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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  August 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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now, four headlines at 4:00. number 1, this. all eyes on the gulf. there is a storm out there. looks like it's going to bring a lot of rain our way. >> and number 2. mold school. bay area educators are planning to meet with concerned parents tonight. >> number 3. smoothie refusal. public outrage over a refusal to serve two police officers. and here's number 4. >> when it comes to running for the state representative, senate or even the school board, bay area residents tell me they have no idea who is on the ballot. coming up, i'll show you how the presidential race is contributing to voter apathy. >> good afternoon, everyone. thanks for being here. i'm josh benson.
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this is you first at 4:00. -- this is first at 4:00. and we are tracking the trommics for you. here's storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips. >> we are looking currently at tropical depression number 9. a lot of problems in the tropics. current winds at 35 miles per hour, as of the 11:00 a.m. advisory. currently moving off toward the west, at 7 miles per hour. can you see it on the satellite imagery, during the southern portion of the gulf. hurricane hunters are actually inside this area, righ what they find. you can see they've seen some peak wind gusts up to 41 miles per hour. so we'll see what the results of this are, probably within the next hour or so. here's a look at the current track of tropical depression 9. continuing to move towards the west/northwest, over the next day or so. picking up a little strength. it is forecast to become a tropical storm, within the next 24 hours. still waiting on that. at this point, it's still a depression. and then as we head into the
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quick curve back to florida. by thursday, we're looking at the potential to see a tropical storm, moving off onto the coast of florida. this week, approaching us thursday morning. and then quickly rolling through, throughout the day on thursday. you can see by friday, long gone, moving back out into the atlantic and this weekend, quickly pushing off towards the north and east there. so as far as winds are concerned. well, the rain. that's just going to increase over the next couple of days. but as far as tropical storm- forced winds, with the most likely path th this point, being north of the tampa bay area. the nature coast, northern counties likely to see tropical storm forced winds. and heavy rain. no doubt we'll be seeing some of that. we'll have a full look at the tropics, and also a look at our rain chances through this coming week in the full forecast. guys. >> well, counties throughout the bay area are urging people to get ready for that heavy rain and possible flooding! and right now, sandbags are being offered to protect people's homes.
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already a concern. >> reporter: this is scout lake in pasco county. i was here last year. and at that time, the water at this point would have been just about above my head. homes here were flooded. and it took people in this neighborhood months to recover. >> this is what it should look like. >> valerie schaefer's home is back the way she likes it. but last year, when i met her, things weren't looking so good. >> we are standing in a lot of floodwater. a lot of critters saw a few fish swimming in morning. >> 18 inches of water flooded her garage. streets in her neighborhood were impassable. >> the whole area was completely flooded. not only our homes, our streets, our pool area. our land was pretty much in the water. >> reporter: with up to 7 inches of rain forecast this week, if schaefer and her neighbors are concerned. >> schaefer and her husband are now part of a neighborhood action group that meets regularly to talk about flooding concerns and what to do about them. and she believes they are much
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the impending rain. >> and if you are concerned about flooding, our web team put together a list of sandbag locations on our website. it's right there on the front page if you want to take a look. an emergency meeting will happen in just a few hours at plateo academy largo, over mold concerns. upset parents claim mold is near the vents, tile floors are coming up, and certain areas have been painted to cover up mold. a former teacher claims she found mold in her classroom immediately when she arrived about two years ago. >> and it started like almost immediately when i started on campus there. teachers were having a lot of really similar symptoms. there was a lot of moisture in the air. we figured we'd send out a mold kit. we never saw the results of the kid, but we continued to have our hunches. >> the school ceo, steve ber stopolis stands by the claim
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school. he offered to pay for an independent inspection. the meeting tonight starts at 6:00. and right now, we just learn the of a polk city teenager struck by a car on his way to a school bus stop last week has died. investigators tell us, 13-year- old jacob scott was walking along the edge of barfield road, just before 8:00 a.m., when he was hit by a car. the driver told deputies, his vehicle went off the road because the sun was in his eyes and he couldn't. deputies reviewed edmondson's bone and told news channel 8, he had not receive good calls or texts since the night before. an employee at a winter haven restaurant is fired after refusing to serve a police officer in uniform. a fellow officer posted that experience online. and it was shared by tens of thousands of people. lake albert police officer, adam leather bury took to facebook to explain what happened sunday when he and another officer were not served. instead of making an issue, the
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now, the chief justice of the state supreme court has orderedded a review -- ordered a review of 63 courthouses in the country and annexes across the state. >> reporter: most judges now have guns at the bench. and courthouses are secure. but not so 29 years ago, at port st. joe, when a hateful divorce case, turned into murder. >> two shots were fired over here. >> reporter: clyde chased down
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barricaded door, and killed the judge, after killing two other people. >> all one has to do is check out the courthouse, see what the weaknesses are and codo what they have to do. >> the chief justice says it's better to be safe than sorry. >> in today's climate, anything can happen. and i want to make sure we evaluate each courthouse in the state. >> reporter: part of the security review will focus on creating a database of security incidents in courthouses around the state. reportingreporting from the state capital, i'm mike vas linda. a year-long construction project begins today, in and around downtown tampa. there are already lane closures. it's part of the project to improve the street grid, linking downtown'schannel district with the central business district. detour information. head to our website, and today, mourners are filing in to pay their respects to monsignor higgins. died august 24th. he worked at the church.
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years. visitation is being held at st. lawrence today and tomorrow from noon to 9:00. funeral will be wednesday at 11:20. are credit cards lowering their fees by choice? find out how this change can benefit you. >> easing the stress on mothers to be. see how local hospitals are getting expecting families through the door, faster than ever before. a smart idea, coming up on first at 4:00. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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now, save the date, apple ios fans. they have set wednesday september 7th as the date of the annual launch event. the rumored iphone 7 will launch. in addition, they will announce official release dates for ios10 and other apple operating systems.
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something new. delivery technology. it's delivery by drone. they're trying it out in new zealand. here's how it works. a customer receives the alert about the incoming food. via smart phone. and then you can see it. the drone lowers the pizza, using a tether. new zealand plans to deliver a drone next month. no word when those drones might come to america. >> amazon making deals with major record labels, to launch a subscription streaming servic month. this is happening as pandora is closing licenses dealing. and both companies are reportedly planning to charge $9.99 per month. something is trending in the credit card industry. and it might be just the right time for you to make a move on another car, but only if you want to cash in. chris clackam has more on the consumer watch. >> reporter: after being forced
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never think credit card companies would voluntarily drop fees, but they are. >> the fees most often are foreign transaction fees. >> there is a recent survey of credit card companies and some of the more expensive fees for consumers. >> they can add 2 to 3% on top of every transaction that you make. >> reporter: that are also the most profitable for the credit card companies. but they're being dropped. and other charges ke rates and late fees are being reduced. because of competition in the credit card industry. >> and a lot of times, when some of one of the big boys of the credit card industry, makes a move to reduce the fee, if that works well for them, it's only a matter of time before one of the other competitors does the same thing. >> that's why he says now is the time to shop around for the credit card deals that are good right now but might even get
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chris clackum, nbc news. filling out paperwork is the last thing any expectant mother wants to do between contractions. a bay area hospital is helping avoid that additional stress with the help of a family admission nurse. how the nurse is getting families ready to welcome their new bundles of joy. >> reporter: many moms are very excited but also a little nervous before having a new baby. now, one nurse at mo moms are prepared. >> before little malachi was born, just five weeks ago, first-time mom, casey nichols had a lot of questions. >> every woman here is giving birth. but i was super excited and i found out we were expecting. >> reporter: thankfully, caitlin brennan was there to help. morton in clearwater is offering all expectant families morton's services. >> there's a lot more to go. and what to expect.
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to answer questions, complete paperwork and to make a birth plan before labor. >> first we do a lot of paperwork. it's a lot less exciting to do it in between contractions. so we get to do it ahead of time. in a calm, relaxed, private environment. >> this isn't just helpful for mothers but for the hospital, too. the simple task of completing medical work in advance. saves delivery and nurses about an hour. time that can be spent baby enters the world. >> now in addition to a family admission nurse. morton plant hospital offers a variety of classes every month for expectant parents. reporting in clearwater, i'm mary mcguire, news channel 8. morton plant hospital has been offering the service for about two years now. brennan said she has helped deliver thousands of babies over the course of that period. joining us now with a check of first at 4 weather. watching the system churning in
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>> a lot going on right now as we speak. it's pouring outside the studio. we've got a lot going on in the tropics as well. let's take a live look outside. you can see, we did have heavy rain. already a decent amount of rain to start off your monday. and this is just a taste of what we will be seeing as we head throughout the west of this -- rest of this week. let's take a look at radar. you can see scattered showers and storms, pushing toward the coast. i think as we head into the fairly early evening hours. you can see heavy point. very heavy rain. a lot of lightning. up through gulf gate estates. all of this heavy rain and these storms pushing off towards the west. tracking heavy rain across palm harbor. rain moving into st. pete as we say. more rain headed your way. if you're not already seeing it. farther to the north. scattered heavy downpours in the northern portions of citrus county this. is all drifting off towards the coast.
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areas that were watching. you've got tropical depression 8 in the atlantic. hurricane gaston and also tropical depression nine. now, tropical depression 9 is what we're watching most close bee because it's in the gulf. and also expected to affect the tampa bay area by middle next week. we are expecting this to strengthen into a tropical storm. possibly tonight or early tomorrow. and then as we head through thursday, notice that quick curve off towards the north and east. and we're expecting what that point, to move onshore. although at this point, the intensity is still something we'll have to monitor and watch very closely. the gulf waters are warm. and we know how these forecasts can change very quickly. at this point, we're expecting a stronger tropical storm to make its way up towards the nature of the coast or the big bend area of florida by thursday. this is going to move very quickly. so by friday and into the weekend, this is already out into the atlantic, away from us. but the middle portions of this week. we're expecting to see some
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bay area. as we head throughout the next couple of days, notice by friday, we're looking anywhere from 6 to 7 inches of rain in spots. can you see those ice in areas. looks like the heaviest rain will be falling on thursday as well. our rain chance is just increasing over the next few days for us. tropical depression 8. well, this is a nonfactor for us. you can see, it will affect the carolina coast as we head throughout the next 24 hours. hurricane gaston. still hurricane strength. -- not hurricane strength. but moving away from the u.s. also a nonfactor. but still something we're watching. for us, for the rest of this evening, scattered storms will continue. they'll push off closer towards the coast. by the late evening hours, all the rain comes to an end. i think we'll start off dry for the morning commute. we'll keep the rain chances only 10%. scattered showers and storms increase. a good 60% chance of rain tomorrow. some heavy downpours possible. and by wednesday, this is when our pattern really starts to
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influence from the tropics and you can see heavy rain popping up all the way to start off wednesday morning. and then continuing into the afternoon and evening hours. and there's what could be a tropical storm by this point tomorrow. so for us, rain chances only going up as we head through thursday. that looks to be the peak of things as the system moves through. we're calling for about an 80% chance of rain. and then continues will improve as we head throughout this labor day weekend. guys? >> thank, julie. well, if you missed the mtv you -- awards, we have you covered. >> david daniel has the highlights from a very long show. in today's hollywood minute. >> please don't stop the music -- ? >> there was no stopping rihan a. she opened the mtv videovideo music awards, performed four times during the show, and wrapped up the vmas by accepting the michael jackson video van guard award. >> i had so much fun! >> this is fame, bro.
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rambling introduction to the world premiere of his video "faith." >> my shield of faith ? >> reporter: but the night's biggest buzz was about beyonce. her videos won eight moon men trophies, bringing her lifetime total to a record 25. and she stopped the show with a nearly 15-minute medley from our groundbreaking lemonade album. as she said she came to slay. in short, rihanna rocked, talked, and beyonce ruled the night. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. and now we have some breaking news. this just into the newsroom. we're hearing actor and comedian gene wilder has died. >> wilder was in a lot of films including willy wonka and the chocolate factory, blazing saddles. he died in stanford, connecticut from complications from alzheimer's disease. he was 83 years old.
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campuses. we'll show you apps that can help out. that's coming up at 4:30. also, an nfl quarterback, refusing to stand for the national anthem? do you agree with him or not? we'll have his explanation and tipped off fans coming up. but next in first at 4, sports. the bucks -- bucs are preparing to finish the preseason in pretty soggy weather. >> and remember, you can get developments in all of today's stories. with me on tampa bay's most convenient primetime newsc
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welcome back with first at 4 sports. dan lucas. >> i feel lost in all of this. the potential here for a very wet game. right now, it's on. no changes. but the situation being monitored, of course.
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for thursday night's preseason finale. still wide open. that's according to head coach, dirk cutter, the day after the team parted ways with the safety, wide receiver and running back. three position groups, the bucs must sort out by saturday. if you watched any newscast today, you know it could become an issue for thursday night's buc games. buc his a couple of rainy days games. right now, we're keeping an eye on with that wet thursday in the forecast. i asked a couple of players in the morning, what they think about plating in wet conditions. >> it doesn't matter. you gotta practice in any movie. i mean, the best. >> i wish i could use the gloves. [ inaudible ] just gotta focus on this and concentrate.
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>> gloves don't work. maybe the ponchos do. thursday night, rain or shine. for now, your official bucs channel 8 station will broadcast the redskins, the preseason finale, kicks off at 7:30. all right. the ugly and awkward standoff between the san diego chargers and the number 3 pick in this year's nfl draft is over. the chargers announced they have signed defensive end, joey bosa to your four-year deal. now comes the mad scramble to get bosa healthy and ready to play an nfl game. good luck. sunday, rays pitcher chris arsastruck out 10 aft rows -- astros batters. he leads the american league in k's. but that was not the talk after his strong outing. the always demonstrative archer seemed to rub astros george fielder the wrong way. here he is. that is after his tenth and
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and then after the game, had a more reasonable conversation. archer says there is no trouble between the two. >> i was looking down to my last couple of pitches. it was my last hitter. and he had a great at bat. i was fortunate enough to win that battle. and i think he got caught up in the heat of the moment. we squashed it. we've already communicated. and it's over wi >> well, archer needed a big day on sunday. and he can't stop now. one more loss would give him 18 for the season. tying the rays' franchise record for losses in the season. and that's what is so hard to believe. here's a guy, over 200 strikeouts. i think he's fourth best in all of baseball. with 17 losses. that's how his season went. >> not supporting the stats very well. >> right. that's baffling. >> thanks, dan. >> we'll be right back.
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what are you doing over here. >> i was hanging out here, practices like at the drink. i love everybody here.
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we'll send you next. >> i dance until 4:00 in the morning. my life is good. >> that sounds great. and your life is going to be
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now, four headlines at 4:30. number 1. a storm in the gulf. we're keeping a close eye on this tropical depression that could bring a lot of rain in the bay area over the next couple of days. we'll check outlet late -- out the latest tracktrack. -- track. two are accused of flying back to the u.s. drunk. the men faced a judge in scotland today, where they were arrested on saturday. faa rules prohibit the consumption of alcohol within eight hours of piloting a flight. rule. veteran pilots, ages 35 and 45, have been removed from flying debris. number 3. a panic at l.a.x. we're being told rumors of a gunman at the airport in los angeles, sent thousands of passengers running for the exits. but the reports were not real. lapd spokesman claimed they were spurred by a series of loud noises. some claim the rumors followed
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soon be available. milan announced those plans today. mylan. plans to sell it for a two- pack. the branded epipen costs more than twice the price at $600. mylan is facing outrage after the 400% price hike. when will the rain start? a lot people want to know that. here's meteoris downpours today. but over the next couple of days, rain chances go up. all thanks to what is currently still tropical depression 9. we're keeping a very close eye on this. as it's expected to impact the tampa bay area over the next few days. center of circulation, north of cuba, not fully defined here. the bulk of the convection or thunderstorms, south of this area of circulation. and parts of western cuba have already picked up over a foot of rain. so a lot of heavy moisture. we're going to see the
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as well. as we speak. hurricane hunters are having td9. so far, they found wind speeds up to 41 miles per hour. we'll have to wait and see at the 5:00 p.m. update if this is upgraded tropical storm. but at this point, still a tropical depression. here's the track. it's moving west. as we head into tomorrow, it makes more of a move toward the north and east. expected to strengthen into a tropical storm. bringing us the largest effects on thursday. and then racing out over the next few days, expect to see heavy rainfall in the forecast. we'll have a look at the rain chances for you coming up in a few minutes. guys? >> all right. thank you, much. pasco county investigators now have a person of interest in the drive-by shooting of a sleeping 1 yearly girl -- 1- year-old girl. >> the sheriff tells us, the girl narrowly survived that shooting. >> was hit six times. i always say, if you don't have
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believe. because there were angels in that little crib with that baby to protect that child's life, that only one shot made and went through her wrist. that child is still alive. the crib got shot up. the toys within the crib were shot up. that little baby is alive. >> news channel 8's ryan hughes went out there right after it happened. >> and he found shock neighbors, of course. most of whom are parents themselves. >> this neighborhood is filled with children. you can see here they play in st drive-by shooting. >> a swing hangs on the porch. pacifier was left on a cement wall. but that didn't stop someone from driving by in the dark of the night and pumping more than a dozen bullets in the home, while the 1-year-old slept in the front room. >> i was sleeping on the couch. and i heard five gunshots. >> reporter: this neighbor who asked us not to use her name, didn't think much of it, until she let the dog go hours later.
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everywhere. we came out. >> a bullet hit the baby's wrist. she was taken to a local hospital and pasco county deputies tell us she should be okay. they believe the girl's mom may have been the shooter's intended target. because the mom has documented ties to a gang. >> it is shocking to me. because a lot of children have been on the street. >> when i found out, it's really scare to find out that's right across the street from you. >> reporter: a street normally bustling with kids was today's at the center of investigation. -- criminal investigation. neighbors are angry that possible gang violence erupted in their port richey neighborhood, and involved a truly innocent victim. >> little kids getting in the mix of this is not good. >> reporter: reporting in pasco county, i'm ryan hughes. news channel 8. a neighbor's neighbor's surveillance camera captured an image of the video as it drove by. but the video was too dark to determine the make and model. a star quarterback was
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the national anthem. 28-year-old san francisco athlete, colin kaepernick started at the preseason game friday. and there's a photo here that catches players and staff standing. kaepernick claims he is protesting systematic racism. >> when there's significant change. and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent, this country is representing people the way it's supposed to, i'll d. find middle ground, saying it encourages players to stand during the national anthem, but they don't require them to do so. and as you can imagine, there are a lot of supportive fans and a whole lot of angry fans. in fact, here's one, burning kaepernick's jeshz neprotest -- jersey in protest. moms and dads, sending their kids off to college. and more and more kids are going high tech when it comes to crime fighting.
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what is happening. >> hey there. good afternoon to you. moms and dads, you know the feeling. that nervous moment when you first send your child off to college. for u sf parents, the anxiety is certainly hitting closer to home. this guy, a campus creep, has been on the loose. a flasher exposing himself to students. turns out, police are using social media, to keep kids safe and parents informed. >> when you see a guy like this, you need a guy. like this. meet police officer michael lebron. >> we're definitely there 24/7. >> usf holds a special place in the heart of this hero. not only is he a member of the police force. but also a university alum. for this officer, usf is home. his main mission in life is to keep kids safe in a world full of distractions. >> a lot of times, nowa ways,
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buried in their phones and not paying attention to the area. >> watching this right now. we've got you covered and don't worry. >> give us a call. like i said, we are here to serve the community at all hours of the day and night. >> reporter: that's why usf and many other college campuses around the state, like uf and fsu, along with universities around the country, are tapping into cutting-edge technology, using safety apps. messenger. it's one that students and parents can opt into. it's realtime updates. >> there's also the guardian app. where, for example, students can set a timer as they're walking in the door. and when f they don't, it sends a signal to police. and of course, there's this. high-tech cameras everywhere. all over. capturing images that the police department then sends out. on facebook, twitter, and
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also, there's self-defense courses designed by women for women. the courses are once a week, where general self-defense classes are offered. by the way, thank you so much to usf police for spending time with us. and of course, best of luck to all students this year. now, back to you. now, it's time for tomorrow's weather and traffic today on the 8s. with leigh spann and leslee lacey. >> hello there. hope you're enjoying your afternoon. i want to talk about a construction project that off today. it's actually phase 1 of this project that is going to last up to two years. what you need to remind yourself of is channel side, morgan. a lot of detours in the area. up to several weeks to come as this project continues. but right now, channel side at morgan affected. not only do you have lanes blocked. but you've also got detours in that area. remember that for tomorrow morning. what about the weather, leigh? >> all eyes will be on the tropics for sure. tomorrow morning, it's going to
4:40 pm
when you're up early. still mostly dry in the morning. but i'll be tracking the tropics for you. back to you. >> and you can catch leigh and les lesly every morning on the 8s. in less than 24 hours. bay area residents go to the polls to vote in the statewide primaries. coming up, some of the alarming facts they don't know about our local candidates. and then you'll want to stick arou f your side stories. college self-defense is hitting a whole new level. i'm gayle guyardo. i'll show you why students are learning about active shooters. >> today obetter call benching -- today on better call behnken. the $51,000 down payment was stolen during a wire transfer, when nobody involved would even try to help her, she called me. >> this road project is costing millions. and who knows how much in
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it is your vote, 2016. and in less than 24 hours, bay area voters will go to the polls and decide on everything from representatives to senators. >> yeah. but as anthony allred found out today, that some voters are more interested in who will be our next prest. polls tuesday to vote in the statewide crime areas. so i wanted to know, what they know about local candidates. >> grace, i saw you walking by. you look like an educated voter. and i wanted to know if you know about tomorrow's primary. >> actually, i didn't know. >> do you plan on voting in the primary for florida? >> i don't think so. >> what? >> i don't think so. i don't -- i don't know the candidates. i don't really know the platform.
4:45 pm
>> everywhere we went. >> any names stick out? anybody? >> bay area residents found it hard to find. candidates whom they could identify with. >> of course, mark rubio for senator. congress, sixth district [ inaudible ] i see some buchanan signs. that's about it. toledo signs. i don't even know who they are. >> i totally >> this year, it's very important who is the president going to be. because our country is in such a turmoil. if one goes in, it might be all right. if the other goes in, we might have problems. >> i guess it hasn't popped up on my news feed or i just wasn't aware. >> now, the polls, they open up early on tuesday. so if you plan to get out and vote, you have about 24 hours to brush up on the candidates. in tampa, anthony allred, news
4:46 pm
boy, and all eyes, not only on the primary. because the weather, sounds like it's going to be fine for that. but we're worried about thursday. >> we sure are. that's going to be kind of the peak day for us. we're expecting the most impact. but really, the most couple of days will be pretty soggy. >> kind of a blah week. >> look at the positive side of it. >> i like that it doesn't have a name. >> not yet. we're just waiting for that five-minute update. it could happen any minute and could be upgraded. >> it's things in our newsroom. >> i bet it has. i bet it has. at this point, though, it's still t.d.9, unless the update is coming out while i'm speaking now. cloudy skyas the feign:00 p.m. -- skies at 9:00 p.m. showers should be all right. it's by the afternoon and evening hours we'll start to really see the heavy showers and storms setting in. at this point, we can see a lot of the heavy rain pushing out into the gulf. now, it's moving through places
4:47 pm
south venice, still tracking heavy rain. we'll have lightning within these storms. heavy rain moving through clear water beach. all the way through indian rocks beach. treasure island. all getting soaked at this point, as the showers and storms move out into the gulf. still tracking pockets of heavy rain in citrus count she. as we head into the next couple of hours, our rain chances begin to wind down through the late evening hours. so like we mentioned, all eyes are on the tropics. right now, watching td9. we're pretty much awaiting it to become a tropal it's likely to happen today. or tonight. the primary threat for us will likely be heavy rainfall. we'll see rain chances increasing the next couple of days. expect a widespread, 5 to 8 oftens across tampa bay -- 8 inches across the tampa bay area. could see isolated areas. as far as the flooding threat goes. coastal flooding is possible as we watch the storm, depending on the intensity, the strengtsd that it happens. then it would be thursday. that would be the day we're
4:48 pm
coastal flooding. here's the latest. it's still td9. should be out any minute. still moving off towards the west at 7 miles per hour. expect it to strengthen into a tropical storm later today or early tomorrow. by thursday, though. expect it to move in, make landfall as we head through the big bend area of florida. or possibly even the northern portions of the tampa bay area. so the farther north you live, the more likely you are to see the potential of stronger winds and the higher risk of flooding and by friday, it's already into the atlantic, moving away from us. but you can see, the forecast models, pretty much in agreement with this system across the panhandle of the big bend region of florida. as we head throughout the middle portion of the week. rain chances definitely high. thursday will probably be the worst day for us. we're bringing in an 80% chance of rain as we're expecting the storm to make landfall. and as we head through the weekend, get back closer to normal for the summertime
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some things to know about now. if you want to prepare for all that was rain, many communities are distributing sandbags today. we put a list of those locations on you can find them quickly. you will need a valid id, showing which city you live in to get the same bags -- sandbags from as well. and an interesting cloud has people worried. >> college this out. this is the -- check it out. this is the scene over siberia over the weekend. that is emergency services reportedly were flooded with calls from residents who were worried it was a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. other people may have thought there may have been an explosion at a nearby coal mine. turns out, it wasn't any of those things. >> how is that possible? anything is possible. also, 11 years ago today, hurricane katrina hit new orleans. that category 3 storm made landfall in 2005, killing more than 1800 people. and displacing more than 1
4:50 pm
single most catastrophic disaster in the u.s. history. people will lay wreaths at the hurricane katrina memorial. >> stay close. we'll be right back. for a limited-time only, bright house networks invites you to check out for one low price, connect to what matters most with standard tv and lightning 50 internet for only $94 per month for 12 months! our standard tv service includes your favorite broadcast networks, plus amc, cnn, espn, food network, mtv, even kids channels like disney channel and nickelodeon. what's more, your standard tv service includes a wide variety of free tv everywhere apps that let you watch tv
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a judge's ruling said schools are not following the law, when they keep kids from fourth grade because of a standardized test. >> and this could be just the tip of the iceberg for changes to florida's testing system. now, from 8 on your side's side's capitol re matt gelka. >> a judge here may have fueled the fire for the opt-out testing movement in the state. with her ruling on thursday friday, over third grade reading requirements. judge karen gevers ruled that a group of students shouldn't been have been held back in the third grade for not participating in a reading test. opt-out testing advocate, beth overhaul is calling it a win, but says there is still work to be done am. >> it's not against testing,
4:54 pm
penalize and punish. then that's what we have in florida is the test penalize and punish our kids. >> three of the students from hernando county that were involved in the case, were told earlier today, that they could begin the fourth grade. just not at the school they had previously been attending. reporting in tallahassee, florida, i'm matt gelka. when you learn about science in schools, it's usually nothing like this. nasa just shared this beautiful image, taken by space telescope. it's the glow of stars and what is called the dwarf galaxy. about 15 million light-years from earth. nasa described this as an irregular island in a sea of spice. nasa's mission is giving us a clear mission of jupiter. take a look. that is the fifth planet of the sun. this is the first fly-by of the planet. this was the closest juno will be getting to its prime mission. pretty interesting stuff. stay close.
4:55 pm
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now let's take a look at what's trending online today. >> a world record jump. if you're a daredevil maybe you jump over a car or school busses, but an entire town? red bull released this jawdropping video of this stunlt. you're watching bryce launch his truck in the air and launch it over a ghost town. it shattered the old official record.
4:59 pm
to plan he crashed the truck the next day. then there's this. t, u, v w, x y, and z. >> nicely done. that's 2-year-old violet and her rendition of the alphabet song. it went super viral with three million views in a week. >> time now for news channel 8 at 5:00 with keith and jen. right now on news channel 8 at 5:00. are you ready for the storm? a tropical system is expected to bring a lot of rain our way. when will we start to feel the effects. an officer refused service at a restaurant. the employee says it's a big
5:00 pm
#w0r8d of pure imagination -- world of pure imagination. remembering geen wilder. >> we begin with tropical depression number 9. let's start with steve jerve. the rain we're a few days away from that. >> we will have to be patient as we have been through the week and weekend. it's not been updwraded to a tro storm yet. this is our imagery and the best way to try to detect where the center of the system could possibly bement according to the national hurricane ssh be. according to the national hurricane center social security -- national hurricane center it's south of key west right now. a rough idea of where the fix would be at this point. 35 mile per hour winds.


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