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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a system move spook in the bay area. heavy rain expected. that will bring along with it the possibility of some flooding. 8 is on your side tonight, helping you get prepared. thank you so much for joining us this want to show you this live look from crystal river.
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days. right now just? light rain through parts of pass co and hernando county. a few isolated thunderstorms down in manatee and hardy county, bridges area see something heavy rainfall. a little bit of cloud-to-ground lightning. there is your flood watch for portions of pasco, hernando, runs all the way morning. that's because we're expecting rounds of heavy rain over the next few days. check out our rain chances. sky high into the early part of the workweek. we'll see our rain chances peaking up around 70% on monday. wouldn't be until the latter portion of next week when rain chances come down. we're talking about a lot of rain that could lead to some flooding. farther north you go, up toward the nature coast, see that
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that would be in excess of 8 inches of rain. across the watch areas, we could see 10 to more than 10 inches of rainfall through tuesday morning. we'll talk more about what is creating this hivy rain threat and when you can expect to it finally end coming up in your full forecast in a few minutes. >> you can, of course, track the weather anytime by using our weather app, which you can download for free in your store 0. sandbag locations have opened up as we brace for the possibility of this flooding. lindsey is continuing tonight's team coverage, live in tampa where you can go and actually get those sandbags. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of three locations in town. we're at the johnson heights community center.
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>> our main goal is to take care of the elderly people boob who can't come out and fill the sandbags up. >> my job was to put it around the doors and keep it from coming inside of the company. >> reporter: one person in paxson county was able to fill up a few bags. you have about an hour left to get sand bags here in tampa,
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starting at 8:00 in the morning. bring your driver's license or a utility bill, and the same goes for a lot of locations in tampa bay. we have a list of those locations on our website, btu -- new information in the pulse nightclub shooting. the autopsy was released today of the gunman. he was hit by at least 8 bullets during that shootout with the s.w.a.t.
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levels of a compound associated with body building was found in his urine. more than 30 years ago, deborah clark was murdered. that mystery has finally been decades later, is behind bars. allen bregman, clark's family waited for decades for this moment. clark's brother said it's not bringing him joy, but it does bring justice. >> well, from zika toalgy crisis, florida's tourism industry is taking a big hit these days. more than half of the people planning to visit florida might delay their visit because of
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zika could affect tourism, researchers also say they do not expect the numbers to be good. >> i believe it's also going be to even greater than the [ inaudible ]. >> we get travelers from europe, all over the country. >> more than 70% of those traveling to florida say they would avoid zika andalgy affected areas. coming up, the start of school just around the corner, and that means school supply shopping, and it's a prime time to do that, hit those stores right here in florida.
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in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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it's time to of the tax-free holiday. this week we only have three days compared to 10 days last year. it's the day so many parents have been looking forward to all summer long, and so many kids have been dreading. the first day of the new school year. it takes a lot of supplies to get ready for the classroom, and this weekend, families across the bay area are taking advantage of the savings. despite the sales tax holiday, being a lot shorter than last year. >> personally, i think he could have extended it a little bit
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fact that the amounts were lowered for certain items. >> reporter: until tomorrow night, the state waives sales tax on certain clothes, footwear, and accessories, selling for 60 bucks or less. the decision is an easy one for most families, on whether to take advantage o. the savings, even if shopping for a teenage girl is not. >> they tend to be a little more picky on the things they're choosing, be so this is not our first, and i'm sure it's not our 0 last outing together. >> reporter: most schoolfully supplies, up to $15, are tax- free, as well, and if you're on the hunt for savings, make sure to plan ahead. >> it's going to be very crowded. we suggest people do research ahead of time, identify the items you want to die bye the stores you are want to buy them at. >> the sales tax holiday be returns through tomorrow night. >> and of course newschannel 8 as your most comprehensive back to school information.
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students need to know. everything from bus safety, to classroom anxiety. you do not want to miss get schooled every week day morning. >> another very exciting day on the bucks practice field. only this time, some new players were added to the roster. we're going to show you this special day these players had at training camp. that's coming up next. >> you're watching newschannel 8, the station that's always on
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i can't again to tell yo i went through, in my mind, my body, everything. from the time the gun went off, it's just amazing to be a part of that, and be in the spotlight, and the center in such an amazing event that only happens once every four years. no words can explain. >> how long of a night were you in for last night? >> oh, pretty long. i'm sure we left our rooms around 5:00 p.m., and got back maybe 1:30 a.m.
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at the end of it all, it was definitely worth it. like i said, it happens once every four years, so i was ready. i wasn't going to miss out on anything. so i stayed the entire time and i enjoyed it. >> reporter: is it overwhelming at all to be a part of the low limb pick. >> oh, yeah -- oh olympics? >> oh, yeah -- oh olympics? >> oh, yeah, everybody is watching, and small team, and the spotlight hitting you, and everyone back home is cheering you on, rooting for you. it's just an amazing feeling, and being in the middle of that takes it to another level. >> teen shooter jenny thrasher was actually the first usa gold medal winter in the rio olympics, pulling off an upset in the women's 10-meter air
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she's amazing, too. >> paul is reporting from rio for the next couple of weeks, of course, until the olympics wrap up. you can catch his report every morning on newschannel 8. >> the buccaneers welcomed athletes from florida's special olympic. we caught all of the sights and sounds of experience. >> you be my hero. come on, i'm depending on you. >> yes! >> it take yours mind off everything, and all you think about is just fun, and spending time with them. >> you feel their energy. they're playing, having fun. you just see what life is really about. >> you can learn so much from them, just the way that they
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i think about, oh, man, i'm out here all day after practice. they're not even thinking about that. they're just thinking let's have fun, that's how it should be. spending time with them. that's the best part. seeing their lives and connecting with them, you know, most of them know who i am, but it feels good, like, who are you again? true friendship, you know, so it's pretty cool. >> another day today spent tracking heavy rain in spots. kind of the team of two halfs, areas south of i-4, estimated rainfalls from our radar showing half an inch up to about an inch of rainfall, but then you head northwest pasco county into hernando and citrus county. that's where we've seen two,
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now we have this flood watch in effect for pasco, hernando, and citrus county. it runs all the way until tuesday morning how. that's not a good sign, because we have rounds of heavy rainfall on the way. max radar significantly quieter now than just a few hours ago. some isolated thunderstorms are further off to the south, but still pass her man dough and citrus -- hernando and citrus county. heavy lightning strikes, heavy rainfall. we'll continue to see a lull for the most part through the evening hours, but we have this area of upper level low pressure in the deep south. it's going to continue to lot of moisture our way. especially along the nature coast over the next few days. this pat everyone holds tough not only through sunday and
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not that all of this rain is going to come down at once. this is a prolonged heavy rain event that takes us through at least tuesday, and those rainfall tallies will really start to pile up, especially by tuesday. for tomorrow, expecting about a 60% rain chance through the i-4 corridor. greater chances heading up to the nature coast, and those rain chances stay very high, well above average, before things get a little bit more normal, you could say, by the end of next workweek. just someso the early morning hours. that's where we're expecting more rain and storms to be moving onshore, and we'll see more scattered showers and storms around, throughout our sunday through the early part of the workweek. this is the rainfall potential through sunday afternoon, another two to three inches. this yellow shading here along the nature coast, the potential for better than 8 inches of rain through tuesday afternoon
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it's 82 right now in tampa. just 76 in wymoma. temperatures below average with the clouds and rain around, and that will continue for a few days until we get back to average next thursday. isolated showers through the next several hours. by daybreak, thee, more rain and storms expected. temperatures drop down into the more rainstorms around to close out the weekend. very soggy through the first half of the week, and then you notice the second half of the forecast, a little bit more normal. right around 7:30, and going on the main facebook page, do a little facebook live, and talk more about this heavy rain threat. >> let's hope there is no flooding, but we have to be prepared just in case. >> and the complete opposite 0 of what we saw in july. not the case here in august. >> coming up in sports, a busy
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the offense. we'll tell you about that. and which players are starters for the bucs? we'll look at the depth chart
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the bucs put out their first depth chart of the preseason today, and as any coach would tell you, this depth chart is far from official. if fact, most teams would .even do it in the league did not require one. that said, it is a good gain for where players stand on making the team. as expected cameron listed ahead of jenkins at tie end. the starting center position is a dead heat right now, between
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the preseason listed behind verner at cornerback. as for practice this morning, two-minute drill got some practice today. jailis winston -- jaimis winston with the throw here. and a little improvization, offense, and that's the kind of thing cutter are wants to see. >> they were doing a lot with their front, so the quarterback's first job, the quarterback and is the center, are trying to get the protection straight. you start getting unique fronts and walk around fronts, those are always a challenge, and then the clock is running down. he has to see the coverage and make a good decision. so it's really good work for us. it's not the easiest thing. trust me, they're not just standing there in cover 2 and
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this is competing time. so you have to go out there and compete. no one is worried about roster spots and all of that. we're out here trying to build ourselves as a team, and build connections and build that chemistry. >> we'll get our first glimpse of that chemistry next thursday, 7:00, newschannel 8, your honor official bucs station presents the bucs and the philadelphia eagles, and we're going to broadcast that game, so know we reveal the busts, and put tony dungy into the pro football hall of fame, as well as former 49ers owner eddie debartolo jr. both men part of a very medical rational class that will include brett favre. and rays and twins are underway at the trop. and tonight the rowdies host the fort lauderdale strikers in a game that could be a soggy
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tonight, but, hey, if it were a monsoon, real rowdies fans without be out there. >> so great to see tony dungy.
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all right. we are bracing for some rain. >> yeah, more rounds over the next few days. it's an extend stretch of soggy weather. we have a lull for the next several hours, but by early tomorrow morning, rain and storms around. notice those heavy right any through the start of the workweek. we'll be tracking the weather threat the next few day. and finally tonight, now you can get a different kind of 0 dough and satisfy your appetite at the same time at an atm, presenting the atm that is really a pizza atm. >> i'm in. >> everything is right about this. it's a vending machine that dispenses piping hot pizza in about three minutes. it is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
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i say let's put one in our building. >> thanks for joining us tonight, nbc nightly news is next. on this saturday night -- game on. an early gold medal for team usa as the rio olympics get under way. america's best competing in the water, on the beach and on the field after last night's spectacular opening ceremo scary moments after a railing gives way at a concert injur dozens. state of siege. richard engel on the new intense battles in syria as insurgents try to liberate hundreds of thousands in a city cut off by government forces. fearing zika. couples in florida now putting off plans to have children. the comeback. the american athlete who made it


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