the pope celebrated palm sunday mass earlier this morning. it's his new instagram account that everyone is talking about. the new record set by the pope is next. >> take a look at this. this is the bald eagles at the national arboretum in dc. what you can't see is she's guarding her two new babies. they just hatched in the past couple of days here. more information on that coming up later on news
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today pope francis celebrated palm sunday mass in vatican city and many are talking about how it didn't take much for the pope to take instagram by storm. he gained 1 million followers in just under 12 hours. thises the pontiff's first photo that shows him kneeling in prayer and was posted on saturday. the accompanying message said pray for me in nine different languages. his new account broke a record for getting 1
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short amount of time. the previous record was 24 hours held by soccer star david beckham. the pope's handle is separate from the official vatican account. take a look at this dramatic rescue. yes, that's a horse. firefighters hoisted a horse to safety after it took a tumble down a canyon in southern california. not one but two helicopters were called to lift the horse from the ravine. you can see him placed down at a near by ranch area where it took several tries to get up on his feet again. this morning the president and first lady are proud parents we saw her just feeding them. we are talk about the bald eagle couple and the second egg in their nest at the u.s. arboretum in washington dc. it began to hatch on saturday morning. you can see movement through the tiny crack there. the first one popped it friday morning.
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there mom is guarding her babies closely as you can imagine this morning. she said no pictures please this early on. coming up debra shields has the full forecast. >> also ahead, why many teens are ditching having a car and instead are taking the bus. we'll explain what is behind this national trend next.
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getting a driver's license and enjoying the freedom that comes behind the wheel, teenagers and parents know that it's a right of passage. did you know that more and more of teenagers are saying no thanks for now? joe friar has what's steering the trend. >> when the school day comes to an end this is where the rubber meets the road for many students. although milly jones is nearly 18 she walks just about everywhere because she doesn't have a driver's license. >> i don't know. i don't feel like i'm really missing out on that much by not having a car. >> at nathan hale high school she's far from alone. >> who doesn't have a driver's license? >> everyone relies on the city bus or their own two feet. >> i have a lot of friends that drive and some that doesn't. i would say it's 50/50.
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to the dmv when they turn 16. in 1983, 80% of 18-year-olds had a license, by 2014 that number dropped to 60%. >> why? >> i can't afford it. >> insurance. we don't have the money for insurance. >> mainly because i think my mom is a little scared for me to get one. >> researchers also say teens are too busy and can rely on the family taxi. >> parents are driving their kids to school instead of taking the bus and other things like that. >> ride sharing services like uber and lyft offer a way for them to get around or you can just call your friends. >> even though it's uncomfortable, it's tedious and annoying to ask people it works. >> for students who are getting a license many must pay commercial companies like defensive driving school but fewer public schools offer driver's ed. >> i feel okay without a
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>> she's in no rush. life is fast enough already. joe friar, nbc news. well, lots of activities around the bay area today. we have the air fest and several spring training games. for the most part conditions look nice although a scattered shower is possible. our rain chance today is 30% but nothing like we saw yesterday. temperatures around game time, which is 1:00 for all the spring training games will be in the low 70s. here's what is happening around the bay area. again, you see some showers moving in but they are relatively light. mainly in the northern counties and then some along the manatee, sarasota area. as we head through the day you see a good amount of cloud cover. however, there's a front that's just draped to the north of us and that will continue to push through the area. as it does our clouds will begin to clear out into the late afternoon and evening hours. we'll get breezy then and that's when our rain begins to clear out.
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first half of the day is probably the best chance to see those showers. here's a look at your sunday headlines, rain chances again first part of the day best and then we'll be clearing from north to south as the front moves through. the temperatures will drop though as the front moves through. you get that northern flow, especially into the evening hours when the sunsets. that's where you'll see the temperatures drop. how low will we go? the 40s and 50s throughout the bay area. that means about 15 to 20 degrees cooler than what we've seen. so for this afternoon 74 degrees and then for this evening we'll drop into the 60s as we head into the over night hours. we're going to see temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees over night. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. spring, it's the first day but that ushers in a little bit of cooler weather. tomorrow our high only tops out at 66. >> i know, we're going to have to pull out the tights and boots again.
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>> too soon. thank you. >> thank you . the bolts are celebrating a big come back. highlights of the game against the coyotes and the latest in the ncaa championship and a heroic effort by a usf senior in the women's bracket. find out if the boles could survive and advance next
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disappointing loss in dallas the tampa lightning are back with a big win playing in glendale, arizona. ben bishop stopped 31 shots for his fifth shut out. the bolts used its penalty kill to hold off the coyotes 2-0. paul ryan has our sunday morning sports now. good morning, paul. >> here comes derany and they have done it. sebring. >> they say a drowning man is never bothered by the rain, neither is derany. he powers through the first rain delay at the 12 hours of sebring in 18 years and ends his saturday night with a win joining collin brawn, tommy millner as the 4 class champions. it created chaos in the bay area. the women's florida team was 2500 miles across in los angeles
7:27 am
the boles tipped off against 31-1 colorado state. courtney williams starting the game on the bench and usf was sleepwalking in her absence. jaime patrick hits for 3 of her 17. the rams start the game on a 10-0 run. with williams on the floor usf is a different squad. she pulls the boles back into it. in the 2nd kit laksa, that's her shot. usf takes a lead but they were down by one at halftime. a 15-4 run to close out the quarter. >> colorado state was down 3 with less than 2 seconds to play. one last shot to force ot but it rims out. the boles hang onto win 48-45. usf will play ucla in the next round on monday. florida state met middle tennessee state in the 12-5 match up. late in the 3rd,
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engine, three results found. in the 4th work from bulgak, accident name and lay up. the noels survived and advanced 72-55. florida state plays texas a&m tomorrow. miami and wichita state, we are all just witnesses to the greatness of angle rodriguez. he started the game 7 for 7. the hurricanes led by as many as 21. the shockers claw back though. ron baker gives wichita state their first lead with that triple. miami was touched been angel, rodriguez with 28 points. miami is headed to the sweet 16 as the canes win. they say basketball is a game of runs. there were some big ones between yale and duke. the blue devils scored 18 straight and then took a 23 point cushion into the break.
7:29 am
the bulldogs have a 15-0 run of their own. duke takes it. from academic blue bloods to basketball blue bloods, indiana and kentucky. jamal murray, i think that's 2 minutes for slashing. o.j. anaobe, that stands for origin algangster. illinois slays a giant in the tournament. police in tampa arrest a wrong-way driver. breaking news is next. and alarming trend. police responded to self-cases of suspect several cases of suspected spice overdoses. those stories and more coming up in our next half hour.
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good sunday morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us. it's time to check in with debra for the latest on our spring forecast. good morning, debra. >> hey, candace. that's right, it's the first day of spring and it's bringing some spring showers but certainly nothing like we saw yesterday. we do see some showers sgrg our northern counties and sarasota county. these are all relatively light. we have a lot of cloud cover around though. these showers will not be staying around throughout the majority of the day.
7:33 am
clear out into the afternoon. it's ahead of a cold front we think the front should be some of our southern counties will clear out later. those clouds though will still stay around until the early evening hours but the rain will be subsiding. here's a look at your forecast. showers continue in the morning and then by noon the rain will start to end from north to south. then by the afternoon cloudy and breezy. the winds are really going to pick up this afternoon so not a great day for boaters as we head into the later afternoon hours. some big changes in your forecast in the way of some cooler weather. up. >> thank you so much. following breaking news right now a police officer heading home from work was nearly hit by a driver interstate 275. the officer managed to get out of the way the driver got off the interstate at busch boulevard where she was pulled over.
7:34 am
sobriety test and was taken into custody. our top stories this morning, president obama will start his historic visit to cuba today. the trip a historic milestone for u.s. and cuban relations. president obama is the first sitting president to visit the island nation in nearly 90 years. the president will be travelling with his family. he will meet with cuban disdents and throw the first pitch on the historic tampa bay rays game on tuesday. dozens of protesters caused big problems outside of a donald trump campaign rally in arizona saturday. protesters blocked a highway in phoenix not too far from the site of the rally. many of them unfolding banners and chanting ain't-trump slogans. in tucson a protesters was punched and kicked while being escorted out. air fest 2016 continues today.
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see cargo planes, vintage planes and the united states special operations paracomandos. they will dive out from 15,000 above macdill. doors open at 8:00. five boaters were rescue ed d -- rescued by the coast guard this weekend. it over turned in the gulf of mexico saturday afternoon. luckily none of the boaters were injured. st. petersburg police responded to several cases of suspected spice overdoses. st. petersburg police tell us that they received 12 calls saturday for people having medical problems. most likely related to the drug. all 12 cases happened near the vincent de paul shelter near the downtown area. six people were taken to the hospital. authorities have seen a surge of spice overdoses recently in the bay area. they blame a spiked version some are calling super spice. >> in this case we're very lucky no one has died from this case so far in st. petersburg.
7:36 am
try to put the word out, let people know that spice is very dangerous, it's not pot. >> police arrested four people and were able to take some of the drug. those with medical problems suffered vomiting, seizures and became unconscious. now to a developing story at this hour, police in belgium are still guarding the building where a paris attack suspect was captured friday. he was shot during the raid that led to his capture. today he was moved from a hospital to a prison and he is talking to investigators. reports say that during the november attacks he wanted to blow himself up but backed out at the last minute. you are looking at the final moments after the fly dubai 737 that crashed in russia. the security cam shows it exploding while it was trying to land. 55 passengers and 7 crew members were killed. most were russian citizens. they searched the
7:37 am
debris was scattered land. the cause of the crash is still yet known but investigators say weather could be a factor. new this morning, louisiana deputy-involved shooting. officials say the deputy shot at a person in a vehicle after a the unidentified person died at the scene. state police said there were other passengers in the no deputies were hurt in the chase or the shooting. authorities say a driver who spilled a drink on herself sideswiped a school bus carrying a boy's high school basketball team in indiana. look at that video. the collision caused the bus to flip over on interstate 65 saturday. all 27 players and staff on board the bus were taken to a near by hospital but they are expected to be okay. no word if the driver will face charges. well, we sprang last week and it's palm sunday now. >> and the first day of spring.
7:38 am
better day for the air fest. yesterday we had a wash out, today a few scattered showers possible. they'll be clearing out as we head through the afternoon with
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back now with a warning from doctors for the tens of millions who take dietary supplements. research are finding that many
7:41 am
precipitation meds, especially cancer drugs. yet as tom costello explains, patients forget to tell their doctors that they're taking them. >> for 42-year-old shelly newhouse a devastating diagnosis, facing cancer in both breasts she opted for a double mastectomy. on the advice of wholistic practitioners loaded up on any supplement that promise today build her immune system and fight the cancer. >> i was taking 60 pills a day. >> 60 supplement bills a days? >> her white count was too low to start likely due to all the supplements. >> she didn't know that i should know if it wasn't a prescription medication. >> it took weeks before her white count was high enough to begin the chemo. now research indicates that it's becoming more common.
7:42 am
supplements can interfere with cancer drugs. many prescribing doctors never know their patients are taking them. >> supplements can impact interfere with breast cancer drugs and mess with blood pressure,achety meds. >> ty -- anxiety meds. >> there's many that act the same way as medication in the body. >> many want the fda to regulate supplements. >> just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe. >> it's important for patients to tell their doctors what they're taking. shelly now takes just six. >> i believe in taking these vitamin supplements because i wanted to do anything to beat cancer. >> today shelly learned he's cancer free.
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well, it's the first day of spring, that means it's the spring equinox. this is when the rays of the sun are directly over the equator so the days and nights are pretty much equal. now, as we head towards this summer our days will continue to get longer and longer. spring officially arrived this morning just after midnight at 12:30. spring-like conditions around the bay area. at least our temperatures are in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. also a few spring showers. nothing like yesterday. we won't have a wash outs. in fact, this is all in front of a frontal boundary. you see those showers right now moving in there relatively light and throughout the morning and maybe early afternoon hours you could see a shower pop up or so. here's what is happening, there's a frontal boundary draped just to the north of the bay area. so, again, the showers possible ahead of it. then as we head through the afternoon the clouds continue to linger, it starts to become breezy behind it and then later
7:44 am
through the area really, really the winds will be picking up. it's going to clear out and then it's going to become pretty cool tonight. as we head through the day tomorrow nice and warm -- i shouldn't say warm. nice and sunny. a little bit cooler though with highs only in the mid 60s. that's right. so it looks like a great afternoon as far as temperatures, 74. a lot of clouds though and a 30% chance of showers. a great start to the work week though. we can look ahead too. as we head into the evening hours 67 degrees, the clouds begin to clear. the question is how cool are we going to get tonight. 15 to 20 degrees below what we've seen the last several days. tampa will drop to 50, brooksville 42, bradenton also 50, 43 in wachula arcadia. the winds are going to be picking up.
7:45 am
tides, next high tide is at 2:18 p.m. the sunset is tonight at 7:42. however into the afternoon hours the winds will pick up north to northwest at 15 to 20. seas will increase 3 to 5 feet with rough conditions by the afternoon. in fact, small craft should exercise caution. the gulf temperatures at a mild 73. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. through the first day of spring 74 degrees and then over night tonight it will be chilly, dropping to about 50 degrees. the coldest night will be monday night into tuesday where we'll see temperatures more in the upper 40s. our next chance of rain unfortunately closer to the weekend again. >> those temperatures will be climbing by then what is what many want and expect this time of year. >> that's right. >> thank you. technology continues to change our livings. coming up
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a new way to pay with a photo and a warning about security in our cars. adrienne alert. >> hi there. pay by selfie. can you believe it? it might be in our future. amazon filed a patent to allow customers to, yep, pay by taking a selfie. the amazon system would ask users to take one photo to prove their identity and a second photo to prove their a physical being. so that means either moving, smiling or blinking. >> a warning about the security of the electronics in our cars. this week the fbi and the ntsb warned that vehicles are
7:50 am
the feds warn criminals are accessing electronic components that control the brakes, transmission and steering. pretty scary. you want to be vigilant about installing the latest security updates. >> march madness. according to a career build er er survey managers are more likely to participate in march madness office polls. 1 in 8 are taking part in those polls. i'm crossing my fingers radio it no you for the bracket. that's your sunday consumer alert. back to you. >> thank you. president obama will land in cuba today. coming up, how many here and in the island are hoping this trip marks the start of a change. >> and take a look. we're watching the little hatch l eagles in washington dc. they were just hatched in the past 2 days. take a look there. >> more news channel 8 today
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when president obama arrives in cuba today it will be the most symbolic action yet as the two countries normalize relations. so many people are anticipating the possibilities this new era will bring including musicians both here and there.
7:54 am
>> diame has arrived and living her dream. >> when you're a jazz singer or when you try to be a jazz singer to be in the u.s. is like to be in the place. >> her music soulful. the rhythms race through her vein s. >> my blood is like the sea. it can go like so calm but at the same time can get like crazy. >> much she admits like her caribbean homeland. >> it can calm and in one moment everything change. >> change seen by the relations between the u.s. and cuban government opening the door to a new era of young cuban musicians. that change cannot come soon enough for miami musician louis bufe. he left cuba over 20 years ago. in his song he longs to return.
7:55 am
government. >> he was detained, threatened with a long jail sentence, uncertain of his fate if he returns he left behind his mother, daughter and has a grandson he never met. >> i spent my whole life without my family. it's sad, very sad. sorry. >> he recognizes newfound opportunities outside of cuba while he dreams of bringing his music home. >> it's okay. >> both believe change will take time. >> i hope to have a very good future for cuba. i hope. >> i'm hoping because we need it both. >> we also want to remind you that our own keith cate will bring you complete coverage of the president's trip.
7:56 am
reports will begin tonight at 11:00 on news channel 8. let's get a final look at our forecast from debra. it will dry out more today. >> definitely better than yesterday. still seeing a few spring showers we'll call them. it is ahead of a cold front though. it's ironic that the first day of spring we see a cold front. that's going to push through the bay area over the next couple of hours. the good news is out at the air fest by the time the thunder birds are there around 2:00 or 3:00 looks like most of the rain should be gone but the clouds will probably hang in there for a little bit. here's a look at your afternoon forecast. 74 is the high. the front passes, the rain ends and the winds pick up. you know, over night tonight though we're going to be dropping down a little bit cooler -- i say a little bit cooler. it's actually about 14 to 20 degrees cooler than what we've seen over the last week or so. >> many of us will have to turn off our ac, many of us might have to turn on the heat or throw an extra blanket on the bed. don't get confused by it being the first day of spring.
7:57 am
>> one day i turn on the air-conditioning and the next day the heat. that's florida. >> and we have to enjoy this last burst. >> it might be the last. i'm not going to say for sure but i think there's a good chance this might be the last blast of cool air before maybe next november. >> yikes. >> i hate to even say that. >> okay. the poll en got washed away. >> the work week looks great. i know a lot of people are on spring break so a great week for spring breakers coming up. >> thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. i enjoyed it. our next newscast is coming
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good morning. all-out brawl, violence breaks out at a donald trump criminally in rally in arizona. at least one arrest. this morning the man is speaking out. >> what was going through my mind was put your arms over your head because this political movement has gotten to the point where you may get beat to death inside of a rally. >> trump's campaign manager wading into the crowd to grab another protester. this as the race to stop the billionaire becomes more frantic. we're live on the campaign trail this morning. historic visit. president obama set to arrive in


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