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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  August 9, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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gold rush for team u.s.a. in rio. we're live in brazil with a look at tonight's top event. >> and massive meltdown puts airports worldwide in chaos. the ongoing problem and when it could all be fixed. >> plus a comic book caper strikes at tampa bay's comic- con. the man who had $87,000 worth
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>> thank you for joining us tonight. it's going to be another long, sleepless night for people living in several pasco county neighborhoods, staring out their windows, listening to the rain, and worrying about what the morning will bring. this week got off to a soggy start to say the least. >> a repeat performance could be just what it takes to send flood waters up into living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. steve jerve is live for us. >> reporter: what is supposed to be a small retension pond has turned into a large lake. waters are now flowing into the street and into front lawns. neighbors out here have seen it time and again. but it doesn't make it any easier to take.
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richie. these ducklings and their mother are enjoying an expanded padding area. >> what do you think of this water side living here today? >> i don't like it. i want to move. >> reporter: many people who live in this area are veterans of street flooding. jennifer lathen's faly it from getting in the home. >> we're going to be up all night worrying about it. we have three mini pumps that will just keep it from coming in the house. >> reporter: a pasco county road crew spent hours pumping flood water into tanker trucks and hauling it off. their efforts paid off. a little. in hudson, these guys got out the kayaks and getting in some fun before school starts.
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on his dogs, we saw the whole street was flooded. >> reporter: van doren avenue looked more like van doren lake. >> every time it rain, it just come this way. every time. there's no doubt about. >> reporter: a county spokesperson tells me, there are efforts to clear debris from drainage. >> any help at all on the horizon? >> reporter: pasco county has done some surveys and figured out they have $300 million worth of projects. the problem is, it's an unfunded $300 million, so it's not going to be happening anytime soon. so get those sand bags out.
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it's been a rainy couple of days. you talk about more rain on the horizon but when can we expect some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel? >> probably the end of the week. helping showers and thunderstorms drag moisture through the region. obviously, additional rain is not going to help the flooding spinning off of this area of low pressure farther to the north. it's folk that are in closer proximity to this low that are seeing most of the rain. pasco citrus hernandez counties, levy county north of that. this line is not so intention, but it does have downpours briefly as it moves through the area. that is going to exacerbate the flooding. new port richey, headed toward tarpon springs as well. very high amounts in places
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they see this west of palm harbor, tarpon springs and clearwater beach. we do have a flood watch in effect for those northern counties. 4, 5 inches of rain in some of these areas. we'll talk about that forecast and the rest of the week just ahead. >> of course, you at home can track the storm as they move into your neighborhood. it is a free download in the app store. a 4-year-old little boy is in critical condition tonight after being hit he was hit this afternoon in the middle of tropicare boulevard. you can see where the car skid off the roadway. investigators believe the boy ran into the road and into the path of that car. another non-travel related zika case in florida, meaning it was acquired in florida. this time in palm beach county. the state health department is trying to uncover the source of
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investigating 17 locally transmitted cases of zika. hillsborough county has two new travel related cases. polk county has one. the bulk of those cases are in florida. new information tonight on how a young boy died on a giant kansas. the accident has shut down the water slide indefinitely. in tennessee, a terrifying night at the fair. three girls, the oldest being 16 are in the hospital after falling nearly 40 feet from a ferris wheel. the cars tilted over, apparently. witnesses describe the children falling like watching water pouring from a glass, bouncing off the ride before hitting the ground. no word tonight on their conditions.
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major airline into a tailspin today. >> now the backlog is still being worked out for the many passengers of delta airlines. we know still, many people stranded at the airport tonight. >> reporter: yeah, just look behind me. a lot of us know the feeling of getting to work on a monday morning, and all of a sudden your computer doesn't work right. that's what happened at atlanta hub today for delta. a major computer glitch with the second largest airline in the world. dan holmbeck called his florida vacation wonderful until today. >> i haven't been told a word. we checked in last night, and they said on the news, they've got worldwide down computers. you see things on the screen, they're checking your bags, so i have no idea. >> he and dozens of others were stuck in long lines: we have since learned from delta, the problem was with the power
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it forced the airline to cancel nearly 500 flights. this will likely cost delta 10's of millions of dollars, and take more than just today or tomorrow to get back to normal operations. in this video, the ceo expressed his condolences to the travelers for the disruption in travel. >> i apologize for the disruptions this has created for you. the delta team is working very hard to restore, and back as soon as possible. >> reporter: we understand it's likely going to be until wednesday before dealta completely cancels up with all of these delays, and all of this luggage waiting to find the right owners. >> that's a problem there for sure. still to come, a spectacular showing by team u.s.a. in several events tonight.
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look at tonight's gold medal performances. >> and we want to make sure you don't miss the buc's first preseason game.
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? ? ? ? come seek the royal caribbean
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another spectacular night of and it doesn't get any better than this. lily king of u.s.a. winning gold in the 100-meter breaststroke, set a new olympic record and beating her russian rival, nemesis. a big night for the bay area's own melanie margalis. moving on to the women's 200- meter individual medley.
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weight in the water, and katie ledecky was in the pool. fellow swimmer missy franklin was out. jared, what's your take on the events? >> reporter: team u.s.a. measures the pool in people. because there's so many quality swimmers and divers who represent team u.s.a. that's how the u.s.a. added to its already high medal count. >> yes! >> reporter: a star studded squad delivers in diving for team u.s.a. a silver medal performance. >> i try not to be appear emotional human, but i get emotional, i just can't control
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american pull in two gold medals. and american powerhouse, lily king surges at the finish to win a gold medal, and olympic record in the 100-meter breaststroke. u.s.a. also wins a bronze there. >> my life changing, i'm a gold medalist, pretty cool. >> reporter: kathleen baker comes sentimenters from gold in the backstroke. she takes the silver. kyrie irving u.s.a.'s dismissal of venezuela. that sets up a fantastic tuesday night. michael phelps and katie ledecky qualifying. then you have the women's gymnastics team going for team gold. they're a heavy leader going into the final tuesday night. that's part of an action packed night on nbc.
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that in rio. >> sounds great. thank you very much. paul ryan is also in rio, burning stories for us. -- turning stories for us. he will be there throughout the entire olympic games. new tonight, a comic caper. tens of thousands of dollars worth of comic books vanished during the comic-con convention in tampa. paul mueller on the case tonight. paul, we know some of these comic bo tremendous value. do we know that this was a crime? >> reporter: that's just one of the questions that tampa police are trying to figure out. another is did someone just come here, steal the comic books and just walk out? if so, how did they do it? or keith, is this just one big misunderstanding. >> the amazing spider-man number 1, the incredible hulk,
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justice league all of that and other comic books gone. all total $85,000. >> panic would be the first thing that comes to mind is panic. >> reporter: that's exactly what rick whitelock felt the moment he realized they were missing. >> i've done 100 plus conventions and this is the same way i do it every time. >> reporter: he got to tampa thursday, and unloaded hundreds of boxes all locked the convention center overnight. chained up. then gone overnight. it's happened before, he says, but not like this. >> unintentionally, it's happened many times, you're in there, you're working feverishly. windows of opportunity are always there, if you put your mind to it. >> reporter: he told me he spoke with the convention center's head of security. on surveillance video, they told him nothing out of the ordinary. >> if there's a thief that
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>> reporter: he told me, he hopes and prays that it's a mistake. but he's being realistic. >> sometimes again, there will be windows of opportunity, no matter how careful you are. >> reporter: and late tonight, whitelock told me he got a call from someone, and it could be a tip. we in turn call tampa police. they are calling back. >> if someone tried to sell not like they would fly under the radar. >> reporter: if you try to sell a 1962, limited edition comic book that sold for 12 cents at the time, and now it's worth $20,000, you can be shore you're going to raise a lot of eyebrows, and that could get somebody caught. >> let's hope this guy gets his comic books back. we have some breaking news to tell you about. eastbound lanes of hillsborough
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fiery accident. it happened just east of the veterans expressway. three cars were involved, two of them caught on fire, as you can see in this video sent to us by a viewer. we also want to show you a live picture from the scene. you can see they are clearing things up right now. there are some serious injuries. troopers are on the scene, investigating the crash. and we'll bring you more as soon as we get more information. a tampa. photojournalist, chris clioner shot this for us. we've seen the showers on and off, adding up with the high totals we were talking about minutes ago. flood watch, citrus, hernando county. nice shot tonight, and a good reminder that sun sets outside of the gulf of mexico look pretty good too.
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tonight. so thanks for that. 4.17inches of rain in august so far. tampa international airport. remember last week, we were toshing about this graph -- talking about this graphic below normal. not everywhere gets the same amount of rain, but that's the one representative spot there, tampa international. there's the line of showers to the west. and pushing through the areas, we talked about minutes ago. some brief downpours mixed flooding don't want to see more of this, but that's the look off the radar. moving onshore into the northern part of pinellas county, tarpon springs. 9:00p.m., 77 degrees. 76degrees. note the possibility of seeing an early shower tomorrow morning. that's what the computer models indicate. not just this line, but another line can develop around this area of low pressure. the good news is temperatures
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of course the rain, helping to cool things off. this area of low pressure is the main feature. of course, the counterclockwise rotation around it. it is an area of low pressure. it does help to control the flow, and it drags the showers off the gulf, and brings little waves up in the northern section of the area. eventually, that will pull back to the northwest say wednesday, and eventually by thursday. probably back into more of a typical pattern like this time of the year. but for the short term, the high res model will pick up on more rain to the west, and coming back onshore. generally as the day goes on, pushing farther inland. that's around noon for tomorrow. scattered showers about. that's around 5:00 tuesday afternoon as we get into the latter half of the day. a good possibility. we saw this today, strong thunderstorms over on the east coast. but this is a mixture of mostly rain, and a few lightning
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intense, but showers understand a few thunderstorms can generate here. it's going to slowly back to the west. still a 60% chance to the west. thursday, starting to look and feel a little more like our average summer day. lots of early sunshine. 90 for our high temperature on thursday. as we get into friday, saturday, sunday, we'll start to shift back into that southeasterly pattern. the rain chances 40% through this period. seasonal averages as we head monday. but still kind of unsettled. overnight tonight, and certainly throughout the day for tomorrow. >> brace for more rain. thank you, steve. coming up in sports, the bucs are forced to take it inside for practice today. >> plus, a special night to remember, very special players from the bay area, back tonight
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the tampa bay buccaneers need an indoor training facility. this just in, it's florida. it rains here, and it rains, and it rains, and it rains sometimes, as one of seen. the team had to pack it up, and take it over to the trop for practice today. you know, the place they play baseball. there are no lines for football. no end zones, no goal posts for kickers. also, it's a hard playing rf while they had to practice in pads today and tomorrow, he had to alter the plans due to our weather and the playing conditions inside of the trop. >> i just thought it would be better. if we went in shells, that helps back off a bit. >> kiter will take the team to philly on wednesday. with the game on thursday, it's likely the bucs will be back at the trop tomorrow, and not in
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ready to have some actual contact against the eagles. >> it's an opportunity to come out and take our frustration out on another team. it's an opportunity to get better. they've got a lot of talent over there, their expectations are high. ours is high too. newschannel 8, your bucs station will advertise the game toronto starting a six game road trip jake odorizi on the mound. he gave up two runs. rays manager, kevin cash is just 38 years old. r.a. dickey, the starting pitcher for the blue jays tonight, he's 41. brad miller tagged him for to a two run double in the 5th.
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7-5. a very special reunion tonight of some memorable little league baseball players. in '70s, and 80s, belmont high little league turned out some great players. gary sheffield, and dwight doc gooden to name a few. players gathered tonight, and to honor the coaches who helped them to succeed in baseball, and in life. >> we had to practice every da they made sure you got to school. they made sure you reported to school on time every day. the coaches took pride in looking out for us. >> some great teams. this area has turned out some fantastic players. >> some big stars. we'll be back with your
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here's your winning fantasy 5 numbers. 12, 16, 20, 23, and 35. >> and in morning, steve. >> at least it's cool outside. that's helped to hold down those temperatures. mostly cloudy. on and off showers possible. it won't rain all day long, but the chance of showers exists, especially for the northern
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bit better. now for the nightcap caught on camera. a dolphin snatching an ipad from a visiter at seaworld, orlando. the fellow dolphins seem pretty pleased with themselves. the dolphin takes it out of the woman's ipad. no word on whether it survived the dunking, but i'm getting, probably not. >> that is exactly how my husband behaves when i try to take a selfie with him. he's like >> that's your news. our next newscast not far from now, at 4:00 a.m. but we've got more olympics. >> yeah, i think men's gymnastics, coming up next. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. good night. n senator marco ruo has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama.
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>> ryan seacrest here in rio de janeiro. if you didn't catch the action today, these are the three stories you need to know. rio, day which won the first gold of the game. always a big moment. it was magnified when silva who grew up in the city became an olympic champion in one of brazil's favorite sports. judo. >> emotion pouring out for one of rio de janeiro's. >> at the olympic aquatic stadium, the united states had a huge night. >> murphy stretching to the


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