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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM Saturday  NBC  August 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. >> announcer: this broadcast presented by authority of international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted without the express written consent of the international olympic committee. and, this conclude our daytime coverage. we can tell you today after 112 years golf returned to the olympics. great britain's justin rose won the gold medal. leading up to the games so much talk about who wasn't going to play here. turns out today had drama and by his reaction looked like rose
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olympic primetime with bob costas, featuring usain bolt and justin gatlin in the 100 meter dash. also tonight, lester holt one-on-one with michael phelps. tonight on "nbc nightly news." the only evening newscast live from the rio games. al michaels, mike tirico, dan patrick and our entire beach crew. see you tomorrow. ? ?
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right now on news channel 8 at 6:00. >> a day of day of danger after' 3-year-old little boy nearly drowns but there was also a hero in his sights. >> thank you for joining us on this sunday night. tonight a 3-year-old boy is recovering after nearly drowning at indian rocks water park. >> an off duty detention deputy saved the toddler's life. where the deputy works.
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survival this is. >> reporter: an absolutely amazing story. deputy han was enjoying the day with his family. he heard a woman screaming for help. >> reporter: deputy habib hansony pictured here with his own son not realizing his training as a first responder would come into play. >> as we were going river, um, a lady in front of me she had a tube. she was inside the tube and she started yelling for help saying there was a child under the water. >> hahns knew exactly what to do and sprung into action. >> i immediately chased him and right away started performing cpr. >> 3-year-old michael andrews
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>> his eyes were rolled back. he had foam coming out of his water -- his mouth. i'm sorry. so he started performing cpr and it was crucial in that moment to save this little kid's life. it was just a reaction as a father, training, sheriff's office kicked in. i don't know. it was just a crazy moment. >> the training paid off when paramedics arrived. they rushed the little boy to authorities tell us thanks to this deputy's quick actions his injuries are not life threatening. >> in pinlas county the mother was saying the child was playing with another family. had that deputy not been there
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time. he is a hero tonight. thank you. some positive news to tell you about in the fight against zika tonight. researchers received a new lifeline this week and tourism aperpetratorly has not taken a major hit over the fears. more funding to fight that virus could be coming our way. >> good evening. zika fears you wouldn't know it by looking at florida tourism numbers. 57.4 mil first six months of this year. but that was before the last few weeks when the first florida transmitted cases of zika were found. at last count there were nearly 30 counts of zika in miami-dade county. >> researchers are about to start testing that and they're going to run out of money. we found the solution. >> this week a lifeline for that
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repurposed from ibolla to zika. >> if i don't get additional money literally within the next days to weeks then what's going to happen is that the transition into the phase two trial will get dramatically delayed and may not even be able to go forward. >> the push is on for congress to go back to work ask and provide additional funding. >> have you had any conversations with leaders. >> we are. i've expressed urgency. >> senator marco rubio telling us that state and local funds are sending millions in zika research. a number of non travel cases will likely continue to grow. candace mccowin news channel 8. also making news across america tonight the national guard is ready to respond in milwaukee to hopefully prevent
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check it out. hundreds of people took to the street on milwaukee's north side. where an officer shot and killed a man trying to run from police. protesters started to clash with officers one officer was hurt. three people were arrested. as for the traffic stop that started it all. this afternoon milwaukee's police chief identified thean as 23-year-old savel smith. tonight we have a shot of a drone taking a look at the extensive flooding. as you can see streets are still covered with water following days and days of heavy rain. houses and businesses remain flooded there. people are getting around the best way they can. louisiana's governor john bell edwards says this historic flooding has led to at least 7,000 rescues. taking a look at what's
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world four u.s. swimmers including star ryan lochte were robbed at gunpoint in rio today. in an exclusive interview with the today's show lochte describes how it all went down. >> they pulled out their guns and they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. i refused and the guy pulled out his gun. he cooked it andut forehead. i put my hands up. he took our money. he took my wallet. >> the good news in all of this as shocking as it was no one was hurt. still ahead on news channel 8 at 6:00 running into disappointment in rio. >> yeah bay area athlete narrowly misses making it into the finals. she still has an opportunity to bring back gold. plus looking for a lovely place to take a stroll.
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why not head over to st. pete.
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all right. lace up those sneakers when it comes to homes, new homes, town homes. it's ranked as one of walkable city. >> pretty cool stuff. mary mcguire shows what that means. >> reporter: if you like taking the shoe lace express instead of a car to get where you're going you might want to look for new digs in st. petersburg. analyzing factors that make a city walkable.
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close to schools and shops complete streets and parks and public spaces. these factors all combined to give new construction. top the city's existing walk score of 42. >> people are down sizing from these big homes in the suburbs. they want to be able to walk to wherever they want to get to and some of the millennials definitely want to be able to walk and they dpont want to be driving cars. >> reporter: you don't have to look at a website see that st. pete is pretty pedestrian friendly. you'll likely see a unique blend of shops, restaurants and businesses. >> the bar district. the restaurant district downtown and all the way down to the grand central district. >> combine that with a variety of new housing that's close to all of the action and you'll see why st. pete topped the list. now if you'd like to check out
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can go to our website i'm mary mcguire. still ahead. haters are going to hate. that's what they say. olympic debut in front of a rather hostile crowd in rio.
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now 8 on your side special coverage of the rio olympics. >> earlier this week wichita boxer hernandez. >> and now another american has his sights set on the podium. paul ryan checks in tonight from
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>> i'm thinking you know yeah they're cheering for me so i kind of use it for my advantage plus usa is a loud team and that's my country right there. i hear them from a mile away. >> reporter: vargas won a split decision. >> i can tell he's a grown man. it looks like he's in his 30s. so a teenager. so especially finding in his back yard that kin leave it in the hands of the judges. >> reporter: he turns 20 tomorrow. just in time for his round 16 match up. >> thank you for all your support. and thank you my family. hi mom. hi dad. i love ya'll and put on for my country. and you can catch paul
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channel 8. you can also watch the special extras he's putting together on the olympic section of it is certainly an exciting time. resident and usa track team member ran into a bit of disappointment however in rio last night. she finished the women's 100 semifinals in 11 minutes flat. however only the top eight advanced to the final. she missed out b i don't know even know how much time that is. but she still has two olympic events remaining. the long jump and we wish her well in the 4 by 100. china's next with 44. followed by great britain with 35. still tracking some showers and thunderstorms looking at
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right now. you've got more coming our way. so i know a lot of us have not seen too much rain today and they could produce some more vivid images like this. david fraer sending us this amazing shot as a thunderstorm modified out over the gulf. so at 9:00 p.m. tonight the storms will generally end at 81 degrees. and we'll call for a 40% rain chance tomorrow. 83 in temple terrace. 83 in lakeland. 705 for brooksville. 89 in north port. 92 in venice but again venice you've got some rain headed your way and that will actually be a good thing. feels like 88 and 98 in sarasota. so as i mentioned still looking at a couple areas of rain. the bulk of the rain.
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that has now moved off to the north. that is the second batch of rain. right up 75. again you can see a general south flow. high pressure out over the atlantic. it's going to start to build back towards the state of florida. that's going to put us in a stronger easterly wind and that will drive our shower and thunderstorm activity really for the next couple of days. and you'll notice this evening rain chances wind down. partly cloudy. starting seasonable tomorrow. then by the afternoon there's that easterly wind kicking up by 3:00 p.m. scattered showers. isolated heavy downpours all pushing towards the coastline and also some frequent lightning. cannot rule that out this time of year. and similar story for your tuesday and wednesday. this pattern really just doesn't let up. so 92 for today and for your tuesday as well. 91 degrees for wednesday. rain chances will come back up
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breeze collision. likely right over the tampa metro and then by the weekend it looks like the rain chances come down a little bit. down to 30% chance of rain. right where we should be this time of year. >> sounds like a usual pattern. coming up next in sports the bucks get ready to spend the week in jacksonville. >> and the rays salvage a win against the yankees in a big way. what took place today in the
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from the rays perspective at least it was very fitting on
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no closing pitching needed by either teams. potential became reality and frustrates rays fans but it was fun today. rivera taking his place in monument park. the guy could still throw a strike. they didn't need him today. maybe they did in the 1st inning. the 3rd inning now the rays already have a lead. we're just getting started. 2-0 there. cory dickerson takes him for a three run shot. evan longoria with the bases loaded. the rays scored six runs in the inning. all 9 starters for the rays had a hit today and this is how you draw it up. 12-3 rays win. the bucks have just two more chances to catch the team at training camp. 8:45 a.m. start. after that the bucks head over
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on wednesday and thursday. same thing happens by the way the week after that when the cleveland browns visit one buck place all week. the bucks have not down a practice since the old days. likes the idea of breaking up the >> this guy's holding this guy. it's going to be the same but it's going to be different guys and they have to figure out what they don't like about the other people and then we're going to play them on saturday. >> some guys get a technique fundamentals go out the window. communication part has to be there. so going against jacksonville it should be fun. >> then on saturday night the bucks and jags will line up and
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news channel 8 your official bucks station will broadcast. that channel lines up right there on your screen. and let's happy it's not as hot in jacksonville as it was in philadelphia the other night. >> a little warm for your taste, dan. >> us floridians were suffering. it was that hot. >> well you did a great job. never broke a sweat. >> oh, and there was a sweat. >> and on that note.
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how's the forecast looking for tonight? >> it's looking fairly quiet but tomorrow similar story. rain chances all start sliding towards the coast as we go into the evening. watch out for heavy downpours. low 90s through next week. a typical mid august in tamp bay and some frequent cloud-to-ground lightning. >> thank you very much. and thank you so much for joining us tonight.
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8:00 and 11:00. it's a sunday night around here. so have a good night and we'll see you in just a bit.


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