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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  August 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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inches of rain. right now, we are waiting on governor rick scott to talk about preparations ahead of the storm. this is a live look at the hillsborough county emergency center in downtown tampa where the government is set to speak at any time. when he takes the podium, we will bring it to you live. >> it is 5:00. that means an update on the track of this tropical system. let's get to steve jerve who joins us with the latest on th >> when you say 5:00, i mean 5:00. it came in 30 seconds ago. we are just looking at it ourselves. let's see what is coming in from the national hurricane center. we have just updated this. they have not upgraded this to a tropical storm. it is tropical depression 9. which is good. we want it to stay weak, but it is in a tough environment. dry air, a lot of wind shear. we didn't anticipate it would
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have. we noticed some major models trending. you can see the cone of air there does take us out of the cone of error. except for the small part of citrus county. the northern sections there. friday, and eventually into saturday, passing well to the north of us, what this does is we get closer to potential landfall some time on thursday. the cone shrinks just a little more. most of tampa bay is out of the cone of error. that doesn't mean we won't feel some efs. collin. it will go roughly the same path. trending a little further north with some of the computer models as we put them all on a map. as we analyze what it looks like from a distance, there is a circulation there and perhaps more thunderstorms on the southern part of the center of the storm. but, it just suggests that the dry air and the wind shear is having an impact on the storm itself. a look at the hurricane hunter aircraft. they have been flying around throughout the day.
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they discovered within the center of the storm itself. and certainly, there has been quite a lot of convection on that southern side. the thunderstorms as i mentioned. the north side is relatively dry. what they need other than a surface circulation is the thunderstorms to close off around the entire system itself. and then perhaps they would upgrade it to a tropical storm. but at this point, it remains a tropical depression. tracking a little further to the north, we can see effects including coastal flooding and even if it stays a tropical depression. >> so, 39 miles an hour. you only need one more to get to the tropical storm speed? 40 miles an hour? >> yeah, 39 miles an hour is what it would be officially. it has been a very tough environment. that is good for us. >> all right, we will continue watching. thank you steve. we will check back with you in about 15 minutes. meantime, cities like saint petersburg are on high alert. the mayor told us they learned a lot from tropical storm
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and others to pinpoint problems and solutions. more importantly. continuing our team coverage right now is newschannel8's melanie michael live for us in saint pete beach. mel? >> reporter: hey guys, good evening to you both. there is nothing like one storm to usher in the next and teach you a few lessons, colin hit this area hard and a lot of folks were quite scared. at the beginning of june it was a mess. as we usher in september, a true test of ep again. after four decades of marriage, richard and jen have seen a storm on two. they know when it comes to weathering bay area weather just like a marriage, timing and patience is everything. >> we are taking it seriously. we are taking it in stride. we have a hurricane box pack. and we are ready if we have to go. >> reporter: the pinellas county couple is indeed celebrating their 40 year wedding anniversary. tampa bay style. tracking the tropics with
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stay in. you don't go out. >> we watch the news. you guys on the news. and, we see what you report. that is why we watch you. so we stay home. >> reporter: here at woody's customers saw savage storms roll in back in june. tropical storm colin shows us just how mother nature can bring her a-game when it comes to hurricane season. >> it is scary. we know it can be really >> reporter: saint petersburg mayor calls colin a dress rehearsal. this time, drains are free of debris. the sewer system is bigger. tracking the tropics also means learning lessons from the past. >> everything that has happened that has led us to this point has helped us improve on how we are performing. >> reporter: by the way, that sewage system that i mentioned is not just bigger. it has been expanded by three
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the whole reason to keep sewage out of folk's homes when it starts to flood. that's important. >> without question. and with flooding and drainage, that is always a concern. we also heard saint pete is keeping an eye on folks who are home bound. >> reporter: they certainly are. you know, those folks don't have any choice in the storm but to stay in. they can't get out. around 400 residents have registered with the city. and emergency buses will get them out just in time if an evacuation order is woody's on saint pete beach. thank you mel. well, a big factor affecting the storm surge and coastal flooding will be the wides. >> meteorologist ian oliver is live to explain how this could play out. >> reporter: keith, jen, i can tell you there isn't a lot of discussion of tropical depression. just nine out here. it is beautiful. it is just a little bit breezy. but, the issue with tropical depression 9 is where it is coming from. on off to the south and west,
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north. that puts us in a southwest wind as we experience the stronger part. the right side of the storm. these beaches in pinellas county typically face on off to the southwest. so, that flow is directly on shore. and helps to bring the water further up to coastline. what that southwest wind also does is help push water into tampa bay and doesn't allow it to flow back out. so we see the water levels rising. what we are anticipating thursday afternoon is a slightly above average high- tide cycle so it will be just after lunchtime, we really start to watch coastal and bay areas for the flooding. >> all right, putting it into perspective. thank you. that is ian oliver. we will check back with him at 6:00 tonight. meantime, don't wait until the last minute to be hurricane ready. a reminder that we have everything you need to know. all you have to do is go to an check out our hurricane guide. also, a reminder that the bucs redskins game has been
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you can now watch it tomorrow, that is wednesday night, at 8:00 p.m., right here on newschannel8. your official bucs station. a suspected burglar is in a tampa hospital after someone confronted and shot him. tampa police say the burglar broke into a home on north b street. the homeowner could see the suspect on her surveillance camera through an app on her cell phone. detectives tell us she called her father to go to the house. and, he shot the intruder. the father, we are told, is not faci a some problems at the polls this primary day in lakeland. a poll county polling clerk was fired after a voter was nearly turned away. that voter was told she could not vote because she was independent. but she was eventually given a correct ballot. this appears to be an isolated incident senator marco rubio is one step closer to keeping his
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she is in kissimmee where rubio and his supporters will be watching the election results this evening. they have to be feeling pretty good about it at this point. at least according to the polling. >> reporter: good evening. rubio has a good standing. it is all quiet here at the embassy suites. an hour-and-a-half, supporters are pouring into the room. they shouldn't have a long wait. this race is expected to be called early. polls closing at 7:00. not have our official results. rubio facing off against a businessman. when senator rubio went back on his pledge to not run for reelection, all the opponents
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baroof. pam, keith, also in the race, but, murphy is preparing for his next step. the race against rubio on the november ticket. now beyond tonight, this is one of the races the entire country will be watching as the republicans really fight to make sure they keep their hands on this senate seat. this will be rubio's second florida election night. he stepped out of the presidential race. obviously hoping for better results this evening. >> they ar murphy if he wins could be a very tight race in november. and assuming rubio wins, he will be on the ballot in november with donald trump. is anyone talking about the impact donald trump might have on rubio's race or other republicans running for office in this election? >> reporter: you know, around the country hark that is a big concern. rubio says he is not really concerned about it. he has it tough.
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on this senate seat. a lot of money will be spent in this race. keith? >> here we go. all right, candace mccowan, live in orlando. thank you for that. well, still ahead, life savings stolen and a homeowner is left in tears. >> the one thing that a real estate agent could have done to
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be
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from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> while we watch tropical depression number nine, tropical depression 8 is kicking up surf on north carolina's coast. this is video from nag's head. it is expected to remain off store. it will bring gusty winds at
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stunning views of two hurricanes churning in the pacific ocean. this is hurricane lester as seen from the international space station. that is is a clear eye steve j jerve. could affect the hawaii islands. and this is hurricane madeline. and it almost looks unreal. >> that is incredible. >> could affect the big islands. the big island in particular would be on the north side of that as the current track. the tracks can change. but the big >> i'll take our little tropical depression over that any time. >> yeah, it's tough. but, we are going to continue to show you the radar. the loews don cesar, overcast. dark looking clouds north of the don. they are drifting off very quickly to the west in the gulf of mexico. the flow has been from the east and the southeast.
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dark clouds at hula bay. 84 degrees in tampa. south of the gande. and, down in venice, there is your downpour. 78 degrees. pretty good rain is falling right now. reduced visibility. and of course, the rain is adding up. showers continue to develop as i mentioned. and almost as you look at this, the flow of the tropical depression does help to influence the overall flow across the state. and that is also helping to enhance the amount of showers. rain chances for the tropical depression. possible tropical storm as well to our west. we can still see effects from it. there's the activity in hernando county lifting to the north. you can see around palm harbor. tarpon springs. bartow. central sections of polk county. lifting from generally south to
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current temperatures, 87, seminole. saint pete mid 80s . there is roughly where the tropical depression is located. a lot of moisture coming across this area. cuba is probably seeing some flooding as a result of the very heavy rain we have seen here of late. as i mentioned you can see how the flow is kind of by that. counterclock wise circulation. a lot of the moisture lifting in through the area. one thing we didn't mention, because the information just came in. this is a hurricane watch. it means within 48 hours, you could potentially see hurricane force wind gusts. primarily. that would be around 74 miles an hour plus. hurricane watch is now in effect. again, the storm probably track a little further to the north.
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from the models just edging a little further north. it will shrink a little more. you can see that just includes the northern section of the newschannel8 viewing area. good for us, not so great for the sections of the panhandle in north florida. hopefully, it just stays at a very weak level. 65 miles an hour winds here at 2:00 p.m. the timing of the potential landfall will be later on thursday. early part of friday. the way the current timing will look. talked about the top of the newscast. 35 miles an hour winds. and this has been investigated by the hurricane hunter aircraft. a lot of dry air. a lot of wind shear. that is what has helped to keep the system relatively weak and we like it that way. 78 degrees forecast low wednesday, 85 degrees. for a high on wednesdays, 70% chance. thursday, blustery. rainy. we watch the high tides with the southwest flow. there could be some coastal flooding along the coastal areas.
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afternoon. by the weekend, starts to clear out. of course with labor day weekend. also, our new max defender 8 radar is coming together. big day today. this is time lapse video showing the dome being placed on the tower which is 100 feet tall by the way. that was just done today. we hope to start using max defender 8 on the air in the next few days. we look forward to using that and bringing that great new technology to you, our viewers. if you have been cheated. your side. better call behnken. >> infuriating and unbelievable. a $51,000 down payment for a home vanished. shannon behnken has uncovered a sophisticated computer hacking scheme that robbed a woman of her life savings. this story is so upsetting. if you have done any banking or bought a home to think of that home just vanished. >> reporter: yep.
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didn't do anything to stop this. even with the victim crying in their lobby, they let this crook take her money and walk away. and now, i have discovered the federal trade commission has already warned banks and real estate to fight back against the scam. but the ones in this story, they ignored that warning. cheryl johnson is shocked and devastated. a scammer hacked into her real estate agent's intercepted her transference instructions. she wired the money directly to a scammer's account at bank of america. >> they should have processes in place to prevent this. >> reporter: cheryl figured out the con in time to get her money back. she told the story to the bank. right in their lobby. begged for help. but a bank manager turned her away. >> how do you feel about the fact they did not stop this crook? >> i'm very angry. that's my life savings. it was my house, so, i can't, i
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have the money. and now, i'm borrowing money to try to do it. i think bank of america really dropped the bomb. >> reporter: hey matthew, it's shannon behnken from channel 8 in tampa. >> reporter: i called bank of america in atlanta, but a spokesman doesn't have much to say. >> what would it have taken for this woman to get her point across when she is standing in the lobby crying? that seems like that wasn't enough for the bank manager to take her seriously and stop this crook. >> reporter: so how did this happen? real estate newguard did not guard her e- mail. she sent the highly sensitive financial instructions using a nonencrypted e-mail. our 8 on your side investigation found newguard should have known better. the federal trade commission issued a scammer alert to the real estate community months ago saying "e-mail is not a secure way to send financial information" and your real estate professionals should know that. the alert warns to have
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but newguard's boss at boyd realty tells me the office is not culpable. cheryl wants to know who is. the bank says it is not them. i asked if there is an investigation on how the employees handle this. i would be willing to work with law enforcement. >> when you and i were talking about this in the news room, it really amazed me so sophisticated. >> this is not just one e-mail he got control of. they were having conversations. that's the scary part. they were redirecting this to go to the trash folder so the real estate agent had no idea this was happening. >> so unfortunate. more to come hopefully. it could be great to get a resolution for her. if you have a problem that
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call. a major pizza chain is introducing a new way to order your favorite pie.
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is. >> soon fedex services will be available at all office depot retailers. they have been teamed up since 2009. apple is being ordered to pay $14.5 billion in back taxes to
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received tax benefits over 11 years. apple is appealing this decision. and the u.s. treasury department just called the judgment unfair. apple's ceo tim cook says he expected the ruling to be reversed. papa john's is teaming up with apple tv to launch a customizeable pizza ordering app. when ordering through the app, customers automatically receive a 25% discount. they are the change to launch an apple tv app. a reminder. we are waiting on governor rick scott to talk about tropical depression 9. we will bring that to you live. but, in the meantime, josh benson is here with a look at what is coming up. >> a vaccine for the zika virus could come out of a florida state university lab. we will look at the progress researchers are making coming
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> right now on newschannel8 59:30. >> a tampa woman uses her camera to catch a burglar in the act. >> good evening, i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. we will get to that story in a minute. >> but first, the big story on everyone's mind. me keeping an eye on tropical depression number 9. steve, what's the latest track? >> reporter: very similar, the cone is moving further north which is good for most of the bay area. if you are north of the bay area, you have to watch this because of a hurricane watch in effect for your coastline in your area. let's look at the numbers here. as of 5:00 from the national hurricane center, 35 miles an hour winds. you can see the forecast track


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