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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Sunday  NBC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 11:00. >> history is made today as president obama begins a historic trip to cuba. we're in ra havana tonight with the complete coverage -- havana tonight with complete coverage. >> good evening, everyone. i'm rod carter. >> and i'm melanie michael. thank you for joining us. we begin with special coverage of president obama's historic visit to cuba.
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havana and emerging from it -- havana and emerging from it the president and mrs. obama. >> over the past year both embassies have reopened, many business deals between those two countries already taking place including direct flights to cuba and soon cruise ships will be docking in havana as well. >> but the president stresses there is still much to do. our own keith cate traveled to historic visit. he is there tonight and begins our special coverage. >> reporter: good evening from a rainy havana cuba, not the day you want for a historic presidential visit, but still what a day this is turning out to be, look at the people, some in balconies, some below in street alleyways waiting to catch a glimpse of the president of the united states along with the first family. you can see at a restaurant people standing under the awnings just to catch a glimpse
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unheard of here it, really will be a historic moment for them to tell their children and their children to come. you're standing in the rain. are you excited to see the president? this man tells me cubans are watching with high expectations. they want and need brotherhood around the world. for in the sight of the presidential motorcade is like catching a moment in time from the future when people here can prosper and perhaps even thrive in business and freedom without what they call the black aid or u.s. trade embargo. the president campaigned on a message of hope and change. now he brings that message to cuba and the people here are buying into it. did you ever think you would come to see this day, the president of the united states in cuba? this elderly man told me he never thought he would live to see this day because the political differences between the two countries were too great. surrounded by his family, though, he stood a ms.ed by what he was watching on the cuban -- amazed by what he was watching on the cuban news channel. we saw a group of young men
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the shared love of this game is political divide. when i arrived at the jose marty airport, i saw families reuniting with loved ones and they were surrounded by a large number of tampa bay rays family like the reverend miguel salas tuesday. day years ago. he showed me a picture from a visit in 1999 when he shook the hand of fidel castro. what were you thinking? >> i was thinking more than anything of what's actually happening right now, the reconciliation of both of our countries reaching out to the leader because when you reach out to government leaders, you reach out to the whole nation. >> reporter: along with the president, of course, a congressional delegation and business leaders hoping for change. we see small businesses. that's relatively new within the past five or six years, but there's more that needs to be done and it all begins right here in havana. i'm keith cate reporting.
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>> thank you very much, keith. as he mentioned, the tampa bay rays headed to cuba to face the cuban national team on tuesday. >> rays players tweeted out these pictures just before departing for havana tonight saying they are very excited to be a part of this historic game. preparations also underway for the rolling stones who will hold a free concert in havana on friday. that concert was originally planned for today. however, it was rescheduled for friday because of the president's visit. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend that concert. news channel 8's keith cate will bring you special coverage of the president's historic visit to cuba all week long. keith is also going to be there national team. that will take place here on news channel 8. again. another wrong-way driver in the bay area and in time a tampa police officer narrowly missed a head-on collision on i-275. news channel 8's chip osowski joining us live from busch boulevard in tampa where
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chip, how many more times are we going to hear about this? >> reporter: i don't know, mel, unbelievable this point in. this case investigators tell us aja cancela was speeding down in the northbound lanes. a dui officer had to swerve out of her way to avoid a head-on collision. she exited here at busch boulevard and was quickly pulled over by another officer in the area. crews carted off aja cancela's honda after officers carted her off to jail. i caught up with her after she bonded out of jail. a family member did most of the talking. did you say anything? >> no, she's not going to say anything. >> reporter: they were not pleased to see us. >> get the camera out of my face. >> get in the car. get in the car. >> reporter: thankfully no one was injured in this case, but the recent deadly wrong-way crash with the hillsborough
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reminder of how dangerous wrong- way driving can be. >> i was with the hillsborough county sheriff's office five years. >> reporter: kirby lavalley is a former deputy who runs his private investigation service now. he like many wonders why this keeps happening. >> is it roadway flaws? is it overconsumption much? are people just not being responsible when they're either drinking or using drugs and operating a motor vehicle? >> reporter: he's worked his share of wrong-way incidents and crashes and tells me the frequency is mind numbing. >> and it's all the time. these calls are coming in. you want to say every weekend you're getting an alert wrong- way driver crash or wrong-way driver, you know in, this area and these deputies and officers are dispatched to the area, but sometimes they're already gone. >> reporter: cancela wouldn't say what she was doing prior to her wrong-way incident. were you driving under the influence? >> hush. >> reporter: we put a request
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department for any dash camera video of this incident. a public information officer told us any video will be reviewed and could be released as early as monday. mel? >> chip osowski reporting live for us tonight. we just keep hearing about these accidents over and overful hopefully we'll get more answer -- over. hopefully we'll get more answers this week. early this morning a motorcade escorted deputy kotfila's body to the international airport to be taken back to his homestate of massachusetts. it will be chilly tomorrow and a cool day all day long and storm team 8 meteorologist bryan bennett is in the weather center. >> today is the first day of spring, but we're going the wrong direction. tomorrow morning will be in the upper 40s topping off in the upper 60s tomorrow afternoon. the reason why?
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passed through early this morning. that front is now down in south florida. behind it, cooler temperatures. so tomorrow morning 49 degrees, a good deal of sunshine, kind of breezy and cool temperatures, 40s for much of the tampa bay area. some of our coastal communities will be in the lower 50s, so kind of a chilly way to start the workweek, but much warmer temperatures are in the forecast as well as some rain. we'll have all that coming up in just a bit. in pasco county tonight two 13-year-olds are expected to face charges for stealing a car and then crashing the car. the teens slammed into a traffic light pole oust 19 and darlington road in pasco county at 4:15 a.m. deputies believe both the 13- year-old girls are run-aways. the girls found the car unlocked with the key in. now both girls were injured, but they should both survive. in hillsborough county police are looking for a driver
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involving a bicycle just before 9:00 saturday night in south tampa. police closed inner bay boulevard both directions at sixth street south for several hours. >> once we arrived on scene unfortunately we did find that subject was deceased and appeared to be a victim of a hit and run crash. >> police are interviewing witnesses and checking for surveillance videos. anyone with any information is asked to call tampa police. homeless woman in pasco county critically injured. she was hit by a truck on palm grove drive around 11:00 last night at u.s. 301 that. driver never stopped. the truck is described as a white four door ford f150 or f250. anyone with information in the case is asked to please call florida highway patrol. tonight ntsb investigators continue looking into what caused a plane to crash at the airport on davis islands in tampa.
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crash late friday morning. witnesses claim they watched as the pilot tried to avoid same time. now a story all new, state police are in pennsylvania deadly turnpike robbery as one retiremented pennsylvania state trooper clarence briggs was the gunman officials say in a deadly toll booth heist this morning. state police say briggs killed a toll booth worker and security guard before being shot dead by troopers. very scary crash in the australian grand prix. watch as fernando alonso's car clips another one. around 200 miles per hour he flies into the wall before rolling violently and then going airborne. pieces and parts of his car spray everywhere. the good news is alonso gets out of what's left of his car and simply walks away with a slight limp. that is absolutely incredible. >> how in the world does that happen? all right.
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house getting stranger and more complicated as it goes on. >> understatement. we'll look at all the scenarios that could play out as republicans try to block donald trump from the nomination. >> plus a dog that's been beaten and abused is now facing even more struggles. just ahead i'll show you what khalessi is now fighting for to
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turning now to your vote coverage in the race for the white house, more violence there weekend as a protester was being tossed out. >> there's a disgusting guy, puts a ku klux klan hat on. >> then moments later another >> then moments later another protester attacks a man in the crowd punching and kicking him. meanwhile governor john kasich refused to drop out to swing votes cruz's way. the gop establishment is trying desperately to block donald trump from winning the nomination of the party. news channel 8's candace mccowan shows us the many different scenarios that could play out here. >> what's the likelihood of the
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convention in july? well, i asked an expert. 1,237, it's the magic number of republican nomination. donald trump could get there before july. >> a couple of the states coming up are winner take all. so if you look at a place like arizona, he has a chance to win all those delegates. >> but if he doesn't, trump could still possibly avoid a contested convention. >> there's still a chance they can get there if they get the support of uncommitted delegates. delegates can become uncommitted if their candidate drops out of the race. some states actually have a certain number of delegates that are uncommitted. >> but if donald trump hasn't earned the 1,237 delegates by the convention, then comes a contested convention. how will it play out? who knows. rules can be changed even days before the convention. >> they can determine how many people are allowed to be on the ballot. they can determine how long delegates have to stick with
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>> all the talk of a third- party candidate entering the race, if none of the candidates were to win a majority of electoral votes, what would happen? >> it would go to the house of representatives and it would be advantage to the republican party whichever republican that they would put their support behind. >> political scientist frank orlando calling that outcome highly unlikely. in tampa candace mccowan, news channel 8. on the democratic side of things bernie sanders rallied supporters in washington state. the vermont senator spoke to an enthusiastic crowd in vancouver near the oregon border. the crowd often drowned him out in cheers and occasionally booed when he targeted his democratic opponent hillary clinton. >> we need real change in this country and between you and me, i do not believe that real change is going to come from a candidate like secretary clinton who receives millions
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[ cheering and applause ] in arizona former president bill clinton stumped for hillary clinton with former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband astronaut mark kelly. so many of you have asked for an update on the story of khalessi. the abused dog's story touched hearts all over the world. we have troubling news. she was recently diagnosed with a terminal kidney condition and her prognosis is not good. last summer she was left to die after someone cut off her nose and upper jaw, broke her legs and back and used her as a fighting dog while she was pregnant. veterinarians from university of florida have told the owners the pull needs a kidney transplant. she's being treated now in gainesville. if you'd like to read more about khalessi's condition and treatment, we have a link and information about how you can do that at you'll find that on our homepage. little kids with big talent
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>> you saw it here on news channel 8 tonight. millions are tuning in for little big shots and each week they want to see what these kids can do. >> they were very talented. it's more what they're saying that really has families watching in stitches at home. kevin tibbles shows us how. >> welcome to little big shots, everybody. >> reporter: the only thing little about little big shots are the pint sized prodigies. nearly 15 million people tuned in to watch host steve harvey introduce some very talented kids. and somehow navigate some quirky conversations. >> where are your balls? >> reporter: his facial expressions take over when words just won't do. old. he doesn't remember what you told him to say. he doesn't care and neither do i. so that's the magic.
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is the sleeper success of the season tapping into that tried and true tradition of something the whole family can enjoy together. the show's co-executive producer is ellen degeneres. >> it's a talent show but not a competition. everyone is a winner. >> art linkletter and the kids. >> reporter: in the '50s and '60s folks were glued to the tube and art link letter's house party where kids often said the darnedest things. >> what's the hardest thing about school for you? >> buttoning my pants. >> reporter: and perhaps there's another reason we're watching. >> it's during this election year where adults are behaving badly. here you can actually see the future of the country through the kids as opposed to the politicians. >> reporter: this teeny tiny talent time is clearly a hit with kids of all ages. kevin tibbles, nbc news,
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>> i was watching that earlier tonight. those kids are funny and talented. it's awesome. >> and they say exactly what's on their minds. >> i like the honesty, though. it's kind of cool. >> you're sort of the same way. you say whatever is on your mind. >> i do not. >> you do. it's kind of scary. >> oh, man. we all have love for each other here. dry weather tomorrow, cool, 65 degrees and that is pure honesty. tuesday, dry weather 73 degrees. moving into wednesday dry again, a bit warmer, 79 degrees and then moving into thursday, 20% chance for rain and friday a 50% chance for rain. a lot of spring breakers are in up to. how does the beach look this -- in town. how does the beach look this week? tomorrow is looks so, so sunshine, but kind of cool, windy and a rip current risk as well.
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little warmer. then on wednesday, the best day of the week, will be near 80 sunshine. thursday, slight chance for rain and friday we're looking showers and storms. wednesday is the main day to head to the beach this week. satellite and radar picture the rain has moved out. the clouds are moving out. that's all because the cold front is moving out and behind it being replaced is cooler air. we're looking at temperatures again by tomorrow morning in the upper 40s. we'll start off right around 49 degrees. we'll be right around 50 degrees in our coastal locations. again a lot of sunshine to start the day, breezy. tomorrow afternoon sunny skies, windy and a temperature near 65. so kind of a cool afternoon as well, about 10 degrees below average. then moving into tuesday morning cooler, middle 40s and sunshine, but we'll warm a bit more to right around 73 degrees on your tuesday afternoon with continued sunshine.
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it's got to be cold up north. in fact, it is snowing now from northern d.c. up through delaware and jersey, long island and connecticut, rhode island all the way up to boston and we're actually looking at the potential for some decent accumulation with this spring norm easter, yeah, springtime and looking -- nor'easter, yeah, spring time and looking at a nor'easter with 4 to 7 inches of snow in boston and cape cod. kind of makes this 49 not look so bad, right, where they're dealing with shoveling snow up north. so just a few clouds overnight tonight, windy, about 10 degrees below average. tomorrow afternoon deep blue sunny skies, a beautiful looking day. it's going to be that color right now, nice deep blue shade and then again kind of cool with temperatures 10 degrees below average and breezy. tuesday we start to warm up quickly. we're 73, sunshine. wednesday we're right around 80
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moving into thursday back to middle 80s, a little popcorn shower or two and then good friday, scattered showers and storms with a front moving through and a few of those showers will linger into the weekend over east are as well due -- easter as well due to the front not really going anywhere. i'm hoping i can erase that chance for the weekend, so we'd have a nice sunny easter. >> just put it out there. >> we'll see. seven days off, but right now looks like friday through sunday we'll have some showers lingering. >> i don't think i was ready for that cold front. >> 49 the first day of spring? what's going on there? >> we spring the wrong way, whatever that meant. >> these guys, if you only knew. coming up the proposal to improve a parking problem that's not sitting well with everyone at all in sarasota.
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cuban sandwich in the bay area? we have the official results. we'll show you who is named no. 1 today. >> plus here's what you'll see tomorrow at 6 a.m. >> reporter: all this muck and debris would have gone directly into tampa bay. i'm leigh spann and i'll show you how this bucket is keeping
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it's an age old question around tampa bay. we've been having this discussion and fight for a very long time. who has the best cuban sandwich? >> this weekend several judges, funny, we didn't get asked to do this, had the difficult task
11:27 pm
it was the fifth annual cuban sandwich festival in ybor city. if you think a great cuban sandwich can only come from cuba, think again. >> this year we have a restaurant from london. these guys traveled all the way from london. they are here to put their cuban sandwich on the line with some of tampa's best restaurant. here they are. pipo's for best nontraditional cuban and as you just heard, the group from london took first place for world's best cuban. senator bill nelson will be in tampa tomorrow to discuss the search for hangar space for noaa's fleet of hurricane hunter planes. they are currently at macdill air force base but needs to make way next year for additional tankers relocating to macdill.
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st. pete clearwater and lakeland airport. commissioners in sarasota will discuss and vote tomorrow night on a $15 million project to fix the parking nightmare that is st. armon's circle. business owners and the city want to put up meters and build a parking garage. the meeting is at 6 p.m. the public is invited. ribbon cutting ceremony tuesday for a new loft style apartment building in seminole heights neighborhood of tampa. mayor buckhorn will help cut the ribbon for the warehouse lot ofs. it will house up to 100 new residents. -- warehouse lofts. it will house up to 100 new residents. one of the highlights of today's airshow, a performance
11:29 pm
thunderbirds and their f-16's. one fan shared with us his niece's reaction. >> they came right behind us and cracked the barrier a little bit and oh, my god, she jumped. it was fantastic to watch her go. the whole show was absolutely fantastic. i recommend everybody come see it at least once in their lifetime. >> we wholeheartedly agree. it is an event people across tampa bay and beyond enjoy every single year. you could hear them roaring around the area. my dogs kept looking outside like what's going on? bolts goalie ben bishop is making history. >> coming up in super sports sunday we'll hear all about how he wrote his way into the
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thanks so much for joining us. >> hang in tight because the fun is just starting. paul ryan will show you how the cuban national team is getting ready for a historic game with the rays. your super sports sunday is
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tonight on super sports sunday viva cue bark the -- cuba, the rays hit the island nation prepared to play ball. >> and get out your dancing shoes. it's tournament time on the hardwood and on the ice. find out who punched a ticket to the sweet 16 and which hockey teams could come to tampa for the frozen four, that and more recruiting around with ufc light heavyweight rashad sugar evans, bounce like a butterfly, sting like a bee. super sports sunday is on your


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