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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  March 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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live from the news center, this is news channel 8 today. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm candace mccowan in for gene. in our top stories this morning, another scare on a bay area road. another wrong way driver just missing slamming into a tampa police officer just a week after a hillsborough county sheriff's deputy died in a wrongway crash. now this has drivers and law enforcement on edge. >> these calls are coming in you know, you want to say every weekend. you're getting an alert of a wrongway driver. >> in just a few minutes what
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confronted the wrongway driver after she was released. it's getting personal. another one of donald trump's relatives is being threatened. the gop front-runner's sister received a letter like the one sent to trump's son. his sister court of appeals. right now the fbi is investigating but so far no other details were released. an exciting day for apple junkies. they are looking forward to seeing the 4 inch iphone sc. time now is 4:01. let's get a check in with leigh spann. it's cool out this morning. >> and getting colder as we speak. boy, cold winds from the north just dragging that air right down here through the florida peninsula. notice northern areas like inverness you're at 52, tampa at 58,
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on the cold air to come through north port at of 64. the big story this morning the winds out of the north at 15 to 20 miles per hour sustained winds. as you go into the individual stronger gusts that's where we're getting up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. again that's clearing out the skies. temperatures will fall over the next 5 hours and then only climb up to 66 today, well below the average of 77. even colder tonight. i'll be more specific on how cold tonight but right around 46 degrees for most of us. that rain chance forecast coming up. it's going to be gusty on the roadways today. fhp already told me to tell your viewers to be careful going over the sunshine skyway bridge. it's open but use some caution. this is a look at our howard frankland bridge. it's a wonderful drive, no delays. it's going to take you 6 minutes to cross it. that's all. let's take a look at hernando county. brooksville looks fantastic on cortez road
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no delays and a good drive on county. then i-4 in plant city down to downtown tampa 22 minutes either direction. that's a look at weather and now back to candace and gayle. >> thank you so much leslee. now to a developing story , a woman arrested after driving the wrong way through the streets of tampa is out on bail this morning. she narrowly missed a head-on collision with a police officer. details on the driver. chip. >> reporter: good morning to you. investigators are delling you cancela was spending down interstate 275 southbound in the northbound lanes. a tpd dui driver was driving northbound and had to swerve to get out of her way. she exited right here and was quickly pulled over by another officer. >> crews carted off aja cancela's honda after officers carted her off to jail. the charge, driving under the influence.
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after she bonded out of jail. a family member did most of the talking. >> can you say anything? >> no, she's not going to say anything. >> they were not pleased to see us. >> get the camera out of my face. >> get in the car, get in the car. >> thankfully no one was injured in the case but the recent deadly wrong way crash with a hillsborough county deputy is a sobering reminder of how dangerous it can be. >> the hillsborough county sheriff's office service like many wonders why it's happening. >> is it roadway flaw, too much consumption? >> he's worked many crashes and numbing.
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say every weekend. you're getting an alert of a wrong way driver in this area. these deputies and officers are dispatched to the area but sometimes they're already gone. >> cancela wouldn't say where she was or what she was doing prior to her wrong way incident. >> hush. >> reporter: we put in a request with the tampa police department to look at any a public information officer told us they are reviewing those videos and could release them as early as later today. in tampa, i'm chip osowski, news channel 8. >> thank you, chip. this incident happening just a week after a wrong way driver took the life of hillsborough deputy john kotfila. the deputy's hearse was escorted to tampa international airport on sunday morning. his body was flown back to massachusetts, his home state. the hillsborough county sheriff's office honor guard gave kotfila one final salute.
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bill nelson will be in tampa to discuss the search for hangar space. right now it's based at macdill but needs to be moved macdill. two 13-year-olds are expected to face charges for stealing a car and crashing it. this morning the girls are recovering from their injuries. the teens slammed into a traffic light pole at u.s. 19 at darlington road in pasco county. deputies believe both of the girls may be run aways. they found the car unlocked with the key in it. a hit and run crash leaves a homeless woman in pasco county critically injured. now investigators are searching for the driver. the highway patrol told us the woman was hit by a truck on palm grove drive at u.s. 301. the driver never
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the truck is a white ford f-150 or f-250. today apple is unveiling new products. >> as always they're being very secretive about what's in story. lindsey mastis is live with our morning alert. any idea about what we'll see today? >> reporter: absolutely. apple loves to keep the detail s of their announcements under wraps but we're sure we're going to see a brand new iphone. this new phone will be just 4 inches apple has not come out with that regular sized phone since 2013. we believe they will be unveiling another ipad. right now it's hard to tell what will make this new model special. we expect to see new apple watch i haven't heard anything solid so we might have to wait a while longer on that one. this is apple's first event of 2016.
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sigh. hopefully they do that again. it begins at 1:00 our time and i'll be following the announcements very closely and show you what's new. you can follow our alerts on facebook and twitter. search the hashtag #8alert. if you're groaning pulling into the gas station you're not alone. the average price of gas two weeks. the average price across the country is $2.02 and here in the bay area it's $2.01. it's 4:08. still last a good price for gas. >> still pretty good. a lot of you may be cranking up the heat in your car this morning. surprise, surprise. it's chilly. let me show you the hour by hour forecast. between now and 8:00 a.m. temperatures will fall down to 50 degrees. then struggle to warm up. we
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66 around 4:00 but all day it's going to be very windy so it's going to feel even colder. 62 degrees at 7:00 p.m., temperatures fall very rapidly after that. this is spring. what? feels more like january. spring started yesterday. warming up very quickly. the low 70s tomorrow, 80 on wednesday. as far as rain chances i keep them out of the forecast until friday when we have another bump in the rain chances. certainly a cool start to the week. 66 today, 73 tomorrow and there you see how quickly we get to 82 by thursday. let's check in with traffic accident on the 8s. it's breezy out there. >> it is. you have to be care careful on the skyway bridge, both hands on the wheel. a nice drive across all the bay area bridges. let's take a look at lakeland. polk parkway is up to speed. if you're going to be traveling here on i-4 you have roughly an 11 minute commute.
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the bay area bridges look good, only 4 minutes across the gandy, 6 on the howard frankland bridge, 7 minutes across the courtney campbell causeway. bearss avenue to i-4 on 275 no delays, just 10 minutes there. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to candace and gayle. >> leslee, thank you. a tragic death on the job. a fire department is gref ing -- is grieving the loss of one of their men. >> it's a problem that happens every time it rain, debris and trash flowing into storm rains how one neighborhood figured out a way to solve this. >> news channel 8 is covering the president's historic visit to cuba. what's up on the this is news channel 8
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we have special coverage of president obama's visit to cuba. for the first time since 1928 a president is in the communist nation. the first family stepping onto cuban soil.
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effort to restore relations with cuba many business deals between the two countries are in place or in the works including direct flights and soon cruise ships docking in havana. >> today president obama will meet with president castro. right now keith cate is in cuba with coverage of this historic trip. >> good morning from outside the latino america stadium. it's been a rainy start to this historic visit from president obama. when we arrived of course the president was here and everyone trying to catch a glimpse, on the street or anywhere they could, in their homes. a lot of optimism here for the president's visit. of course tourism in cuba has increased about 77% over the past year. >> the president has a congressional delegation here with him and business leaders. all of this comes amid some criticism. the president will
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and has a state dinner with raul castro. a lot of optimism in cuba. we will be here to cover it for you all week long. reporting from havana waiting for the sun to shine i'm keith cate. back to you. >> thank you, keith. right now preparations are also underway for the rolling stones. the band will hold a free concert in havana this friday. the concert was originally planned for this weekend but rescheduled for friday due to president obama's visit. hundreds of thousands are expected to watch the concert. news channel 8's keith cate will bring you special coverage of president obama's historic visit to cuba and he will be there when the rays take on the cuban national team all on news channel 8. a south carolina fire department is mourning the loss of its own. he was hit and killed be a fire truck. a fire truck was backing up to the scene when a firefighter on the back of the truck fell off. he
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right now this story is all over social media. a number of people are reaching out to send messages of condolence to the firefighter's family. a three alarm fire at an indianapolis truck stop causes $2 million in damage. more than 100 firefighters battled the flames at the flying j truck stop actually grease fire sparked the inferno. everyone got out safely. police at the university of south florida are cracking down on drivers to keep bicycles and pedestrians safe. starting today officers can issue citations using money from the florida department of transportation. fdot awarded the usf police department a more than $14,000 grant. this is going towards a bicycle pedestrian focused initiative. now officers can issue citations as well as warnings. well, this morning an 8 on your side alert.
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flows into the storm drains along the streets and that water and all the stuff in it goes directly into bay area. >> meteorologist leigh spann joins us with how community started a way to stop this. >> that's right. the tampa shores neighborhood is in installing storm water catch baskets right in their storm drains to curb the trash right at the curb. >> oh, a florida rainstorm. boy, can it pour. >> all the storm water run off goes straight into the bay. there's not a catch base or anything. >> neighbors in tampa shores, a self-proclaimed boating community wanted to keep the bay clean of all the trash and muck caught in the rain water. >> we see people throw trash out all the time. we can catch that and cigarette butts and all the nasty things and stop that from going in. >> these custom made baskets fit in a storm drain and catch
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special lining to absorb oil. >> that's what got us the golden mangrove award. we're very proud of it. we're doing positive environmental impact for our community and our area. >> many groups have worked to improve the water quality of the bay and these neighbors are proud of their contribution. they have 11 catch baskets installed now and will have 9 more soon. >> this is the only way that i know of that you can keep this from going into the bay. >> now, each of those baskets cost about $1,000. the community received a $5,000 grant to help them purchase more. >> a great idea. sea lions are taking over one port in oregon but now residents found a way to fix the issue. look at all the sea lions on the dock. they
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when they're turned on the sea lions flash away frantically. workers say as soon as they're turned off the sea lions hop right back to their spots. time now is 4:18. leigh, it's not a great day to be sunning here in tampa bay. >> no, you will be swaying in the wind like the inflatable dancers. it's really windy this morning and that wind is bringing in colder air. around 50 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and 58 at noon. it's just a slow warm up. in fact, by 4:00 p.m. 66 degrees. that's well below average. plus that breeze making it feel even cooler. when you have strong winds from the north it is literally dragging down cold air. go to the north and it's 52 inverness, 54 zephyrhills, 55 lakeland. in north port 63 degrees. colder than time yesterday. we're about 10 to 15 degrees colder plus the strong winds. 13 miles
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brooksville, 18 venice. look at the individual stronger gusts and that's where you get nearly a 30 miles per hour gust in brooksville, 25 in tampa. so for all the spring breakers, there's a rip current risk and a high surf advisory with the north wind at 20 to 25 knots. if you are on spring break hold off until tomorrow. we get warmer through the week. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? >> i-75 in bradenton looks very good. also in sarasota the interstate no issue there. where we have an issue though is in sarasota. some very accident. three people have been killed in this car crash. it looks like speed was a factor. you definitely want to watch out for your speeds this morning, folks. university is closed completely between old bradenton to desoto. this is south.
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southern end. keep that in mind. university closed at bradenton and desoto. we have a great drive on u.s. 1 and 341 not effected. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to candace and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. it's not always easy to tell which foods have genetic modified ingredients in them but now one company is making sure you know. >> coming up the law prompts
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an 8 on your side consumer alert, in effort to comply with a new law general mills will begin labeling products that have gmo's, it will be a nationwide change. they claim it would be impractical just to make the change in one state. it will begin appearing over the next several weeks. twitter users have something to appreciate this morning, the social media site is keeping the 140 character limit. the ceo and cofounder jack dorsey announced the news on the today show and mentioned the limits allows for the brevity. the news comes after reports came out that twitter was considering lengthening their tweet limit. many users spoke out against the possible change. meet these two 100-year-old identical twins. >> so cute.
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0th birthday. al letter bif albert lives at a assisted living facility and the other flew in from tucson, arizona. they like today swap out lives and share a car. what's their secret? >> well who knows. we just i guess follow ed the path that the lord gave us and that's it. >> albert and elmer said they lived a fairly active lifestyle when they were younger walking, running and athletics and swore by waking up early in the morning. if that keeps you wrong i'm in. -- young i'm in. weather and traffic on the 8s just 3 minutes away. >> a cement truck caught on
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at 4:28 certainly feels like winter on this day of spring. 66 degrees today this afternoon but we'll warm up to 82 by thursday. leslee. >> a problem out in the sarasota area, folks. we've got a triple fatal accident here. university is closed old bradenton to desoto road. stay with us all morning with this breaking traffic. i'll be
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live from the news center, this is news channel 8 today. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene. >> i'm gayle guyardo. breaking news, three people are dead after a car crashes in sarasota. right now a fourth victim is in the hospital. this is a picture from the scene at the intersection of old bradenton road and desoto road. so far police do not know what caused the single car crash but they do believe speed was a factor.


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