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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  August 26, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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funny money in the bay area, where investigators are finding fake bills and why some stores are changing the way they accept cash. ryan lochte facing more trouble. why the u.s. olympic swimmer could be headed to face the music for lying about a robbery in rio. >> checking the tropics this morning. invest 99 is bringing wind and rain to the bahamas, and we are looking at where it is headed next and what it means for us. i'm gene ramirez. >> reporter: and i'm melanie michael in for gayle. the important word here is it's friday. good morning, leigh.
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the tropics over the last few weeks, and this is the most active time for hurricanes to develop. we had hurricane gaston, and then this mess invest 99l, and over the last 24 hours, it significantly weakened. only a 60% chance of developing over the next 5 days, and we just got the latest information on gaston. 65-mile an hour winds, and the forecast track does make it a strong category 2 hurricane, but it stays out to sea, and no one has to we will focus back on the relatively unorganized low pressure, called invest 99l, and the center of circulation is right here in the southern bahamas, and we have storms down to jamaica at this point, and let me show you where it is expected to head. over the next 24 hours, between the bahamas, cuba, and southern florida and cuba as well. once it enters this area, it is late saturday into sunday, and it enters part of the atmosphere where it could
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will not strengthen over the next 24 hours, after that, we will watch it closely, and then most of the computer models sunday into monday, they will take the system into the gulf of mexico, and very warm water there, and we could see potential development. at this point, it's far enough off the coast, basically i will increase the rain chances, and it could be a breezier monday and tuesday. no impact from it. 93, and just hot. at 5:08, an hour-by-hour look for friday. you can weekend. >> a little bit of police activity on the veterans expressway. it's northbound. i mentioned it before, and the right lane taken away, and no delays. we are actually looking good on the veterans expressway, and also highway here is up to speed and so is 275. bradenton, down to fruitville road, 9 minutes. in manatee county this will only take you 11 minutes.
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traffic. here's an 8 on your side alert to share with you. counterfeit money is floating around the bay area, and the secret service says they are seeing more cases of fake bills. what is this all about? where is it coming from? jamel, a man was just arrested in citrus county on counterfeit charges, correct? >> that's right. he was. he was arrested for trying to pass off fake bills at a last week. the detectives say he and a woman went into bell's store last thursday and tried to purchase items, and investigators said he gave the cashier seven $20 bills that were fake. the feds are seeing an increase in the cases around the bay area, and over the weekend a local man was selling his phone on a popular app called offerup, and when we went to
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were all the same. >> i should have went with my gut. i knew something was wrong and off, and it was the way he was acting. >> reporter: and now again, the man got away with his phone. we are checking with citrus county deputies to see if there could be a connection between the cases. melanie? >> all right, reporting live for us in hillsborough county, thank you. an 8 on your side consumer alert a company those in need by offering life- saving allergy medication for a fraction of the cost. we told you how mylan has jacked up the cost of the epipens over the years to $600, and now the canadian medstore in tampa is selling them for $180. the owner explained it's the right thing to do? >> gene, good morning to you once again. he owns this store and a few
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ridiculous cost of some drugs, and he knows some families can not afford the epipens, and he's doing what he can to help. >> a lot of folks are struggling to get by and company afford the $700 cost of a prescription. >> reporter: listen to this. since 2008, the price of the epipens manufactured by mylan has soared from $100 to $600, and some families could not come close to affording it. the owner decided to se the cost with no markup. he gets the prescriptions for international pharmacies and assures 8 on your side they are safe. they are not regulated by the food and drug administration. but they are policed by the equivalent organization in the foreign countries. back here live this morning, the fda warns the drugs could be expired or fake, but the owner insists that's not the case, and some people are willing to take the risk as long as they can keep their family safe and healthy. >> people are desperate for the
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afford. ryan, thank you. we will check with you in a bit. it's 5:05, and the search is on for a campus creep at usf. it's now believed the person of interest is the man running around the university exposing himself, and you may remember we showed you a surveillance photo of the man, and now we have surveillance video of the man. it's believed he's the man who exposed himself outside of two dining halls a freaked out about it. >> most people are like who is the person? we have to find him and get him off campus. >> usf police do not believe he is a stranger to the bizarre activity. they now believe he is the man who did the exact same thing last year. more drama this morning surrounding olympic swimmer ryan lochte and his lies about an armed robbery in rio. brazilian police charged him with filing a false police report. that means ryan lochte may be
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judge. you may remember he originally claimed and three fellow swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. security video says the four faced security guards after vandalizing a gas station restroom. ryan lochte has admitted he was drunk at the time. tensions are running high in the north arabian gulf. the iranian revolutionary guard vessels were speeding towards an american ship. the navy fired warning flares but claims the boats did not back off this is the third time in 24 hours they have squared off with iranian vessels. more misery for central italy. 500 aftershocks have hit the area that was ravaged by an earthquake. a cloud of dust went over the crews that were busy searching
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267 deaths. coming up on 5:08 on this friday morning, and leigh is watching the tropics. >> certainly. so this morning, we are seeing mostly clear skies, and on the humid side as you get the friday started, and basically what we expect. we go from 79 at 8:00, up to 89 at noon, and just the slimmest rain chance in the lunchtime period, and before we go to the 30% chance in the afternoon, 93 at 4:00 p.m., going down to 88 at 7:00 p.m., just in time for friday night blitz. it's my favorite time of the year. 87degrees, and we will kick off a few isolated lingering showers. the final play, mostly dry around 82. in the headlines, in the short- term, just your typical summer days today and tomorrow. better coverage of afternoon storms on sunday, and tropical moisture will start to arrive, and at this point, monday and tuesday, that's when i'm
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and this is the tropical wave, and of course, that's very dependent on the individual path going up to a 60% chance monday and tuesday. >> we will check with traffic on the 8s as you get your friday started. >> it's a good drive. we are kicking off nicely moving into the weekend. no major issues on the roadway. veterans expressway, and we do have a little bit of police activity, and right lane taken away, and again, no delays. 275 is looking good skyway bridge, no delays moving from pinellas to manatee county, and howard frankland bridge, roughly a 6-minute commute, and there's the section near the kennedy side. that looks great. now back to melanie and gene. turn down the volume. some homeowners are claiming the bars on south howard avenue are too loud.
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i'm not here to criticize anyone, but the same people who oppose this, they are gonna get old and get a taste of this, too, to see what it's like. >> it's just really loud, and it's kind of thumping. >> the homeowners packed tampa city council to talk about the problem, and an ordinance under consideration would require bars to keep the volume 55 decibals. >> that's questions about the entertainment district that this has grown into. >> city council members will now put together a workshop p to work out a compromise on the noise level. >> you can see both sides there. if you move in now, you know what the neighborhood is all
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it's safe to say most teens are addicted to social media. >> now the schools are using social media to communicate as well. we will show you how one bay area school has its own social media team. first the investigation into two dead nuns. where they found the sisters and what investigators believe happened. you're watching news channel 8
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it's 5:14, the bodies of two catholic nuns believed to be homicide victims were discovered in a small community in mississippi. the police were called to check on the sisters who were both nurse practitioners when they didn't show up for work one day. they found them in is unknown at this time. a high speed chase in florida ending with a taser, and it was all caught on camera. deputies chasing down robert rogers, and now look after rogers walks threateningly towards deputies, and then the officer use a taser, and rogers is arrested. the sheriff is waiting on toxicology results to see if he
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a the time. officials say a suspect emerged from a home and opened fire, and the bullets hit an officer who was pronounced dead at the hospital. the service taken into custody and the officer's name has not been released yet. after the passage of a controversial law, the university of vermont women's basketball team has canceled their game against university of north house bill 2 does not allow transgender people to use bathrooms based on their preferred identity. >> our student athletes are a sensitive group, and they understand our values, and they chose to come to the university of vermont for a reason, and so i think they understood. >> >> shortly after the law went into effect, the governor of vermont imposed a travel ban to north carolina.
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on how educator are adjusting to social media as news channel 8's meredith censullo is showing us. >> reporter: they track trends and respond to demands including the use of mobile devices. mindful of that and providing important information to our families in ways that they want to get it and in ways they are used to getting it. >> reporter: that means expanding beyond the website, facebook, and twitter to platforms popular with younger audiences. >> i did a focus group recently with a few of our 8th graders, and, you know, i said what are the top social media platforms
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and so snapchat, instagram, and youtube were the top used. >> reporter: in response, the school system just launched an instagram feed, and they are developing shareable graphics and short videos, and recently the school system experimented with live streaming graduation ceremonies, and if it sounds like a lot of work, you're right, every comment or question gets a response, no matter the platform. >> we are communicating with our children, and that's a great thing. >> reporter: meredith censullo, news channel 8. >> in case you're wondering, the most shared post for the school system is a graphic on the student calendar. think they are looking to see when they are having vacation coming up? >> of course they are. they want to know when the time off is coming up. >> there's one coming up around the corner, labor day. you don't have to wait too long. a big milestone for the
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to survive infancy. >> mccoy septuplets will now be separated from each other. four of them are headed to college. they will be attending school in missouri. the university offered them free tuition, which i'm sure the parents were happy about when the kids were born. the teens are very excited about the next chapter in their lives but it will be difficult. >> it will be so weird to be their own things. we have talked about doing different things our whole life and what the careers would be like, but we never thought the day would come so fast. now that it's here, it's difficult. >> as for the other three septuplets, one entered the military, and the other are attending a junior college in des moines, iowa. >> one mentioned the military you have to love that. >> we told leigh earlier, make they should just buy a house in
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together the whole time, it's going to be weird. yeah, get a house and enjoy it. 8:00a.m., dry and warm, and 79 degrees for you, and then up to 89 at noon. just in those quick 4 hours, 10 degrees warmer, and then 93 for the afternoon high at 4:00 p.m. and just like yesterday, increasing rain chances to 49%. 78 in bartow, and 77 in north port. sunny, muggy this morning, and the wind replay of yesterday in the forecast, and spotty showers starting as early as 1:00. all the storms will make their way to the coast. it's 4:00 this afternoon, and if you're headed out to the high school football games or the boxes game, by 7:00 p.m., the rain is coming to an end -- bu cs ' game, by 7:00 p.m., the
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this is headed to, basically between florida and cuba. we will keep the typical rain chance. by sunday, there's enough of moisture to raise it to 50%, and depending on the path, 60% for monday and tuesday. we are up to speed, and it's a good drive this morning. kicking off your friday very nicely here. 301 to big bend, just 8 minutes, and then state road 64 in sarasota, that's 9 minutes on i- 75, either direction, and also i-675 in and out of pasco, and a nice drive. state road 52 to 75 there, just 11 minutes, and once you're on 275 from 75, great drive in from downtown. so minutes on your commute, and that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to melanie and gene. you may not be able to afford a tesla, but one company
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ride in one. the new ride sharing service that uses expensive vehicles and perks along the way. uber is steering its way through a rough financial path. how much money the company is losing this year and why. it's friday, and it's our favorite day around here, and you're watching news channel 8
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we are back now with an 8 on your side consumer watch.
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they have reported a loss of $1 billion this year, and the company's head of finance blames huge expenses for drivers for the company's losses, and financial experts do not believe the company is in jeopardy. in fact they explained the 7- year-old company is still experiencing huge growth. that's a new twist to ride sharing, and it's happening out west. >> we like the perks of it. one company is starting a ride sharing company using tesla's electric cars, called testloop and it er vegas and l.a.. a customer books the seat online designating a pickup and drop off, and a certified tesla pilot drives up to four people to their destinations, and on the trip they offer snacks, drinks, and yes, free wifi. the ticket costs $29 to $79 depending on the length of the trip. the company says the service is much better than taking a train
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snacks. >> pricey but maybe for a special night out or a trip to the airport. >> hope any they like the same music you do. >> the bucs' fans are getting revved up for the preseason game. and there's something new for the fans to enjoy at ray jay. a dad accused of driving drunk with his baby girl in the car. coming up, what else investigators found in the car near the baby. and up next, weather and traffic on the 8s, just 3 minutes away on this friday. z22rnz zy6z y22rny yy6y foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere.
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y22rvy yy6y it's 5:28, it's 78 degrees for the bus stop. by the afternoon, hot, humid, and 93, and a 30 percent rain chance, and temperatures will
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the rain chances going up, leslee, traffic right now this is the howard frankland and a 10 minute commute here over to
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skyrocketing prices of the life-saving epipens has people concerned nationwide. 8 on your side is looking at local company that is stepping up to help. marco rubio ai the bay area later today. we will show you when and where and how to early vote for florida's primary. the story that everyone is talking about, tracking the tropics. moving through the caribbean, bringing wind and rain. we will show you what it means for those of us in the bay area. good morning, everyone. happy friday to you. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm melanie michael in for gayle. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a lot of activity out there.


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