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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  August 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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a road rage shooting in tampa. this morning one driver is under arrest while a motorcyclist is recovering after he was shot. >> tax free back to school shopping begins today. tax free and which ones aren't. >> all eyes on rio for the opening ceremonies. we are live with what you can expect to see tonight as crews put the finishing touching on the stadium. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> i'm gayle guyardo . we finally made it to the weekend. leigh spann is here with you wake up -- with your wake up forecast. >> good morning. it's drier than this time yesterday. i can't promise that's going
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notice the showers developing here just off manatee and sarasota's coastline and they will continue to push on shore. just like what happened yesterday. i don't think that we'll see quite as much rain this the morning as we did. to 30% rain chance this morning. the showers push on shore continuing to make their way further inland. the good thing with the extra rain is it keeps temperatures below average. 88 degrees below the average of 90. coming up an hour look at the weekend. how is it on the way to work? >> i think generally traffic is lighter on friday. we have an accident eastbound sellman at the upper level towards brandon. the lower level looks fine. no worries. this is a look at i-4 in tampa near 50th street. you can see both directions are crystal clear.
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from the apex through downtown wrap wrapping up some construction work northbound 275 approaching mlk. absolutely no delays there. gene and gayle. >> thank you. a driver is face ing serious charge -- facing serious charges after he have shot a motorcyclist in the back during a heated argument on the road. this is just the latest road rage incident the bay area -- in the bay area that we covered in year. ryan hughes is live. victim doing this morning? >> reporter: good morning, gene. the victim was done fine even though he was shot in the back. the suspect is locked up in jail this morning. this is video of the crime scene according to tampa police. carlo rodriguez and ezekiel henson got in a wreck when things escalated and henson shot rodriguez in the back one
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saint joseph's hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. this is the latest in a string of road rage incidents in the bay area. robert vanve was arrested after he drove his car over a motorcyclist in lutz. this was the scene a month before. a driver got in a dispute with riders on the courtney cam well causeway when punches were thrown. the suspect in the case faced aggravated battery charges he's expected to go before a judge tomorrow morning >> ryan, thank you. tampa police need your help finding a 12-year-old missing boy. take a look at 12-year-old
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an argument with his plop. -- with his mom. beard is known to out in the belmont heights area with friends. if you know where he is please call police. this morning a polk county man is in jail accused of killing a sumter county firefighter. the shooting happened at the -- at caleb mckinney's home. his ex-girlfriend showed up to drop off mckinney came up to the car and shot clifford cofer five times. his family is now mourning his death. >> that he was a proud strong man and this man raised him to be the firefighter that he is. >> deputies say this all happened in front of a 5-year-old who was also in the car. cofer was a lieutenant with the sumter county fire department and lived in winter
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mckinney is facing multiple charges including first degree murder. the bay area is remembering a long-time radio personality dave mckay. when mckay didn't show up for work a coke wore checked on him. they aren't revealing how he died said it wasn't suspicious. a construction worker is recovering after a heavy carport collapsed on him. this happened on south drexel avenue in tampa. crews were preparing to demolish the carport when it shifted. they used air bags to lift the debris.
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that's a good way to put it. we were keeping san contact ing contact to make sure we didn't move the structure. >> the construction worker was talking when they pulled him out of the collapsed carport and he should be okay. and all eyes are on the road to rio. tonight is the big night, the night of the opening ceremonies. >> final preparations are now underway. crews practiced setting up fireworks at the stadium for tonight's big ceremony. it's expected to about huge production but not as big as previous years. however, the executive producerexplains it will still be quite the show. >> you're going to see a ceremony that faulks about -- talks about important values delivered with beautiful music and a lot of good dancing. >> i love good dancing.
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ceremonies tonight. you can see it right here on news channel 8 beginning at 7:30. opening ceremonies and the events will be televised but sometimes what is happening behind the scenes is just as entertaining if not so more entertaining. >> that's what we want to see. meredith has been keeping eyes on the athletes. a cool insight into the living in rio. nicole johnson is the fiancee of michael phelps. she's not getting any sleep. she tweeted that in that last hour or so. an olympic volume fear from -- volunteer from the netherlands was so excited to
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here's the rugby team channelling the backstreet boys. diver sam --- the dancing that you like the see, gayle. this is if the flag raising ceremony. he tagged his fellow diver abbey johnson there in that video. finally what do you do when you wind down your day? you're weight lifter matty rogers you dost you can follow what is happening on >> paul ryan is in rio. you've been following him on social media. he will be there throughout the olympics. at 6:40 we will chat with paul live. he's going to show
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focusing on their events and how nair focusing on mystical creatures. you know what i'm talking about. it's 5:08. let's get a check on the weather, leigh. >> this is just off the coast of ana marie island. a 30% chance rain between 8:00 and 10:00 this morning with the tr we'll only see temperatures in the mid 80s by noon and upper 80s in the early afternoon hours. a 50% rain chance after lunchtime going down to 40% by the evening. the wind is pushing the showers on shore. highs in the upper 80s and the rain tapers off around sun seat. 88 today and tomorrow, 87 sunday and monday. an update on tropical storm earl.
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it's in the southern bay. i may tap into that warm gulf water before it dissipates. meredith, double duty. >> a little bit of road work on 275 northbound. you can see the flashing lights on the approach to mlk. i-4 looks fine. eastbound on the upper deck of the the lower level looks good. st. petersburg you look good. no accidents, no delays and all of the bridges including the skyway up to speed. gene and gayle. >> thank you, more death -- meredith. a neighborhood grieving after 2001 girls die after being left in a hot suv. >> what neighbors did in hopes of saving the little girls. >> what
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>> first tax free back to school shopping. get schooled on which items are tax free and which are not.
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a 8 on your side health alerts this morning. it's a race against time as more cases of zika pop up. there's two new travel related cases and 15 locally transmitted cases. news channel 8's lindsey mastis joins us live from the hillsborough county health department this morning. so lindsey this is something that pregnant women are really concerned about and we're having some technical problems but we can tell you it's a huge concern because zika can cauhe -- defect and effect a baby's brain and development. the florida department of health want pregnant woman who visited an area where zika is spreading to get tested. many others are doing what they can to keep from getting the virus. >> i've been wearing long sleeves, legging to my ankles and puts on bug fry on my feet
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extra safe. >> all you can do up to now is be on the defensive. i can't move because i have a business here and we have life here. >> as for the vaccine, three new vaccines should promising results after being tested on monkeys. one will be tested on humans by october. there's another vaccine where human testing began just a few days ago but those results are not due out until december. hillsborough county as well p part of the governor's declaration. tests are available monday through thursday for pregnant women. we will let you know about new any cases and any new vaccines. there's a state hotline that you can call. the number is on your screen right there. you can also head to
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time now 5:15. 8 on your side is getting schooled on everything back to school. this morning we're talking tax free shopping. >> it actually starts today and runs true sunday. -- through sunday. the 3-day event allows for people to buy certain school supplies. >> soon bell s will ring ready for the start of a new school year. >> it's like a holiday. it is something that people mark on their calendars, get excited about. >> the 2016 back to school tax free shopping holiday starting today and runs through sunday night. most school supplies up to $15 are tax free as well. last year's event lasted 10 days. this year it's
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-- expensive time. >> we asked if the state takes a big hit. >> the impact on the state is small. we have an $82 billion budget. this will be about $28 million in tax savings this year. >> walmart offers tax free savings o jc penney, office depot allow in store pick up options. i'm ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> it applies to anyone shopping, not just school-aged children parents. you can put a full list of what you can buy on our website stay tuned to news channel 8. all month we're looking at everything that parents and
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don't miss school getted every weekday morning. let's check in with leigh. what a difference 28 hours makes. -- 24 hours makes. clear compared to yesterday. >> clear compared to yesterday. it's going going to cost last. the rain pushing towards whitney beach, holmes beach. you will get the shower near the coast. that's going the -- going to be the trend. 78 degrees a 8:00 a.m. and then the showers push from the coast further inland as the day progresses so therefore a better coverage of rain. 85 degrees at noon, 88 at 4:00. outside in inverness 72 inverness. there's a southwest wind that comes off the gulf of mexico and that's going to be the pattern through the weekend. so here it is rnd 9:30. pockets of rain near the coast. look by 11:45 they
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finally make it towards the east coast. the same thing again, a few showers in the morning, 88 today and tomorrow, 87 sunday and monday. leslee is off today but meredith is going to have your traffic on the 8 s. >> we have you covered. no problems with the howard frankland bridge, courtney campbell organ did. -- or gandy. the lower l westbound is fine. downtown tampa will be a night mary this weekend. -- nightmare the weekend. the comicon and the beach. a lot of folks are planning to go to that. if you have plans in downtown near the water front area just keep in mind that parking may be a
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you're groin to encounter -- and you're going to encounter a lot of people. >> heading downtown to go to the beaches, interesting. ahead, just how many parents admit to dipping into their child's college savings. >> a ford recall that might save lives. why hundreds of
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across america double tragedy. 15-month-old twin girls are dead after they were left inside a hot suv. this happened in northwest georgia. neighbors found the little girls in the backseat of a parked suv. investigators explain how they tried to help. >> there were some individuals holding the infants in a pool and actually had some ice pack ts also -- packs also. what they said attempting to school the kids off. db cool -- cool the kids off. questioning their dad. the mother was out of town at the time. a warning for hikers and bikers. trails around one park in new jersey could be booby trapped. it's for high mountain park reserve in maine. they found a rope and bashed wire across pathways and
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screw screws -- and screws on the path. ford said a faulty spring can break and that will stop doors from latching properly. they could fly wide open while driving. this includes several models including the escape and c-max cars. you can find a complete list of effected vehicles on oir website, when times get tough it's easy to reach into the cooky jar ie -- cookie jar. you're not alone. they use the money for things like bills, vacations and weddings. just 3% used the money just on education. >> i mean, it's your money but vacations versus education? >> yeah, that -- and there's a huge tax ramification for
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florida man who made headlines for shooting and killing black teen is making headlines again. >> the trouble that george zimmerman in at a restaurant. >> up next weather and traffic on the 8s is just 3 minutes away. it's 5:25 on this friday
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it's 5:28. it's not going to be as hot today. staying ining turp 80s. 40% chance of rain by noon. the upper 80s and higher rain chances this weekend. meredith. >> checking on the toll roads, the veteran's expressway so far
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westbound sell month -- sellman looks fine. >> you're watching news channel
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a positive new development in the fight against the zika virus this morning. a possible vaccine. >> the ground fight is still going strong with crews out spraying more in the miami area. how they've stepping up efforts to fight zika. >> another case of road wage on bay area roidz that involves motorcyclists. >> george zimmerman back in the headlines again this morning. he was reportedly punched in the face. coming up what happened and let you listen to the 911 call when zimmerman called for help. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez.


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