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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  March 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> it's 7:00 and the station
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8 at 7:00 begins now. >> good evening. doctors continue to treat two men badly injured while sky dives this afternoon. one of them is in critical condition. jamel lanee joins us live. we are told one of the sky drivers was trying to catch up to the other one when they had a midair collision. >> reporter: that's right. actually, he was going just a little too fast. like a car that was speeding trying to catch up to a car that is already moving pretty slowly. a fun day of sky diving turned scary in a matter of seconds. two sky divers badly injured after they collide in midair tuesday afternoon. both were wing suit jumping with sky dive city. >> one of them was flying on his back, the other flew down and collided with him. >> reporter: one diver was asia to pull his main parachute and
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but the other jumper ended up on county road 54 a mile away. >> his chute was up in there. and both chutes. the emergency chute, the regular chute. >> reporter: pat and her friends saw the diver fall from the sky. they raced over to help. pat says he had blood all over him. >> blood was coming out of his mouth and nose and he hid a big bump here. >> he hit really hard. >> reporter: linda says he was barely conscious buzz asking questions. >> i had him squeeze my fingers but he wanted to turn over. i need to turn over. i said i can't let you. >> reporter: earlier this month, there was a man from brevard county who died from his injuries. he got tangled up in his parachute after sky diving here. hospital. one of them is in stable condition while the other man is in critical.
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a massive man hunt is underway in brussels hours after a deadly attack at an airport and subway station. at least 31 people are dead and more than 230 injured after explosions rocked the belgian capital. isis is claiming credit for the bombings. there is plenty of reaction here at home. candace mccowan tells us about increased security at tampa international airport and safety checks of locals in belgium. >> i never worry about that. i haven't worried in the past. that is a new thing to worry about. >> reporter: patrick is talking about common areas. areas before you reach security. it happened in the brussels airport in that area. and in tia, you found additional officers. >> we have some k-9 units walking around with their dogs. >> reporter: security expert
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january teaching a class on preparing for an active shooter in response to the paris attacks. >> we have seen a significant increase of security. a lot of that is aimed at the government institutions and the european institutions. >> reporter: we heard there were two staff members in brussels from sarasota manatee. candace mccowan, newschannel8. a lakeland man spent the day reaching out to friends and colleagues in brussels. melissa moreno has the story. >> it will be a busy day of checking up. >> reporter: shane mahoney has spent much of the day on the phone making sure his friends and colleagues are okay. >> i want to make sure everybody is safe. >> reporter: he has been glued to his computer. >> i have been following the story as much as possible to
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developing and how it will affect things. >> reporter: he runs lugo's travel. a tour business based in lakeland. he organizes trips to brussels. >> for the last several months we have had $450 round trip tickets available from orlando to brussels. so it has made europe a lot more affordable for a lot of people. >> reporter: so far, everyone he has reached out to is safe, but the tragedy still hits too close to home. >> oh, i just heard back from a friend. so that's good. newschannel8. now, 8 on your side's special coverage of president obama's historic visit to cuba. >> president obama spoke directly to the cuban people today live on state tv. it was in front of an audience that included cuban president raul castro. before closing out his trip to cuba, the president and first family took in some baseball. the tampa bay rays beat the
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first major league baseball exhibition game in cuba in 20 years. it is an emotional and historic time for the nations. one of the most exciting parts of the trip is the fact the rays travels there. our own keith cate is there as well. >> reporter: good evening from havana, cuba. it's a wonderful day for baseball as you might imagine. the sun is out, the cuban national team taking batting practice before the game even started. and of course, our tampa bay rays wooing the crowd. it really is a magical kind of day. >> they are welcoming us with open arms and we appreciate being in this position. to have the impact on the guys coming over from the states. hopefully, these guys will come and play against us one day. and just continue to wacker toward equality.
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the atmosphere is unbelievable. and the love for baseball is unbelievable. they welcome us like it is home for us. as ballplayers we love the game of baseball. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the biggest highlight this day took place before the first pitch. they walked into the the stadium with raul castro. something unimaginable for decades and yet here it what. economic and political differences set aside for the one thing these countries can agree on. and that is the love of baseball. [ cheers and applause ] i don't know if you can add any more to that. the tampa bay rays are here. it doesn't matter. it is about baseball diplomacy. i'm keith cate reporting in havana. back to you. >> the president wrapped up his
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he is on the way to argentina for his first trip there. as for keith cate, he continue to bring us reports from cuba. we will hear from him again tonight at 11:00. looked like a gorgeous day down there. >> yeah. >> certainly sort of mirroring though i'm guessing a little warmer there than here. but the blue skies were all we had to deal with too. >> probably a few high clouds but generally, we had perfect blue skies today. just perfect. 71 degrees for a high. started out kind of cool. but the warm march sunshine felt pretty good. tonight, the launch of an atlas rocket over cape canaveral. we will see clear conditions and if you look to the east, you may potentially see this tonight if you have good visibility where you are located there. cargo delivery to the international space station. a full moon tonight. the moon and jupiter in the sky. temperatures comfortable.
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72 in winter haven. 64 crystal river. 69 saint petersburg. we are looking at mostly clear conditions. cooler overnight. rain chances are back for the easter weekend. we will talk more about that coming up. still ahead on 8 at 7:00. >> the intersection of palm and dogwood is one of the busiest intersections right here on the usf campus. coming up, i'll show you tampa's police are doing to make it safer. >> university village. a troubled retirement community has more trouble on its hands today. >> we'll have that and more
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florida has a new $15,000 grant to keep students and the surrounding community safe. and as newschannel8's anthony allred shows us, campus police plan to use that money to cut down on car, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents. >> a lot of students get confused with the flashing hand like it is is a count down. >> reporter: at the university of south florida, the intersection of palm and dogwood is one of the busiest cross roads on campus. thousands of students ride their bike, skateboard, and walk as part of their daily commute to class. so it came as no surprise when officer robert caught student after student not paying attention to the rules of the road. >> i think the biggest problem is students just trying to get place ins a rush. >> reporter: the goal is not to hand out expensive citations or to harass students on their way to school.
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students students so they can get to where they are going safely. it is not going to be easy. but usf police plan on spreading the word one pedestrian at a time. in tampa, anthony allred, newschannel8. >> you have a good day at class. a major cruise line will soon be setting sail for cuba. we will let you know when the trips will start and what you
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>> the dow jones dropped 41 points. the nasdaq gained 12. in the wake of the terrorist attacks in brussels, verizon, sprint, and at&t have announced their u.s. customers can call and text numbers in belgium for free for a number of days. sprint, virgin mobile usa, and boost mobile will waive fees through march 31. at&t will credit calls and texts through the 28th and verizon customers will incur no charges through tomorrow.
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offered on all tampa toyota models starting next year. pedestrian detection and lane departure warning will also be available. if you want to buy the tesla model 3, you can reserve one for $1,000. they will start taking reservations for the first mass market electric vehicle march 31 beginning at 11:30 p.m. eastern. that's the same day the auto maker will unveil the car. the basic version starts around $35,000. and deliveries will begin in 2017. new information tonight. carnival has won approval to start sailing to cuba. they will start running cultural exchange trips to cuba starting in may. a 704 passenger ship will initially visit three ports. there won't be much entertainment on board. instead, they have to spend
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some cultural experience. person. here is a combo for you. moon shine and ground beef. hardee's and carl jr. will have the burger for a limited time. unless it does so well, they will make it onto the permanent menu. now, to an 8 on your side investigation. update. the university village employees made a lot of noise outside the facility's nursing center. steve andrews tells us in addition to its struggle with the state. university village owners face growing problems with workers. >> we are the union! the working people union! >> reporter: healthcare worker ifs university village nursing
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without a contract since december. the new owners here claim through the years the nursing center was overly generous to the employees in the time to reel in cost. karen scott disagrees. >> what do they consider to be generous? i have been working with them over 20 years. i have not seen $20 an hour yet. >> reporter: management wants to put a cap on salaries and reduce healthcare benefits. it contends they are paid more than other facilities. >> our comparison is to different facilities without the union. we have the union and a lot of our facilities don't have caps. >> reporter: university village management agreed to talk to us on camera about this, but then changed its mind. then security threw us off the property. this labor issue come ins the midst of a struggle between the florida department of insurance regulation and new owners. the owners did not receive
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state to take over this continuing care retirement community. they owe $4 million in refunds to residents and their estates. we told you thomas allensworth is waiting for his $278,000 reimbursement. they contend university village owners filed false information with oir. karen scott wonders the same thing about the contract negotiations. >> think they have been opened with you? >> i doubt it. >> do they put patients before profit? >> profit before patient right here. >> reporter: steve andrews, newschannel8. >> in addition to these labor issues, the state informed university village owners it plans to enter a final order of suspension suspending their certificate of authority. sunshine, clear skies here in hula bay. what a beautiful day it was. 71 degrees.
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a north wind at 8. easter sunday, want to give you a rough idea of what we are thinking. sunrise 7:25. a lot of services starting. 30% chance of rain at 2:00 p.m. then at 7:00 p.m., about a 20% chance. overall, we have a 30% chance on and off through the day. temperatures in the 60s through this period. 59 at 3:00 a.m. pretty close to what we expect this time of year. maybe a little on the cool side. a lot of sunshine to start. near 80 for a high. wind swift more easterly. northwesterly winds keeping it cooler. 69 in tampa. might need a jacket if you will be out a little later. high clouds across the sky. in havana where keith is doing reporting there was some high clouds. mostly clear across the peninsula. the u.s. a good place to be today. high pressure continues to dominate. more of a southeasterly flow
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little more humidity. just a warmer feeling day. by thursday, we will start to pick even more moisture up in the atmosphere. with the approach of this cold front, as the front stalls out for friday, we will increase our rain chances on and off through the weekend. you see this reflected in the seven day forecast here. 64 degrees for a low thursday morning. 82 friday. a few more clouds. rain chance 40%. a little higher saturday with the front stalled out. for easter sunday, as you saw that forecast near 83, going to be a warm day. maybe a few extra clouds but certainly mild this time of the year. the rain chances each one of these days not going to rain all day. just the possibility of showers with the front stalled around the area. >> as the weekend approaches you guys always tweak the forecast. >> we will watch easter sunday very closely. >> thank you. we'll be right back. stay with us. >> plus, here is what you will see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> there is a big push at a bay area college to make sure that
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males go to school and stay in school. >> plus, weather and traffic on
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>> it is one thing to see a dog pant, but what about paint? this three-year-old lab was supposed to be a service dog, but he is afraid of stairs so he was disqualified. but, so now he paints. he uses a brush made of duct tape and a paper tube he holds in his mouth. the beret is just a special touch. his paintings sell for between 50 and $100 apiece. that is 50 to $100 more than yours sell for steve jerve. [ laughter ] >> that's true. >> all the proceeds go to
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and, thank goodness, a cat story finally. a new cafe in wisconsin is definitely the cat's meow. madison is home to its very own cat cafe. >> uh-huh. >> the cafe gives the public a chance to experience the fun and happiness that comes from owning a cat without litter box duties. it is just like being an aunt to kids. the owner and her two children were inspired to open one when they visited a cat cafe in south korea. the cats come from animal shelters and some are available for option too. >> that is a good idea. adopt a cat. get some lunch. >> listen, the weather cat loves cat cafes. >> weather cat can be a little cantankerous. >> that's all i will say about it. temperatures this evening will be comfortable. 68 degrees. winds variable. beautiful. might be a little cooler if we are out later. tomorrow is warmer near 80
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>> did you say cantankerous or cat-tanterous? >> i said cat. >> that's what i thought. >> see you at 11:00. now on "extra" -- terror in brussels. lester holt and david muir in cuba as the bombs went off. inside the network news scramble to cover the horrific attack. and what the presidential candidates told mario about taking on the terrorists. >> i want to be the president, mario, who deals with terrorism. marcia clark revealing why "the people v. o.j. simpson" is painful to watch. >> the trial was an unending experience of torture. >> jury turmoil tonight. we uncover our lost interview with one of the simpson jurors.
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then, mario's got superman and batman talking ben's back tat. >> real or fake for movie? >> and the rumors cavill could be the next bond? >> could you imagine playing superman and james bond? then, geraldo rivera's rocky start. the deaf model steals the show. p>> you guys are favorite. >> carissa's inside the "dancing with the stars" premiere. plus, from mean tweets to stealing kids' candy, the untold story behind kimmel's cruel pranks. >> this is the most disturbing family tradition. >> my mother hates when i tell this story, but it's true. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. come up, chris darden's private torment revealed. how bad it got for the o.j. simpson prosecutor as we sneak peek tonight's crime story. also coming up, the "batman v. superman" premiere goes on in
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but first, the network news teams jumping into action to cover the tragedy, and why a pop star just got a chilling warning. jerry has the latest. >> the frightening new scenes. a new deadly attack. >> an investigation rapidly unfolding. >> hollywood goes on lockdown as network news scrambles to cover the brussels terror attack. the bombings at the airport and subway system sending shock waves around the globe and across tv. the evening anchors in cuba only hours earlier for the president's visit. >> it has been a day rich in historic symbolism. >> now rushing to cover the story making new headlines today. >> there had to have been so much confuson when this first happened. >> robin roberts on "gma" catching a red eye to new york after appearing in the "dancing with the stars" audience. >> everything that has happened there, to change everything in that city. >> the "today" show anchors covering the breaking developments wall-to-wall. >> the cavalry of the big


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