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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30. parents from three bay area counties in a tal ha see courtroom today on behalf of their kids. challenging a state law that could force their third graders to be i'm jen leigh. >> and i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. >> that story from the capitol tonight and state law requires that third graders who don't perform well on tests be held back and it is now under fire. parents from hernando, sarasota and another county are fighting back.
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earful and they were there because their kids were held back after they refused to take that test. what these parents want is for a judge to declare the law declared invalid. >> the day-long hearing began with lawyers jock kiing to have the -- jockeying to have the challenge heard in each of the six counties when the judge didn't rule they refused to participate. >> hernando participating because we don't think the court has the jurisdiction. >> this mom told her kids to be there but not answer questions because she doubts the validity. >> my child is not a guy knee pig and she will -- guinea pig and she will not be used for profit. >> did she receive passing grades? >> honor roll all year.
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they're competent even though they don't do well on the tests but these parents say that didn't happen. >> a broward county mom says that her attempts to have her kids tested by another method but was refused. >> she said it was coming from the district. >> beth overhold is not part of the lawsuit but she movement. >> we believe that we should listen to teachers for promotion decisions. >> while dw parent -- while the parents are fighting for third graders it could impact kids in every county of the state. >> and indeed the court is working into the night. two witnesses for the state remain this afternoon. the state asked the judge to
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the retention portion of the law is the lynch pin to the assessment program. so far, josh, the judge has not ruled. >> mike live for us thanks. new information about the death of a toddler killed by an alligator at walt disney world in june. the final report says lane graves died from a crushing bite and drowning. he was in an km deep water when a gator snatched him. the father reached into the mouth to try to free his head but could not. the boy did nothing to provoke the reptile and the attack is classified as predatoriment. things are still just a -- predatory. things are still just a mess in louisiana. what the floods left behind is what's causing the trouble now. >> all these refrigerators are
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you can smell it miles away. >> moefs the people affected -- most of the people affected by the floods have enough food, water, and manual labor it's the stuff littering the streets. >> the people who live here are overwhelmed because it's their stuff and we have to throw it out. >> it's a nightmare we can't wake up from. it's everything we had and boug is gone. >> tomorrow fema will start going door to door in asengs parish. 1 -- asengs parish. 102,000 people are registered for aid so far. a yal fire broke out yesterday afternoon.
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a fire claimed five structures two of them homes. dozens more are in its path at this point. firefighters estimate the fire could be as large as 500 acres. and in california some good news finally. bad news situation. authorities lifted all evacuation orders by those affected by the bluecut fire. it's about 60 miles east of los angeles. a preliminary damage assessment found 105 homes and 216 and now as the fire winds down north of santa barbara the ray and cedar fires are growing. neither is near heavily populated areas but both are less than 10% contained at this point. a boat accident was kept from turning into tragedy off the florida coast. a family of four was return frg dinner when their boat struck power lines philando castiling
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lines causing the ves tell to flip -- vessel to flip over. they dove under the water until they found a little girl floating in her life vest in a small pocket of air under the both. >> we heard the crying so that was joyful to us. usually incidents like this dunts turn out like that. -- doesn't turn out like that. >> everyone is doing okay. around the world tonight. to run for france's presidency in 2017. he made that announcement on his twitter account. the 61-year-old served between 2007 and 2012. he must win the primaries in september. he'll face a favorite in the polls. the current president defeated anymore 2012.
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suicide bombing in turkey. it came at a wedding and killed 51 people, many children. 2 were under the age of -- 22 were under the age of 14. the bomber was first reported as young but that claim has been backed off. isis has not claimed responsibilitiment. fears of terrorism are not stopping people from traveling. global trav expected to grow by 3.1%. it also revealed tourists worried about safety in places like france are vacationing in spain or italy instead. labor day is coming up on september 5th. speaking of labor day you probably don't want to hear this it's the last chance for a late summer vacation. >> this year it looks like it's going be more affordable.
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summer vacation -- of the summer vacation season are upon us. it will culminate in the long labor day weekend. >> affordable airfare and a strong hotel market are making it a good time for travelers to get away. >> hiss torquely low -- historically low gas prices are where consumers are saving the most. >> we're ng the lowest we've seen them. >> don't plan on using frequent flier miles labor day weekend is a blackout period. although cnbc's kelly grant says use them somehow and soon. >> you might never use the points at all because a lot of them may expire. >> she also says airlines are
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for earning and redeeming. >> suddenly you need to amass more to get there. >> resolve to earn instead of burn reward miles. it might be cheaper anyway. >> kriz claken nbc news. >> last year 35 million people traveled around the world on labor day weekend. this year they the rio olympics are over. . >> i'm so addicted. now the world looks on to 2020 in tokyo. but some of the faces we've seen at the last few will not be there. one of them is gabby douglas. she may not compete in four years but she does have a plan the the works. we'll tell you about it coming up. all month long you're getting schooled on news channel 8. a new app helping
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29 -- 92 for the high today. we haven't seen widespread thunderstorms today. next week back to a typical
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eagle 8 hd coverage brought to you by your sun hundredday deerls. helping you get schooled all this month. many schools turning to technology to help people stay connected. we take you to a high school in hillsborough that found an easy way to keep everyone plugged in. >> i have it for golf. here's one right here. and from extracurricular activities to staying on top of
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101. >> anything that you have that's important for that day or night, it will text you, let you know. >> 35 million students, teachers, parents, and coaches are signed up nationwide. it's a free online service you can download on to your smart phone. so everyone can stay connected with no phone numbers exchanged. >> we are able to give them reminds about the next da assignments, things like that. >> tiffany connor explains it's simple to use and likes the feature that let's teachers attach files to any message that can then with sent to -- be sent to students. >> not only can i send out quick messages but you can attach files. so if i need to send students an assignment it's able to be sent through that message as well.
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you to access your history at any time. for many schools gone are the days of printout sticky notes and emails. >> remind me 101 is part of an independent organization that specializes in student privacy. >> technology is not without pitfalls. new evidence suggests that teen go after people they know. researchers analyzed survey data on 800 students in new york city. kids are more likely to be victim mised by friends. girls are twice as likely to be bullied online as boys. deputies in lee county
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$1200,000 of amazon orders. this is what his garage looked like. the investigation began two months ago when a load of cargo disappeared. authorities tracked it to hernandez. deputies are sorting through the orders now. if you care for some volleyball looks like the court is open at the moment and thor b -- weather is beautiful. -- and the weather is beautiful. 84 degrees. blue sky. a few clouds around. no precipitation. the view from freedom plaza this afternoon. fairly stable, dry air aloft and high pressure controlling. 93 degrees. a hot temp at this location with an east wind. a few more clouds at this hour. hurricane season we're climbing toward the peak here which
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will form during that month. definitely where we're headed on the upswing a. lot more hopping -- happenings. tropical depression seven is new -- happening. >> tropical depression seven is new. had the potential for developing. goes back to # 20. that's how they -- # 0. how they work -- 90 how they work it in the atlantic. the forecast will move northwest. we'll watch it. that is a look at tropical depression number seven. 99-l will don't move to the west and to the north of that fiona. not much of a threat at this point. never really thought it would be. we'll watch the remnants of it. of the greatest interest up here. the computer models have a long way to go.
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potential development if it does develop into anything at all. we'll continue o to watch and anything you hear on the internet or social media take with a grain of salt. 82 degrees at 12 a.m. partly cloudy skies. warm this evening. not seen a lot of cooling showers and storms. as for precipitation in the month of august almost six inches of rain which is slightly above normal. that's good news to see you can see a few developing showers north of citrus county. into northern, eastern sections. heat and humidity are causing these. the more sfabl atmosphere. once they -- stable atmosphere. once they start they really don't go anywhere. so the forecast at 7:00 a.m. 80 for a low. very hot temperatures without
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day. 80 degrees. transitioning back to an easterly pattern. 92 tampa. 87 in st. petersburg. as for the model for the evening hours. isolated showers mostly in the inland spots. quiet overnight. and the same routine for tomorrow. rain chances a little bit below normal as 30% for tuesday. 40% for wednesday and thursday afternoon. we'll rr into an easterly pattern. morning sunshine, afternoon storms, evening storms you know the routine. we'll carry that weather into the weekend and into next week and we'll continue to watch the tropics closely for you. >> it's like somebody flipped a switch. all kinds of action out there. >> water heats up, storms come off africa, just that time of year. new information tonight on the death of prince.
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mansion were mislabeled. a source close to the investigation of the death tells the press that the pill botting marked as hydrocodone were actually fentanyl. according to the autopsy he died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl. straight from winning a gold medal in is heading to help judge the miss america contest. she will join sarah foster and coal swin -- cole swindell among others. the final round of the miss america competition will be broadcast live sunday september 11th. guinness book of records is full of awesome things and one of the most interesting
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coming up. turns out mars is more like earth than we thought. the new images next. you can join hol hol julie phillips and me on great 38
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david was proud to be an american soldier.
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i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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welcome back. 300 people in alaska looking to raise awareness of homelessness are the record holders in fist bumping. they verified each of the fist bumps. the city's mayor, alaska's first lay day di -- lady and people who work with the homeless were there to help. very cool. out of connecticut the city has within a been a dry town for 81 years. the first booze sold many the town since 1935 was a cup of beer at the fair. bridgewater native and firefighter took the first sip. developers proposed restaurants on the condition that they could sell booze. new images of mars coming in from nasa today and when you
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familiar. this is from their youtube channel where they give you a panorama. well it actually looks like the southwestern u.s. than another planet. you can see mesas and buttes like something you'd see in arizona. >> news channel 8 at 6:00 is coming up next. >> stacie and keith here with we're working on. >> an online love connection that cost a man his life. >> how it led to a murder and four arrests. breaking news in the search for an escape artist. he's back in cust di. but we want to -- custody but we want to know how he broke free. >> which tampa bay neighborhood this guy showed up in. the city of clearwater has fired a fire inspector for faking reports at places like this. report that is you paid for.
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forecast and sports with dan lucas coming up on news channel
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right now on news channel 8 at 6:00. a man looking for love is lured to his death. see how charged in this crime of passion. on the run and now captured again. how this guy took advantage of a deputy's mistake to make his great escape:. and you paid for him to do his job. a fire inspector answers tough questions about why he's accused of blowing off inspections. i'm keith cate. and i'm stacie schaible. a warning tonight after an online dating connection turned deadly.
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hilarie fritd night. police -- friday night. police believe a woman he met online lured him in and then after going on a date took three men to his home who robbed and killed him. melissa marino joins us now at the victim's home in auburndale. what a terrible occurrence that's happened here. can you tell us more? >> the victim brought his date back here to his apartment and she came back several hours later with company. >> reporter: story from a hollywood movie but this nightmare is all too real for the family of 26-year- old adam hilarie. >> i don't want anyone to feel like this. >> according to police he met this woman haliey rose bustos on the online dating site plenty of fish. they went on a date on thursday and ended up at his place. police believe it was part of a sick plan. >> she obviously got a look


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