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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  August 10, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it is back to school for thousands of students in the area. and -- of students in in crosswalks and we're getting schooled and cross walk safety and what other driver should know this morning. and michael phelps reacts to his gold collection. happy first day of school to everybody out there. welcome to newschannel 8. >> we hope you have a great day. let's get you out the door to find out when is going on
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kids. >> especially so, for anyone that has to walk to the bus stop or the school. and the heaviest of the rain is in the panhandle. and there may be some sprinkles. i cannot say it will be completely dry. but drier than the past couple mornings. as you head back to school, i'm highlighting, pinellas and manatee, you're the five counties going back today. and after school, prepare for degrees. and the rain chance is 20% this morning. and lunch break it is 30% rain chance and the rain chances go up to 60% later today as the storms push inland. i have an hour by hour forecast for you. i'll get some coffee and send it over to meredith. >> there's a fresh pot in the makeup room this is pinnelas
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north. quiet here and no problems for you in pinnelas county. here's hillsborough and northbound 275 at the i57 apex. and a-- i-75 apex. and no road block or delays. if that changes, i'll let you know. ehrlich still closed at the veteran's expressway. and citrus route. we continue to follow breaking news out of punta gourda. the police are investigating a horrible tragedy. a woman shot and killed during a police academy exercise inside the police department. mary nolton was part of a group of people in the shoot don't shoot role play scenario and
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and the investigates are trying to determine why the gun was loaded with live ammunition instead of live rounds. the chief calls this a horrible accident. >> during the first scenario, apartment taunt mary nolton was mistakenly shot with a live round. we're taking great care not to jeopardize the investigation. >> officer involved is on the outcome of this investigation. live pictures from the school bus stop depot in pinnelas county where the drivers are ready to hit the roads and pick up tens of thousands of students. it is quiet now. but they'll be ready soon. today is back to school in the bay area.
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students. they want to push-up the mid- term exams before the break. we're live at robertson high in south tampa this morning. ryan, good morning. how is it looking right now? >> reporter: good morning. quiet. but a new school year is dawning all over the district. students and teachers are ready for the 2016/2017 school year. it is two weeks shorter this summer and two weeks short they are year. and let's go to video that we had the hillsborough county is the fifth largest. we went along with bus drivers yesterday as they did run throughs of the various route so they were prepared to pick up students today. and hundreds of bus ares are
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ready to-buskersbus drivers are ready to hit the road. and we'll have an interview with the superintendent later in the morning. the first day of school is a special day. and we're asking you to share the special moment with us. send us your first day of school photos. we know you love to take those. you can send them to news at and share them on our social media and facebook and news app. two men charged in a disturbing case of animal cruelty they are expected to face a judge this morning. >> animal control had to remove the pigs from a polk county video. and that came to light from a
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struggled to walk. they went undercover as volunteers and wore hidden body cameras and showed the pigs going without food and water for days at time. and one of the owners admitted that they were not eating every day. >> it was not every day, and when they did get to eat, they got a good portion ofd. day? would you not want to eat every day? >> yes. >> they were facing more than a hundred animal neglect charges and three counts of felony animal cruelty. three of the pigs died and the vets are treating the rest. and the polk county officers said that dogs, cats and steer suffering from neglect. we'll let you know what happens in court today. >> hopefully they can get the
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the video. a satup date on a -- a sad update on a breaking news story. a little boy hit by a car in north port has died. five-year-old sawyer gordon was riding his bike and he rode out in front a car and hit no charges filed in the case. two new zika cases in the tampa area. both cases are travel related. right zika virus in tampa bay. and none are believed to have been transmitted by mosquitoes here in tampa, florida. in a couple of months, skip 275 and take a ferry across the bay. this looks fun. the commissioners finally gave the green light to the project
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the ferry plans to run twice a day and service is expected to start in november. happening today, a car safety event. the experts will be running free safety checks for recalls, tires, car seats and much more at a save cars, save community event. it is at the hillsborough's tax collector office. and it gets underway at 8:00 a lot more people waking up early this morning heading off to school and generally dry. and could there be a stray, light shower this morning? yes. but the rain chances is much lower than the past couple days and that is good news to report. some clouds around and there may be some imbedded sprinkles in that so i left the rain chance at 20%. going up to a 30% chance by the time you're out for lunch, around 84 and a 50% in the
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of 88. and after school by the time most of us are heading home from work it is a 60% rain chance. scattered storms today as this area of low pressure tries to head away from us. it be getting drier and just typical afternoon storms but also getting hotter. we'll check in with more on the weather on the 8s. people on the roads. >> yes. it will be really busy out there. right now on the majors, super quiet. look at the selman expressway. no worries. been done, you're looking good. a minor delay here along state road 60 near brian road and no accidents just people getting an early start there. and moving to tampa, i-4, 275,
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good morning to you in pinnelas county if you're out the door in palm harbor, you are accident free at 5:09. a man goes on his honeymoon all alone. what one leader did when he found out the man's wife lost her passport. >> do you still call it a honeymoon if you go by yourself? >> i don't know. gold, gold, gold, and mo gymnists. and drivers you need to adapt in the school zones. you're watching newschannel 8
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we're getting you started for school this morning. parents and drivers must adapt, special any in school zones. >> reporter: school zones and across walks. they're here to keep pedestrians safe. but as you can see, some
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laws. so i just watched you cross the crosswalk and obeying the law and a car just barreled through. how did that make you feel? >> it is frustrating when you think that you're in a crosswalk and people ignore it. >> reporter: last near in the city of tampa, 360 citations were handed out to speeders in the and it set you back between 140 and $446. if you speed above 30 miles an hour, you're headed to the court. so the police will be beefing up the presence the first two weeks of schools good we'll have officers at the crosswalks monitoring the speed in the school zones and the crosswalks. >> reporter: drivers should watch their speeds. but pedestrians also have a responsible.
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crosswalk. but at the same time, you don't want to step out into oncoming traffic. you want to give that vehicle enough time to stop for you. and pedestrians are also required to use a crosswalk when it is available. and no j walking. this student could get slapped with a $62 ticket. endid you know you are not -- and did you know you are not >> be safe and be mindful. >> reporter: it sound lake a good plan. >> and you can walk across the street if there's no crosswalk available. but you must cross safely and should be able to walk, not run without the danger of any vehicle getting close to you. it is day five of the rio
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for immortality for team usa. the basketball preliminaries continue today. the u.s. men also on the court today. they face the toughest challenge yet, australia. they have three nba players and they're starting five. and florida's -- races in the 200-meter. this is his first individual swim of the and rafael nadal is fighting for his second gold. and a gold medal is up for grabs in the men's 100-meter. >> michael phelps, sweet, sweet revenge. he collected two more gold medals. he defeated the man that beat
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golds. we'll see how many we add today. reaction to last night's gold medal win trending on social media this morning. >> and some of the most popular posts are from the athletes themselves waking up with gold this morning. and there's social media being shared. >> reporter: the hash tag being used this morning, the fina five. it is what is being used by our gymnastic team. martha growly is getting her team pumped up. she will be retiring after these olympics. also, after the gold medal
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and alley, you can see here simply tweeted, simply saying final five. and here is lorrie's tweet. you'll see this selfie a lot today. gymnist from north and south korea taking a self i didn't together. saying this is why we do the olympics. you'll see that a lot. you can follow the highlights from the olympics with the tag rio 2016. and indian photographer and his wife get ready for a honeymoon but then they realize they cannot find her passport. >> they went on the trip. there he is and his cutout copy of his wife. india's minister saw the post and found a way to give her a duplicate passport.
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and she needed a stress visa to travel. >> what is she saying about this? your new husband just ditched you. >> i would ditch him. >> thing happened a month ago. find your pass ports when you get maker -- passports when you get married. yesterday it pretty much rained all morning in the new port richey area. here is pressure is finally back ago away from us. it has kept us so we had and cloudy. and we have a small rain chance this morning. but it is a small chance. good news as more and more of us head to school today. so not much rain and storm chances do increase through the day, about 84 degrees at noon and 60% chance for the afternoon and in the evening with the high of 88. right now 78 in tampa 73 in brooksville and 75 in winter
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in polk county. they don't start school this morning. and we'll wrap in the moisture. and we'll keep the rain chance at 60%. and this is 5:45. tomorrow we'll start out even drier and return to a southeast wind flow. and that means typical afternoon storms. isn't that nice. and check in with meredith for a look at traffic on the 8s. 'r the roads already. this is downtown tampa. 275 and ashley. a lot of people out and about. no delays. so that is the good news here. i have some road construction, ehrilich still closed at the veterans and you'll want it use citrus park and that should be out of your way shortly i'll check in with the florida highway patrol. you'll want it use memorial hospital for the next couple minutes. but we'll wrap up looking at
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in your consumer watch, 280 swivel chairs in the u.s. and canada are under recall. hampton bay swivel dining and lounge chairs were sold at home depot in store and on line. there are 400 reports of chair breaking during normal use. contact them for a kit. in the bay area we spend a lot of time in traffic. what does that translate into in realtime and money. and a recent study from auto insurance center, the average commuter waisted 42 -- wasted 42 hours and the that is $960 iting is in the frustrating traffic. commuters in the nation's capitol had normally double the cost spending an average of $1,834. >> time is money.
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dealing with not one but two zika cases and how they were contracted. welcome back for students. and what it means for students and drivers this morning. up next, weather and traffic on the 8s that is just three
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5:28. more of you waking up for the school bell. and what i'm reminding the kids is to watch out for puddles. as you walk to the bus stop and school, there has been a lot of rain and stay away from the puddles. 60% rain chance when you come home from school. the rain chance coming down for the weekend.
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not reported with any injuries. but the hillsborough county sheriff's office is on the
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county. a woman shot in a shoot or what the police say went wrong. it is the first day of school in five area counties. that means more cars and buses on the road. and we'll have weather and traffic on the 8s. quiet in rio right now. so beautiful. but rest assured it was anything but just hours ago. a rundown of the big wins for team usa. good morning. and welcome to newschannel 8


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