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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  August 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning. i'm melissa moreno. thank you so much for joining us. we are going to get to our top stories in a moment. first we are going to check on the weekend forecast with ed bl moving right along at 7:00 a.m. make sure you have your umbrella handy for later this afternoon. first half of the day i think we are good. later this evening the thunderstorms will start forming. temperatures stay warm and steamy as we take you hour-by- hour, we'll see the numbers get to 88 by noon. on our way up to 92 for your high by 3:00 and 4:00. there is the latest on invess 99. the system we have been tracking. right now it is just an opened wave at this point.
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taking this through the florida strait then entering the gulf of mexico. the good news if you are us most of the models take this back to the west closer to the central gulf. it is maintained as a very weak system overall. a lot of good news we are seeing this morning in regards to the tropical disturbance. here's our forecast model as we go through the day. inland showers and thunderstorms developing. they'll start to push back towards the coast. think we'll see a better coverage of rain than we are the best chances, just like yesterday, will be south of i-4. the rain chance starts to climb as we get an influx of tropical moisture from that tropical wave. we'll break down that forecast track and show you exactly what to expect for the entire weekend ahead. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. new overnight a man is injured after a mobile home fire in lakeland. firefighters responded to the home on new tampa highway just before 11:00 last night. the man has burns on his hands
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his home was destroyed. > lightning struck and killed a woman in sarasota county park. she was on coconut avenue when stormed rolled in last night. we were told the woman was homeless. her name has not been released. f0 > a bad crash in st. petersburg last night. a car flipped, knocked down a power pole and then caught a nearby palm tree on fire. the driver was able to get out of the car. a passenger had to be rescued. everyone is expected to be okay. this morning bay area parents are outraged. they believe a man who runed play-doh academy in largo is lying to them about several issues of mold concerns in the classrooms. f0 news channel 8 reporter mary mcguire reported on these charges on wednesday. she is joining us live from
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reporter: they certainly did. they really let him have it. they think that the ceo is behind a large scale cover up of the mold in these classrooms. understandably they are concerned about their children's health. f0 st night they all met in the school's cafeteria at play-doh academy to grill the ceo of the f0 company about what may be making their children sick on friday night. fore the meeting several parents showed us the middle school classrooms that are ground door. they pointed out what they believe is mold near a vent and where tiles in the floor is coming up. f0 i think he is in denial and hiding behind the word it is not mold so he doesn't have to come out and do it all in secret. >> reporter: he still maintains there is no mold showing five tests done by independent environmental companies. showing the classrooms are safe before students. rick wolf, he is the director of charter schools for pinellas county schools, he made a site visit here on thursday. f0 the independent environmental
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state of florida. that's what pinellas county schools is asking those at plato academy in largo to have completed. other meeting is planned here on monday night at 6:00 p.m. to discuss this topic. certainly tempers were flaring here last night. f0 thank you very much live from largo. right now authorities need your help finding a missing elderly woman. 83-year-old myrtle panel has the beginning stages of dementia. she may be driving a 2007 black ford focus. if you have any information new overnight, severe flooding in downtown kansas city. take a look at this video of the fast moving water. you can see in some cases nearly up to the roofs on the cars. torrential rain flooded the city swamping cars and prompting multiple water rescues. as the water went down emergency vehicles checked for
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in parts of indianapolis several streets and intersections flooded after heavy rains. one driver attempted to cross an underpass. as you can see it didn't work out so well. the suv began to float. officials say it only takes a foot of water to float many vehicle. it is always best to turn around and don't drown. a florida judge has ruled that third graders can not be held back if they score badly on the ruling is in response to a lawsuit filed by parents. they are protesting a law that ties advancement to fourth great with reading test performance. happening today, your chance to help needy students in the classroom. the folks at elder ford of tampa are going to stuff the truck with donated supplies for hillsborough county schools.
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f0 items most needed are backpacks, stationary and sanitary supplies. when you donate an item you'll get a coupon either for a free chicken biscuit or sandwich. > this weekend is your last chance to vote early for next tuesday's primary. some early election sites will be opened through tomorrow. while others close today. we have a list posted on our website just search early voteing. -- voting. > a new f.d.a. advisor is calling for every blood bank in the u.s. to test for zica. up until now only blood banks in puerto rico and south florida counties had to test for the virus. f0 i think it is a good idea. now we are talking about future birth defects. >> officials want to make sure
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last month the f.d.a. ordered blood banks in fort lauderdale to stop accepting donations until screenings could begin. as the zica virus creeps closer to our backyards the city of tampa is declaring war. code enforcement officers are targeting areas where mosquitoes drive. any standing water is a cause for concern. if you see a property with issues you are urged to give the city a call. several microwaves are being recalled this morning because of a fire hazard. next, we'll show you which ones. plus, actor ryan lochte lost his endorsement deal with speedo. another company is giving him a chance.
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an important 8 on your side consumer alert this this microwaves from whirlpool due to a fire hazard. they were sold in stainless steel, black and white. if you have a microwave stop unusing it, unplug it and contact whirlpool for a repair.
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going to cost thousands of jobs. that could mean 6600 jobs cut. some in london. others in belgium. it is unclear how u.s. operations in st. louis will be affected. > olympian ryan lochte scored a forgiving endorsement with pine brothers. it comes less than a week after losing several high profile deals in the wake of his rio scandal. he responded on twitter thanking them for the confidence saying he is looking forward to making pine brothers proud. coming up, we'll have your full forecast. also ahead a soldier willing to give us all for his country isn't getting much help from his former employer. coming up next, how this soldier had thousands of the
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> he took an oath to defend his country. and someone walked off with thousands of dollars worth of this soldier's work tools. gone, and no one from a bradenton car dealership seems to know what happened to them. senior investigative reporter steve andrews found that this dealership just doesn't seem interested in making this young soldier whole again. >> reporter: steven joined the u.s. army earlier this year. he is in the infantry training in fort campbell learning skills to keep him alive on a battlefield. >> he needs to be focused and not worried about this. >> reporter: according to steven's mother, he is angry about his missing tool cart. one like this. and his expensive tools worth $4,000. it all just vanished from the dealership. >> nobody knows what happened to it. >> reporter: steven resigned from the dealership service department before christmas when the army told him it was time to report. >> no problem. no issues. we'll have it. we'll keep it safe for you. >> reporter: when they showed up in january the content and tools were gone. >> they had a barbeque, they opened up the garage and pushed it out of the way. the next day they realized it wasn't there anymore. >> reporter: the manatee county sheriff's office ran into a dead end. >> it takes two people to roll up on a trailer. somebody had to have help.
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>> reporter: stacie joe contacted rick harris, the general manager about reimbursing steven. another dead end. the general manager told me they were not liable and hung up on them. i called him to see if he hung up on me. >> reporter: he said steven was a good employee. everyone liked him. he stopped returning my calls two weeks ago. >> he leaves to go join the army. and you don't have it in your heart to make it right? >> reporter: steven andrews news channel 8. >> steve asked if security cameras caught the crooks in action. unfortunately there were none no place during the crime. f0 the sun is rising on this saturday. taking a look from our newest
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and linebaugh. a little bit of traffic out there. we are starting off with scattered cloudiness overhead. it is 77 at that location. how about that sunrise near land o'lakes. this morning 75 degrees. light northeast breeze. east wind will continue. a look over new port richey. 77 to get you started this morning. 79 at 8:00 a.m. we'll call it sunshine with high clouds. then sun and clouds mix with an isolated shower and thunderstorm inland today. by the afternoon the storms that form inland will push back towards the coast. 92 warm and steamy this afternoon. we are sitting at 79 in tampa.
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cooler to the north. inverseness not too bad at 73 this morning. starting off quiet over most of the sunshine state here. there are a few showers already getting going on the east coast of florida. that's the beginnings of our rain chance later today. those will continue to push back towards the west coast. we are keeping our eyes on the tropics. it has been very active. three systems invess 99, invess 91 and tropical storm gaston. we'll go ahead and take a ok here's invess 99. the one closest to home. it is expected to roll through the florida traits and eventually into the gulf. it will likely stay as a fairly weak system. good news, most of the models actually take this further west. which means away from tampa bay. we'll likely see an increase of moisture and it will help increase our rain chances locally. here's our latest area of investigation. invess 91l. it could comparely close to the north carolina coastline before making a quick turn back out to
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the strong easterly flow continues. any storms that form will be driven back towards the coast as we go into the afternoon and evening. we'll start off dry sunday. partly cloudy skies. sunday afternoon with increasing moisture, i think we'll see a better coverage of showers and thunderstorms. during the afternoon by sunday. and certainly by monday and tuesday, as we get a little bit more of a southeasterly wind. that will help draw in moisture from the your rain chance jumps to 60% by monday and tuesday. that is thanks to the passing tropical wave. temperatures will be a bit cooler in the upper 80s. good news with this system. it looks like for the most part it will stay fairly weak and push a little bit further out in the gulf. >> that does sound good. a little bit of rain so i'm definitely packing my umbrella this weekend. >> especially if you are
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several events going on this weekend around the bay area means there could be a few traffic tieups. leslie lacy has our weekend traffic report. >> hello. i hope you are enjoying your saturday. we are going to talk about a couple of events taking place tonight. at the fairgrounds we have brantly gilbert in town. expect it to be very busy an hour before and an hour after the event. i-4, orient road, exit 301 and martin luther king are the areas that gets bogged down. another big event. this is at the amalie arena. we have drake in town expected to be very busy. that gets underway at 7:00 p.m. what you are going to see is stacked and packed traffic all around the arena. keep that in mind. morgan street and channelside get clogged up as well as the selmon expressway and kennedy coming into the arena. that's a look at the roadways. back to you. >> thank you very much. high school football is back. what a first week. coming up next, a move worthy of sports center? we sure think so. we'll show you this incredible
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good morning. last night we kicked off another exciting season of the friday night blitz. >> you call it exciting already. >> i thought it was an exciting opening night. we'll hand out these every week, by the way, team of the week for the friday night show.
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alonzo sickles high school separated by a few miles. the former sub500 last year. latter has been to the playoffs a few years running. >> the powers that be set up the schedule so ravens and griffins open up every year. that was last night. here's our friday night blitz game of the week. gentlemen. let's have a great game all right? >> last season sickle shutdown alonzo in the opener. jordan mccloud play action to the full extension. that's a catch no matter what sport you are playing. later in the drive no dive necessary this time. wide opened and in for six. griffins on the board first. later in the quarter the siren keeps blaring for sickles. third down and a mile. mccloud did a barrel roll. he double covers to move the
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of dan's pursuits of females, fruitless. david silver with the 4th down. they'll punt or not. check this out. a real barrel roll from johnson. did that really just happen? he must have been watching the olympics. he sticks the landing. what did he score? >> i would take a ten for that. >> that's a ten. >> unfortunately for alonzo they could not find points on the drive. sickles goes back to the well. mccloud gone. alonzo wins the battle for sports center top ten supremacy. another shut out 26-0 is the final. >> bucs opened well, played their third preseason game last night. we could say opening the season. >> we had the starters in for a first time. if the first half of last
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fun season for bucs fans. jameis winston for a couple weeks now talking about quick starts. hits vincent jackson. same drive went to mike evans. winston had 259-yards in one half. this drive stalls. 48-yards. the entire stadium holding its breathe for roberto o. three for three field goals. three extra points. touchdown 10-3 bucs at that po adam humphrys your number one punt returner for a reason. >> where's cleveland? >> he is running into your livingroom. 73-yards. robert griffin iii thrown around like a gnat. bucs had four sacks in the first half. check out mike evans. that's pretty.
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23-3. bucs win 30-13. we should take this time to reminded everyone, tomorrow night is the return of the bucs bonus show. >> what? this is news to me. i'm going to be here all night tomorrow. >> next week team of the week on the blitz. >> have a great saturday! >> thank you very much. ride home turned into a traumatizing incident. coming up, how one 8-year-old girl wound up at the wrong bus on the field there has been a gap lately. the former sub500 last year. stop and the emotional call her
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rise and sunshine tampa bay. it is officially the weekend. 7:30. you are taking a live downtown tampa. good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm melissa moreno. in our top stories this morning a moldy mess at a bay area school. children are sick and parents are outraged. we'll show you what parents had to stay to the school's ceo last night. you may remember him as the guy who was found eating one of his victim faces. well this fsu student is now awake. we'll bring you the latest on his condition and what investigators are waiting on. at the university of north carolina, the controversial bathroom bill has been blocked.
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first we are going to get a check on our forecast with ed bloodsworth. >> good morning. not a bad start if you are getting ready to got out the door and got your weekend plans underway. where ever you are traveling to in tampa bay this morning you should have a dry commute. temperatures seasonably warm in the 70s and a few low 80s out there. with 81 in st. pete. 79 in tampa. and 74 this morning in apollo beach. our weather watcher wendy in degrees this morning. we are still keeping our eyes on the tropics. we have that tropical wave sitting over the southern b ahamas. still not very organized at all. it looks to stay fairly weak as it generally heads towards the southern gulf of mexico. latest run of the forecast m odels actually take this further to the west. development chances come down overnight. a weaker system expected. moisture will start to increase over the next couple days in our area. similar story this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms by
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they'll start pushing back towards the west coast of florida. just like yesterday we could see some heavy downpours. that chance will favor or coastal community and areas south of i-4. that's where the better moisture is going to lie. 79 this morning. if you have that early morning jog you are good to go. by the afternoon it is 92 grows with -- degrees with that 40% rain chance. the rain chances are going up over the next couple of days. bay area parents are outraged and they are scared for their children's health. they say a serious mold issue at a largo school is not being addressed. last night they confronted the charter school's ceo. mary mcguire is joining us live from plato academy. how is the ceo responding to all of this? >> reporter: he is absolutely adamant there is no mold in the classrooms here in largo. parents have a different
7:33 am
they believe the ceo is part of a large scale coverup operation to conceal the mold in these classrooms. they say it has been going on for months. last night dozens of parents grilled the ceo of the company about what may be making children sick. before the meeting several parents showed us the middle school classroom that are ground zero for this mold problem. they claim places where a quick clean up and paint is hiding the mold. they are all pointing the finger at the ceo who offered us a pledge. >> i'm donate the funds for you to go out and get your own reports of the company of your chosing. independent and i will pay for it personally. >> reporter: parents have become so worried about the issue that some have even pulled their kids out of a class another plato academy in largo. there is another board meeting scheduled for monday night at 6:00 p.m. we reached out to rick wolf, has the director of charter
7:34 am
schools. he made a site visit here on thursday. after that visit he sent an e- mail to the ceo ordering that an official mold inspection be done by a licensed mold inspector immediately to ensure the health and safety of the kids and the staff members that teach in these classrooms. you can bet we are going to check up. >> mary mcguire live in largo. thank you very much. a pinellas county mother is demanding answers after her daughter was dropped off at the wrong school bus stop. now, that bus driver is off the job. her 8-year-old daughter was missing for more than an hour. the child was dropped off at a bus stop more than 20-miles a way from where she should have been. the mother told us the substitute bus driver doesn't
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>> and she was crying and i could not understand what she was saying. a woman had found her. she didn't know where she was. so the woman got on the phone and told me she was in tarpon springs. it was very upsetting and traumatizing really. >> wow! well pinellas county school officials told us the substitute bus driver did not follow policy or meet expectations. again, that bus driver has been taken off the job. the fsu student accused of a gruesome his eyes since this incident. you may remember the 19-year- old was biting off flesh from the face of one of his victims. now that has awake everyone is anxious to hear his story. investigators are waiting for fbi drug test results. >> they will begin the process of determining what, if any substance would have been in our suspect's blood. >> his liver and his lungs are failing. possibly from chemical poisoning.
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a man suspected of killing two mississippi nuns is now behind bars. 46-year-old rodney sanders is charged with two counts of capital murder. the bodies of the two sisters were discovered about ten miles from where they lived after not showing up for work. it is a race against time to fine survivors of the massive earthquake that hit central italy. the death toll now continue tussores. authorities say say they confirmed 281 people dead after three more bodies were found in the rumble. the italian government declared today a day of national mourning. the u.s. coast guard rescued two people stranded on a pacific ocean island. they signaled for help by writing s.o.s. in the sand. they set out ten days earlier with what the coast guard called limited supply and no
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north carolina's so-called bathroom bill will not apply to three people at the university of north carolina. controversial law prevents transgender people from using the restroom or locker room that matches their sexual identity. the federal judge who handed down the ruling concluded that the law violates title 9. happening today it is fan fest at fsu where fans can meet student athletes and coaches from all 19 of usf's athletic team. the event will be held at the sun dome from 11:00 to 1:00. it is free a there will be autographs, pictures, games and performances from the cheerleaders. that sounds like a good time. >> we are only a week away from college football. that's exciting. i can't wait. >> a quick check with the weather photos. we had cloudy skies yesterday evening before sunset.
7:38 am
look at the overcast stormy skies there. that was from largo yesterday. i think we'll see skies like this later on today. we'll break down your rain
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three army veterans were about to be laid to rest in sarasota. but no one was going to be there for their funeral. as john rogers shows us sarasota county deputies decided to do something about it. >> reporter: sarasota national cemetery is the eternal home of heros. these men and women gave so much and deserve to be honored. but sadly some of these heros die alone. on wednesday three u.s. army veterans were set to be buried and no one was available to attend their funeral. >> i knew we had to organize some people to go down there and give them the honor and respect due to them. >> reporter: deputies volunteered to take time out of their day, stand in the heat and recognize these heros they had never met. >> it was awesome. it was awesome. >> reporter: they joined patriot guard riders like kim miller, together they paid tribute. >> unfortunately some people do pass without having anyone. maybe other family members
7:42 am
>> reporter: many of these deputies are veterans themselves and felt it was their duty to be there. his story is unique. his uncle died in vietnam in 196. -- 1968. his remains were never found until the 90s. think thankfully was able to see his uncle laid to rest. he wanted to be here for this. >> when i hear taps play it reminds me of the day in 1994 when i wta it does mean so much to me. >> reporter: these heros gave so much for us. this was a way to say thank you. >> certainly an amazing gesture. that was john rogers reporting. the sheriff's office was free sented with one of the flags that was used in the service. the department plans to proudly display it at their aviation hangar. good morning. we are moving right along on
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saturday. we are looking live from crystal river at the plan expectation. 75 degrees to get you started. we have some scattered c loudiness overhead. no rain this morning. a view from our camera veterans ford in tampa. 77 degrees along the veterans expressway and linebaugh this morning. good news in land o'lakes, lots of sunshine. fair weather clouds this m orning. but those clouds will likely start building up by the afternoon. your headlines, we have this easterly flow in for the last couple of days. it looks to continue today. that will drive any thunderstorms we see back towards the coastline on the west coast of florida. more moisture over the next few days means increasing rain chances. of course the tropics are very busy. we have three systems right now we are keeping an eye on. 240% chance of thunderstorms. all will roll west. 92 degrees for your afternoon high. lit stay warm and steamy. starting off muggy this
7:44 am
75 brooksville. 79 plant city. 79 in tampa. right now not too much h appening. we have a few showers making their way on the east coast of florida. you can see as they start rolling from the atlantic, back through the state of florida, they'll roll in that general direction from east to west. let's get to the tropics. we have three systems as i mentioned. instress 99, 91 and tropical storm gaston. can't forget about that. that could become a hurricane later on today. let's focus in on ss roll through the florida straits. it should stay very weak. barely beyond anything more than a tropical wave as it rolls in the keys and straits. once it gets in the gulf the environment will become conducive to development. we could see something form in the gulf of mexico. most of the models take this further and further west. that's exactly what we like to see in tampa bay.
7:45 am
could head towards north carolina. it has a 30% chance of becoming a tropical system. back here at home showers and thunderstorms development -- develop inland and moves towards the coast in the afternoon and evening. saturday storms starting inland and moving back towards the coast. as moisture increases the next couple of days we'll see a better coverage of showers and thunderstorms. rain chances jump to midweek next week. >> i like that. thank you very much. at the movies this weekend we go back to the 20th vent you where -- century where b oxing drew big crowds. roberto duran was one of them. here's this week's box office preview. >> reporter: it is a dollar of titans in hands of stone. this flick tells the true story
7:46 am
when coach robert robert de niro finds a way to cage the rage in the ring it leads to some of the biggest matches in u.s. history to u.s. champ sugar ray leonard. it is rated r. the mechanic is resurrected in mechanic resurrection. the sequel finds jason back in the butt kicking business. he has to find a way to eliminate some of the world's most dangerous men to keep alba alive. >> temporary paralysis? >> reporter: john chafes at his family ties in the haulers. his mom gets ill and he is greeted by the same old stuff including tension with a high school rival and aggressive exgirlfriend and the fact he is about to become a father himself. has rated pg-13. >> what is this boy's name? >> barack obama. >> reporter: this film is based on the 1919 meeting lawyer michelle robinson with an associate in our office named barack obama. she refuses at first to call their outing a date. spending a day with the young man changes her mind.
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anyone who sleeps next to someone who snores knows it can be tough to get a good night's sleep. coming up next, 8 on your side looks at three inexpensives ons
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." i like people that weren't captured."
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foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein foster farms corn dogs. for monster appetites. an 8 on your side consumer alert this morning for families with loud snores. there is a boom of new over-the- counter products claiming to immediately relieve the noise and give you and your spouse a better night's sleep. jeff rosin puts these three most inexpensive options to a
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>> reporter: jack snores every single night. allowings to set up cameras in his bedroom to capture it all. his wife of 11 years loves him so. >> good night. >> reporter: but she can't take it anymore. >> you kicked him out of the bedroom. >> you know what? i need to get my sleep. at this point i would do anything to get him to stop snoring. >> reporter: now these inexpensive over-the-counter products claim to be the solution. the snore no more pillow. the anti-snore chinstrap. we'll have jack try each one. it is unscientific but let's see what happens. >> this is a mouth guard. put it in. >> sure. >> the website says it will immediately reduce or stop your snoring. do you want to give it a shot? >> uh-huh. >> you ready?
7:52 am
>> reporter: jack climbs into bed. i'm watching a live feed from down stairs. >> he is quiet. not a peep from him. the mouth guard worked. >> reporter: on another night jack put on the anti-snore chinstrap. >> are you comfortable? >> very. >> according to the website the company says they guarantee it will eliminate your snoring immediately when you start wearing it. >> let's try it. >> reporter: most of the time it works but, jack had his loud moments. >> the company says the end result, there is no snoring. well, there's some. >> reporter: we reached out to the company. no response. but on yet another night a real surprise with that special snore no more pillow. just over an hour in >> yep, he's snoring. has been for a little while
7:53 am
pillow said without knowing more they can't comment on jack's experience but the pillow has helped many of its users and sleeping partners a chief --achieve a better night's sleep. only the mouth guard stopped his snoring entirely. a solution for this. (snoring). coming up, a special surprise by a former nba star at a polk county high school. we'll show you why coming up
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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a really exciting surprise for students at a polk county high school. seven time nba all-star tracy mcgrady showed up at a school pep rally yesterday morning. the retired basketball player is from auburn dale. his career began with the bloodhounds. today he will host empowerment day in his hometown at the community center. students will be able to attend workshop on leadership, life skills and goal setting 10:00 to 4:00 today. >> that's the what you like to see. all these athletes go on to amazing careers but but they don't forget where they came from. let's talk about weather and what's happening. how about that for a start at
7:57 am
60 degrees and scattered clouds on the coast. have the umbrellas ready for later this afternoon. rain chances averaging around 40%. i think we'll see a higher rain chance along the coast and southern communities. train chance -- rain chances increase for everyone. rain chance up to 60% monday and tuesday. highs will cool down by midweek next week in the mid to upper 80s. >> that's the part we like. thank you for joining us this morning. our next newscast is
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good morning. breaking overnight. under arrest. one man behind bars charged with capital murder in the death of two nuns. a crime that rocked the small town of mississippi and the nation. this morning, how were able to move quickly and capture the alleged killer. foding fears. all eyes on florida as a tropical system in the caribbean is closer to landfall. major concerns it will dump up to 10 inches of rain. the middle of the country slammed by flash flooding forcing drivers to flee for their lives. governor under fire.


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