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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  August 15, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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the other hand is how much brazil and rio de janeiro has achieved despite all these difficulties you mentioned. they have managed to transform a metropolis for the better. you have now a much better infrastructure with public transportation. you have a better communication network. you have renovated city center which created thousands of bs and there i think we have to appreciate what the brazilians managed under these very difficult circumstances. >> my conversation with thomas bach continued from there with more on rio as a host city as well as the future of the olympic games overall, the russian doping scandal and other topics. you can watch the interview in it entirety at and you can also find more of my interview with michael phelps
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time now for a look at the medal count, brought to you by mcdonald's, supporting athletes on their journeys toward olympic gold. the americans continue to lead in both overall and gold medals. meanwhile, jamaica won its first two rio golds last night and tonight with elaine thompson and usain bolt claiming the titles of world's fastest woman and man. and south africa won its first gold tonight with wayde van niekerk's world record performance in the 400 meters. it was also a tremendous sunda five golds and three silvers across gymnastics, sailing, cycling, and tennis with andy murray winning a second straight singles title. and there was goal from justin rose in golf's return. and we'll leave you tonight with the first olympic golf medal ceremony since one was presumably held at glen oak hill country club in st. louis back in 1904.
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cue up "god save the queen." justin rose with the gold. sweden's henrik stenson wins silver. and america's matt kuchar wins bronze. ? ? ? >> so that'll do it for us. ryan seacrest coming up in late night. and tomorrow on the "today" show two of the biggest american stars in rio, michael phelps and
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hoda live on copacabana beach. for now, good night from rio.
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tonight, a dui sends two beloved community members to the hospital. details on the violent t bone crash coming up next. >> plus a day of fun turned
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year-old little boy nearly drowns, but there was a hero there who saved his life. >> good evening, everyone, i'm rod carter. >> i'm melanie michael. we begin tonight with breaking news. first, we are following again, breaking news out of new york city at this hour. police received reports of shots fired at jfk airport this evening. it happened in terminal 8. the americanairlines terminal near the departures area. at this point there are no report i this time. as a precaution, port authority police have evacuated this terminal. we will continue to monitor this situation and bring you more information on this breaking news when it becomes available. a beloved elementary school teacher are fighting for their lives after police tell us a drunk driver ran a red light and hit them. >> caroline sine is a music
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joins us live from pinellas county, where the man who hit this teacher is currently being held. >> reporter: that's right, rod, and mel, deputies are currently holding brice mcleod here. he faces two charges of dui will serious bodily injury. investigators tell us, 36-year- old brice macleod blew through a red light toyota camry. sexton elementally school teacher, caroline sine was behind the wheel. officers tell us macleod appeared impaired at the time and was arrested at the scene. we reached sexton principal suzette burns by phone, who explains staff at the school are still in shock. >> my secretary and several teachers went down earlier
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there's just a lot of prayers that need to go out. she's in very, very critical condition. so we're going to have a prayer group tomorrow at our flag pole that we do sometimes. >> reporter: sine has only been a teacher here for a few years, but is loved around respected by her colleagues and students. >> she always comes to help out with our programs, and has always been willing to, you know, put forth hest still testing the water, trying to figure out what, and how much information she will rely to the children in the morning. >> and at last check sine was still listed in critical condition. hankins county is improving. pinellas park police are monitoring the situation, and depending on what happens, macleods charges could be upgraded. >> all right, chip, our thoughts and prayers of course
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those two passengers. reporting live for us tonight in pinellas county, chip, thank you. a busy tampa roadway is back open today after a serious accident. police tell us a bicyclist was hit at the intersection of mlk boulevard and hines avenue. it's still unclear exactly what caused that accident, or if anyone is going to face any charges. all six people onbo mississippi were killed when their plane crashed this afternoon in alabama. that small plane reportedly had engine trouble when it crashed into some trees trying to approach the tuscaloosa regional airport. the victims, three married couples were on their way back from a dental convention. tonight, a 3-year-old little boy is recovering after nearly drowning at an indian rocks beach water park.
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toddler's life. the deputy was there with his family when he went from dad to a hero in a matter of secretaries. >> reporter: deputy habib hanze was at the park with his family, not realizing his training as a first responder would be vital. >> we're going on the lazy river, a lady in front of me, she had a tu yelling for help, saying there was a child under water. >> reporter: hanze knew exactly what to do and sprang into action. 3-year-old michael andrews wasn't breathing and did not have a pulse. >> his eyes were rolled back.
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water, his mouth, i'm sorry. i started performing cpr. just a reaction as a father, training, kicked in. it was just a crazy moment. >> reporter: turns out the training paid off. when paramedics arrived, they rushed the boy to all children's hospital. the authorities tell us, thanks to the deputy's can quick actions, the child's >> that is certainly good news. pinellas county is investigating this case. the child's mother believed another family member was watches the toddler at the time. at this point, they do not believe there was any foul play or negligence involved. tourism has not yet taken a major hit or zika fears. candace mccown found out when
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virus could be coming our way. >> reporter: good evening, zika fears, you wouldn't know it looking at florida tourism numbers. 57.4million visiters in the first 6 months of this year. that's more than any other 6 month period in florida history, but that was before the last few weeks, when the first cases of zika were found. at last count, there were nearly 30 cases in miami-dade county. >> researchers are going to start testing that, and going to run out of money. we come up with a vaccine, we've found the solution. >> reporter: this year, $80 million was moved from ebola to zika. still researchers say they'll need more. >> if i don't get additional money, literally, within the next days to weeks, then what's going to happen is that the transition into the phase 2 trial will get dramatically delayed, and may not even be able to go forward. >> reporter: the push is on for
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provide additional funding. >> have you had any conversations with your colleagues about getting back to work? >> we have. i talked to the majority leader a few days ago, and i expressed to them once again to get back to work and get the funding done. >> reporter: state and local governments are also spending millions on mosquito control. money he believes congress should reimburse. the fight could be a long one as the number of non-travel related cases will likely continue to grow. candace mccown, newschannel 8. wee tonight of a trump supporter accosting the media at a rally in south florida. the man attended the rally in kissimmee on thursday night, as he was leaving the venue, he walked by the media, and then started yelling. he called them traitors and cursed at them. when asked his name, the man replied quote, i'm a patriot. making news across america,
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hopefully prevent another night like this one. hundreds took to the streets on milwaukee's north side, protesting a deadly traffic stop, protesters clashed with the officers and set fires to at least 4 businesses. today the damage done. you can see it was quite clear. the residents and business owners started cleaning up the mess left behind by the fires that destroyed businesses. children are among those last night. >> i'm just praying for a change and for everybody. for everybody not to keep on just doing the wrong things, and not for everybody to be burning down things and everybody get to jail every night. >> one officer was hurt in last night's violence. three people were arrested. far the traffic stop that started it off, this afternoon,
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sylville smith. the police officer who shot him is also african american. tonight we have powerful video to show you. shot from a drone and it gives us a really good look at the extent of all of that flooding in louisiana. this video was shot in bat -- baton rouge. houses and businesses remain flooded, and peel are getting around, really the only way they can. that's by boat. louisiana governor, john bell edwards says this 7,000 rescues. the louisiana governor also says this historic flooding is taking its toll, quite heavily on the state. in some cases, they had to catch a ride aboard military trucks that were tall enough to try to plow through that water. it's a good thing that they're doing it. this is what the community is about. it's helping one another. so it's good that some people get together and do this.
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stands at three, plus one other person is still unaccounted for tonight. state officials, the police there, are saying that there's a difficult situation on busy interstate 12 as well. >> we have over 1,000 vehicles on i-12 in albany. they've been there since friday. believe me, everything going on there, we're monitoring. >> some pretty tough times for those folks. helicopters right now, delivering food and water to the people who there on the interstate. taking a look at what's making headlines around the world. four u.s. swimmers including star ryan lochte were robbed at gunpoint in rio today. those swimmers were on their way back to the olympic village, when people posing as police officers stopped their taxi. in an exclusive interview with the today show's billy bush, lochte describes how it all went down. >> they pulled out their guns. they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground, they
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refused, then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and said get down. i put my hands up, i was like whatever. he took my money, he took my wallet. >> thankfully in the end, after hearing that terrifying account, no one was hurt. on a much lighter note, tonight, we watched history made events in rio. team u.s. continuing to dominate, bringing home more golds. what an exciting night to watch. >> reporter: yeah, evening, rod. you're exactly right. we've been spoiled all week, right? we've been watching michael phelps and katie ledecky in these performances. tonight, the race to be the world's fastest man.
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a speed athlete, bolt. and usain bolt returned to the olympics determined to win a third gold medal in the 100- meter dash. the last man was ready to dethrown him. american justin gatlin. giving it his all, but bolt's the best. 9.81 seconds, gold again. >> here he is, still invincible, usain bolt! >> reporter: in the men's 400 greatest performances. an incredible 43.03, smashing a 17-year-old world record. even more history claimed by simone biles sunday, she wins the women's vault competition, her 3rd gold meddle of the games. the first american woman ever to win the vault, and the first american gymnast to win three golds in the games, with several of her best events to
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that has ever lived in the state of gymnastics. there are only 6 olympic golds available, i think she's going to win 5. >> i'm excited that i met my own expectations. >> reporter: in the first modern olympic golf tournament, justin rose with a birdie on the 18th hole to win the gold for great britain. american matt kuchar took the bronze. and tomorrow, biles competing on in the medal count, team u.s.a. is dominant. 24 better than the second place china. >> it is incredible to watch. thanks so much for that live report tonight. after the deaths of two teens, a dangerous roadway has finally gotten a sidewalk. three years ago, enrique hernandez was hit and killed by a minivan while walking to
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sidewalks for all -- lack of sidewalks for all of that. now there's a mile long sidewalk which workers just finished today. people walked that sidewalk filled with emotion. >> seeing as much people as, it's worth speaking. it's something that leaves you without records, saying it's good, thankful. we're thankful for everybody that has helped us through everything. and you know, like they say, we'll need it. you never know what you need it. you help out, you'll need one day. >> so true. luckily workers finished it just in time for the start of school. speaking of walking, lace up those sneakers. when it comes to new homes, townhomes, and apartments, st. petersburg is apparently the place to be. is ranked as one of the most walkable cities in the country. they're number 1 in our hearts of course. what that means for people who call the bay area community home. >> reporter: if you like taking the shoe lace express, rather than a a car to get where
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look at settling down in some new digs in st. petersburg. >> it's got a great vibe, you're on the water. >> reporter: red fin based st. petersburg rankings on its walk score, which analyzes factors that make a city walkable. complete streets and parks, and public spaces. these factors all combined to give new construction in st. petersburg, a walk score of 88, topping the city's existing walk score of 42 these big homes in the suburbs. they're empty nesters and moving down there, and they want to be able to walk to where they want to get to. the millennials definitely want to be able to walk, and they're more environmentally conscious i would say. >> reporter: you don't have to look at a website, or see a score to see that st. petersburg is pretty pedestrian friendly. you'll see a unique blend of shops, and businesses. >> the whole bay front.
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grand central district. >> reporter: combine that with a variety of new housing that's close to all of the action and you'll see why st. pete topped the list. >> reporter: if you would like to check out your own city's walk score, we have a link to that website on mary mcguire, newschannel 8. >> walkable city. i like that title. >> love it. >> very nice, lace up your shoes. a florida native made his olympic debut in front of a hostil >> we're going to show you how this teen olympian did against a star brazilian athlete, that's coming up. >> the radar has quieted down tonight. it looks like we'll be having more showers and storms, as we start the brand new school week. your full forecast is coming
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earlier this week, wichita boxer, nica earned a bronze medal, snapping team u.s.a.'s 8 year drought. paul ryan checks in tonight from rio. >> reporter: florida native, antonio vargas in front of a heavily hostile crowd, favoring
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advantage. plus, u.s.a. is a loud team. i hear from them all the way. >> reporter: despite the pro- natal crowd, vargas won the decision. >> he looks like he's in his 30s, i'm 19 years old, still a teenager. especially, fighting in his backyard too. that kind of told me, man, i got to pick up, you know, and don't leave it in the hands of the judges. >> reporter: vargas won't be a teenager for long. he turns 20 time for his round of 16 matchup. >> kissimmee, florida, give them a shout out. thank you for all your support, and thank you my family, hi mom, hi dad, hi y'all. >> i love that. giving mom and dad a shout out. let's take a look at the latest medal count this evening.
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month. team u.s.a. in front with 69 medals. a beautiful night. temperatures falling slowly. 79degrees is where we currently stand early this monday morning. so your weather headlines for the rest of the night, radar expected to ram quite, mainly all the rain now over the gulf. as we go into the week ahead, it's your typical mid-august watching one system way out in the atlantic. i'll show you that in a second. overnight tonight, when you wake up tomorrow you'll see 77 degrees with sunshine and a few clouds. tomorrow, hour by hour, those numbers climb quickly through the 80s, getting into the low 90s by the afternoon. we'll top up right around 92. thunderstorms will likely start to fire after 1:00 p.m.
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chapel. 77 brooksville. 80s in bartow. right now, fairly quiet. we did have a couple of showers just offshore of the entrance of tampa bay. this is all moving out to sea. that's where most of the rain is sitting now over the gulf of mexico. also more heavy rain. all the heavy rain over louisiana, now rolling back up into the ohio valley. high pressure is in charge for our area, going to give us a stronger easterly wind. he about. actually invest 98, a 20% chance of development into a tropical system in the next five days, but it's way out to sea. plenty of time to watch that. here's our forecast as we start rolling through the rolling through the rest of the evening and overnight. a partly cloudy sky for us. tomorrow, starting in the morning, fairly dry. by the afternoon, by about 3:00, that easterly flow is going to bring the showers and storms inland. back across our viewing area, and back over the gulf of
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pattern for the next couple of days. likely for tuesday and wednesday with that easterly flow. it's going to stay fairly dominant for us, and pushing rain chances back toward the coastline. 92 for your monday. a similar story here by tuesday. then the moisture generally increases a bit, up to 50% rain chances by wednesday. temperatures stay in the low 90s, and morning lows into the 70s. nothing too unusual this time of the year. we may bring down a rain chance just a bit by into next weekend. >> we will take that. just a little bit. >> like i said, never too early to look at next weekend. a bay area track star was hoping to medal in tonight's olympic games, but an injury nearly took him off the track. >> and the bucs getting ready to move training camp to
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in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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bucs fans can attend two more public practices during training camp. one of them begins in a matter of hours. 8:45, one buc place. the other will be a joint practice with the bucs and cleveland browns. that's in a couple of weeks. head coach dirk cutter, with teams this year. on tuesday, the bucs will head to jacksonville to begin two days of practice with the jaguars. the jags are banking on a much improved defense this year, and cutter is anxious to see how his team matches up. >> it would be a good work for our offense. just across the board. we're not just scrimmaging,
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one pass rush. so all good stuff. >> newschannel 8, your official bucs station will bring you the bucs and the jags, saturday night 7:30, just like the last game, we will broadcast this game on great 38, cable and satellite channels are right there on your screen. the rays taking on the yankees today. it was mariano rivera day. taking his place in monument park, and throws a strike for the first pitch. he can still bring it. the old lumber. logan forsyth goes deep. corey dickerson takes him deep for the blast. it's 5-1. we're still in the 4th, evan longoria doubles with the bases loaded. so louis's day is done. all 9 starters for the rays had a hit. they also scored a run.
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earlier tonight, st. petersburg's trayvon ramel finished 8th, behind usain bolt, of course. tonight, his achilles flared up. considered pulling out of the final. instead, he ran, and posted it on twitter. he will have surgery after the olympics. he hopes to take part in the 4 x 100 rely this week. let's hope he doesn't do any long term damage. but going into the olympic trials, it was an issue, and he pulled out of the 200. he said, i'm just going to focus on the 100. >> we're so super proud of him anyway. >> finishing 8th in the olympic final is nothing to look down on for sure. >> if you're anywhere near bolt. it's a good night. call it a day. >> we'll be back with your winning lottery numbers in just
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it's friday night and everyone is here. there's jeff. we helped his furniture company start shipping globally. a new office building. ...and that's dr. ryan, we helped him buy his new mri machine. but today, i'm not here as their banker. i'm here for the eagles. at synovus, we do business in a way others don't. because we live here, too.


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