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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news overnight, gunfire erupts in a tampa neighborhood. one person is dead. we are live this morning as investigators work to determine what sparked the deadly shooting. and fighting the virus. in florida, the war comes here to the bay area. how usf researchers are leading the way. caught in a lie? new information this morning on the u.s. swimmers who reported being robbed in rio. why the u.s. olympic committee is now apologizing. good morning. and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. happy friday. let's get a check on the weather. ed bloodsworth joining us in for leigh this morning.
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another work week. a little bit warm in spots but overall, not too bad. 78 in tampa this morning. 73 for zephyrhills. and 79 starting your day in st. pete. so far this morning, quiet, just a thin band of high clouds skirting south through the area here. we may see just a few clouds this morning but agn very dry but into the afternoon, just like clock work, showers and thunderstorms and it is going to stay very warm today as the temperatures climb to 9 be an issue. coming up, we're going to be talking about the tropics and things starting to heat up. not one but several systems. and first a check of the roads. tracking a couple little things. we have an accident on hillsborough avenue. that's in the oldsmar area. we will have more on that injury accident. let's take a look at travel times here on i-75. in and out of wesley chapel
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minute commute -- road 275, an 11 minute commute. let's take a live look, this is 275 in pinellas at 54th avenue north. things look great here. that's weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. one person is dead after a shooting in tampa. >> yeah, right now, police are on the scene investigating. news channel 8's meredyth censullo is join live. meredyth, where are you and what do we know so far? >> reporter: well, the corner of monroe, south of 275, about a mile to the west of the tampa riverwalk. tpd still onscene and investigators are here. all we know fishy one person was shot and killed -- know is one person was shot and killed. my photographer omar and i walked around the complex. there appears to be a couple different areas being looked
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out and an apartment. one man says his brother was killed but he could not tell me why. the call came in between 1:00 and 2:00 this morning. we hope to have more information throughout the morning. gene-- >> okay, we will check back with you as you gather more information. thank you. the fight against zika virus in florida comes to the bay area. the university of south florida is hosting a meeting with local and state leaders to discuss the virus it comes after the miami area reports more non-travel related cases. 8 on your side's ryan hughes is live at usf this morning. we understand officials believe these two new non-travel cases are not linked to the orange hot zone area of the winwood neighborhood. >> reporter: exactly, gayle. two new cases are linked to miami beach which means zika virus could be spreading.
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359. florida officials have considered making miami beach a transmission zone but they haven't done that yet at this point. now there's concern that it could affect the $24 billion a year tourism area. this year, miami-dade students got a unique school uniform, long pants and long sleeve shirts intended to protect more than 200 families from six public schools near the area showed up to collect the uniforms. u.s. representatives castor and jolly will tour a usf mosquito lab this morning. it's part of a public health meeting hosted by the university called zika virus on our doorstep. other leaders from travel and transportation and local hospitals and government organizations will be onhand as well. we plan to be at that meeting
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here throughout the day. gayle, back to you. >> it will be interesting to see all these minds coming together. thank you. this morning ssf students are on alert. police are searching for a man exposing himself near dining areas on campus. at least threes were reported last night. police are looking for a white man possibly in his 30s. a man accused of putting skimmers on gas pumps is out jail this morning. he is accused of putting skimmers at two gas stations back in may and june. one was discovered on west waters avenue at a sunoco. and another was at a citgo in odessa. in one case, investigators claim he installed the skimmer while prethe ending to pump gas. >> it took longer to place the skimmer on. and it just happened to catch
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paying attention. >> investigators are working to see if he is connected to other cases. a shocking crime in a bay area beach community. a 16-year-old community is accused of stabbing his mother and brother as they vacationed in siesta key. deputies arrested the 16-year- old. he is accused of stabbing his mom and 14-year-old brother at the turtle beach condo. they were staying there while visiting from massachusetts. the mother and brother are expected to survive. he is facing attempted second degree murder. new developments in the so- called lochte gate. two of four american swimmers who falsely reported a robbery are back in the u.s. this morning. the two boarded a plane in rio overnight. not saying anything to reporters yet. their departure came hours after police announcement that gold medalist ryan lochte and three teammates were not held
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of partying. officials say they were drunk and vandalized a business and then made up a cover story. the fourth swimmer remains in brazil. also overnight, the u.s. olympic committee issued a formal apology to the city of rio. and polk county parents with kids at five failing schools will have to wait longer to find out what changes will take place at those schools. school leaders outlined their plan to failing grades. the proposal includes redirecting at least a million dollars and it calls for more teacher planning time. but parents don't understand why it took so long to come up with the plan. >> they brought up the excuse of, it's funding. now they're willing to dump money back into the school when they should have been diagnose it all along. >> school administers will meet with the state board of education august 31st to discuss the plan. we will keep you posted.
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ed? >> it's shaping up fairly quietly. we are expecting fairly mild temperatures and another round of afternoon thunderstorms coming our way later today. let's get you out the door right now. clearwater beach warm at 80 degrees. and 75 for temple the terrace. 76 this morning in pinellas park. temperatures around 75 for the inland location, wesley chapel and lakeland. temperatures today, hour-by- hour, they rise back into the low 90s. we top off around 92 by we expect the tropics to be active this time of year and it is. we have tropical storm, if iona. and another system has a 50% chance of becoming a system in the next five days. and another one about to emerge off the coast of africa that has a 30% chance of afterdevelopment. over the next eight days locally, steamy at 92.
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change a little bit. we could see coastal showers starting as early as this weekend. a quick check of what's happening with the roads. we've got a little problem out there. but it's tying up lanes. this is an accident on i-4. now we're traveling westbound. and this is right by park road. this is in the plant city area. and we have a collision but we have activity off to the right and left shoulders, folks. maybe a blinking light well. but the main portion of the entertainment not blocked. everything on the shoulders. just be aware, you won't be slowing down at all due to the crash, at least not yet. i-4 looks great through ybor city. veterans expressway up to speed, ehrlich to 275. only 10 minutes if you're out the door soon. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. the great debate over knuckle cracking. is it good or bad for you?
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still ahead, what doctors found when they put knuckles under an ultrasound that could put an end to the debate. and ice cream drama leads to a slap. ouch. why police claim this woman had a meltdown and the charges he is now facing. first, rebuilding after devastating floods. the next step for residents in southern louisiana as the water begins to recede. you're watching news channel 8
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? ba da ba ba ba ? louisiana residents are beginning that long and difficult task of cleaning up, many returns to their homes for the first time that here. officials estimate more than 40,000 homes were damaged in the floods. the director of homeland security toured the damage, promising federal help. and today donald trump and his running mate mike pence will tour the affected areas. firefighters in southern california are making headway against the wildfire burning east of los angeles. right now, crews report this fire is 22% contained. it started tuesday and since
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more than 80,000 people were forced to lever their homes. officials are -- square miles. more than 80,000 people were forced to leave their homes. video shows a woman slapping the manager of an ice cream shop. so the woman allegedly did it because the store was out of the flavor of ice cream she wanted. listen, i've had some of the cherry ice cream, i wouldn't slap anyone, but police arrested the 46-year- old. they claim she's the same woman who drop kicked a birthday cake this summer at a grocery store because she department like it. >> okay. >> she's got a -- she didn't like it. >> okay. >> she's got a serious sweet tooth. >> i don't know that it's just a sweet tooth problem. nasa is taking the next steps in planning a mission to mars. you see the testing of a former shuttle engine. look from the smoke billowing
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mississippi. nasa declared the test a success. they hope to use the engine for deep space exploration and the next step would be taking humans to mars. jamaica's bolt is racking up gold. he cruised across the finish line first in the olympic 200- meter race. it's his eighth olympic gold medal. he will go for a ninth as part of the four by 10 today. and team usa defended his title of greatest athlete on earth. he tied the all-time record. let me tell you, this event is rigorous, it's not just one, it's 10 events ranging from the disks throw, hurdle, it's exhausting really. >> and today the women's four by 100 relay team usa will
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appeal. the men's four by 100 will see team usa go for gold but the jamaican team looks to be what could be bolt's final olympic race. men's indoor volley ball sees the usa play italy in the semifinals. and the stars and stripes look for gold in the final of women's water polo against italy. all right. in the medal count this morning, team usa reaches the triple digit mark with 100. that's bronze. china is next with a total of 58. followed by great britain with 56 medals. >> go team usa. right now, an 8 on your side consumer alert. hackers targeted the stores. the company announced they found malware on registers at all of the stores in north america. the clothing store suspects debit and credit cards used between january and july of this year may have been compromised.
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affected. twitter is amping up the war on terror. the company announced 235,000 accounts were suspended in the past six months for promoting terrorism. twitter is not identifying the terrorists groups tied to the accounts but experts speculate they are associated with isis which is known to use social media as a recruiting tool. 8 is on 8 on your side -- 8 on your side is schooled. it's not important how you pack your lunch. one of the most important things is to make sure the food inside is kept at a safe temperature. >> yeah, the best way is to make sure that everything is cold before you start packing the lunch. first, make sure you pull everything out of the fridge and then once it's made up, make sure that you are sending it to school with two cold sources. that can be a jell pack and a
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sure the food preparation area is clean. so many people do this, good or bad to crack your knuckles? a study is weighing in on this. researchers conducted ultrasounds on people who crack their knuckles like this guy. turns out, knuckle crackers do not have any hand problems. in fact, get this, researchers discovered knuckle crackers may have an advantage. >> what? >> an increased range of motion after popping from a gas that's released when you crack your knuckles. >> i don't like the sound of. >> this doing something else but with your hands. >> oh. >> that's the time you got to move on. >> i appreciate that leading in here. wow. okay. we have our sunrise just after 7:00 a.m. and hopefully it's just as nice as yesterday's sunset in sarasota. this was a beautiful picture taken yesterday down in
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we start off with morning sunshine at 77. 87 by noon. getting to 92 by 4:00 p.m. with some of the scattered showers and thunderstorms that we become used this time of year. brooksville, you're at 74. 78 in sarasota this morning. just high clouds working through the area this morning. now as we progress through the day, we are going to see the clouds build up, the sea breezes will develop and we are expecting that sea breeze collision to going to give us scattered showers and thunderstorms. storms pushing back toward the coast as we go into the evening. but a pattern change is on the way. more of an onshore flow. could see a shower along the coast and the rain chances will favor our inland spots into the afternoon hours here. in the meantime, rain chances dropping. 30% tomorrow. and 20% on sunday. highs right around 90. let's check on the roads. good morning, leslee. >> thank you, ed. good morning everyone. travel time, we've got a
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county in lakeland. i-4 between each entrance of the parkway, roughly a 14 minute commute. hopping on 75, looks good in and out of pasco county. state road 52, down to 11 minutes on your drive. let's go ahead and move over and talk about a collision in plant city. it's westbound i-4 right at park road. you can see it but not seeing delays. all green as you move across and this is why. it's off to the right shoulder and off to the left shoulder. traffic getting just be aware as you pass through in plant city westbound on i-4. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. there's a new twist to the traditional wedding cake. >> the new flavor that some brides are choosing. but first, a unique weather phenomenon. where this devil of a storm created quite the stir. don't forget to reach out and connect with me on social media. on facebook and twitter.
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drive from the bay area for the weekend, get away for the day -- >> sarasota. >> gayle says sarasota. but i don't know, st. augustine, orlando, let me know
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an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? security. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk.
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check out this dust devil. this is in oklahoma city. this kicked up near the airport. dust devils are strong and they
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ironically, they happen when it's otherwise nice out. this may be a little cheesy. >> yes. get this, brides in wisconsin are starting to and for cakes made with cheese. >> i love cheese. >> i do too. but-- >> it looks kind of ugly. >> on your wedding night, do you want a bride that's all stopped up? they create a savory memorable treat that looks like a cake. we're told the idea originated in england and off in the u.s. >> everybody is going to have stank breath. a rare baby turtle case is catching headlines this morning. >> they are conjoined hurtle twins that happen to be albino. marine biologists discovered them on the beach and they removed the dead twin and now they are keeping an eye on the
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think. there's only seven cases of multiple births in the mediterranean but this is the first time that one of the twins survived so hopefully he pulls through. >> i hope so. itty bitty. getting back to school takes a lot of work from teachers. >> yeah, in the next half hour, i'll show you why helping teachers with supplies is so important to learning. up next, weather and traffic on the 8s is coming your way in three minutes.
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now at 4:58. another steamy summer day ahead for your friday. a 40% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms to cool us down and a check of the weekend rain chances coming down a bit. temperatures right around 90 to 91 degrees. good morning, leslee. good morning everyone. we have a little bit of a problem spot here westbound i-4
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disease-carrying mosquito, better watch out as the fight against zika virus intensifies. and new information about the virus that shows pregnant women may not be the only ones who need to worry. how zika virus could affect th can help them find the person who attacked an elderly man and stole his suv. if south florida tampa residents are waking up this morning feeling a little safer, a trio of burglary suspects police blame for a string of crimes are waking up behind bars but they weren't caught near the homes they targeted. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. let's get you out the door. ed is in for leigh spann this


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