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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  August 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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cowan ed bloodsworth catching a killer. the man police say shot and killed his neighbor count. today is the last day to vote for next tuesday's primary. this morning, a look at how the polls are looking so far good morning everybody and thanks for being here so bright and early. thank you for joining us. first off, we're going to get to the weather with ed. that all important sunday morning forecast reporter: we are starting off fairly quiet this morning. a bit of a mild, muggy,
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starting cooler in brooksville, 76. these numbers slightly above where we should be for this time of year. by-hour temperature. also, we're tracking what's developing to our south. that tropical wave, now a tropical low. the latest models take into into the southern gulf. after we get past the gulf, models are all over the place. there
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-- still a lot of uncertainty as to where this will go. it will start to increase our moisture monday and tuesday and that will translate into higher rain chances ahead. for today, we're going to have showers and thunderstorms start around midday in our inland communities. they'll start to push back towards the coastline similar toe what we had yesterday. coastal community, your rain chance will come later in look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the rain chances is up to that 60% range. again, all dependant on what happens with this tropical system. >> ed, thank you so much. a tarpon springs man in custody after
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mary joins us from the justice center. mary, it look a lot to get this guy behind bars? reporter: you're slightly right. several agencies including tarpon police, the florida department of law enforcement, and the s.w.a.t. team worked together to take this bad guy down. i want to give you a look at what we're talking about. this is the suspected killer, frederic police say bentley and tarenzo smith were lived at a motel when the two got into an argument when bentley took out a gun and shot smith. >> we can only, you know, staged together as a family. you know, at this point in time, we're going be taking it pretty tough because it being somebody really close to us, and it being my aunt's baby boy, you
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definitely going be tough. reporter: bentley was found walking in the road in the 1,000 block of magnolia drive in clearwater. he was arrested without incident. this morning, we are still checking with be jail the see exactly when bentley -- the jail to see exactly when bentley is booked. he will make an appearance in front of a judge tomorrow. >> all right, mary, hospital this morning after another kid shot him in the ankle. this happened at north 19th avenue. the shooter, police say, ran from the scene. fortunately, the victim is going be all right. at last check this morning, police have yet to identify the shooter. a traffic nightmare in south florida. look at in after the ground gives way.
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lanes. this is the turnpike in miami gardens. look at those massive sink holes. we're told those were caused by a water main break. no word on when the turn bike will reopen. now to coverage of your vote in the race for the white house. hillary clinton received her first national security briefing as the democratic national nominee. the meeting was held in white as a former secretary of state, she routinely attended such meetings. donald trump had his first briefing earlier this month. >> trump is spending time in iowa this weekend. saturday, he took part in the roast and ride fund raiser for the senator. during the event, [inaudible] blasted the safe
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hillary clinton's daily schedule as secretary of state until after the election. >> there's too much stuff on that. it's only -- it's terrible. it's terrible. it's protection from a corrupt, rigged system. its disgusting. >> next week, trump's running mate mike pence will be in the bay area. he will attend a fund raidser and then raiser and be in sarasota for an event. the florida senate race is getting a lot of attention. it is marco rubio against beruff on the republican side. today is the last day to vote early for next tuesday's primary. as melissa shows us, turnout has been better than expected. >> so far, this is turning out to be a big
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>> i've always voted since i was 18 but the early voting makes it convenient. reporter: it's a growing trend in the bay area, people casting their ballot before election day. >> we're having a great turnout for voting. we've gotten back almost vote by mail cards. reporter: in 2012, there were 20,000 voters. >> we've reggered more -- registered more voters than we did to begin with. reporter: it isn't just about political parties. >> we've got school board races and some judge races that are going to be determined at the primary so it's important to come out and
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everybody to vote on no what ther what your party affiliation is. reporter: and then we look ahead to tuesday. >> i think it's a big year. its a huge year. every registered voter should get out. reporter: we have a list posted own our website of open polling locations, >> still ahead, scary moments in the sky. a vital piece of plane bound for florida failing mid flight. the hoar identifying moments -- horrifying moments as the pie lateral made an
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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duval did you: scary moments in the sky as a flight from new orleans to florida lost part of an edge nba party -- engine in the air. reporter: passengers say it sounded like an explosion. >> we were kind of zoned out and then all of a sudden, it was that huge, loud noise. reporter: it happened saturday morning. flight 3472 from new orleans to orlando forced to land in pensacola after
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reporter: passenger photos show the front of the engine inlet missing. >> i looked back and it was gone. i just saw metal flapping. reporter: there were 99 passengers and crew members aboard. no one was injured. >> i thought it was a terrorist attack because it was that loud explosion and everyone started screaming. reporter: southwest called it a mechanical issue 1 engine. >> we're definitely grateful that we're safe and watched over. we had good pilots. reporter: the ntsb is investigating. >> safely on the ground, all right. southwest is refunding customers money for the flight and also giving them a $500 voucher for future travel. >> still ahead, mother nature put their
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young gymnasts were just rewarded for hard work. >> we have three systems we are keeping our eyes on out there. one close to home, two
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morning. a tornado last year appeared to put these young gymnasts dreams on hold but instead of giving up, they learned to persevere. dave gutierrez introduces us to some inspirational young athletes. reporter: for sheridan ramsey, strength is a balancing act. >> strength is getting through something you thought you couldn't g gymnasts at aim high academy. >> when the tornado hit, that was the scariest part because it sounded like thunder hit the building. reporter: jennifer patterson is the owner of the gym, credited with saving the girls. >> firefighters swooped in, scaring the girls to safety one by one.
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going to be bigger and better than ever, aren't we. reporter: since then, with no permanent space, practice has been a struggle. the future of the gym up in the air. the girls told replacing the building could take four years. >> i'm thinking some of these girls may not ever get to experience that if it takes that long. reporter: it seems like forever. >> it seems like forever. reporter: on this day, when students are bussed to what they think is a birthday party, they ha businessman with a $1 million donation will allow them to keep this gym for themselves. >> welcome to your new gym. reporter: the moment it dawns on the girls. >> this is a nice gym. [ crying ] >> they never lost hope. when you have faith in something that is
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love the sport even more now that i know i'm stronger than a tornado. reporter: a lesson learned off the mat that sometimes the most powerful strength is resilience. . we've got thunderstorm chances of our own going to arrive later this afternoon. the first half of the day looking you should be good wherever your going weather wise today. we're going to get a big surge of moisture into our area early next week thanks in part or thanks mainly to invest 99l. let's go and get you through today. 80 degrees at 8:00, staying quiet. 88 by noon.
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coast in the latter portions of the evening. this morning, 81 degrees getting you started in st. pete. 79 for tampa. a mild and extremely muggy start. you can sort of feel a higher humidity this morning. those dew points in up ther 70s near 80. right now, not much happening. a few sprinkles have landed in orlando but that's thunderstorms to form and everything will start pushing back toward the west coast. there's that tropical low, invest 99l. the latest run of the computer models have just come in. most are taking this through the florida straits as a weak system. once it gets into the waters of the gulf of mexico, the environment is expected
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some development. from there, models having a hard time zeroing in on the path. this one certainly bears watching up and down the west coast of florida. gaston, now a hurricane. winds of 90 miles per hour. our latest invest 91l looks to head towards the carolina coastline but most should work back to the atlantic. by noon, we're get a few thunderstorms to form in our inland communities. everything startings pushing back towards the coast as we go through the evening. a decent coverage of rain fall as we go through the afternoon. you'll start off your work week and school week with cloudy skies. easterly flow drives the thunderstorms back toward the coast. i do think with excess moisture around, we are going
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we are going to be watching the tropics to determine what our rain chances will be but i bet south florida will get rain fall early next week and that will spread towards our area as well at least enhancing our typical summertime pattern. rain chances today, lowest to the north, highest to the south. temperatures stay hot, 93 for today but with more clouds, temperatures come down a bit. rain chances at 60% for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all of that highly dependant on exactly where this tropical low passes so we'll be keeping an eye on that. >> and those spaghetti models looked way to the south ofs. >> yeah, but once it gets in the gulf, its up in the air. >> coming up, the rays visit the astros and the rowdies do something
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can you guess what i'm talking about? >> plus, we fakey look at what has been dubbed the highlight of the year. see what a high school star did to make
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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. buried in the headlines of high school football and a buc's preseason game, the rays did a very rays thing friday
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tampa bay rallied from a 3-nothing deficit and took the lead only to blow it allowing back to back home runs. tampa bay hoping for a less cruel fate last night and they get it, i guess. the astros jump out to a 4-nothing lead. snell got roughed up. the rays get a couple back in the fifth. wilson launches a dinger but the astros win 6-2. archer faced fister in the get away game this afternoon. meanwhile, in st. pete, the rowdies hosting okc. the rowdies
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last night. joe cole steals the show and they snap a three game skid. if your a fan of tampa bay's other football team, you have to be proud of what you saw. the bucs won thanks to two touchdown passes and eight sacks. the third preseason game is generally regarded as the dress rehearsal for the preseason. >> you've every week and like i said, that's the how the nfl works. we looked good today, but we got so much more to get better at. you know, i have so much more to get better at to make this game really good. reporter: if you have a hankering for bonus bucs, i remember mend bonus bucs. -- recommend bonus bucs, that's
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of highlights. look at this malik johnson barrel roll. this highlight was the no. 1 play on sport centers top ten. its been on fox sports, usa today, bleacher report, max preps, what's going to happen next week? you're going have to stay tuned to find out. that's it for sports. i'm paul ryan. >> what a move there. still sunday morning, adding insult to injury. tropical weather could make the zika crisis in florida worse. >> plus, we're still in sea turtle nesting season, what you need to do if you see these
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i'm paul mueller. a quick look at our top stories. >> florida bracing for a 1-2 punch. mounting fears over zika of course and now more rain from an impending tropical system that could make things a whole lot worse. >> we may have help in the fight against zika and we're talking about bats. some may fear them. experts say it may be time to
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season wraps up, its time for the little guys to hatch. as they make their way to the ocean, remember, you can look but do not touch. 6:31 this morning. let's check in with ed now. it's hot and humid already. reporter: yeah, you can already feel it out there. the air is very thick. the dew point is a little higher today and with decent heating, we are going to be sweltering later today. we're talking tap. we will have the chance to cool down with a 40% chance of storms. right now, radar is quiet. there are a few sprinkles on the east coast. look at the numbers climb today, 88 by noon and getting to near 90 by 3:00. so let's go ahead and take you through that with our rapid refresh model. you'll see thunderstorms starting on the east coast, developing inland
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towards the west coast of florida. they'll start to push offshore as we go into the evening. we are expecting temperatures to stay again, very hot today. that high of 93 degrees. we'll have very warm temperatures. going to feel much warmer when you factor in the humidity. look at these numbers, they do cool down. look at the next couple of days we'll get cooler temperatures and more rain chances thanks to that tropical system. we'll ok headed and look at the tropic and the work week ahead coming up . and those developing storm systems carry another potential danger further fueling the zika threat in this country. while authorities in florida prepare for the bad weather, thousands in the midwest are dealing
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storms. . reporter: with almost 40 people in florida effected by the zika virus, growing fears that rain will cause more problems. >> look at your property, drain it, cover it so that we don't have an excess number of mosquitoes. reporter: not just a recommended, miami beach is threatening fines starting at a thousand dollars if homeowners don't do their part. >> if any property owner doesn't comply, the public health is at state so therefore they will begin enforcement. reporter: indiana was slammed by massive water and storms. the water taking many by surprise. >> i had to kick my door in and
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daughter in the car. reporter: around indianapolis, downed trees became road blocks. in missouri, entire neighborhoods under water. this is what it looked like driving during the deluge. rising water turned roads into rivers. drivers were stranding all over the area. . >> zika fears are on the rise this morning. guests throughout the state of florida. the florida wildlife commission is pushing to get more bat boxes in the state. they're actually man made houses kind of like birdhouses. most can house 50 or more bats at a time. each bat can eat as many as 1,000 mosquitoes and flying insects in one hour. >> i think it would be a good natural way
6:35 am
least reduce the problem. >> while we're sleeping, bats will be sleeping mosquitoes so i'm for it. >> while we're sleeping, that's right. experts add milt it is difficult to game the effectiveness of -- gauge the effectiveness but it could mean fewer mosquitoes. >> our team has put together everything you need to know about the virus, just head to hands off, that is warning officials have for beachgoers as sea turtle hatch lings leave their nests. reporter: florida's beaches are a natural draw for humans and many breeds of wildlife. >> i looked down and i saw one turtle.
6:36 am
year old boy spotted baby sea turtles trapped in a storm drain. >> if they would have been in there probably another hour, they would have been dead in this water here. reporter: according to biologists, that's what the little boy should have done. efforts like helping a sea turtle leave itself nest or plg a good idea. >> first thing is leave it alone. you're not supposed to touch them. if i did see the sea turtle was in trouble, i would call animal services so a professional could take care of that. reporter: those with the sea turtle management program say it takes a few days for these little guys to dig out of their nests and once they are out, they are vulnerable to predators.
6:37 am
the sea could be deadly, including bright lights from home. if you want to help, keep your hands off, your lights off during the night, and always maintain a safe distance so these turtles can make it out to the sea, the way nature intended them to. >> no digging into a sea turtle nest, entering a picking up a sea turtle to take it to the sea. . >> you need to just let nature take its course. >> yeah, do not pick up your phone, but you can pick up your phone to take pictures for you. >> we had amazing storm pictures. take a look at this shot from st. pete beach. that's a shelf cloud moving out over the gulf. and you always have to be safe taking these lightning photos but andrew was
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this one. be sure to send us your facebook --
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. there's a new trend this summer, have you tried it? some families opting to skip the lines at the parks and build their own roller coasters in their own backyards. the rides ranging from simple turns to
6:41 am
>> yes. >> you got your gopro ready? >> yes. >> you got your awesome grand pa ready. reporter: there are certain perks that come with being the grandson of a retired boeing engineer, like unlimited roller coaster rides. >> i like when i feel weightless. its kind of a woosh. reer was two and sent his grandfather this drawing. >> it wasn't one of mobbies. >> where most might crazy lines, he saw twists and turns. >> >> somehow, it got out of control and there's three of them now. reporter: check out what we found all across america. one in indiana even has a full
6:42 am
good idea. >> we have strict rules about what we're doing and where people can stand when people are line of dutying and haven't had any -- riding and haven't had any problems so far. reporter: will says it's been a lesson in math and safety for his son and daughter. >> it took quite a bit of work to put all of the pieces together. reporter: they bill of indictment their coaster -- built their coaster for about $500. the same amount disneyland family. >> and they have lines. >> yeah, this has a line of two people. reporter: their ride, dropping down into way turn and a bump. ten, seconds of fun. >> all right, here we go. . nice way to avoid the lines there. cool activities this summer,
6:43 am
roller coaster. things have been getting topsy turvy in the tropics. invest 99l will be coming close to shore soon and gaston is a hurricane this morning. ninety-ninel is expected to pass through the florida straits through today monday. from there, after it enters the southern gulf, still a lot of question marks with this system. one, how strong is it going to get and where is it going to go. some models take this to the central gulf, some bring it up the west coast of florida. it's been difficult to nail down a forecast for this. there's hurricane gaston, 90 miles per hour winds. it's going to roll
6:44 am
a category two hurricane. there's invest 91, it could come close to the banks of carolina soon. today it's going to warm up quickly, 88 by noon getting up to 93. we'll have showers and thunderstorms later today. 79 now for tampa and plant city. we've had a few sprinkles on the east coast of fl with that easterly flow, that strong easterly flow, anything that forms later today will start to push back towards the west coast. that's what we're expecting. storms will start to fire in our inland locations around midday. by the afternoon, that starts to work back towards the coast being driven by that strong easterly wind. not much of a change here for monday. we'll start off dry and then by the afternoon,
6:45 am
moving in a southeasterly fashion. we're going to bump the rain chances up to 50% on monday. then tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week, highly dependant on what happens with that area of investigation. if it's closer to the west coast of florida, our rain chance will be higher. the fact away it gets, i think we'll have increased rain chances but not as much as if it gets closer. for now, we're keep rain chances on the upswing. up to 60% now tuesday, wednesday and thursday. 93 for today. where it does not rain, it is going to be hot and it is going to feel like it's in the triple digits for areas that do not get the cooling showers and thunderstorms. temperatures will be cooling down with more clouds and better rain chances through the middle of your next work week. i think by next
6:46 am
all eyes on the gulf of mexico as we go into the next couple of days. >> so we've got a whole week of whether or not these 50 or 60% rain chances go up or down. >> and all dependant on where this track is. >> this morning on facebook, i'm sorry, when it comes to police traffic stops, do you really know your rights? if not, there's an app. of course there's an app that can help you out. it may be educational but can speak for you, ed. >> interesting. >> right.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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. you've certainly heard it before,
6:50 am
a colorado inventer invented an app with the intention of reducing the violence scene nationwide in traffic stop. the goal is to help both law enforcement and drivers during traffic stops. >> who is familiar with the fourth amendment. >> personally, i had trouble knowing exactly what my rights were when it came to being pulled over by the police. reporter: or how about the fifth. >> what should i say, what should i do. >> both are important to know >> i did research and found out my rights were different than what i thought they would be. >> that's why brian took his curiosity and turned it into an app. first thing that happens when you open the app is it records audio. it also hasn't resource area where you can read up on your rights. >> if you get pulled over and
6:51 am
fast you were going, well, if you say yes, i was going a certain speed, then you're ultimately pleading guilty. >> if you don't know what to say, the app can say it for you. >> officer, i now wish to invoke my fourth and fifth amendment rights. >> sometimes people get aggravated or nervous or they have trouble talking to police, this helps people with an alternative. >> he believes tool for both civilians and law enforcement. >> if we understand what our rights are and they understand what their rights are, it helps both sides. it helps to not escalate the situation. >> copwise is available for both android and apple.
6:52 am
the firm says plastic components of the product may ignite during use. to learn more about this recall, we've listed all the information you need to know, on facebook, humans are out. is this right? humans are out, algorithms are in. the new employees automatically pick topics and generate texts. this comes accusations regarding political bias in trending topics. >> still ahead, ed has a final look at the forecast, plus, want the best bang for your educational buck? it may sound superficial but when it comes to picking your college professor, you may want to consider how they look, yes how they look. we're going to tell you why straight ahead. it is 6:52. thank you
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products
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onald trump says he'll make america great again while
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. at the movies, we go back to the 20th century where boxing drew big crowds. roberto durand was one of them and his story comes to the big screen. . >> durand should fight no one but me.
6:56 am
this tells the story of durand and a fight against sugar ray leonard. >> you have 36 hours to eliminate all of the targets on this list. reporter: the mechanic is residence recollected in resurrection -- resurrection [inaudible] >> in the hollars. he's a new york artist returning to his tiny hometown after his mom gets ill but is greeted by the same stuff including tension with a high school rival and an aggressive exgirlfriend. >> so what's this boy's name. >> barack obama. >> barack o what.
6:57 am
meeting of the first couple. michelle refuses at first to call their outing a date but spending a day with the young man changes her mind. >> all right. >> finally this morning, do you learn more if your teacher or professor is good looking? you heard me right. a group of researcher conducted a simple experience and the answer is yes. the group found that students remembered more lectures if they thought this professor was attractive. police on the hunt for hours in serge of a murder -- search of a murder. coming up, the killer now caught. updates next. we'll
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a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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. catching a killer, what it took to catch him. >> plus, making your vote count. this morning, a look at how the polls are looking so far. good morning, thanks for


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