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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  August 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00. good evening tropical depression number 9 could
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over the next few days. steve jerve has the very latest and joins us live. we're still a little ways away from this but man we've had to watch this every day for days now. >> invest 99l we speculated about it. it was a difficult storm to forecast, still is. it's now a tropical depression and could become a tropical storm in the next day or so. there's enough negative influences so hopefully it would stay that way below hurric tropical depression 9, 8, and of course gaston out to sea. 8 would effect north carolina we're most concerned with 9. you can see the forecast track does strengthen it into a tropical storm tonight or sometime tomorrow. the forecast we don't move it to the northwest and northeast which most computer models do. that would be close to a landfall in cedar keys. in this scenario the advancing
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counterclockwise rotation would be on the southern part of that center of rotation. we'd have to watch high tides at that time thursday afternoon. that time will likely change as well as the positioning and likely the strength. as we look at the computer models the spaghetti models you can see why the hurricane center has gone with that track. they move it in that same fashion. losing the light of the day but on the visual imagery to do determine -- to determine where there might be low level circulation. dealing with dry air that tends to weaken the system. . hurricane hunter aircraft flying out of mcgill. investigating the system. the cooler cloud tops in this area right now. stronger thunderstorms are on the southern side of the system itself. something we'll have to watch
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tropic. >> thank you steve. heavy rain means flooding could be a problem. jeff patterson returned to one trouble spot in pasco county to see what home owns owners -- homeowners there are doing. >> saw a few fish in here this morning. >> last year when i met valerie schafer water flooded her yard and pool. et supposed to be scout lake out tlchlt this is the pool. >> -- out there. this is the pool. >> today things look different. schafer and her neighbors complained to county commissioners and she believes steps have now been taken to prevent future flooding. >> our area they are working on issues. and our lake now is low because we haven't had the same rain as last year but also i think they're being a little bit more proactive.
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installed a pipe into scout lake to keep the water below a certain level to prevent flooding in the future. jeff patterson news channel 8. tonight pasco sheriff chris is furious over a gang-related drive-by shooting that wounded a 1-year-old. >> my baby was just shot. they came and did a drive-by shooting in my house. >> hags the voice of -- that's the voice of linda calling 911 after the shooting. she several bullets peppered her home. one hit her daughter injuring the child's wrist. she claims she was trying to turn her life around but the sheriff isn't buying it. >> she may be saying it but if you want to turn it around stop having drugs in your house and stop putting your kids in horrible situations. it's bs for these people to be saying this crap.
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drug charges and dcs will take custody of the girl. there is a $3,000 crimestoppers reward for information that helps catch the shooter. an employee at the restaurant refused to serve a police officer in uniform be lost his job because of it. adam leatherberry took to facebook to explain what happened when he and another officer in uniform were refused service. instead of making an left and contacted an manager. jake said he was just at the end of the shift and didn't want to serve a customer. >> i shouldn't have said anything knowing what's going on with cops in our country. i understand completely why it's big and gone viral o fast. but it was a big misunderstanding. >> he has since apologized. so did the manager. she offered an assurance that the store has served members of law enforcement for years.
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deadly. a car hit a 13-year-old walking on the side of the road. melissa marino explains how it happened and how the district is responding. >> it was jacob scott's first time walking to his bus stop for a new school. these marks a terrible reminder that he never made it. we're told the 13-year-old was walking along the edge of the road 7:45 last monday morning when he was hit by a car. the driver ae off the road and hit the teen. dragging him nearly 40 feet. >> he said the sun was in his eyes and jacob was struck. >> the victim's family did not want to speak on camera but released a statement that they were feeling unimaginable pain. they describe him as a bright and loving boy. as for the driver deputies reviewed his phone ask say he had not received calls or texts since the night before.
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a spokesperson says that the walk from jacob's home meets state guidelines. in polk county melissa marino news channel 8. an emergency meeting is going on right now at plato academy in largo to address mold concerns. parents claim its near the vepts and wet tiles -- vents and wet tiles are coming up. they say the buildings are located near a wetland. a former teacher says she found mold in her classroom arrived two years ago. >> it started almost immediately when i got on campus. teachers were having similar symptoms. a lot of moisture in the air so we figured wooetd send out a mold -- we'd send out a mold kit. we never saw the results. >> the ceo stands by his claim that there's no mold in the school. we will tell you what happens tonight on news channel 8 at 11:00.
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went to the hospital she was given the run around. john rogers has some helpful information you need to know. >> earlier this month while vacationing in tortola kimberly martinez started experiencing strange symptoms. she suspected she had zika so she went to the hospital. she called number after numb comber and eventually -- bum took the test with her primary physician. 8 on your side has learned hospitals are not equipped to do zika testing. >> to come to the emergency department the patient is going to incur a cost of the vis tilt. technically this is -- visit. technically this isn't an emergency. >> officials suggest you do what martinez did, call your primary care physician first. john rogers news channel 8.
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>> when it comes to running for the state representative or the senate or even the school board bay area residents tell me they have no idea who's on the ballot. i'll show you how the presidential race is contributing to voter apathy. i'm in sarasota working to gets for a home buyer whose $51,000 down payment was stolen from this bank.
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you night want to allow a little extra time in your schedule tomorrow to stop by your polling place. the florida primary is tomorrow. and anthony allred found out a lot of voters need to do some research before casting a ballot. >> bay area voters go to the polls on tuesday.
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know about local candidates. >> i don't know the scan dats. i -- candidates. i don't really know the platforms. so i think that i better don't do something i regret. >> everywhere we went. >> any names stick out, anybody? >> bay area residents found it hard to find candidates they could identify. >> that's about it. some toledo signs. >> i totally lost track of keeping track of the locals. >> and the biggest reason i heard for voter apathy in the tampa bay area is some folks are waiting on their smart phone to help them make a smart decision. >> it hasn't popped up on my news feed. or i wasn't aware. >> the polls open up early on tuesday. if you plan to get out and vote you have about 24 hours to
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in tampa anthony allred news channel 8. we now know the date for the next big announcement from apple. that story coming up. this burr ree toe chain can't d bree toe chain can't
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on wall street the dow gained 107 the s&p up 11 and the nasdaq climbed 13 points. apple fans mark your calendars we know when the new iphone is coming. they sent out invitations to the tech press and they're allowing reporters to attend a product unveiling on september 7th. there's no real clues it's safe to say we'll see a new iphone without a headphone jack. other things are possible. fit bit is hoping you'll up upgrade your product. this one is one you can wear in the pool. it was unveiled today along with the charge two which features a display four times
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more drones overhead starting today as a new set of rules kick in. it requires drone pilots to keep it within a visual line of site and only during the day. drones cannot fly higher than 400 feet above the ground and can't fly over people not participating in the flight. businesses can apply for waivers if they can prove their plans are safe. near workers say they were cheated on their paychecks. the class action suit claims it's routine for workers to clock out but be required to continue working until given permission to leave. chipotle says the claim is without merit. some credit cards doing the unthinkable. dropping or reducing some of the fees they charge. increased competition in the
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that change. among the charges vanishing? foreign transaction fees which could at 2% to 3% on charges outside the country. >> a lot of times when one of the big boys of the credit card industry make as move to reduce a fee, if that working well for them, it's only a matter of time before one of the other competitors does the same thing. >> if you've for yours -- years and are still playing big fees this might be the time to shop around and possibly change cards. if you've been cheated, if you need help she's on your side. bert call behnken. >> a sarasota woman called shannon behnken saying someone stole the down payment for her new home in a high it can way.
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$51,000 and says authorityings don't seem interested -- authorities don't seem interested in helping. >> it was sheryl johnson life savings. her down payment for a new home. just gone. taken in a sophisticated real estate scheme. >> you're relying on these professionals to protect you. >> do you feel like everybody dropped the ball? >> i do. >> apparently a scammer hacked into her real estate agent's email and intercepted transfer instructions. when she received instructions to wire her down payment to bank of america it was actually to the scammer's account. and no one at her bank wells fargo caught red flags on the instructions. >> my realtor called me and said the money never arrived. even though i had gotten an email. >> here's the shocking part. when that phone call came her money was still sitting in the scammer's account at bank of america.
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and help. >> we walked across the street and asked them to freeze that account for us. we were told we were not their customers and they'd have to deal with the fraud department of wells fargo through their department. >> i went to wells fargo, to the realty company, all along the way this scam was missed. even when the scheme was unravelled and presented to bank of america nothing was done. >> but what's concerning here is this customer says she went into the bank after warned your bank that you guys had her money, in a fixed account and she asked for it to be frozen and instead you handed the money to the crook. >> the bank would only say they followed the wiring instructions. meanwhile she says she contacted local police and the fbi and they weren't interested. i called the fishs myself and was -- fbi myself and was told
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into this. shannon behnken 8 on your side. overcast at hula bay. less than a tenth of an inch of rain but enough to drop the temperature. venice 76 degrees. seven tenths of an inch of rain in sarasota county. lake club in lakewood ranch, southern part of manatee county. we don't have data on this one we shared that with you. blue sky there. showers continue to move across sections of polk county and the northern spots as well. skirting north of brooksville back to the east. light showers continue to breeze across the areas. no lightning strikes in here. maybe a few lightning strikes frost proof points west of that. showers in the forecast. englewood about up to venice at
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light stuff. 7:00 a.m. 80 degrees. rain-cooled air looks great. 81 degrees clearwater beach. lakeland, brooksville. and lake placid venice and up to inverness. this is the track of tropical depression number 9. we want to note the northeasterly term that most computer models suggest will happen. where it question. but the best thinking of the time watch this track. as we learned many time in 2004 that a cone of air mean as huge difference. focus on that more than the center portion of the track. the southern portion is where the strongest winds would be as well as the greatest potential for coastal flooding. there's a lock at the im-- look at the imagery. generally south of the center itself as we determine from looking at that satellite imagery.
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aircraft in there sampling. 60% rain chance for tuesday. increased moisture. but it's getting into wednesday and eventually on thursday the way our forecast continues at this point. and by friday the storm would move away by the weekend perhaps more normal weather. we hope it doesn't play out that it stays weak. but that's the current thinking. >> still the side we're on no matter what it does it's not good. >> side. and the chance for flooding. >> we'll listen to you for the next couple days after that no promises.
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if you're a daredevil you can yum p over a car or -- can jump over a car or school
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town. last thursday bryce launched his off-road truck into the air soaring 379 feet over an entire ghost town. it shattered the old official record of 301 feet. while the jump went according to plan, bryce crashed his truck the next day. don't you hate it when that happens? you know to look the other way when a plumber bends over but what about when one es a memorable design for his truck that's pretty tough to forget. it's drawing a lot of attention online and who knows steve jerve the extra business could help him go from number two to number one. >> don't say it. >> had to do it didn't you? >> you don't always have to read what's on the teleprompter. >> thanks for joining us. there's more.
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was? see ya. rihanna and drake's late-night pda. rockin' new mega bling. and the backstage interview crasher. >> everything you didn't see. all the juicy vma's gossip now on "extra." >> beyonce brings down the house at the mtv video music awards. what kim and kanye were caught on camera doing during queen bey's killer performance. then -- >> biggest couples came out tonight. >> rihanna and drake's coming out party on the stage. >> someone i have been in love with since i was 22 years old. >> to their after dark pda.
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trading scandals for sambaa. >> rumors, you're doing dancing with the stars. anthony weiner busted again. why thfrs the final straw for his wife, huma. pop diva edition, j.lo's surprise performance with her ex, marc anthony. a-list interview, secret to his 28-year marriage and perfect vacation selfie. >> you hold it. no, i'm hold it. now "extra" from hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" at the vortex at the lake here in las vegas. larry king fires back on twitter, blasting rumors his wife had an affair. also, mario, gwen stefani over blake shelton's charity concert. plus breaking down the moments from last night's vmas,
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diddy. the wild after party. >> she stole the show. ? >> her return to the stage. ? >> their wild night out. after two stolen kisses and his drop the mike moments. the vma's -- >> make some noise. >> full of kim and kanye pda after the rapper six-minute plus all over the place rant. i >> kanye talking taylor. >> that's why i called her. >> calling out his ex, amber rose. >> i see you, amber. >> and himself. >> might lose to beyonce but i can't be mad. i'm always wishing for beyonce to win so -- >> even good friend, diddy telling our angie martinez he didn't know what to expect. >> what do you think kanye is going to do tonight? >> i think -- i hope -- i mean,


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