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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  August 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business. pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at now your consumer watch at 4. apple may have developed a new way to track down the thief who nabbed your iphone. the company filed an
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it could record a person's fingerprints or collect audio and video that would be sent to a server so police could use it to find the culprit. amazon is building more physical bookstores with the first in chicago set to open next year. the two others are targeted for san diego and portland, oregon. amazon opened its first bookstore in seattle last year. it sells books and showcases gadgets. books in the stores match the prices of those available online airline worker. most are getting raises. american airlines pilots got a 23% pay hike last year. united airline pilots earned 16%. 30,000 groundworkers for american will receive raises, and united groundworkers will get a 30% increase over five years. the pay raises are coming after employees endured years of pay
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>> . >> we will get a preview of the moves opening this weekend, including a action flick reviving a favorite character. live at raymond james stadium where the bucs are playing the browns tonight. get developments on all of today's biggest stories on tampa bay's most convenient prime time newscast every night on great 38 at 8:00.
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joining us is ed. >> all eyes on the tropics. we had a red hot start of the tropical season, not too much in jewel. we are in the meat of the season. on queue, a system we are tracking. another look here. first i want to show you the view, over tampa bay, the passing clouds by midday.
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in portions of our area. we will look at the local radar in a second. i want to get you caught up to date on what is happening with the tropical disturbance we have been monitoring. a larger view of the gulf of mexico and the caribbean. this is invest 99-l, seeing a little bit more in the way of thunderstorm activity today as compared to yesterday. the center of circulation in this general location. it is wind shear is bad for the development of tropical systems. we lake to see the higher webbed sheer, -- wind sheer. it keeps the system weak. as we go towards monday, most of the models converging on the florida strait in to the gulf of mexico, from there, forecast is still very much up in the air. some keep it closer to the west coast of florida, some take it
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at the least we are expected to get increase of moisture from this through the first half of your next workweek. thunderstorms popping up. not too much neyland o lake. building cumulus clouds. 85 this evening, scattered clouds and showers will end and roll towards the coast. dry tomorrow and we will see a better rain chance by tomorrow afternoon, a little bit more moisture in our area. we will bump the rain chance up to 95 odessa and lutes. 94 tampa. 94 wesley chapel. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms, very spotty in nature. there is lightning there, south of brandon towards gibsonton and showers and storms out over the tampa bay waters and new port richey, better moisture southernier ras. robust showers and thunderstorms, some good
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general direction of braidentop, you will deal with this, over the next couple of house. as you start rolling in to the evening, everything pushes off the coast. good news for folks to ray day to watch tampa bay, clearing on through the evening. as moisture starts to increase, through the weekend, we think the rain chances start to come up. a better shot at rain on saturday, 40%, with the potential tropical system, to the gulf, we we will have increase in rain chance, 60% by monday and tuesday. temperatures cooler in to the upper 80s. 50% on sunday. maybe you want to see a movie this weekend. rafael seth has a preview of what is now showing in the box office. >> reporter: a clash of titans in hands of stone, flick tells the true story of rober tore, a fighter fighting in the mean
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when robert de niro find a way to cage that in the ring. hands of stone is rated r. the mechanic is resurrected in mechanic resurrection. jay soop jason has to find a way to eliminate some of the most dangerous men to keep jessica alba alive. the hollers, new york artist returning to his tiny hometown after his mom gets ill, he is greeted by the same ole stuff, tension with a high school rival and aggressive ex- girlfriend and he is about to become a father himself. rated pg13. watch the first couple's first date in south side with you. film based on the 1989 meeting
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with an associate named we'll barack obama. spending a day with the charismatic young man changes her mind. there is a lot going non the bay area this weekend, if you are looking for something to do, 8 on your side has the answers. katie summers is here. thank you for being here. we have a big list of >> it starts tonight, thursdays, fridays and saturdays, safety harbor, a 2- hour paranormal walk. i didn't know safety harbor was haunted. now we do. $20 for adults, $10 for kids. that's cool. >> what is the zoo run-run. >> tomorrow at the zoo, tomorrow morning, a 5k and a
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hillsborough river. these tickets at emily arena sold in and out minutes. i heard -- sold out in minutes. >> brantley gilbert. >> mid florida credit union amphitheater. they have been banging it out with the shows lately. $18. >> finally, who doesn'ke >> in st. petersburg, the fergs st. petersburg. food trucks, craft beers, pet friendly, live music. a good time. >> tonight is the premier of our friday night blitz. big football. newschannel 8's friday night blitz, in conjunction with your crew every friday morning. we bring you a dose of school
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high school was loud and on fire. here is maredith. >> reporter: how do you get a friday started? with 93.3mlz and alonzo high school. they are getting ready for the big game tonight, they are playing their rival high school located down the road. this is huge it is their home opening game. we want to talk to the captain of the football team, omar. is your team ready? >> yes, sir. we prepared a lot for this game and wait ing for the game all year. we worked hard all season. all season for this day. they have been talking, we have been listening. we are ready, we a hyped and ready for it to go down.
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we do want to point out we have the dance team here. also the regional championship cheerleaders and who can forget the band. we are pumped. we are ready for the friday night blitz. >> also tonight on news channel 8 paul ryan is back from rio at the game between alonzo and sickles for our friday night your first at 4 sports with dan lucas. . >> reporter: josh, how are you doing? you can hear the music behind me. the buccaneers cheerleaders, rehearsing for their performances tonight. the home opener, calling it a home opener because of the rep vacations that have been -- renovations that is been done inside the stadium. this is all about football. the all important third
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this is the game where the starters will play in to the third quarter. because we see the big names play rs we are used to calling this game the dress rehearsal. dirk cutter reminded us, there is no game planning or routine stuff. it's played like any other preseason game. the bucks want to accomplish they think so on offense tonight and must fig yore out how to get off to a faster start. defense wants to continue its presubpoena, cut ser >> we got to worry about having the best 46 guys we can on september 11th. after that you want as crisp of execution as you can get. we are going to be mixing and matching line ups based on trying to protect guys health.
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preseason game. we got to play and perform. >> reporter: a lot of rays fans might have missed this last night. former ray's pitcher, moore, one out away from throwing a no hitter against the dodgers. that's when seeger hit a bloop single to end moore's night and gets the win. he threw 133 pitches in the process. i know rays fans are thinking, why, why did we get the rays got mat duffy. we are proud of mat moor's effort. jake was very good against the red sox. 5- 0 since the all star break. rays pitching still this good shape. mat moore, that was crazy last night, guys. >> i got to ask you where you stand. does it feel like there is football weather in the air? >> reporter: well, football weather for florida. it's hot out here.
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are going to test the pyrotechnics in a minute that the players run through before the introductions. if you stand near this thing it feels like you are on the sun. i was hoping they would fire it up. >> don't stand too close. the pregame stuff going on. little toasty, josh. >> i'm excited to see the big screens. it's a whole new experience. isn't it? >> reporter: this is my first time in year looking that stuff. -- time in stuff. the wrap around the stadium and screens in the corner, it's very, very intimate settingment i think it's going to be neat during the season. make you feel like you are home watching the game on television. i think that's pretty cool. seen a lot of these around the nfl and thought it's about time the bucks get this. now they got it. i'm impressed with ray jay so far, guys. >> dan and do cheerleaders --
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>> game starts at 8:00. see highlights and catch friday night, high school football blitz on job job -- newschannel
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s best selling brand. ? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. number two, your vote, 2016, big party presidential candidates are going to extremes, now accusing each other of racism. with 73 days to go until the election, donald trump and hilary clinton are exchanging a flurry of jabs, both in person and in ads. today, both candidates are taking a break from the campaign trail. number three, nasa is a step closer to a mars mission.
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successful splash down test of the o ryan spacecraft. they used explosives to fling the test capsule in to a pool of water and bounced buoyantly against safety netting. nasa hopes the o ryan will be ready for flight by 2023. >> four, tornados stories, a mother in ohio claims he grabbed her two kids and hides in the bathroom -- hid in the ba apart their home. they survived but this is what is left of their home and now the clean up. we are tracking the tropics closer to home. >> a close eye on invest 99-l over the southern bahamas. look at the system, deep convection and thunderstorm activity. the center of circulation in this area, is exposed,
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drier air entryinged intrine jed at the system. this is through the florida straits. we expect the environment to become a little bit more conducive for development and from, there a lot of the forecast models generally take this, through the eastern gulf, some a little bit closer to florida than we would like to see. something that bares watching in to next week. also, thunderstorms, some getting intense near a and sarasota county as they push towards the coast. good news tonight, as you head out towards ray jay, 84, lingering showers will come to an end. the complete check of the forecast in a bit. now, zika this your backyard. >> that's quite a sound, isn't it? never want to hear that. efforts to combat zika spreading locally in florida
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>> reporter: you would never know it by looking at her, she was born two months ago in miami affected by the zika virus and doesn't have microcephaly, the small brain and skull seen in other zika related cases across latin america. ther problems may develop. doctors found -- worry some signs problems may develop. there is scarring in ore brain and eye. -- in her brain and eye. her mother is terrified and she became infected in venezuela and traveled to the u.s. where she gave birth. >> the baby was born here and the baby has been a blessing. >> reporter: florida is home to
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42 in 3 counties, rick scott will travel to washington the first day congress gets back from recess, pushing them to approve money to help fight the virus. >> we are at the tip of the sphere. this is an issue our country will deal with. >> reporter: many places are preparing, johns hopkins is opening a comprehensive zika center where patients can get zika related treatment and support they need. the food and drug administration said on friday, all blood donations across the country should be tested for zika. erika edwards, nbc news. >> the centers for disease control reported the first known case of a person without symptoms transmitting the virus to a sexual partner. officials are preparing rules about mowing the lawn. in october, homeowners will be required to mow the right of way , the patch of grass in front of the house.
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ordinance has a provision where the county can lack to see if it warts a special exemption. they approved the change this week. a hero at work, body cam video shows a georgia police officer risking his life, trying to save a man trapped in a burning car. we are watching senior police officer dan whitney, he sees the car in flames, grabs a extinguisher and rushes to the burning car. watch what happens.
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it ends well. police tell us after the passenger was pulled free, fire gutted the backseat within minutes. this is something you seldom see firsthand and if he hasn't been rescued, likely would have died. weddings, i don't have you tell you they are expensive. some experts say when you say the word to a vendor, the price automatically goes up. we want to know if that's true. our hidden cameras find out. they joined the army to defend america. before his family could get her to claim tall, they were gone. i'm using speed buster radar to help a woman show the county why she needs a guardrail. anthony doesn't have a state license to be a building administrator. he tus have 6 months probation -- does have 6 months probations and the city's blessing to keep his job and
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they didn't know each other but a man and woman in texas are strangers no more. >> reporter: what is so unique about this duet. the two people in the video just met. pastor marge was visiting hospital patients when he st surprise, he soon had a musical partner. the video of the duet has been viewed millions of times after posted to facebook. vera swain learn what had going viral means. >> what does viral mean? they said that means you are popular. >> reporter: a bad day for the bus driver in phoenix, a water main caused a sink hole, a city bus found itself in. the thrive was the only person
4:41 pm
waiting for the bus, well, they caught another one. in michigan a group that cleans up blighted properties found more than bottles and newspapers, try a 1946 chevrolet, who left this classic beauty is a mystery. neighbors say the property has gone through several owners over the years. if no one comes forward to claim it, the clean up squad thinks they have a restoration
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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time for a look at your weather. we are talking about what is coming up in the tropics. >> things have been heating up with this area of investigation. continuing to trek towards the west and getting closer and closer to the state of florida. also back here at home, some issues to deal with of our own. showers and thunderstorms, that's a live look from hula bay restaurant. see the breeze, east, northeast, 20 miles per hour, that's coming off of a nearby thunderstorm, right now.
4:45 pm
threat for some of the scattered storms on through the evening, by tomorrow, we will dry out, start off dry with sunshine and fair weather clouds. 79 at 8:00. 88 by noon. we will see the clouds build, and a better coverage of thunderstorms for tomorrow afternoon. high temperature to 92. it's very hot out there now. 92 for lutes, same treasure island. seminole 93. coastal communities with the strong get a sea breeze to form. 93 west of chapel city and dade city. now, seeing a good coverage of showers and thunderstorms across hillsborough and tampa bay, downtown about to get hit with a downpour and intense lightning near st. petersburg, rolling over 275, towards pinellas park, eventually working to shore. a big cluster of thunderstorms
4:46 pm
and towards -- check of the tropics, area of investigation, invest 99, still encountering strong wind sheers, not a depression yet. as it rolls towards the florida straits, it will remain weak and goes in to the gulf of mexico. the models trending towards the eastern gulf, some towards the north. regardless of where it goes, we are expecting an increase in will notice that towards monday and in to tuesday, as the moisture increases, that will affect our rain chances. sunday, through midweek next week, our rain chances will be on the upswing here. getting back towards 60% by monday and tuesday, and then on, a lot of it is going to depend on where this tracks as to how strong it is. the rain chance starts to
4:47 pm
you will see for the rest of the evening, again showers and storms we see will start rolling towards the coast, that's good news, for high school football tonight and for the bucks game tonight as well if you are heading to ray jay. there are the rain chances increasing through next week. you are going to need the umbrellas. reprieve from the heat as well. high temperatures only in the 80s by tuesday and wednesday. all eyes on the potential tropical system. >> even an approaching storm can be scary, especially for children. what do you tell them to ease their fears while trying to stay realistic? dr. she doctor, thank you for being with us. you have to be careful on how you deal with children. if off child afraid, how do you approach this? >> you want to ask them, what they are afraid of. different children have
4:48 pm
to project, your fares on to them. ask them what they are afraid of. if they are afraid hurricane is a big word, weather is a big word, that's scary for them, you are going to break it down, what is the wind? what is water? what is thunder? that each of those things separately when you are in a house is not going to be able to hurt you. explain it very simply to them. maybe get water, throw the water and get fan, do a little model so >> i remember growing up in minnesota and i was terrified of tornados. if we had to go to the basement, i was terrified. can you give them a teddy or a blanket. >> we were talking about the bin binky for your daughter. my daughter takes her cookie monster. get whatever gives them comfort in general, you want to give them comfort during a storm. get everything together. pack it up in case you have to
4:49 pm
evacuation plan with them. is there something you can ease their fears about? you may have to leave or go to the basement? >> here is what we do if we stays we are going to have the shutters that help and get the food in the house, take them grocery shopping. if we have to leave, this is what the plan is going to look like, we are going to get in the car and go to grandma and grandpa, you want to feel secure, don't impose fear on to them. >> it's important, you have to worry about in a storm situation. >> its good for you, too. you should have it all written out. >> thank you so much. now a story for everybody who has planned or is planning a wedding p it can get expensive. experts say there is something else at play, a secret taxes they call it the wedding mark
4:50 pm
wedding, the prices with sky robert. national investigative correspondent, jeff rossen and his producer went under cover to find out. >> reporter: the venue. i asked for a 5- hour birthday party with a cocktail hour and sit down dinner for 150 guests. cost? >> 96 all inclusive. >> per person? >> $96 per person. >> reporter: my total all in, birthday party price, $14,667. when lindsey checks out the same venue for her wedding. she gets the same tour. >> i love these chandlers. >> reporter: the same exact ballroom.
4:51 pm
$14,667. >> reporter: and the same exact deal. great news. every party needs a photographer. watch what happens when i meet this one. just a few steps through the door, does he know we are taping a rossen reports right now? >> i h you. >> how many? >> 150. >> reporter: back to business. my birthday party. >> where is it going to take place. >> it will be in this area. >> reporter: charges me $750 for five hours of photos. >> i'm not getting rossen reports discount or anything? >> no. >> reporter: $750 is what anybody would pay. >> no hidden privileges. >> reporter: when lindsey goes
4:52 pm
for the same night. >> five hours, the reception. no pose photos or getting right side before. >> reporter: she says her event is going to be in the same area. >> $800. >> $800. >> reporter: lindsay gets charged $50 more for the wedding. pretty close. he later told us he charged more for the wedding because he misunderstood and thought her location was farther away. when we think al shop for a dj and find a big price gap. >> 1650. >> shooting star package. >> 165? >> m-hmm were. >> reporter: when lindsey gets a price from the same guy. >> you are looking at 2500. >> shooting star package and the photo booth. >> cocktail hour for free. >> reporter: that's right, same night, the same package.
4:53 pm
>> reporter: birthday party price, $1650. lindsey's wedding praise, $2496.50. that's almost $850 more for the wedding. the dj company telling nbc news, weddings require attention to detail, the talent must go through a lengthy training process and back up equipment is taken, birthday parties have less formalities and pl a revealing peek behind the vail before you say, i do. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. this is one of the cases where you can play junior rossen reports, go under cover, don't need hidden cameras, get the price, have your friend call up the same vendors and get prices for a birthday party on the same night, same services. most places will give you
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coming up, a skunk stuck in a cup. not a very appealing rescue, either. >> other officers free the skunk's head. you will see it when first at
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now at havertys furniture, it's our labor day sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until september 5th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. get free delivery, plus an extra hundred-dollars off every thousand-dollars you spend. with havertys, your home can be perfect,
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mom? have you see my iguana? the labor day sale is on now, at havertys. life looks good. >> now let's take a look at what's trending. >> beginning with a teacher who came up with a catchy way to greet his new students. >> hello, i'm your teacher. i'm mr. reed, it's very nice to meet you. >> this chicago teacher is
4:58 pm
interest online with a rap video he created for his fourth grade students. dwayne reed is 25 years old and new to the classroom so he made the video to introduce himself. he offers advice and expectations for the upcoming school year. he has time to finish his classroom because chicago public schools don't start until september 6. by the way, he says this is his only rap video so far. >> video of a its head is going viral. the skunk is walking in circles. you see two officers watching that animal. corporal gabriel golden suddenly reaches down, grabs the cup, and throws it. and darts away. fortunately, he was able to avoid the creature's stinky defense mechanism. but the other bicycle officer, the guy in the gray, not nearly as lucky. he needed a new uniform. shouldn't have been standing
4:59 pm
wednesday. it already has more than 80,000 views. now, the world's largest rubber duck. it was spotted in the buffalo river overnight. it towers a whopping 61 feet above the water and weighs about 11 tons. the likelihood of mama duck flying away is slim. wind and storms will not be able to carry the duck off. mama duck and her duckling timmy are in new york festival. to see what is trending and get updates between newscasts you can always go to >> newschannel8 at 5:00 with jen and keith starts right now. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> this storm doesn't have a name, but it could bring us a lot of rain as it headed into the gulf. we have the latest forecast track. >> and waging war on zika. we will show you how the battle begins in bay area backyards. a known hot zone for mosquitoes.
5:00 pm
a homeowner who has seen speeding cars crash through her fence knew she better call behnken for help. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us. we will start with the tropics. we are watching that potential tropical threat that could bring wind and rain to the bay area. it could have been worse. meteorologist steve jerve will explain what is headed our way. >> we have been talking about this for days. still, it has not strengthened into anything. a tropical depression, a tropical storm, it is still investigation and low pressure with a low level circulation. that is a bit open today too. this is what we are talking about. the broad area in the atlantic basin. we have invest 99-l with a 60% chance of development. and gaston, a tropical storm today. visible satellite imagery, probably the best way to spot any circulation, you can see the tampa bay area in the left portion of the screen. zoom into where we think the


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