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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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5:00. >> ryan lochte says he is sorry. he admits to stretching to truth about a night out that almost sparked an international incident. >> a major player leaves the trump campaign, what this could mean for the rest of the election. good evening, i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us. >> the controversy tarnished team usa. now swimmer ryan lochte says he is sorry rio. he claimed he was robbed, but that was not the case. >> reporter: lochte back home now, took to instagram to apologize for the events that took place this week. as for the swimmers stuck in rio, two brokers an overnight deal. a fourth swimmer is still in rio paying up trying to get his passport back so he can head home. several paragraphs of text posted by lochte on his
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accept responsibility for my role in this happening and have learned some valuable lessons. he apologized to u.s. athletes, the international olympic committee and the host city of rio for being a distraction to the games. he originally said he and three fellow olympians were robbed at gunpoint in rio early sunday morning. but, the usoc and surveillance video know confirm the version of events laid out by brazilian police. they got into an argument with police after bathroom. meanwhile, jimny feigen cut a deal with brazil to donate 11 $11,000 to a brazilian charity so he could leave. [ sound leave.gunnar bentz and jack conger allowed to leave. the lawyer taking a shot at ryan lochte telling reporters "they didn't speak to any
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journalists. they were quiet and didn't know what was happening." the usoc apologizing now saying the behavior of these athletes is not acceptable nor does it represent the values of team usa or the conduct of the vast majority of members. we expect feigen to head home. as for lochte, not sure what penalty he will face. >> what about lochte's future? >> reporter: yeah, he makes most of endorsement deals. they are not saying a word, but new sponsors may be leery after seeing this mess. as for the 2020 tokyo games, they could also ban lochte and feigen over these events. it is too early to tell. >> josh benson, thank you. and now to the tropics. we are near the peak of hurricane season and things are starting to heap up just a bit. our storm team 8 meteorologist
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latest. >> we have been talking about tropical storm fiona will probably not be a factor. we call it a fish storm. it will stay out to sea. it has not been a great environment and won't strengthen that much. here is where it is in relation to us. 45 miles an hour winds, the advisory in from the national hurricane center. moving to the west, northwest at 10 miles an hour. it is out there. you can see the forecast track. it will move depression long term. weakening at long term. we are starting to focus on other aspects of the tropics. a 50% chance of an area west of the location. it is moving out over the warmer water and has the potential to strengthen into a tropical system. this one, this advisory on 99l and invest continues to look at the full picture here. the spaghetti models over the
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development. moving in the westerly fashion is an interest to all of us as we watch these storms in the atlantic and they move in this direction around the basin area of high pressure. it is just bearing watching. that is what happens when the storms come around here and gain some strength and move west. we will continue to watch it obviously every day. the peak of the hurricane season about september 10 historically. >> more of this to come i suspect. thank you steve. we will check back with you in a little bit. you'll have your complete fo another major shakeup in donald trump's presidential campaign. his campaign chairman has resigned. the question, will the change be enough to raise trump's poll numbers? mark meridith has the latest from our channel 8dc bureau. >> reporter: another one bites the dust. donald trump is once again shaking up his campaign.
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election. the news broke as trump and mike pence arrived in louisiana to tour the devastating flood damage. the campaign had no choice but to make changes after polls in almost every battleground state showed hillary clinton surging with a strong lead. today, trump put out a statement saying in part "this morning paul offered and i accepted his resignation from the campaign. i am very appreciative for his work in getting us to where we are today and his work guid process." he made sure there were no major challenges to the nomination in cleveland. trump released an ad focusing on security and immigration. the campaign is spending nearly $5 million to air this ad in battleground states like ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, and florida. speaking of battleground states, this weekend, donald
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in virginia saturday night. this weekend, clinton for her part is headed to the northeast for a stop in massachusetts for a fundraiser with the special guest. music legend cher. reporting in washington, i'm mark meridith, newschannel8. new tonight, the centers for disease control has added south beach to a travel warning after new cases of zika were discovered there. five locally transferred infections were traced to beach. another infection zone has been identified in wynwood as well. congress is still on a break. >> that means there is still no additional additional funding for zika research. the lab was toured at usf this morning and they took part in a conference on zika. congress recessed mid july without passing a billion dollars zika funding bill. the owner of a run down rat
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her responsibility anymore. >> but that is not good enough for her neighbors. they knew they better call behnken. shannon is not giving up. she digs into the sketchy dealings. >> newschannel8 your official bucs station presents the bucs and the jaguars. that is on great 38 at 7:30. the channel lineup is on your
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing,
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ow where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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>> here is an 8 on your side warning for you. if you are headed to the beach, watch out for sting rays. nearly a dozen people have been stung so far this week. newschannel8's jamel lanee has
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>> 11-year-old ezekiel is cautious playing in the water. he heard there are sea creatures around. he and his family are visiting from new jersey. caroline says they are careful where they step. >> we have always had news updates warning us about sharks and possible other type of marine life closer to the shore. along these waters. whether it is the atlantic coast or so i mean, i have actually given them forewarning when they go in so they know what to look out for. >> reporter: ten people were stung wednesday, another woman was stung friday morning. >> over the last week, we have seen an increase of people getting stung. it has been on north beach. >> reporter: life guards raise the purple flag warning beach goers there's dangerous marine life nearby. >> they are minor injuries treated right here. very minor puncture wounds. our life guards clean the wound
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water about an hour. >> reporter: ezekiel learned the sting ray shuffle. one way to avoid the sting. >> shuffling your feet back and forth creates a vibration and it scares the rays away. >> reporter: now officials tell me that a lot of the attacks have happened here on the north end of the beach. that is because the water is drawn to. jen? >> just like the people. jamel lanee, thank you jamel. he is accused of exposing himself to a group of students at a hillsborough county bus stop. and deputies tell us it is not the first time. david bryan scott was arrested. scott was also charged with exposing himself at another nearby intersection back in may.
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that president obama will visit louisiana on tuesday after the deadly and devastating flooding there. many have criticized the president for continuing his vacation on martha's vineyard. at least 13 people have died. the director of fema says recovery will be a long process and more rain is in the forecast as steve jerve is about to tell us. >> you hate to see that for those folks. >> it is really historic oo yeah. >> we are doing stories on it. but this, thousands and thousands of people apply for federal aid. locally. we are seeing scattered showers and storms. we are at the weekend. you guys notice it is friday? i had to tell you didn't i? you were hoping it was tuesday. all right, the lake club here, 78 degrees now. lakewood ranch, beautiful view. great summer view. i love this location. bright sunshine. temperatures warm. cooled down a little bit by a recent shower.
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crystal river, clouds in the distance there. that has been the way throughout the day. little clouds, little sunshine. that's the current view. and again, temperatures are warm there as well. throughout the afternoon, we have seen temperatures fall as a result of a few thunderstorms. otherwise, where it hasn't rained it is quite hot. 82 in land o' lakes. olympic forecast down in rio, 73 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 85 degrees at noon. olympics are starting to wrap up now. 88 degrees at 4:00 p.m. yb celsius at 31 degrees. it will be quite hot in the afternoon. the bucs are playing the jaguars. this is coming up 7:30. 20% chance of showers. 86 degrees for that game. florida weather too. all depends where you are in the state of florida, about the same. in weeki wachee, got a nice shot outside weeki wachee springs looks like. got some towering cumulus. storm team 8 wfla on our facebook page. a few showers and thunderstorms
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dominant. the west coast flow is definitely in place. a few showers and thunderstorms continue to develop where the two come together. that would be across the northern part of pasco county and the northern sections of hillsborough county. this line here is actually outflow. maybe a little bit of sea breeze involved in this too. cool air, showers and thunderstorms that fall off and push east. sometimes they can collide with something like the east coast sea breeze and create more showers and storms. between sarasota, a few here, you can see around south of arcadia. a few showers have developed. a few more continue to pop up. inland areas. places like polk county, highlands county. 78 degrees at 7:00 a.m. current temperature 90. 85 clearwater beach. 92 seminole. lutz, 90. 93 lakeland, frost proof. these temperatures have not been cooled off by showers. you can see it here, right there, and right there.
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we may see a few showers in that interior spot. pretty quiet in that same area. most of the activity near where the thunderstorms have developed already. south florida, hot across the central part of the state. there is fiona moving to the west, northwest. not really a factor. re focus on what is south of the area. that's a look at the satellite imagery. this area has about a 30% chance of developing. the area west of th dominate across the region. rain chances, 20%. we are actually transitioning back into a northwesterly flow as the big high you just saw will build in to the south and west. and give us more of a northwesterly flow. rain chances 30% and 40%. so everything will kind of start to march eastward now as opposed to westward which is what we have seen all week. on the wrap model, you can see the storms do develop here for the evening hours and some of these inland spots as the two areas come together and
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showers and storms. the temperatures will be warm until you are lucky enough to be cooled off. overall, the rain chances are lower this weekend. so, we will see plenty of sunshine. temperatures up near 90 degrees. overnight low temperatures might be a little warmer because of a light westerly and northwesterly flow into the area. next week, more of a return to normal. talking about a cool front sneaking in from the north. if you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side. >> investigator shannon behnken is not giving up on a palm harbor neighborhood where residents want an abandoned home demolished. neighbors are fed up with the rat-infested decaying house. they tried for years to get help from authorities and the house just continues to get worse. so they knew they better call behnken. investigator shannon behnken joins me now with today's update. this has been sort of an ongoing saga. >> reporter: it has.
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condition in the first place. the property owner vowed she no longer has any responsibility. she turned the property back over to the bank. but i have been checking court records and they show that is not the way this went down. >> so yeah, i'm kind of over it. i'm done. >> reporter: from diane gary's home where she has lived more than 20 years, she has a clear view of this abandoned eyesore. >> the people that they saw going in and out of the house were transients and the place were ca times. i can't tell you how many times the police have been here. >> reporter: stucco is falling off, water is seeping through, mold is setting in. >> this house has been a problem a long time? >> yes, it has. especially for me because i would like to sell my home. this is definitely not helping my property value. >> reporter: neighbors and county officials want this house torn down. but a foreclosure limbo that
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happening. >> what am i supposed to do? they were supposed to take care of it. they are sending me bills that it is unattended. >> reporter: when i tracked down post at her other home, she explained she signed over rights to the county so it could be torn down. she insists she gave the home back to bank of america. but that is not the story court records tell. post fought the foreclosure and won because the bank didn't have its paperwork in orde problems, still legally belong to post. [ knock at door ] >> bonnie, it's shannon behnken with newschannel8. i have questions for you. >> reporter: her orange hummer was out front, but she didn't answer. i checked out this house and found out she fought foreclosure here too. she won. that makes her old neighbors more furious. >> since miss post is not going to step up, then the bank needs
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decaying house, the bank filed a new foreclosure lawsuit last year. that is why the county won't demolish without the bank's permission. have i got involved, bank of america executives got involved and they said there will be some resolution here within 30 to 60 days. >> well that's good. at least some light at the end of the tunnel. but i keep wondering. i look at the house. it looks like it is in terrible shape. but, is demo the only option? could it be fixed up and livable? >> reporter: i asked and easiest option here. but, it is still structurally sound. that is why they can't get a court order to knock it down. technically, it could be saved but it would take a lot of money and they just want to tear it down. >> it is the cheaper option. thank you shannon. if you have a problem that needs solving, this is the lady to call. 1-855-behnken. someone has been stealing credit card numbers from a popular clothing store. we will reveal which one coming
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against trolls. how twitter is making it easier for users to protect themselves
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>> 60,000 workers have filed a class action lawsuit against morgan stanley over its 401k plans. the suit claims the company
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offering poorly performing funds and charging excessive fees. the suit also accuses the financial giant of using the 401k plan to promote its own business at the expense of employees. and, shoppers listen up, all of the eddie bauer's north american stores were targeted. they suspect have been compromised. online purchases were not affected. a proposed $100 million settlement between uber and its drivers. the judge said it did not compensate drivers in california and massachusetts enough. they want to be employees, not independent contractors so they can make more money. the settlement's rejection could get uber to dig a little
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twitter is giving users better control of their twitter experience. you have the ability to limit notifications to people you follow. that could allow you to block targeted harassment. and you can filter out duplicate tweets and content that appears to be spam. >> still tweaking it. >> still tweaking the tweets. >> here is josh benson with a look at what is coming 5:30. >> an essential part of the eco system is dying. there may be a chance to save the coral reefs and the preview
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> the search for answers continues as police track down a killer who shot a man outside his home. the family is pleading for justice. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. the search for answers continues for the killer who shot a man in home. someone gunned down jonathan jay charles pierre and took off. today, his family begged the public for help. >> reporter: that's right josh. they want answers. who shot jay and why. they want someone to come forward and help them get closure. >> if you are a mother, you know it is not easy. >> reporter: a mother's desperate plea for help. >> i'm asking ... anybody who knows anything


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