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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  August 16, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 11:00. >> a teacher tragically taken from the students and colleagues she loved so much, how they are honoring her memory tonight. >> hackers take aim at a major hotel chain. we'll show you which bay area chain was hit and how to protec through your neighborhood? good evening. i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us this evening. we begin tonight with brake, a teacher seriously hurt in -- breaking news. a teacher seriously hurt in a drunk driving crash has died and a man behind the wheel is facing even more serious charges. caroline sine, the victim of that drunk driving crash lost her life a few hours ago. >> the man in the car with her is clinging to life at this hour. news channel 8's jenn holloway joins us live from bayfront
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tonight, jenn. >> reporter: caroline sine, a young vibrant music teach esche, succombed to her -- teacher, succombed to her injuries this evening. she was in a car crash where a car slammed into hers. on facebook it was written restn you and your -- peace, sweet caroline. you and your bubbly personality will be missed by all. earlier today her friends and colleagues at sexton elementary gathered in prayer hoping sine would recover. >> i loved going in her classroom. she always did some great things with her kids, such positive energy and you could just feel her passion for music. >> reporter: now prayers are
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sean hankins, also a teacher at miles and shaw elementary. [ audio difficulties ] >> obviously an emotional time for the faculties of students and everyone who knew this woman including the family, we noticed an outpouring of prayers and support for the family online tonight. now to an 8 on your side consumer alert, popular big name hotels around the country hacked. one of them here in the tampa bay area. when you check in and hand over your credit card information, you think you're safe, but that is not always the case. 8 on your side's paul mueller joins us now live from the hotel in tampa targeted by this scheme. we lar about companies and --
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industries being hacked so often. when is this going to stop? [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: it's crazy how underarmed we are basically against hacking them and their abilities to get into computer systems. >> reporter: this is a computer expert from tampa. it's no big shock to him. >> it's not whether they can get in. it's when they choose to and how much damage they can do. >> reporter: hei hotel and resorts says customers' names and credit card numbers may have been hacked since early june. in tampa, boca raton, miami and ft. lauderdale and across the
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the nation's capital. this woman has always had good luck with hotels, but her card has been hacked online before. >> i'm sorry that it's happening, but it's not a surprise anymore. >> reporter: for others like rob hootman who stayed in a hotel at atlanta a few weeks ago it's a different story. >> i'm not too worried. you're always cognizant of what could happen. all in all i still feel comfortable. >> reporter: patel said it's not when but where. >> the hacker is alwa three steps ahead of the company that is protecting against it. >> reporter: the hotel operator tells me tonight it's working on making its network and payment processing systems more secure. >> what can regular people do to protect themselves? is there any good advice out there? >> reporter: whether you pay online or you are coming here to the hotel and this is for both the hotel and customers, the experts recommend three things, that you have good internet security programs, that you have firewalls and you
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there's one more important thing to remember, too. if you use your credit card, make sure that it has fraud protection on it to protect you so you don't have to pay anything. >> paul mueller, live in tampa, thank you. some dramatic video of a tornado. this twister is one of two spotted west of indianapolis tonight. they touched down 17 miles apart. emergency crews are still assessing damage from the storm. the good news is it appears no one was hurt. baton rouge are underwater tonight as consistent rains continue to flood louisiana. at least seven people are confirmed dead. more than 20,000 were rescued from the floodwaters, this one one of the more dramatic rescues. a good samaritan saved a woman from her submerged car. then he goes back to save her dog. >> i just took a deep breath, held it and kept feeling around. eventually i felt something
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>> the flooding threat is far from over. more rain is in the forecast for louisiana. milwaukee's mayor is tightening the city's curfew for teen-agers following a weekend of violence and destruction. protesters set fire to at least four businesses after a deadly police shooting saturday. those same protesters are demanding to see body camera footage of the encounter. wisconsin state officials say they can't release this video because it is key evidence in their investigation. why some in largo want to zap a zip line like this one. plans are still in the works to build a series of platforms at the highland recreation complex, but opposition to the so-called tree adventure is growing. peter bernard joining us live from that complex tonight. sounds like neighbors are concerned here about the crowds, the noise and even parking. >> reporter: yeah. all those things, but it looks like it's almost a done deal. largo city commissioners seemed
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frees behind me in the canopy. that's it's going over the area and over a upon right beyond me, but some -- a pond right beyond me, but some neighbors don't like that idea at all, zip, zero, nada. >> woo-hoo! >> reporter: they've become very pop lash. this zip line and obstacle cord in bradenton built in 2013 is quite a hit. now the company that built and runs this zip line treeumph has a contract to build here at the highland rec complex. donna mcpherson is among a number of people worried about adequate parking and the strain on this idyllic park. >> there will be strangers everywhere. there will be litter. whose garbage? who is picking up the garbage? >> reporter: another neighbor put up this sign. we had to blur out a drawing of
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barry woodard -- finger. barry woodard worries about birds, daycare kids and the seniors who come here for solitude. >> they're proposing 50,000 annually. the park doesn't have the infrastructure to support. that. >> reporter: at this community meeting monday night the neighborhood seems to oppose the idea, but the park superintendent told me the same kind of opposition came up when the original park was in the works. >> i built the park myself. i would not do anything to ruin it. it's a beautiful place. we want to keep it that way. we just want to get more trees having fun. >> reporter: there are people who look forward to the zip line. >> it can be a family event. >> reporter: largo city commissioners will vote on the zip line proposal next month. that will be the final time. the idea is to have it up and running by the end of november. coming up next a surprising slip from one of team usa's brightest stars. >> plus a photo finish and
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silver. we'll have all your reports and highlights from rio next. >> temperatures reaching the mid-90s in some areas. we'll talk about that and the rain chances are a little closer to the coast. we'll look at radar and tomorrow's forecast and the
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y2377y yy6y now 8 yo >> from the track to the gymnastics arena this was really a night full of surprises in rio. >> a couple of gold medal favorites for team ua took home silver and bronze. jared smalley joins us live in rio dejaneiro and the united states is still dominating, but some surprises tonight. >> reporter: you're right. just break it down by the numbers. team usa is cruising now, 75 medals as of tonight, nearly 30
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running. doesn't mean team usa can't have a few bumps in the road along the way. it happened in women's gymnastics tonight. one slip was all it took for simone biles. she takes bronze and teammate lori hernandez takes silver. >> i'm disappointed in now i performed my game set, not in the medal. i shouldn't have gotten any higher, so it's fine. >> reporter: at the track gold medalist allyson felix in final. shawnae miller at the final dives to the line for gold. felix gets silver. in the men's 800 matters american champion clayton murphy -- meters american champion clayton murphy runs down the field for the bronze, the first medal for the u.s. in that event in a quarter century. in an olympics of oddities this fell out of the sky. an overhead cable camera
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fell 30 feet to the ground injuring several people below. meanwhile biles still has a chance to win that fourth gold medal of these olympic games tomorrow night on the floor exercise, perhaps her best event. she'll be a heavy favorite to win gold. that will do it here from rio tonight. back to you. >> thank you. >> a lot going on. a beautiful beach day in rio, but not a good day sailing because the local olympian page raley was supposed to sail. her event was delayed over three hours as organizers waited for the wind to pick up and then it did a lot. the gust, too strong. rather than run the risk of capsizing the race was postponed until tomorrow. paul ryan caught up with the clearwater native on the beach. >> reporter: first there's not enough wind. you wait, wait, wait. then there's too much wind. can you describe your reaction
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>> unfortunately i think it would have been really good footage for us to race in the big breeze. it definitely shows a different side of sailing, but we'll see what tomorrow brings. >> reporter: how much does that mess with your head a little bit? i can't imagine you're sleeping too much and now you're playing the waiting game. >> relax. it's an eight day regatta. you pretty much stay relaxed, just don't think about it. >> she really is paul will have an update tomorrow on the sailing competition. he is bringing us reports from rio this week through the end of the olympics on sunday. the obama administration is transferring 15 guantanamo bay detainees to the united arab emirates. this move comes six months after president obama announced his plan to close the prison
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suspected terrorists. 61 detainees remain there. a record breaking week for the tsa, they found more guns in carry-on bags than ever before. from august 5th to the 11th tsa agents discovered 81 guns, 68 of them loaded. in most cases travelers simply forgot they had weapons with them. right now florida gator season is officially underway. people are hitting the water in breaking alligator. more than 13,000 applications were received and more than6,000 permits were issued for the season that wraps up november 1st. nasa has come a long way since the days of orange tang. right now astronauts are growing lettuce, tomatoes and herbs thanks to testing done at
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a sarasota based company developed the fertilizer to feed plants in space. this work could soon help glass a feed astronauts on their way to -- help nasa feed astronauts on their way to mars. >> you have to have a sustainable food source. >> this groundbreaking work could also improve farming methods here on earth to grow more crops in less space with less waste. point beach in tampa tonight. news channel 8 producer daniel woodrum took this time lapse video, the sun setting beneath the clouds, just beautiful the light playing on the sky tonight. 85 degrees at noon, 80 degrees
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cloudy skies on the beach. in oldsmar gorgeous looking east at the reflection of the sunset and out on the bay, thanks for that picture, bruce. 95 degrees today, official high temperature at tampa international airport. the easterly breeze has taken over the cooling west coast sea breeze. it does provide a little relief. 97 degrees th 1995. forecast at 7 a.m., 78 degrees, sunny sky, warm start to the day, sun and clouds, maybe a stray shower inland starting in the eastern part of polk county traversing west on that easterly flow today. 92 degrees at 4 p.m., maybe thunderstorms closer to the coastal areas. a look at downtown for tonight, again shows a few clouds around. tuesday we continue to see a few showers rolling our way east to west. the flow is very much in place
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atmosphere, a few clouds left over from the showers and thunderstorms that did develop, almost a sea breeze collision that occurred offshore today as a result of that overwhelming easterly flow. this area of low pressure that drenched the tragic story in louisiana has died out meeting up with a cold front. still rains continue in sections of texas from houston down south. in the tropics about a 70% chance of possible development for this area, this tropical wave th a lot of dry air to deal with as we look at the water vapor imagery. this is the forecast on the european computer model and we pick out this red color which is drier air, the area of low pressure which is a tropical wave. it will be a fairly difficult environment. we'll have to see what kind of shape it can stay in. this is the time of year we start to look toward africa for the next developing tropical system. this next wave could develop by sunday coming off africa,
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the warmer waters and organize thanks to that warmer water into tropical systems. that's the time of year we look that way. tuesday morning here mostly sunny skies. note the early shower chances kind of developing. as we get heating of the day, we'll develop a few showers and push them west ward. we look for maybe some collision showers later in the day, closer to coastal areas. wednesday no worries for the morning commute. looks like we stay in this easterly flow wednesdayism, for higher temperatures even on the beaches tomorrow. a 40% rain chance in the forecast tomorrow and into wednesday. high temps low 90s. next couple days keep in find we have 95 today. that kind of number is not impossible tomorrow. as we get into the weekend, rain chances are lower, more sunshine, 30% chance. we'll still see showers, perhaps not as many as we'll see the rest of this week. it was a hot day, 95 today.
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heat. >> but no storms in terms of tropical action. >> we're getting towards the peaks. >> i spoke it out, taking it all back. in sports next the rays have a good night at the trop. >> the bucs are looking forward to some contact with another team this week as they face the jags. jeff patterson has that just ahead. >> here's the current medal count in rio, team usa with a commanding lead. we'll be right back. >> plus we're on your side to help get the kids back to school. >> reporter: it's that critical time between the alarm clock and the school bell, some effective ways to get out the door easily for a great day of learning. >> tomorrow morning on news
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a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring.
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r understand that.
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the bucs will face off against the jaguars in jacksonville and see them in practice this week, a lot of evaluation still going on as head coach dirk koetter tries to decide who makes the final roster. even quarterback jameis winston hasn't proven to make as a player, but the coach leader. so someone asked koetter if this will become a pass intensive offense instead of a run first offense. >> preseason is not the season and it's not game plan. we'll be a run first football team. you got to run the ball and stop the run to win in this league. we're not going to change from that. >> reporter: who gets the first look on kickoff returns saturday night? >> could a key to success this year, the team -- could be a
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lamar dotson. with that and some experience on the line bucs guard ali marfot is looking for some good things this season. >> i think we'll be successful because of that. >> wfla, your official bucs station will bring you the bucs and jags saturday night at 7:30 p.m. we will broadcast this game channels on your screen. the nfl is drawing the line in its performance enhancing drugs investigation threatening today to suspend james harrison, clay math news, julius peppers and mike neal if they don't report to be interviewed by the league. the investigation began with an al-jazeera report on peds. the league is giving players until august 26th or they will be indefinitely suspended.
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front of a sparse crowd to be kind. the rays had a pretty good night withdrew smiley turning in a very good performance. blowing an forsyth added offense early. you just saw it hitting a two- run blast in the bottom of the 2nd making it 3-1 rays. in the bottom of the 8th kevin kiermaier adds a two-run line drive home run. that would be enough to put the rays over the padres, final 8-2 rays. like to see ns kevin kiermaier. he was a force tonight. >> he's very good, disappointing crowd, though. when you show those cut-aways, nobody there. >> a lot of blue seats. >> school night. >> okay. >> we'll be right back with your winning lottery numbers.
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mr. jerve, when the sun comes up, what are we looking at? >> upper 70s, not 77. >> mix it up. >> 78. >> it's a little warmer.
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got kind of hung over from that, i guess. a few showers possible starting at noon in the eastern part of polk and moving west as the day goes along. >> thank you. now the night cap, check out this unlikely pair in tennessee. look closely. that's a dog on the right named george and his best friend a duck. you can see they've become inseparable and sleep in the same bed. while george's owner needs to make some to accommodate the duck, she's just glad her pup is happy and has a new friend. >> ducks are great pets. >> i've heard that. >> now you know.
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ryan seacrest here at copacabana beach. if you missed any of today's actions, these are the three things you need to know. rio day ten. let's go. >> here we go. >> this simone biles missed out on a fourth gold but did collect bronze on bance beam while her u.s. teammate laurie hernandez took silver. >> new jersey is up and roaring at the possibilities here for laurie hernandez. >> tonight at olympic stadium, david rude eesh isha defended h.


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