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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  August 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now on news 8 at 7. >>good evening we begin with
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charged with filing a false report. he was caught up with a scandal involving a confrontation at a gas station. he has since apologized for his misleading story. our other big story of the night, will we see some tropical weather in the bay area in the next few days. steve jerve joins us live. everybody wants to know the deal. >>it's tough to answer that, jen, because this is not a tropical depression. we've been talking about it for a couple of days because the computer models have suggested and the system does continue to drift to the northwest portion of florida. it is invest 99-l. it lowered today. we still have gaston well off to the east of us. now, the center of this to try
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you could find the center. what we could tell from the earlier satellite it would be just north of haiti, but most of the activity far on the outside of the center of what appeared to be the circulation. we're seeing quite a bit of wind sheer associated with this system. hurricane hunter aircraft flying out of mcdill in tampa did detect a wind speed of about 24 miles per hour soar to be a fully exposed somewhat of a low-level circulation but very difficult to detect. the spaghetti models which will be changeable needless to say shifted to the west today. if the computer model doesn't have something to initialize off of it's more difficult to get a definitive track from these models, so that's why it changes
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we have to be patient to wait for it to form, and it may do that in about a day and a half as it gets over warmer waters. then we'd get a better idea of the forecast. but we should all just keep an eye on it and see how it could affect our weather if at all. >>thank you, steve. newly released surveillance video could be the ski to putting the cuffs on a campus creep. the man may have gone streaking in a parking garage. chip osowski joins us live. >> reporter: it's a possibility that he is a repeat oftener. usf had a similar case last year and now police are thinking that guy may be this guy. the video shows the man entering the argo center and then leaving. while the imagines are clear, it
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conceal his identity. university police first got the call a week ago, a man exposing himself outside the dining hall. three hours later, another call, same scenario. this time outside of the fresh foods dining area at the argo center. 14 minutes later officers receive a report of a man running naked in the beard drive parking garage, studentsun witness it, but one of the places he was at was somewhere i had been a little bit before it happened, so it's creepy. >> reporter: usf police now believe this may be the same guy who did the same thing last year. take a close look at this video. see how he walks. see how he's dressed. if he looks familiar, police would like to hear from you.
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creep could show up just about anywhere. that being said they are urging students to be vigilant. students should travel with one another, walk with one another, and, of course, report anything that seems to be a little bit out of the ordinary. reporting live at the university of south florida, i'm chip osowski, news channel 8. a hernando county firefighter went from fighting flames to fighting for his life this afternoon. he was battling a fire. this is video from the scene just a couple of hours ago. hernando officials say he was in critical condition when taken to dade city hospital. he is now stable. as for that fire, investigators say it started in a garage and spread to a barn and a shed. tonight a pasco child protection investigator is out of a job and facing charges accused of falsifying a report. investigators say christine
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saying she tested a couple for drugs when in fact she did not. the cpis have heavy workloads covering 30 and 40 cases each but the supervisor says that's no excuse. >>that never gives anybody the excuse to lie, falsify reports, or to handle something quickly. >>the sheriff is now looking into all of the cases she has handled. some tampa homeowners want the turn down the volume. today bar owners and some neighbors packed city council chambers to talk about the problem. homeowners told the council the music goes too loud too late. >>it's not possible. just in normal conversation at
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over 50decibles. it's just the general feeling about this being an entertainment district as opposed to what a regular neighborhood would expect. >>city council will put together a workshop to work out a compromise. raymond james stadium has a treat for fans. it's a new hall of fame club. we were shown the new high-tech score board. look at some football. a group of army veterans about to be laid to rest in sarasota, but there was a problem. no one was going to be there for their funeral. as john rogers shows us, some sarasota county deputies decided to do something about that. >> reporter: sarasota national cemetery is the eternal home of heroes. these men and women gave so much and deserve to be honored, but
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on wednesday three u.s. army veterans were set to be buried and no one was available to attend their funeral. >>we had to organize some people to go down there and give them the honest and respect that was due to them. >> reporter: colonel kiter hoffman and some fellow deputies volunteered to take time out of their day and recognize these heroes they had never met. >>it's about them and their service and we're just happy to play a small part in it. >> reporter: these heroes gave so much for us and this in sarasota, john rogers, news channel 8. >>still ahead, it's national banana split day, and the bay area business is adding a twist to the tasty frozen treat. i'll explain come up. today on better call behnken, i'm receiving calls about high water bills, bills for more than $500. that sounds familiar, but this
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our own anthony allred is always on the leak-out for sweet assignments and he couldn't help but notice today is national banana split today. >> reporter: it's not on the menu. you have to know about it. >> reporter: as the workers sprinkles cupcakes in south tampa, you should know. >>you could only get it today. >> reporter: it's national banana split day around the country. >>at sprinkles we thought how can we incorporate banana split into what we do. we baked up some fresh cupcakes, topped it with vanilla for thing and topped it with a cherry. >> reporter: when i confronted
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nontraditional banana split cupcake, outrage. >>you've got banana, what else do you need. >> reporter: >> reporter: in honor of national banana split day, i've decided to try this nonfrozen tasty treat. >>here's your cupcake. >> reporter: and i can't wait to try it. >>and a cherry on top. >> reporter: in tampa, anthony allred, news channel 8. >>that's what you believe challenging the delivery system. well is apple planning to jump into the social media world. details coming up. plus would you trade a grocery store for a fresh hub?
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on wall street today the 2000 dropped 33 points, the s&p was down 33. a new report suggests you can't blame most flight delays on the weather. most delays fingers are pointed squarely at the airlines. mechanical issues and crew scheduling problems are now the leading causes of flight delays in the u.s. the good news is that delays
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levels in recent months. uber will not get to be the first company to offer a self-driving taxi service. that title went to a company that you would newtonomy. it hopes to have an entire self-driving fleet by 2019. amazon wants to help you research your next car. it's launching a new site for car buyers. amazon vehicles will allow research to -- consumers to research cars and trucks as well as parts and accessories. you'll also be able to read and post some reviews, but here's the one catch. for now you won't be able to buy a car. although amazon's automotive store does sell replacement parts and products. amazon may also be about to change the way you buy groceries. amazon is putting together a click and collect service.
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online, then drive up to a grocery hub and pick up your order. northern california and seattle would likely be the first areas to see the new service. apple may be thinking of taking another crack at a social network. apple is developing a video sharing and editing app. it would operate a lot like snapchat allowing you to draw on a video and apply filters. it could be released sometime next year. iphone users need to run an update. apple just released 9.3.5 to fix a serious security flaw. spa wear was discovered on a phone in the middle east. the software allowed the bad guys to take complete control of the phone. apple fixed it and released the update immediately after
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investigator shannon behnken continues to hear from hernando county residents with eye-popping water bill. the county couldn't find any leaks at this couple's home and when shannon saw the report about other surprising bills, they gave her a call. the bill was over $1,200. >> reporter: this woman has a $1,200 bill for one month's of water. >> reporter: were you opening they would find >>yes. now i'm scared. >> reporter: hernando county found no cause for this much water use and so she and her husband are stuck trying to find the money in their fixed budget. >>we felt we had enough. we don't have enough now, because that was my portion of social security. >> reporter: dolores thought she was the only one with this issue until better call behnken exposed others with high bills. for weeks residents have reached
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800, $900. i took these complaints to county spokeswoman virginia sing her. is it possible for someone to have a $1,200 water bill and not have a leak? >>that'll be a question that probably our technicians could help answer. >> reporter: does the water department think there's a problem here? >>the water going to mark is working with the customers like they always do whenever there's a problem -- t customers like they always do whenever there's a problem. >> reporter: is there any possibility the high bills are wrong? >>we have to take them on a case-by-case basis and investigate each situation individually. >> reporter: singer promises to have customer service look into dolores' bill again. >>we want her to feel comfortable in her home and feel confident in our utilities department that she can reach
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dolores will have a lot of questions. >>i can't afford it. i'd have to leave here. >> reporter: the only explanation the county has so far is a small patch of new sod. they've offered her a credit on the assuming usage, and -- sewage usage and that only amounts to $38. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. there's a lot of work to be a string of tornadoes yesterday left a path of destruction across the state. this is a look where it's believed a powerful ef3 twister touched down. despite the damage, there were only minor injuries. hopefully the early warning was in place for the folks in indiana. this is the view from hula bay. it's 90 degrees. we have taken away the sea breeze today with a stronger
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been as cool. 84 degrees that's the kick-off temperature for tomorrow night, friday night blitz. maybe an isolated shower. 81 degrees for the full time play, so a warm range. we do presidency the -- expect the august and september games to be quite warm. cleveland is in town to play the buccaneers. high pressure dominates the area, especially central and which is kind of unusual for a hot summer day, we had 94 degrees, 1 degree shy of the record. at 9, 83 degrees, 77 our forecast low. it's 88 degrees in bartow. zephyr hills, brooksville, 77, winter haven, 90 in clearwater. it's a warm evening. very quiet. really from the north of hardy
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tropical area, call it that, invest 99-l, it's not a storm, a depression. it's here, the center probably somewhere around here. and, again, just eyeballing it from the stat light. hurricane hunter aircraft in to determine where the center is. we'll be able to feed that into the new computer model. we'll continue to watch t92 for a high friday. lower 40% saturday, 50 sunday. a little higher monday and tuesday depending on the track of that tropical low to our south that could potentially develop into a tropical depression in the next 36 to 48 hours. we just have to see how it develops and get better data into the system. >>if we just stop talking about it, would it just go away? >>it would just be like i don't
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that gives us plenty of time to react if we need to. >>you can do that, but i really can't do that.
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. obviously, the best part of playing with domino art posted this video on you tube.
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tower in the world and, yeah, that happened. the domino art evident spent 7 hours building the tower which reached 19 feet tall. i think he spent just as much time crying after that happened. he's not the king of the jungle but he does rule his front yard. winston michael is an english mastif who is enduring the ultimate indignation. the owner was required to p construction job and figured why not let winston go on patrol in costume. the disguise has fooled some neighbors for a second, but then he barks instead of roars, so roof proof he's really just a dog. >>got to be embarrassing with his fellow dogs to have that haircut. they probably just change the subject. >>yeah, people are mean. >>they are. >>that's going to do it for us.
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cheating? new details on j. lo's breakup. chris rock engaged? >> a triple header of breaking couples' news now on "extra." ? ? ? new photos. larry king and wif??eogether today as he's blindsided by the king camp fighting reports this man's her secret lover. did they really meet on larry's podcast? then why j. lo pulled the plug on her relationship? is her hit song "ain't your mama" about casper? plus chris rock's girlfriend sporting a new ring. did he pop the question the day before his divorce was final? >> "dancing with the stars"
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his partner. >> why does kim kardashian bother wearing clothes? her new see-through shocker. john krasinski's beefed-up transformation and how it helped his sex life with emily blunt. >> i'm emily's biggest fan. >> kobe bryant's new life after the lakers, opening up to mario about baby number three on the way and getting personal about his marriage. >> what's one thing that mrs. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra."pi'm mario l. blake shelton's ex miranda lambert bringing her new man on stage. what brought her to tears? >> also coming up, mario, a groundbreaking new beauty treatment. the lazer that could help you get arms like jessica biel. >> and the shocking headlines
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reports today that his wife has a secret boyfriend. jerry has the latest. this is the first photos of larry and sean king today as the scandalous accusations break. only weeks after the two visited extra to tell mario. >> life is good. >> "people" magazine larry is, quote, embarrassed and anguished about a year-long affair his wife has been having with this man. motivational speak tore the stars including and jada, richard green, once dubbed the master of charisma. >> if you couldn't trust someone what would happen? >> page six reporting green met sean when interviewing for him for their podcast. >> how are you working together? >> we have fun. >> it's a joke. >> the inquirer trying to groom him as the next larry king. the kings who have two sons split before in 2010, but


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