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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  August 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00. good evening he was looking for love on a dating site but ended up dead. melissa marino explains what
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and why police believe he was targeted. it sound like a story from a movie but this is too real for the family of 26-year-old adam hilarie. >> i don't want anyone to feel like this. >> according to police hilarie met this woman 18-year-old buzz on -- haliey bustos on the online dating site plenty of fish. they ended up at his place after their date. a few hours later bustos went ck with these three men. >> i think the plan was he get robbed. >> at some point there was a struggle. >> police tell us that's when andre warner pulled the trigger. they believe bustos used the site to lure hilarie in and this may not be her first time. >> if she hasn't done it then she's talked to people who've done it. >> in auburndale melissa marino news channel 8. >> amy schumer has been known
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her latest are sparking a reaction. mary mcguire joins us now where the book shop owner has put up a sign in response to this. >> in her new book amy schumer calls the city of tampa and claims people who live here don't know how to read. so this book shop owner put up this sign. stefani beddingfield was just about to close up decided to crack open comedian amy schumer's memory. gist a few pages in she couldn't believe what she was reading. >> i was on the road doing a tour and traveling between two horrendous cities fayetteville, north carolina, and tampa, florida. i'm not scared about making those people mad because i now for a fact no one who lives there has ever read a book.
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tampa and i'm reading a book. >> she took action changing the sign in front of her store which reads dear ms. schumer give us another chance love the three people who read. we asked the mayor if he read it. >> based on what she read she had a heck of a one night stand. there are some entertainers doing their jobs. that's a good thing. >> now amy schumer will perform in tampa in october and you can bet she will address this controversy when she is here. i checked and there are still tickets available. reporting live in tampa i'm mary mcguire news channel 8. how did a handcuffed man with no shoes crawl out the window of a squad car and hide from deputies? we learned he turned himself in but as john rogers shows us they're taking a close look.
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night 34-year-old joel canchola was arrested for violating his probation. he was handcuffed and nut a squad car. martha zamora was watching and she says the back window of the squad car was halfway down sghchlt he fit through that -- >> he fit through that window with the handcuffs behind his back. >> deputies were a few feet away talking when he ran off. he wasn't even wearing shoes. according to this incident report a deputy left the back wi squad car. so officials say canchola was able to roll down the window. after turning himself in he faces a felony charge for escaping. it's unclear if the deputies involved will be reprimanded. john rogers news channel 8. students and sarasota headed back to school today and law enforcement officers were keeping an eye on traffic. extra patrols were on hand at southside elementary as a
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parents from the bay area are among those who went to court in tallahassee today to fight a decision that held back their third graders. it requires they be held back for not performing well on assessment tests. but brandy told her children not to answer questions on the test because she doubts its validity. >> it's not a vetted test and my child is not a guy knee and she will not be used for profit. >> it allows third graders to pass to fourth grade if they can show they are comp tent. the parents -- comp tant. the parents -- competent. the parents say they weren't given that option. mayor buckhorn is promising to stop mosquitos but as jeff
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complicated process. >> he was being lighthearted but mayor buckhorn did urge people to use mosquito repellant in front of a pool that is a breeding ground for mosquitos and at least one large frog. he promised action. >> in light of what's been going on we decided not to wait for the politicians in washington, d.c. to act. we're going to takea ourselves. >> neighbors have been complaining about this problem >> how frustrating is it to have that? >> that is extremely frustrate and has been for several years. >> the problem is even though code enforcement knows about the home they can't go on the property without owner permission. >> we wish it was quicker because we want to get rid of it. >> the mayor told us he intends to to check with the legal department to see if they can get on to a property like this
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immediate public health hazard. jeff patterson stgsz. tonight a toddler -- news channel 8. >> tonight a toddler is aloif after being trapped in a tiny air pocket when the boat she was on capsized. the 2-year-old's parents and rescuers could hear her but couldn't find her. they pulled her from the air pocket and she was unharmed thanks in part too her floation jacket. keep your kids in them. that's a good reminder there. >> that one ended well thankfully. some interestly hot weather, that's the nicest thing i can say. >> it's a peak right there. >> i was trying not to be negative. it's monday start the week fresh. >> interestingly was the best word i could muster. >> fascinatingly swerlting.
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this last week coming off of africa potentially turning into something. you can see the track carrying it to the northwest where most of the models are taking it roughly in this pattern. potentially staying out to sea. but it's something we have to watch. it's so far away and these things can change. the next name on the list is gaston. in case you're tracking that in the atlantic basin. these are three things we're depression. invest 99-l of greater interest long-term to the united states because of the current computer model con sen us. de-- consensus. depression fiona moves in that direction. the spaghetti models a long way away but in the general northwesterly fashion it has
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land fall anywhere. folks in hispanola have to watch for this. localwetter and that insanely hot weather coming up. still ahead. donald trump trying to pick up black voters but is it working. we talk to a group of black
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donald trump is trying to appeal to black voters with a message what do they have to lose and as candace mccowan shows us one group of africans americans is coming to trump's defense. in the past two years george farrell organized blakpac. >> our first goal is to elect
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trump's appeal to blacks. >> you're living in pofrty, your schools are no good. you have to jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> unfortunately it's a little condescending and i can understand him not having the proper messaging. >> it's an uphill battle. trump support in some battleground states at zero according to a poll. supporters admitting his appeal hasn't been the best. >> suppose someone asked to marry you and said hey what do you have to lose. . >> is it too late for him to win over black voters. >> i believe he will win 10% to 20% of black voters but not all of them. >> donald trump will be in the bay area wednesday speaking at
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on wall street today the dow dropped 20 points and the nasdaq gained six. one bay area power provider would like to raise your rates to the tune of $1.3 billion. they provide power in manatee and sarasota counties. they say rates should go up because they've kept rates so low for so many years. hearings began today. groups like aarp are fighting it any rate change will kick in at the first of the year. you have to be 21 years old or younger to use facebook's latest app called lifestage. it's centered around video instead of still pictures. they select their school and they can see posts from fellow students. it lets you put frames around your videos.
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do your instagram posts reveal emotional problems? it can be used to detect depression. the study looked at nearly 4 #,000 instagram -- 44 ,000 instagram pictures from volunteers. depressed people were posting darker pictures with blues and grays. they also posted instagram more frequently, applied more filters and included brewers of pumpkin beer could have a frightful season. some brewers are going out of their gourd frying to find the -- trying to find the squash because of bad weather. it could mean a delay in brewing. if you'd like to give your playstation an upgrade hold aout a few more weeks. sony will soon reveal two new versions.
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the standard version will be slimmed down. and the high end version will be able to stream 4k video. when you've been cheated. when you need help. she's on your side. better call ben kwen. >> invest ga -- behnken. >> shannon behnken is looking into unexplained omar mateen sieve water bills -- unexplained massive to figure out where the water went they called shannon. >> jenna bright is furious about this unexplained water bill and the 94,000 gallons the water department claimed she used in one month. >> if i was bathing shamu in my pool. i mean how could you use 94,000 gallons in one month by one person. >> professionals found no leaks
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with the water department's response. >> nobody seems to care. they just don't care. you get the run around. one person tells you one thing and then somebody else tells you something else. >> she's not the only one questioning water bills. for weeks residents have been calling behnken including chris fink who received this bill for $2536. >> within hours >> within hours of my calling a technician was at his house. it showed normal usage except for three days earlier this much when technology shows it ran continually with 1,000 gallons passing through every hour. even the tech couldn't think of what would cause that without a major leak. that leaves fink frustrated.
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shut my water off if i didn't pay. >> as for broith she's holding out -- bright she's holding out for an explanation. >> i won't pay for something i didn't use. >> a spokeswoman says they will follow up and check the bill of every single person who has complained and we will follow up. shannon behnken 8 on your side. people in phoenix had over the weekend there. this habooe hit yesterday dropping visibility. we've seen a lot of these this year. fancy names. 91 degrees in hula bay. a bit of overcast at the moment. no rainfall. that's why temperatures are pretty warm. a north wind at five. new port richey 84.
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a hot evening -- sunshine. a hot evening. no rainfall in this spot. best chance is inland but not a great chance. tropical weather is where we are on the climb to hurricane season which usually starts september 10th. august and september yield almost 60% of all storms. at 7:00 a.m. 80 degrees. # 4 at 9:00 a.m. mild is a -- 9:00 a.m. mild is a good way to put it. 84 degrees clearwater. these are the feels like temperatures when you combine humidity. 100 feels like in venice and 101 in wick wa chi. drier air aloft helping to limit the amount of shower activity. the imagery is here.
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probably tomorrow too that's why we're running a little below normal rain chances. we'll see showers and thunderstorms just not as widespread. short term we saw nothing going on there. partly cloudy skies and as we get into the morning hours dry conditions, very muggy and warm at the peak of the season of warm temperatures. about a 30% rain chance. a lot of the activity to the north a. cold front there. that's noin way through here but provides instability for showers and storms to develop. 30 mrt chance for -- 30% chance for tomorrow. 40% chance on wednesday and thursday. high temperatures in the low 90s in this period. and we'll don't watch the tropics towards the peak of hurricane season. we start to look in the atlanta sxik that's what we're seeing now.
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>> everyone -- ready. >> everyone's plan is different so you have to be ready. >> mine is showing up here i think.
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four guys in australia may the top attic if you know what i mean. they're pushing three crocodiles through the hole in a door in a high school like they were making an after hours bank deposit. as australian pranks go, not bad. they then went inside and ransacked the place. which seems like something they should have done before
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humty doo. a real place. >> get the crocodiles in custody. they're being looked after. >> they have the crocodiles in custody. the four guys have gone walk about but the crocodiles are recovering. so bob's your uncle. >> they bombed it out. all three were out within a half hour. >> but not as handbags or but their original condition. >> can't get goats? >> crocs the way to go. >> i like the orange ones you have on now. >> people are wondering if either one of them have them on. >> crocs? are they orange. >> that's going to do it for us.
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zbliefrmt ryan lockehte. michael phelps plunking down millions on a new mansion. >> all olympics headlines breaking now. zbleerchlts new scandal plagued ryan lochte bringing his playmate girlfriend home. >> i overexaggerated that story. >> to the new olympic scandal today. usain bolt shirtless in bed with a young college student, and wait until you hear who she was married to. leo decaprio and his supermodel girlfriend moments after their hamptons car crash. >> and good news out of the hamptons. gwen and blake's new love fest
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usher. >> inside jojo and jordan's surprise engagement party. she's flashing her diamond as jordan's ex unleashes a new smear campaign. predators watch out. >> chris hansen is breaking news about huntsing down the bad guys. hunter, go ahead and take a seat. >> that's my line. plus, a.j. is on the set of "empire" uncovering spoiler after spoiler. >> so someone dies. >> if you miss it -- >> it will be your own fault. studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. i'm mario lopez. coming up, kim kardashian on a bealthy binge. the story behind her racy post this weekend. >> jessica simpson's sexy new video. we're behind the scenes for her new workout line. first, ryan lochte, usain bolt, and michael phelps dominating the front pages, but not for their gold medals.
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>> he is on a desperate mission to save his image. and now so is he? as scandalous photos of the fastest man alive are revealed. "extra" with the first video of disgraced american ryan lochte since his worldwide apology tour began. >> do you admit that you lied finally? >> ryan interrogated by photographers arriving home in north carolina with his playmate girlfriend candy ray reid.>> control. >> it may be too little too late. >> his biggest sponsor, speedo, the first company to drop the 32-year-old who makes a reported $16 million in endorsements alone. ralph lauren also dropping him today. >> i let my team down, and, you know -- >> tearful one minute. defiant the next. >> this is b.s. like, we shouldn't be, like, treated like this. >> lochte sticking with his new taxi cab confession on "today." >> i overexaggerated that story.


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