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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  August 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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a neighborhood in shock. a 1-year-old was it in a drive- by shooting sleeping on her bed. we will have an update on her condition in a live report coming up. tr tropical depression nine could become a tropical storm later today. it's projected path plus the impact it could have on our weather next. outrage over a moldy school. pinellas parents voice their concerns today as the school board makes a plan on how to fix it and deal with it. we are live with the school's latest efforts to make the classrooms safe for students. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today on this monday. i'm melanie michael in for gayle. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us.
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surprising but have you seen a gator sprint across the street like this. >> oh, my. >> there it goes. >> they run really fast. a viewer shared the video with us over the weekend and it caught our attention. this morning, it has over a thousand shares and many more likes. the reason experts suspect he was running. first, the monday forecast. leigh has an eye on the tropics. >> yeah, it got very active over the weekend. we have tropical depression nine which is the most concerned about and there's also tropical depression eight. and there's hurricane gaston. the hurricane hunters flying through it. again, looks like they're on the way back home now. wind speed they have picked up so far about 37 miles per hour. so all the information from the hurricane hunt will go into the computer models and that will give us a better idea of what's happening. this is an 1 12:00 p.m.
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update from the hurricane center. last think is that it was going to be a tropical storm, even by late this evening into the central gulf of mexico. and after tuesday morning, it takes a hard right turn and heads through the northern gulf of mexico, heading up through, could be anywhere from the panhandle of florida tall way down through fort myers. so obviously, this means we will watch it carefully. this is 8:00 p.m. on thursday with 60 miles per rain, gusty winds and the onshore wind flow which could lead to higher surf, beach erosion. by friday, it's back into the atlantic. i wanted to show you where this is heading. notice the computer models are kind of everywhere with this, anywhere basically from louisiana over toward our area. and notice the water temperature where it's heading, mid- to upper 80s. so a lot of potential growth for this system. we also have tropical
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well as it skirts the outbanks of north carolina. we will be watching it. and not an issue for anyone is major hurricane gaston moving out the sea and away from the u.s. coastline. so coming up in weather and traffic on the 8s, i have an hour-by-hour look at today's forecast and spreading that forward into what we could see from tropical depression nine. but first, the roads are dry. that's good news. very, very good news. and we've got great speeds. look at this, 275 through st. te 175 to the howard frankland bridge. that's about a nine minute commute. and bearss out of pasco county from bearss to i-4 on southbound 275, that is roughly 10 minutes on your drive. all right, let's talk ability an accident that was -- talk about an accident that was at gunn highway and racetrack road. we have earlier footage and you can see a lot of police vehicles out there. gunn highway at racetrack was closed down for several hours here due to an accident
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scene. no confirmation whether it was a fatal but a possible fatal crash here. and again, all of the lanes have been re-opened so that's good news for commuters coming through gunn highway and racetrack. and now back to melanie and gene. >> thank you. we are following breaking news in port richey this morning. a sleeping baby is shot in a drive-by shooting. she was in a front bedroom when gunfire erupted. news channel 8's live the home in port richey. how is the baby doing? >> reporter: gene, according to deputy, the baby is expected to survive. she was shot one time in the wrist late last night. you can see that part of the neighborhood is still blocked off with the yellow crime scene tape. several blocks are shut down. the home in question is the one behind the big tree on the other side of those cruisers. and now we have some video to show you. deputies got a 911 call about this incident around 11:30 last
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home and they found the little girl shot. she was taken to a local hospital. she is expected to be fine no. one else in the home was -- fine. no one else in the home was shot. investigators are trying to determine if the home was specifically target order perhaps this was a random drive- by shooting. back here live this morning, no if arrests at this point and we are waiting for more information from the sheriff's office, specifically any particular description they have of the vehicle involved and once we get that information, gene, we will le back to you for now. >> that poor, innocent child, ryan, thank you, we will check back this morning. happening today, mad about mold. parents and school officials at a local chatter school will square off tonight at a board meeting and they have a lot to talk about. mary mcguire first reported on mold concerns on wednesday. and mary, we were talking about this. parents are very upset. >> reporter: well, since that
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many parents and school staff here in largo reach out to me and they believe that the ceo of the charter school company is lying about the mold problem but he is absolutely adamant that the school classrooms are safe. now on friday night, dozens of parents packed into the cafeteria to grill the ceo of the charter school's parent company. before the meeting, several parents showed us the classroom, pointing out what they believe is mold near a vent, wet floors where the tiles are coming up d where they claim paint is hiding the mold. they are pointing their finger at the charter school's ceo and they want answers. >> when i come to school, all i do is cough. and in my first period class, i'm could having and could having and yakking. >> reporter: he maintains there is no mold showing five tests done by companies he claims prove that the classrooms are safe for students. the meeting will take place at
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we do expect to have a crew can there covering what goes on at the meeting. and in the next half hour, more on the pledge that the school's ceo made to our cameras on friday night. >> sounds good. mary mcguire live for us this morning. thank you. a39-year-old man is facing murder charges. he was arrested in clearwater on sunday and is scheduled to face a judge later on today. po 27-year-old at this motel. they had an argument saturday morning and he pulled out a gun and shot the man. a public visitation will be held today at noon for the priest. thousands of people are expected to attend several people in his honor of the next two days. he was the most respected religious and civic leaders. he passed away last week.
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for wednesday. coming up on 4:38. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. >> yeah, good morning, waking up to high humidity. and a little bit of a breeze throughout the day today. but the humidity is going the stay with us all day. let me show you the hour-by- hour forecast. we are at 80 at 8:00 a.m. 88degrees at noon. and an afternoon high of 93. but that's when it's not raining on you. there's going to be a good rain chance at about 50%. let me show you the rainfall potential. i'm starting the rain earlier than yb as well. so right before lunchtime especially for areas east of 75. and then as the afternoon progresses, the storms head toward the coast. there could be isolated spots there, the blue color, that's an inch of rain. and some very, very spotty areas may see 1.5-inches to 2 inches of rain. now this is one computer model with tropical depression nine. now what it will do is head into the gulf of mexico. but as it does that, it brings up tropical moisture for us.
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up. look at wednesday around 1:00 p.m., pockets of heavy rain, especially near the coast. and as the system heads toward florida, possibly around the big bend, thursday is going to be even heavier rain, stronger winds and the rough surf. so between wednesday and thursday, we could be dealing with flooding issues before it's said and done. so in the eight-day forecast, today is hot and humid. and as the rain chances increase, the temperatures go down, 90 tomorrow. 86 for wednesday and thursday. i think it's going before we rebound up to about average which is 90. we will check with traffic on the 8s before this gets going. hopefully not too bad. >> yea, let's focus on the positive. decent drive on the roadways at this point and no wet weather on the roadways. dry streets. i need you to know about this in downtown tampa. especially if it's part of your morning commute because we have a big construction project that kicks off today. now it is the first phase of several phases over the next
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it's in the area of channelside and morgan. and also in morgan. you're going to see lane closures and also some reroutes throughout the area amount lou for extra time as you come -- area so allow for extra time as you come through downtown. back to melanie and gene. >> thank you. new drone rules are now in effect. how the regulations for the remote control aircraft have changed to keep us safe. that's jusea children's safety once they leave for college. it's a nervous time for moms and dads, saying good-bye and getting the freshman off to school. some of the apps that give parents peace of mind. plus, two pilots face a judge today after almost putting the lives of dozens of lives in danger. why they were taken off the plane just minutes before take- off. that's next.
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right now, two united airline pilots are facing charges in the uk after being pulled off a plane and arrested for suspected intoxication. they were arrested just before
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passengers from glasgow to newark, new jersey. both are in police custody and are expected to be arraigned later today. they face charges at this point connected to britain's transport safety laws. across america this morning, new information in the case of a young mother who was shot and killed while pushing her child in a stroller. >> news channel 8's meredyth censullo is in the tampa news center with the most recent developments. >> reporter: good morning. that woman, her death gained widespread attention. both because she was an innocent bystander and because she was the cousin of nba star dwayne wade. sunday, chicago police arrested and charged two brothers, felons on parole. they were both documented gang members. one's ankle monitor was not active at the time of the murder. he was supposed to be working. police say the brothers were trying to shoot a man driving
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she just enrolled her children in school. >> these two offenders are the prime example of the challenge we face here in chicago with repeat gun offenders that don't care who they shoot, don't care whose life they take and clearly don't fear the consequences of their actions. >> reporter: over the weekend, dwayne wade tweeted, the city of chicago is hurting. we need more hands on-deck. not for me and my family but for the fu our youth. >> sad story this morning. thank you. meredyth censullo live many the news center. new rules regarding drones are in effect this morning. the federal officials are also taking steps to keep you safe. department of transportation secretary fox will brief us on the new faa drone rules later today. among the new rule, a 55-pound weight limit and daylight
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the unmanned aircraft must be within the pilot's visual line of sight. read more at we are helping to get you schooled on campus security. moms and dads, you know the feeling, that moment when you first send your child off to college. and for usf parent, the anxiety is hitting close to home. right now, university police have a campus creep on the loose, a flasher who's been exposing himself and police are on high alert. >> reporter: when you see a guy like this, you need a guy meet police officer michael. >> we are definitely there 24/7. >> reporter: usf holds a special place in the heart of this rio row. not only is he a member of the police force but an alumni. for this officer, this is home. his main mission in life is to keep your kids safe in a world full of distractions. >> a lot of times nowadays,
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earbuds in or not pay ago tension to the surrounding area. >> reporter: the police department has a message for moms and dads watching, we're got you cover asked don't worry. >> give us a call. we are here to serve the community at all hours of the day and night. >> reporter: that's why usf and many other college campuses around the state like uf and fsu along with universities across the country are tapping into cutting edge technology, using safety app. usf has messenger. >> something that the students and parent cans opt into. it's real time updates. >> reporter: and the guardian app where students can set a timer as they walk back to their dorm. and if they don't turn off the timer when they arrive, it sends a signal to police. and of course, there's this. high-tech cameras everywhere all over, capturing images that the police department then
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by the way, also there are self- defense courses designed by women for women. and the courses are once a week where general self-defense classes are taking place. and ladies and gentlemen are also learning a lot. time now for weather and traffic on the 8s. leigh has an eye on the tropics. >> that's right. today we start to notice an increase in moisture levels. nothing out of the ordinary quite yet but it may feel more steamy. 80degrees at 8:00 still mostly sunny. although a few showers may develop as early as lunchtime. 88degrees. even more than last week before the 50% rain chance comes in later today. 93 in the afternoon. not only is it humid but it's quite warm. 77 in lakeland, auburndale and polk county. all through polk county including bartow. 77 in brooksville. 79 in sarasota. winds generally from the east to southeast which means it's bringing in atlantic moisture. by the time we head toward
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a couple showers. but i think there will be a better coverage today. this is about 2:00. any storms that form will make their way toward the coast. look at 4:30. looking at pockets of heavy rain and then things tapering off after about 6:00 p.m. tropical depression nine, of course, oh, just since i've been standing here, we have gotten the update. 35miles per hour winds. let's watch it together. it's generally going to drift into the central gulf of mexico between now and tomorrow afternoon. is still expected to become a tropical storm. by tomorrow though, that's when it begins to make the hard right turn. looking here, this is through wednesday, thursday morning. by thursday evening, this is 2:00 a.m. on thursday, this is 2:00 p.m. on thursday. notice it's heading right toward anywhere from the panhandle right through fort myers. big threat cone right here before exiting into the atlantic through friday. so for us, thursday looks to be the day we will see the most impacts from this storm as far
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surf action, things like that. what we know, as the system pulls up deeper moisture, our rain chances will be going up. 50% today. 60% tomorrow. and there's the 70% chance for wednesday and thursday before really dropping significantly on friday. back down to 40%. and really, i believe late wednesday into thursday is really going to be the time that we will see, if we see any impacts from this, this will be the most with the stronger winds, rg pockets of heavy rain, flooding is going to be one of our bigger issues between especially wednesday and thursday. but hopefully drying out by the weekend. leslee, let's check on the dry roads now. all right, dry and it's a great drive with this dry roads. 275 at bird street, very good. in fact, all the way out of pasco, connecting into downtown, absolutely no delays. downtown tampa, again mentioning this all morning because we have a big
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off today. the first phase of a construction project that lasts a year and a half to two years. keep this in mind today. channelside at morgan, the areas that will be affected. you will see lane closures and detours on those intersections. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to melanie and gene. >> thank you. well, you have probably heard that alligators can run fast. >> yeah, we have seen some of those. coming up next, what this video
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move over. not even he can run away from this guy. check that out. >> that's an alligator sprinting across sun lake boulevard in lutz. man, he's got some speed. a viewer shared this video with us on facebook. florida fish and wildlife commission says alligators only run when they're trying to escape threatening situations. not sure what scared this guy. but he's scaring us right now. if you want to watch the video again, just head home page of and you got the slow it down to catch him. because he zooms across. >> flies by. could not run in my heels for sure. >> no, definitely. if you have a toddler, you will like this one. >> they are probably learning the alphabet. well a 2-year-old girl in louisiana singing her abcs in a video has gone viral.
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it's 4:58. of course, we are tracking tropical depression nine but so are the hurricane hunters out of tampa this morning. they are in it as we speak, going back and forth through the center of circulation. they found the 37 miles per hour wind. for us, a 50% rain chance today. warm and breezy. with a high of 93. more on tropical depression nine coming up. great drive across the bay area bridges.
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bridge. and it's a wonderful drive, only about 10 minutes between the toll plazas and the howard frankland bridge up to speed. that's only going to take you
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a neighborhood in shock. while you were sleep, a 1-year- old was hit in a drive-by shooting. investigators now at the home in port richey where this happened. and we have a live report on what took place and how the baby is g. we continue to track the tropics and tropical depression number nine. it's churning north of cuba right now and could impact florida and possibly our area. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm melanie michael in for gayle. and it's 5:00 straight up. and leigh has the troping, tracking some of the storms. >> we know we have been tracking what was an investigation at one point.


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